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Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention


Cyber Bully exposes the most epic struggle in the digital age. By exploring the complicated dynamics behind cyber bullying, Cyber Bully describes the impact and outcomes of advanced technology and human nature in a lawless, new social frontier. Told through the stories of victims, bullies, and experts, Cyber Bully reaches past the headlines to describe what makes cyber bullying a threat to our national and global social fabric.

DVD / 2014 / (Senior High, College) / 56 minutes

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One in every four students is bullied online. The growing world of cyber bullying is reaching new heights, as youth struggle to hide their differences for fear of abandonment and public humiliation. Cyber bullying does not discriminate between boys, girls, physical differences or mental challenges; and the cyber bully takes victims at will, since he or she can remain anonymous. Jacob Zellmann tells how being cyber bullied led him to the brink of suicide. Intervention and support from loved ones kept him alive, and now Jacob is an active advocate against bullying.

DVD / 2013 / (Junior High, College) / 28 minutes

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Each year more than 160,000 students will be absent from school as a result of being bullied. A vast majority of these students are harassed because of their sexual orientation. In a society that is growing in tolerance many students still face humiliation from their peers and even family members. At the core of the episode we listen to Emma, a young high school student struggling to gain the acceptance of her mother and fellow classmates. Experts provide information on support groups and resources in place to empower those in the gay or lesbian community. Take a stand with these young students that are fighting for equality and acceptance.

DVD / 2013 / (Junior High, College) / 32 minutes

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Walk a mile in their shoes and witness first hand the struggles people with a disability face on a daily basis. Nick George, a young man with Asperger's syndrome, shares his experiences. Tony Bartoli lives with cerebral palsy. Bullied as a youth and constantly pushed down emotionally and physically, he found strength in the people who stood up for him and faced the bullies. Now as an adult, Tony tours internationally giving motivational speeches and showing how he found optimism while battling an ever worsening condition. Featured experts examine the warning signs for the parents that suspect their child might be bullied. Abuse does not always come from classmates or other students. To his horror, Stuart discovered that his son Akian, an elementary school student with autism, was repeatedly bullied by a teacher and aide. Conny Dahn, a special needs teacher, describes her experience turning around the culture of bullying in her daughter's school.

DVD / 2013 / (Junior High, College) / 22 minutes

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Students reveal the devastating affects of being physically bullied in school and in public. We hear from Liz, a student whose health was threatened to the point of seeking home schooling. Despite her efforts to find sanctuary, her attackers followed her home and violently assaulted her mother. We visit a high school that started a Peer Mentors program, a 'student helping student' group with new solutions to end bullying. The cameras roll on the peer mentors at work, breaking down the hateful stereotypes that cause bullying and fostering a more peaceful environment at school. Take a stand with them against physical bullying.

DVD / 2013 / (Intermediate, College) / 23 minutes

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When most people think of bullying, they think of physical abuse. However, bullying goes beyond the physical and can encompass the verbal. It might seem odd, but verbal bullying can in some cases be just as harmful as physical. Learn what emotional bullying can do to an individual's self-esteem, why it's often a silent killer and how it can be put an end. Gain perspective from the victims that refused to speak out against the verbal abuse, resulting in depression that almost cost them their own life. Now the conversation is flowing and students are speaking up against their verbal attackers and are helping other students speak up before it's to late.

DVD / 2013 / (Intermediate, College) / 23 minutes

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Put the Brakes on Bullying is a DVD about the importance of identifying and resolving bullying incidents in their early stages. The program is designed to help teachers, adults and children recognize the signs of bullying and illustrates what steps schools, teachers, parents, and individuals can take to prevent bullying. Stopping bullying in early childhood years is important in order to avoid bullying becoming a major problem in teen and adult years. Research has shown that the effects of bullying on children who are victims can last a lifetime. Self-esteem often suffers and the individuals can feel isolated from their peer group. "Bullying is a community issue that demands a community response. The DVD is an invaluable resource for any organization concerned with the damaging effects of violence, intimidation and verbal abuse among young people.

DVD / 2006 / (Junior High, Senior High) / 22 minutes

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Featuring Michael Pritchard

This program emphasizes that everyone is entitled to respect regardless of appearance, race, national origin, disability, social status, etc. It attempts to sensitize kids to the feelings of others, and develop in them a value for treating people respectfully. Also, since conformity is such a powerful force in early adolescence, this show encourages kids not to reject people who are different from them, but to appreciate and embrace diversity and multiculturalism.

DVD (With Facilitator's Guide) / / (Grades 5-9) / 25 minutes

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With Dr Ken Rigby

This training resource uses actors and role play to give you realistic and practical guidance on the choices available to you to tackle bullying in schools and shows you how to implement strategies effectively. It does this by showing you a real-life bullying situation on the DVD and then illustrates the different ways of dealing with it.

DVD / / (Ages 11-18) / 35 minutes

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The Aftermath of Bullying
  • To spotlight & better recognize the signs of teen bullying and depression.
  • To explore the impact that bullying has on a teen's mental health and overall well-being.
  • To examine what peers, educators and parents can do to reach out to a teen they feel may be the victim of a bully and/or struggling with depression.

  • The second episode in the award-winning "Maple Ave" series focuses on teen bullying and the tragedies inherent when parents as well as their teens unfairly label one another.

    Jim has reached the edge of violence after being the victim of incessant bullying. Unfortunately, Jim's family doesn't help him cope with his problems and things get progressively worse. In contrast, Jenny's family engages in healthy confrontations as they cope with their concerns following Jenny's period of depression, from the episode "Jenny's Reasons."

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teaching Guide) / / (Grades 7-12) / 23 minutes

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    A Look at Female Bullying

  • To explore the dynamic of relational aggression among teenage girls (its roots and oft-times tragic aftermath).
  • To spotlight and better recognize the sometimes subtle signs of female bullying and cyberbullying in order to better guard against them.
  • To examine what peers and educators can do to reach out to someone they feel may be the victim or the victimizer in a case of relational aggression.

  • Angela and her friends take every opportunity to make Tami's life miserable, even going so far as to pose as a boy interested in Tami on a social networking site. During the film, we are also introduced to Tami and Angela's respective parents, ultimately providing clues to their behavior and various life stressors.

    While Tami's hyper-competitve parents continually pressure their "A" student daughter to be the best at everything, Angela's single Mom appears more interested in being her daughter's best friend than her parents.

    All the while, sympathetic teacher Ms. Hutchinson has been attempting to reach out to Tami but finds her reluctant to open up. In a dramatic turn of events, Angela's cruel prank is uncovered - but is it too late?

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teaching Guide) / / (Grades 7-12) / 26 minutes

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    Featuring the Popcorn Park

    Burna discovers that name-calling, teasing, and put-downs are not good natured fun. When her friends ostracize her for treating them disrespectfully and for bullying a new kid on the playground, Burna learns that the way to have good friendships is to treat people the way you would like them to treat you.

    DVD (English and Spanish, With Facilitator's Guide) / / (Grades K-5) / 25 minutes

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