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Alternative Therapies for Healing

Alternative Therapies for Healing


By Rich Sabreen From the time she was a little girl, Jodi knew that she wanted to be a musical performer. A lot of medical progress comes from research and scientific progress; but every now and then we stumble across a kind of therapy that seems to work even though the scientific reason isn't clear. Music therapy is one of those oddities, and Jodi has built her life around it. Join us for this inspirational look at two women who have devoted their lives to making children better, through song!

DVD / 2007 / 12 minutes

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This comprehensive DVD includes more than two hours of footage detailing 13 sessions that will give you the tools to work with runners, cyclists, swimmers, tennis players and other athletes. Learn about the physiological principles that govern sports massage and the differences between each sport. The 13 sessions include a pre-event massage for runners, an inter-event massage for tennis players, and a post-event session for cyclists. The other sessions are detailed sequences for the following injuries: plantar fascitis, shin splints, ITB syndrome, hamstring strain, neck pain, back pain, ankle sprains, patellar tendonitis, tennis elbow and the rotator cuff. Each session is a complete treatment protocol that will help to keep your athlete in top shape, recover from injuries, and improve their performance. This DVD also includes information on stretches, sport psychology, diet, and how to set up a massage station at a sporting event. Real Bodyworkˇ¦s great graphics and clear filming make this DVD an outstanding educational resource for those who want to work with athletes.

DVD / 2007 / 120 minutes

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Learn about the ancient Oriental art of acupuncture, which can be used for treating various ailments painlessly and safely. Discover the origins and the philosophy of this ancient science and its practice. Learn step-by-step the different styles of acupuncture, and how different needles can be used for specific problems. Includes a detailed description of the meridian system, cupping, moxibustion and electro-acupuncture.

DVD / 2006 / (Grade 10 - Adult) / 50 minutes

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Uncover the healing secrets of the Orient by using traditional Chinese Medicine. Examines the methods used by Chinese practitioners to treat and prevent illness using acupuncture, herbs, yin/yang foods and Qi-Gong energy balancing. Learn how the the five-element principle is used in Chinese Medicine philosophy and discover the origins of this ancient practice. See actual sessions and hear case examples of individuals who have used Chinese medicine to alleviate countless ailments and even cause pregnancies thought impossible by Western medicine. Includes simple herbal remedies to use at home.

DVD / 2006 / (Grade 10 - Adult) / 50 minutes

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Rated as one of the most complete programs on chiropractic-care, this video outlines the relationship between adjusting the spine and the nervous system. Learn the origins of chiropractic-care, its philosophy and practice, and discover good and bad exercises for the spine. This program discusses the importance of "good posture," and the use of X-rays. See actual chiropractic sessions discussed in detail and understand the different approaches between chiropractic-care and medicine.

DVD / 2006 / (Grade 10 - Adult) / 35 minutes

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Until recent decades, little was known about how to treat psychological disorders. People who were seriously disturbed were hidden away or confined to institutions, and treated in ways that look appalling by today's standards. This program looks intently at both psychological and biomedical therapies, and combined approaches that are proving successful in the treatment of mental illnesses.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2006 / 30 minutes

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Experience the soothing and natural practice of massage, which aims to stimulate, invigorate, release blocked energy and relax the mind, body and spirit. 'Healing Massage' is the most comprehensive massage therapy video ever produced covering remedial and Swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, shiatsu, sports massage, the Bowen technique and lymphatic drainage. Learn step-by-step about each of these bodywork modalities from specialist practitioners who explain and demonstrate in detail some of the most common massage techniques available. Understand the power of massage from these Western style massage therapists, each with over ten years experience. Discover for yourself the healing power of touch.

DVD / 2006 / (Grade 10 - Adult) / 80 minutes

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This program discusses how hypnosis, a trancelike state between wakefulness and sleep, can be induced to gain insight into present difficulties and past events which may effect conscious thoughts and actions. Includes the different styles of hypnotherapy, the origin of this therapy, the application of hypnosis, hypnotizability, hypnosis during past-life regression and self-hypnosis. Also includes actual sessions with practitioners and a past-life regression.

DVD / 2006 / (Grade 10 - Adult) / 45 minutes

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Experience the art of Mind-Body Therapy encompassing Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy, Massage and Polarity Therapy. Understand the practice of NLP and its practical applications in effective communication with others from observations in speech patterns and eye movements. Learn how Time-Line Therapy can be utilized to unlock hidden issues buried deep in our past and bring them to the surface so that they can be dealt with. See samples of massage and reflexology techniques from a qualified massage therapist

DVD / 2006 / (Grade 10 - Adult) / 55 minutes

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This DVD shows 16 specific Polarity bodywork sessions, using techniques based on the five elements and three principles of Polarity Therapy. Learn how to evaluate each client to give them a unique treatment that will target specifically what they need. Mary Sullivan, and her 30 years of teaching experience will bring your bodywork to a new level using these effective and transformative techniques. These techniques can be light, deep, or include motion- depending on the client. This DVD brings together what was previously two seperate videos, The Five Elements and The Three Principles, uniting them into one powerful treatment protocol. This is a great value with 2 hours of massage footage!

DVD / 2006 / 120 minutes

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Increase the healing power of your touch! This video shows 3 massage routines utilizing 90 techniques. You will learn a clothed compression routine, Swedish relaxation sequence, and a detailed muscular sequence. Contraindications, using oil, appropriate draping and self care for the practitioner are included. Each technique is clearly shown with a description, intention, and common mistakes. If you want to expand your current techniques, or are starting from the beginning, this video is for you!

