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Change Management


With Brad Smith

~ Why leadership is the questions you ask, not the answers you give.
~ A continuous improvement strategy for a rapidly changing world.
~ How to inspire action by organizing for failure.

When Brad Smith took over as CEO, Intuit founder Scott Cook advised him to "Question everything." Using this as his mantra, Smith set out to create innovative business structures that built on Intuit's strengths and retained market dominance in spite of an explosion in social media, unforeseen technology shifts, and radical changes in consumer expectations. In this highly informative presentation, Smith shares secrets that have led to revolutionary new products, sky-high productivity, and a ranking on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Smith describes how to articulate a vision so simple and clear that teams are aligned and motivated without the leader having to do anything but get out of the way. He details specific techniques for building a culture where innovation thrives and the next best thing could come from anywhere in the company. And he explains how Intuit selects the right people, projects and metrics for prospering in the present while at the same time preparing for an unknown future.

DVD / 2012 / () / 49 minutes

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Everyone is resisting the changes and Marcus tries to help:

~ Don't stay angry INSTEAD: Limit the venting
~ Don't rehash disadvantages INSTEAD: Consider advantages
~ Don't be inflexible INSTEAD: Explore options
~ Don't resist change INSTEAD: Enjoy moving forward

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2011 / () / 5 minutes

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With David Rendall

Do you wish that you could predict the future? Unfortunately, I can't give you the winning lottery numbers, but I can share a simple secret for acccurately predicting what will happen next.

Globalization, outsourcing, demographic shifts and technological advances are just a few of the seismic changes causing dramatic shifts in the way people live, work and play. These changes are combining and accelerating their impact on the world. This impact is both positive and negative, creating opportunities and threats, hope and fear. It is important for everyone to understand these trends and how they affect the future of their lives, careers and organizations.

DVD-R (Region 1) / 2011 / () / 60 minutes

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Many external influences can impact the success of a business - natural disasters, financial crises, epidemics, and even terrorism.

Key Learning Points
~ Planning - key people need to assess risks and develop strategies for moving forward
~ Communication - vital for regular updates
~ Downsizing - ensure enough knowledge and expertise is left in the business
~ Move quickly - act on decisions
~ Understand risks - evaluate implications for acting and not acting, and be in a good position to make decisions
~ Change - explain the benefits and impact of change to ensure staff understand why change is being implemented.

DVD / 2009 / () / 12 minutes

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With Sam Glenn

Let's face it, change is happening all around us and we all know that change can be very difficult for people to navigate. So how do you and your team manage change? How can you cope?

When Sam Glenn speaks about change, he uses the analogy of being on a small sailboat in the middle of a storm. Change is tossing us around and we need to adjust our sails to stay afloat.

As Sam tells us in this video, we can adjust our sail and get out of the storm. We can overcome change! Sam uses funny anecdotal stories and a simple formula to help you and your associates deal with change.

As you watch the program, you'll develop tools for overcoming changes, challenges, the unexpected, and negative people. Sam introduces his essential navigational tools to help your organization make it through the storm of change. You'll learn how to move forward when change happens and avoid getting trapped by negativity.

~ Don't Panic!
~ It's OK To Complain, BUT¡K
~ Stay Positive

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Leader's Guide) / 2009 / () / 22 minutes

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With Dr. Nate Booth

How to Create Positive Results in Turbulent Times

Change management skills are critical for organizations and individuals alike, as change has become the standard in today's society. Whether it's upsizing, downsizing, changing vendors, upgrading computer systems, moving to a new location, starting in a new position, or any other deviation from the norm, there are change management tools to help facilitate the change process. In this fast-paced change management seminar you'll learn the skills, strategies, and belief systems necessary to take charge of change in your business, and in your personal life. You'll discover how to anticipate, react to, or create change in any situation. And you will experience a proven formula for processing any given change that your team or family may be going through. Plus, you'll learn about other change management techniques that affect outcomes including focus, physiology and maintaining a high level of energy. Tremendous opportunities await those who know how to harness this whirlwind of change, and use it to their advantage.

DVD / 2008 / () / 60 minutes

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With The Stapler Guy

How well does your organization accept change? While many people and organizations resist change, the most successful companies embrace it. So how do you introduce change? Try using our new program, Change Can Be Good starring The Stapler Guy.

