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Choreography by Jiri Kylian
Performed by the Nederlands Dance Theater

Kylian's sequence of Black and White Ballets include: Falling Angels, Six Dances, No More Play, Sweet Dreams, Sarabande, Petite Mort. Lighting effects sometimes frame the dancers in the darkness of the stage and sometimes clearly illuminate them. A connecting element between the individual segments of ?Black and White is the transient presence of the 18th - century costumes in the otherwise abstract six ballets.

DVD / 2012 / 101 minutes

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Adapted by award-winning playwright John Murrell from E.T.A. Hoffmann's classic novel, The Secret of The Nutcracker features the talents of Brian Cox (The Waterhorse, Running With Scissors) as Drosselmeyer and introduces Janelle Jorde as Clara. This delightful Christmas tale tells the story of 12-year-old Clara's mystical journey on Christmas Eve to find her father who is fighting as a pilot in World War II. She receives unexpected help from the mysterious Drosselmeyer who befriends Clara and encourages her to believe that she can create magic.

The Secret of The Nutcracker is directed by Eric Till and features the music of Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and John Estacio, performed by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Four exquisite dance spectacles by the renowned Alberta Ballet are woven throughout to create Clara's fantasy dream world.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2008 / (Grades 5-12, Adult Education, Post Secondary) / 87 minutes

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This fun and engaging program will guide students through the first steps of creating a Hip Hop dance routine. Basic moves such as running steps, electric slides and side steps are all demonstrated, and the vibrant visual interaction is sure to enthrall students of all ages. The importance of the warm up and warm down when participating in physical is also emphasised in this entertaining program.

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DVD / 2007 / 20 minutes

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Tap dancing is a popular dance style all around the world. This audible style of dance comes from the tapping sound made when the metal discs on the soles of the shoes hit a hard surface. The dancer is a percussive instrument, as the feet tap out intricate and lively rhythms. This program is an introduction to simple tap steps which promote a sense of co-ordination and rhythm. By following the simple step instructions, students can gain an experience and understanding of the fundamentals of tap dancing movements.

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DVD / 2007 / 24 minutes

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One of the true geniuses of American dance, Martha Graham had a profound impact on dance, opening it up to the subconscious and the timelessness of theatrical ritual.

Features Cortege of Eagles, Seraphic Dialog, and Acrobats of God with Graham.

Originally produced for television by John Houseman

Spoken introduction to each dance by John Houseman

DVD (Color) / 2005 / 87 minutes

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A behind the scenes look at the stunning dance culture of Bali. Filled with exclusive footage of the world's more renowned traditional drama and trance performances. From simple village settings to glitering royal courts, this program takes you inside eleven of Bali's most dramatic dances to show how intimately culture, religion and life are inter-twined in Bali.

This program teaches: Introduction to Secular Dance, Teruna Jaya, Arja, Joged, Kecak.

  • "3 Stars." - Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    DVD / 2004 / 30 minutes

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    A behind the scenes look at the stunning dance culture of Bali. Filled with exclusive footage of the world's more renowned traditional drama and trance performances. From simple village settings to glitering royal courts, this program takes you inside eleven of Bali's most dramatic dances to show how intimately culture, religion and life are inter-twined in Bali.

    This program teaches: Introduction to Sacred Dance, Sanghyang Jaran, Calon Arang, Gambuh, Topeng.

  • "3 Stars." - Video Rating Guide for Libraries

    DVD / 2004 / 30 minutes

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    Vladimir Malakhov, Lucia Lacarra, Kiyoko Kimura
    With Diana Vishneva, Nadja Saidakova, Christoph Bohm, Cyril Pierre

    International ballet stars perform Le Spectre de la Rose, and selections from Manon, Swan Lake, Lady of the Camellias, and Bruckner's Symphony No. 8 among others.