DVD / 2005 / 70 minutes

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By Montefiore Medical Find out how animals help children in the hospital to reduce their stress along with their heart rate and blood pressure! See how caring for animals can profoundly help kids with behavioral problems, as well as those who have experienced some form of physical, verbal or mental abuse in their lives.

DVD / 2003 / 13 minutes

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Directed by Garry Beitel

Deborah Salmon has worked as a music therapist with the terminally ill since 1984. Featuring her work in the Palliative Care Unit of the Royal Victoria Hospital, On Wings of Song shows how a skilled music therapist may help a diverse group of patients find spiritual and emotional nourishment during their last days.

By calling upon the knowledge of a wide range of musical instruments and styles, a music therapist is able to forge a strong emotional connection with a patient. One tired, elderly patient is awakened from her lethargy and surprises us with the vigor of her song. A younger woman finds pleasure in improvising lyrics to a familiar tune. Adult children gather at their mother's bedside to sing favorite hymns. This poignant and inspiring film captures moments of humor, celebration and joy made possible through music.

  • "Music seems to speak to the person in the patient. It somehow creates a sacred space in which we can together explore what is meaningful." - Deborah Salmon

  • American Psychiatric Association, 2000
  • American Society on Aging, 2000

    DVD / 2000 / (College, Adult) / 43 minutes

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    By: Ann Smith

    Set to soothing classical music by Chopin, this therapeutic exercise program uses slow motion movements that are geared to maintain a healthy body, and aid in the management and recovery of many health conditions, including arthritis, cancer, lung disease, and cardiac rehab. Viewers will benefit from the basic instructions on how to relax the body before exercising, how to properly inhale and exhale during movements, and how to understand the benefits of the slow motion movements. Demonstrated by renowned dance/exercise instructor, Ann Smith, the program includes a Participation Exercise that will help viewers to strengthen and develop muscle tone through gentle at-your-own pace exercises that are easily adaptable to one's personal pace

    DVD / 30 minutes

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    With Judith Aron Rubin, PhD

    This program provides an introductory glimpse into the exciting and dynamic world of art therapy. With footage from art therapy sessions conducted all over the world and spanning several decades, you'll see the diversity of the field and the many benefits to incorporating an art therapy approach into your practice.

    Art for healing is as ancient as the drawings on the walls of caves. Famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo used art to cope with their anguish. Now the practice of art as healing is a growing discipline that has been effective in helping those suffering schizophrenia, cancer, depression, trauma, grief, autism, physical or mental disability, AIDS and neurological disorders, among others. Further, art therapy can be used with children, families, the elderly, couples and groups.

    In this program, you will be introduced to two major branches of art therapy: the use of art as a healing method unto itself, and the use of art as a tool in the psychotherapy process. In either approach, art therapy provides a way for clients to tell without talking, and a new way for therapists to listen.

    From watching this program, you will:
  • Understand the many benefits of using an art therapy approach in your practice.
  • Learn how Art Therapy developed into a field, and who were its founders.
  • Be inspired to pursue further education and practice in art therapy.

    DVD / Approx. 50 minutes

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    By Natalie Rogers

    Discover the transformative power of moving beyond words as Natalie Rogers demonstrates person-centered expressive arts therapy in two remarkable sessions with a woman struggling with a career decision.

    Are you looking for new tools to enliven your work and help clients go deeper? Discover the transformative power of moving beyond words as Natalie Rogers demonstrates person-centered expressive arts therapy in two remarkable sessions with a woman struggling with a career decision.

    Tired of her tedious accounting job, Suzen wants to devote her energy to the healing work she does with horses, but is trapped by negative thought patterns and afraid of going broke. Watch as Rogers engages Suzen in a deep exploration of her dilemma, modeling key aspects of the person-centered approach such as unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding, and congruence, while also integrating a variety of expressive arts modalities including movement, pastels, and clay. Through their work together, Suzen makes a dramatic shift from confusion to clarity about her career path. With Rogers's warm presence and expert facilitation skills, Suzen moves through fear and self-doubt and gains access to her authentic self who is ready to shine.

    Before and after the sessions, Victor Yalom sits down with Rogers to discuss her approach, and Rogers's commentary is interspersed throughout the sessions. From tips on how to really listen to how to accurately reflect a client's emotional experience, this video will help therapists and their clients creatively uncover rich new material.

    By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Understand the foundations of the person-centered approach and the core conditions for change.
  • Identify how to help clients access unconscious feelings through a variety of expressive arts modalities.
  • Integrate a person-centered expressive arts approach into your own work with clients.

    DVD (With Instructor's Manual, English subtitles) / 154 minutes

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    Initiatives that get people with Alzheimer's involved in art and creative workshops are producing remarkably positive results. Dozens of day care centers, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are using drawing, painting and museum visits as effective therapies, making it possible to improve the quality of life and restore a dialogue between caregivers and families. Scientists have discovered that the parts of the brain related to emotions and creativity are largely spared by the disease. Today, experts recognize the benifits of these new approaces that dramatically change the way we look at the disease.

    DVD / 56 minutes

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    By Gat , Gilit

    Gilit Gat demonstrates her work with children and adolescents through excerpts of four sessions. Using experiential work with art materials she is able to assist youngsters to resolve problems.The media that she uses, how she uses them and the prompts from her guidebook, "Identifying Solutions Through Art Therapy" are available to the viewer on this program. The work moves easily and even a novice can become inspired to work with art media.Focusing on what has worked in the past or what could work in the future,Gilit employs solution-oriented questions in her interviews with these young people.

    DVD / 49 minutes

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