In this meeting program, you will meet the "The Stapler Guy" who despite his nightmare about the introduction of a new stapler learns that change can be good! But you may have to give it a try first!

If you're looking for a humorous meeting opener that will help people within your organizations introduce a new policy, plan, team or equipment check out the Stapler Guy.

We know this program will make you laugh. It will also help alleviate the stress that often accompanies change.

DVD / 2007 / () / 3 minutes

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Featuring: Hard Rock International

Hard Rock International is a global company that has flourished for more than 30 years in the "rough and tumble" world of the hospitality business. The number of locations has grown to over 120 locations in 43 countries, including cafes, hotels, and casinos. What began as a single cafe in London, a concept that no one believed in great American food in London¡Xhas grown to a worldwide brand.

DVD / 2007 / (Grades 9-12, College, Adult) / Approx. 7 minutes

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With John P. Kotter

Are you facing change in your industry? Do some of the members of your team resist change? How can your organization deal with the increasing pace of change?

In this award-winning video, bestselling business author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter will help you understand change - and succeed in a changing world. Professor Kotter has studied and helped thousands of individuals and organizations understand and implement change. Now in this "Succeeding In A Changing World," he explains how you can accelerate the process in your organization.

By using examples of specific organizations, he will explain why it is critical to be open to change. He will show you how change efforts can be effective. Finally, he will outline his eight-step plan of action for leaping boldly forward in a turbulent world:

1. Increase Urgency
2. Build the Guiding Team
3. Get the Vision Right
4. Communicate for Buy-In
5. Empower Action
6. Create Short-Term Wins
7. Don't Let Up
8. Make Change Stick

Through compelling real-life stories, you will learn how companies like Rockwell Collins, Berkshire Hathaway, and Southwest Airlines have been able to change and succeed. You will also hear how other organizations (Polaroid, and the US Labor Movement) have failed to meet the challenges of change.

~ Understand how change is affecting us and why we need to embrace it
~ Learn how several organizations implemented change and succeeded
~ Develop an eight-step process with concrete strategies to help your organization become excited about change

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Leader's Guide) / 2007 / () / 24 minutes

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Learn the four personal qualities to successfully manage change as well as the planning and implementation skills required. Find out how to gain commitment and overcome resistance.

Personal Qualities:
~ Ability to welcome change
~ Resilient
~ Active learner
~ Supportive and understand others' reactions

Driven by a Vision:
~ Personally driven by the change
~ Take opportunities to talk about the change
~ Promote the change
~ Be enthusiastic
~ Focus on the outcome

Build the Foundation for Change:
~ Plan systematically
~ Research the best way to introduce change
~ Support system during change

Implementing the Change:
~ Need to manage change effectively
~ Communicate frequently throughout the change

Gain Commitment:
~ Understand peoples reactions to change
~ Allow opportunity to let people vent feelings
~ Involve people in the change and decisions, ensures commitment and ownership
~ Be clear with what parts in the change people can be involved in, and what parts they can't be
~ Find a Change Champion, someone who is very enthusiastic about the change and optimistic, someone others can relate to, can be a peer Celebrate the Achievements:
~ Stop after the change has been implemented and celebrate
~ Afternoon tea or lunch together

Using the Manage Change Successfully list:
~ Managers go through the list and assess themselves on each point
~ Identify strengths and things needing development

DVD / 2007 / () / 16 minutes

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To help organisations and individuals manage change successfully.

Help your employees deal with change

Using the example of how Jamie Oliver helped schools transform school dinners from processed, ready-made junk into tastier, more nutritious meals, Jamie's School Dinners: Managing and living with change, brings change to life in an easy to understand and inspirational way. This engaging programme is broken down into a series of digestible lessons to help you and your employees deal with change when it occurs in your own workplace and is suitable for all levels of staff across the organisation.

DVD / 2005 / () / 19 minutes

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With Tom Peters

Is it possible to really change your external brand identity and your internal culture? Simply put, the answer is YES! In this entertaining and revealing case study, Tom Peters shows you how Turner Network Television was able to meet a huge competitive challenge. TNT had to change from a general entertainment network to a desired cable destination. They needed to give viewers a reason to tune in to the network instead of the hundreds of other cable channels. Their solution was an entirely new focus and direction for the network ¡V starting with the "We Know DramaP TMP" brand. Employees had to learn how to overcome concerns about the new brand, believe in it, and sell it to the external customers ¡V the cable viewers.