    DVD / 2003 / 78 minutes

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    Directors: Ken Glazebrook and Alla Kovgan
    Editor: Alla Kovgan

    This documentary explores African contemporary dance through eight modern dance companies from Africa, Europe and Canada that participated in the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal, Canada in 1999. Interviews, including those with dance historians Yacouba Konate and Alponse Tierou, add insight to beautifully-photographed performances. What emerges is a fascinating diversity of contemporary African dance themes and styles. Exploring the interactions between tradition and modernism, the consequences of colonization and urbanization, the self-expression of women through dance, and the roles of masculinity and family relationships, the film is a unique source of information and inspiration for dancers, dance historians, choreographers, critics, as well as those interested in African culture, past and present.

    Dance performances and companies include:
  • Incantation, Compagnie Danse Nyata-Nyata, Canada/Congo
  • Le Coq Est Mort, Compagnie Jant-Bi, Germany/Senegal
  • Phokwane, Mpheyane, Vincent Mantsoe, South Africa
  • Figninto, Compagnie Cie Salia ni Seydo, Burkina Faso
  • Heritage, Compagnie Sylvain Zabli, Ivory Coast
  • Uma Historia Da Duvida, Compagnie Clara Andermatt, Cape Verde/Portugal
  • Dimi, Compangnie Teh?tch? Ivory Coast
  • Pour Antigone, Comagnie Mathilde Monnier, France/Burkina Faso/Mali

  • "More than ever, as a forum for cross-cultural exchanges, this ninth edition of the Festival showcases African dance because it appears to be undergoing a cultural and artistic renaissance nurtured by the contact and clash between tradition and modernity, and by a reevaluation of its global links. The young choreographers visiting us from Abidjan, a dance capital in Central Africa, from Ouagadougou and Johannesburg, are creating their own special vocabularies, with echoes from ancestral lands and sprawling urban centers. In their works, these artists are living Africa's present and future, with all the anxiety or confidence that this may entail." - Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, Montreal, Canada

  • "The idea of a developing African dance avant-garde is still unfamiliar in North America, where classes in traditional African dance remain popular, as do touring African dance companies. [The film's] virtue is the cogency with which the choreographers explain their ideas and provide the link between their very different pieces. The basic theme is that modern dance in Africa, even if influenced by the West, remains rooted in Africa because it is danced by Africans." - Anna Kisselgoff, NY Times, 01/10/03

  • "...a very important documentation for the development of modern African dance for this period of time!" - Kajo Nelles, Director of the International Dance Fair, Germany

  • "It would be excellent to show all of our dance classes, especially our history and performance classes..." - Gail Hoak, Dance Chair, Mt. San Jacinto College, California

  • University of Florida, Movement Revolution Dialogues: Contemporary Performance In and Of Africa, Dance Cogress, 2004
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music, Rose Cinemas, 2003
  • Videodance Festival, Greece, 2004
  • Woods Hole Film Festival, Massachusetts, 2003
  • Black Harvest Film Festival, Chicago, 2003
  • Cape Museum of Fine Arts, Dennis, Massachusetts, 2002
  • Dance on Camera Film Festival, New York, 2003
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark, 2003
  • Dance on Camera West, Los Angeles, 2003
  • Wesleyen University, Connecticut, 2003
  • State University of New York íV Rochester, 2003
  • Chatham Cape Cod Film Society, Massachusetts, 2003
  • Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, Australia, 2003
  • Maui International Film Festival, 2003
  • Society for Visual Anthropology, American Anthropological Association Conference, Chicago, 2003
  • Videodance, Greece, 2004
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, 2004
  • 5th Starz Denver Pan African Film Festival, Colorado, 2004
  • Roxbury Film Festival, Boston, 2004
  • Documenta Madrid, International Documentary Film Festival, 2005

    DVD (Color, With English subtitles) / 2002 / 70 minutes

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    Instructed By Cathy Roe

    This program includes a full dance class for beginners that includes basic warm up, exercises for building rhythm skills, balance & flexibility exercises, strength training and a jazz vocabulary of 20 basic steps. It also features 25 dance steps commonly used in musical theater, followed by three "style study" routines for disco, showbiz and cabaret

    DVD / 2002 / 70 minutes

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    Instructed By Cathy Roe

    Dance Training for the actor level two, builds on the first program with a more advanced warm up, isolation study, full stretch, flexibility exercises, strength training and center exercises found in jazz and modern dance. Twenty more additional dance vocabulary steps are introduced and three "style study" routines are featured which include top-hat and kick, latin and waltz

    DVD / 2002 / 70 minutes

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    This two program set is a must for anyone involved in filming dance. Join Bob Lockyer, BBC Director of Dance, in a two week workshop with seven choreographers and six video directors as they experiment and collaborate in the unique art form that creates "choreography for the camera." The companion video dance lectures examines how the human eyes see dance and traces the path from a choreographer's notation to a functional shooting script.

  • SiIver Medal, '99' New York International Film & TV Festival.

    DVD / 1991 / 79 minutes

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    By Sarah Elder and Leonard Kamerling

    This feature-length documentary explores the traditional dance, music and spiritual world of the Yupik Eskimo people of Emmonak, a remote village at the mouth of the Yukon River on the Bering Sea coast.

    The Drums of Winter gives an intimate look at a way of life of which most of us have seen only glimpses. Dance was once at the heart of Yupik Eskimo spiritual and social life. It was the bridge between the ancient and the new, the living and the dead and a person's own power and the greater powers of the unseen world.

    In The Drums of Winter, the people of Emmonak tell us through actualities and interviews how their history, social values and spiritual beliefs are woven around the songs and dances that have been handed down to them through the generations. We also learn that it is not just old songs that are important; new songs and dance movements are created to reflect modern life with all its complexities. Each time a person gets up to dance, he is strengthening the continuity of the ages, and insuring the survival of his culture.

    The film follows the elders of Emmonak as they prepare for the coming ceremonial gathering (potlatch) with a neighboring village. In the Kashim (qasgiq or men's house), they practice their songs and painstakingly work out the motions of the dances. Each movement has meaning and plays a part in telling a story. In the days before television, radio, bingo and weekly basketball games, dance was the sole means of entertainment.

    Throughout the film, archival photographs and film footage accompany the words of early missionaries who brought Christianity to the area. These sequences provide a historical context for the film and give us a strong sense of the resilience of Yup'ik culture, having survived despite a century of missionary suppression.

    DVD (Color) / 1988 / 90 minutes

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    Filmed on location in Thailand -- an exploration of various types of Thai dance, conducted by Asian dance authority Faubion Bowers, and illustrated with performances by dancers from the royal dance school. The dances are done in accordance with their ancient forms, as modified by the dynasty of the Crown Prince Bhanupan Yugala who explains his family's patronage of the art form. The dances are seen with traditional instruments and costumes, but there is also a training-rehearsal section in street clothes and a demonstration of how to achieve various postures and gestures, some requiring near contortionist flexibility. In Thai dance each gesture has a fanciful name (eg. "lighting the fires of destruction") and has particular meaning. This, according to Thai dance mistress Suebphong Sirisukha, helps the dancer "dance with the mind." Dances include a seduction scene between Hanuman the Hindu monkey god and a woman half-real and half-fanciful; "Krit Dea" ("the scattering of flowers") and the "Gold Cup Dance" in which "colorful angels who dwell in heaven come to Earth and find Thailand so beautiful, and then the whole world begins to dance.

    DVD / 1978

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    With Ralph Brown, Chuck Green

    A history of tap dancing. Demonstration of various tap dance styles by two masters of the art, Ralph Brown and Chuck Green. Routines include single and double time steps, the cramp roll, the buck and wing, and "over the top and through the trenches." With Richard Lamparski (narrator). Also: the origin and development of tap dance in film clips from a 1897 Edison production and other turn of the century film records, and an excerpt from "No Man's Land" (1931) in which Louis Douglas dances in the style of Bill Robinson.