The TNT story will show you how to develop programs that allow co-workers and employees to understand change and to embrace it. More importantly, you will see how TNT used contests, reward ceremonies, and other programs to make the change an integral part of their culture. You will learn how to make organizational change fun!

~ Accept Change
~ Remember that Actions Have Meaning
~ Change the Culture
~ Involve Everyone

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Workbook) / 2005 / () / 14 minutes

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Based on the ideas of Philip Hodson, this programme will help people get in touch with the positive, creative and refreshing aspects of change ¡V and overcome the negative ones.

The programme mixes live action with animation to look at the subject from the individual's point of view. This helps them understand their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and brings an appreciation of how others feel when confronted by change.

DVD / 1996 / () / 6 minutes

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With Jennifer James

In this program, Dr. James offers you a definition of change and gives you the tools to manage it. She explores natural responses to change such as fear, resistance and denial. Using a "window" analogy Jennifer James demonstrates the different phases of change. You will learn to be more confident when confronting change and taking risks.

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Workbook) / 1996 / () / 25 minutes

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With Garth Saloner

~ The new mantra of Stanford's Business School¡Xchange lives, change organizations, and change the world.
~ How do we create jobs and career paths that motivate and harness the skills of today's top graduates?
~ What are the secrets of the companies that are disproportionately picking up talent?

Business schools have always been strong on analytical thinking¡Xwhat is going on in the business environment, what's happening to your competitors, what your strengths and weaknesses are. But solutions to the difficult challenges we face today require developing additional skills, including the mindset and leadership of a change agent. You need skills such as creativity and brainstorming so you can come up with ideas other people haven't had. And since even a great solution goes nowhere without successful implementation, you need to shine in interpersonal dynamics. Change only happens in and through other people.

Dean Saloner describes the soft skills that are really the hard skills: communicating, motivating others, teamwork and conflict resolution. Among all these, self-awareness is key. You cannot be the person who lays out a vision that people will want to follow if you are not self-aware. Since half of all change initiatives are likely to fail, self-awareness allows you to recognize those that are not working so you can quickly and publicly kill them. If you don't, these bad initiatives will sap the energy and drive of everyone in the organization. You owe it to the good ideas¡Xand the success of your organization¡Xnot to drain resources away to what is not working.

DVD / / () / 57 minutes

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By Richard Mulvey

Change is one of the most fundamental influences of modern business. You either adapt or die! In this work Richard explores the pitfalls and provides some solutions that will help your team keep up, and adjust to their ever-changing circumstances.

~ Uncover the principles of leading people through Change
~ Change is always opportunity, learn how to benefit from it
~ Discover how different people manage change differently
~ Learn about the Seven Predictable Dynamics of Change

Change is the single most important driving factor in business today. No longer can we do the same things in the same way and expect to stay in business. The rules that applied last year are different this year and will be different next. However, people don't like change. Doing the same things in the same way is comfortable. Facing change is like switching the light off in a room and stumbling around in the dark. It hurts! In this work Richard is going to switch the light back on again. There are seven predictable dynamics in change. If you know what is going to happen to your people it is much easier to manage them through the change that we all face. Some of us are Change Winners and others Change Casualties. This work will help you become a Change Winner.

DVD / / () / 60 minutes

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Juxtaposing real-life scenarios with breathtaking surfing views of the ocean, this visually exciting DVD acts like an expert coach to help participants achieve balance in the face of change. It demonstrates the advantages of shifting from a "Security and Control Mindset" to a "Learning and Discovery Mindset" so that viewers will see problems as opportunities for expanding their potential.

DVD / / () / 18 minutes

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With Dr. Gary Bradt

How to Uncover Hidden Opportunities and Create a Legacy

Change is a constant force that can positively or negatively affect your circumstances. It all depends on how you process, think about and position change, and it usually starts with getting comfortable being uncomfortable. In this inspiring program, you'll discover practical tools and ideas for harnessing change and using it to your advantage. You'll learn how to uncover opportunities, gain the support of those around you, shape change towards more positive outcomes, and feel more confident about your future. You'll also be motivated to get rid of the energy drainers in your life, re-ignite your passion, and truly create a golden legacy. Discover how good change can be when your harness it with the right tools.

DVD / / () / 98 minutes

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