    DVD / 1972

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    The Palace Dancers of Cambodia, once one of the finest Asian troupes in the world, perform two dances from the classical repertoire: "Indra's Garden and the Queen of the Apsaras", and "Mekhala and the Diamond." There is an demonstration of styles and commentary on training methods and Faubion Bowers, Asian arts expert, talks with an 18 year old star-dancer. She demonstrates bending the wrist backwards, hyperflexing the elbow, and balancing on one foot. This film was made before the political upheavals in Cambodia virtually destroyed that country. The Palace Dancers were all either driven into exile or killed.

    DVD / 1971 /

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    A survey of different types of Moroccan dance as performed by The National Dance Company of Morocco, comprised of dancers from various tribes, in a staged studio performance. Dancers wear colorful tribal costumes and elaborate head dresses, and are accompanied by a variety of musical instruments, including traditional drums, rattles, tambourines and cymbals. Some dances are also accompanied by chanting and the trilling sound called "ululation." The noted dance authority Faubion Bowers provides commentary about the dance forms and their meaning. The dances and the costumes show a variety of influences from both Arabic and tribal African sources.

    DVD / 1971

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    By Nala Najan

    Classic dances of India are performed by Nala Najan, American teacher and dancer who studied for years in India. Mr. Najan performs each dance in traditional costume.

    DVD / 1966 / 27 minutes

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    With Pepita and Goyo Reyes, Pepa Reyes and Cruz Luna and Adonis Puertas

    A concert of flamenco dance with Pepita and Goyo Reyes (dance pair), Pepa Reyes and Cruz Luna (dance pair), Adonis Puertas (guitar), Isabel (singer). Includes commentary about the origins of flamenco as a meeting of East and West (Hindu movements, poses of Egyptian sculptured hieroglyphs, and sounds of Sephardic Jews). Pieces include: Cante Hondo from Andalusia, a Court dance, an Alegrias, Zapateado recreation of horsemen and horsewomen of Spain.

    DVD / 1964 /

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    Ceylonese dances to drumming, performed by the Ceylon National Dancers, each with explanation by T.P. Amerasinghe, dance authority from Sri Lanka. Introduction by Lucia Chase of American Ballet Theater. The dances are ancient; they are the fire dance, cobra dance, mask dance, harvest dance, butterfly dance, and the ritual dance Ves Natuma, which was originally the prelude to a sacrifice.

    DVD / 1962

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    With Maria Tallchief and Nicolas Magallanes

    Discussion and performance of excerpts from "Swan Lake", with Maria Tallchief and Nicolas Magallanes, using the choreography of Marius Petipa as revised by George Balanchine. Music by Tchaikovsky.

    DVD / 1955

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    Composer: John Jacobson

    Move through the decades of American popular music with this easy-to-follow DVD featuring the Doctor of Dance, John Jacobson! Decades of Dance features step-by-step visual instructions for over 75 different dances in a number of styles that became popular from the 20s, 30s, 40s íV all the way to the present day. An informational booklet is included with a complete list of steps and historic background on the different dance styles presented. And the submenus on the DVD allow you to go directly to the move you need! From the Waltz, Samba or Tango to the Jitterbug, Grapevine or Soft Shoe, this vocabulary of steps will serve as an excellent starting point for creating your own combinations of dance and for all kinds of staging endeavors. Once you know a few basic steps, it's easy!


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    This film demonstrates and analyzes the style of Japan's oldest form of theatre. Scenes from the One Horned Hermit (Ikkaku Sennin) under the direction of Noh actor-director Sadayo Kita. In traditional rehearsal clothes, Sadayo Kita demonstrates the refined movements and dance techniques of Noh theatre.

    DVD (Color) / 17 minutes

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