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The destructive and unexpected nature of earthquakes has remained a constant threat since civilisation began. Suitable for all secondary audiences, this two-part program firstly examines the scientific aspects of an earthquake, focusing on the earth's structure and the changes which take place both before and after a seismic event. The second part is an in-depth case study of the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch. A devastating event for the city's residents and surrounding landscape, viewers hear firsthand accounts from seismology experts, emergency response leaders, rebuilding and reconstruction co-ordinators, and locals.

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DVD / 2013 / 29 minutes

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Earthquakes are sudden, unpredictable movements of the Earth's crust. Certain parts of the world are especially susceptible to these types of catastrophic events. Vulnerable countries are working toward developing reliable early warning systems so that they can better prepare their people and cities for impending disaster.

DVD / 2012 / (Senior High - College) / 24 minutes

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China Quake is an engrossing look at the massive 2008 earthquake in China, one of the most destructive quakes ever recorded, and a lesson in the science of seismic activity.

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake released a surge of energy that devastated an area the size of South Korea. In ninety unforgiving seconds, nearly 90,000 lives were lost, 5 million buildings were destroyed and 5 million people were left homeless. Dramatic video footage from the day of the quake and its aftermath, along with computer graphics, vividly illustrate the devastation and the mechanisms behind the megaquake.

China Quake follows a team of international scientists a year after the monster quake as they search for clues that will help solve the mystery of the massive, unexpected disaster. Was the Sichuan earthquake a freak of nature or a predictable tragedy waiting to happen? And what can be learned from the quake to help reduce the devastation in the future?

The scientists, including geologists, seismologists and engineers, use tools on the ground and in space to uncover the catastrophic chain of events that may have ruptured several faults at once. Among the scientists is Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, founder/CEO of Build Change, a nonprofit organization that teaches people in developing countries how to build earthquake resistant homes.

The discoveries of these scientists solves the mystery of the quake's origins and scale, and will help save lives in the future wherever and whenever killer quakes strike around the world.

  • Golden China Dragon Award, International Science and Education Producers Conference, China

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2010 / (Grades 9-Adult) / 47 minutes

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    Earthquakes are the result of the continuing motion of the Earth's crust and the movement of its tectonic plates. While earthquakes are among nature's most destructive events, their risk is high only where there are faults in the Earth's crust. This program illustrates how earthquakes are generated, how they are measured and how modern technology can help to improve earthquake preparedness and building safety. Includes suggestions for careers in this field of study.

    Terms Covered In This Edition Include:
    Crust, Cushion Lava, Dormant, Fault Line, Latitude, Molten, Pressure, Radius, Seismic, Silicates, Stratified, Sub-duction, Tectonics, Variation

    DVD / 2009 / (Grades 4-9) / 13 minutes

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    Explore the mysterious movements beneath our feet and see how buildings are designed to tolerate the shaking. It's not the earthquakes that harm people, it's the buildings.

    DVD / 2008 / (Elementary - Senior High) / 28 minutes

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    This program explores natural forces inside our planet, how and why earthquakes occur, the 2004 tsunami and the international response that followed. Senior seismologist Gary Gibson takes us through some reasons why the earth has such destructive potential, and the natural forces behind the 2004 tsunami. Featuring a range of natural disaster footage, graphics, footage of the tsunami aftermath, and interviews with aid workers involved in the international response.

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    DVD / 2005 / 24 minutes

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    Take a look at how earthquakes are measured in this excellent program. Seismologists from the National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado show how earthquake epicenters are located. You will observe an actual earthquake being captured and the measurement scales, both Mercalli, and Richter are explained. You will also see an example of triangulation in capturing earthquake data.

    DVD / 2000 / (Grades 9-12) / 32 minutes

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    The danger posed by the New Madrid earthquake zone along the Mississippi River.

    The New Madrid earthquake zone, located along the Mississippi River near Memphis, Tennessee, has received little attention in recent years. But in 1811 it was the site of the most powerful series of earthquakes ever known on earth. Some two million square miles were affected, and shocks were felt as far away as Montreal, Canada-1,200 miles from the epicenter.

    According to experts, another major earthquake will likely occur in the New Madrid Earthquake Zone in the next 50 years. With the aid of computer graphics, the geologic characteristics of the region and the tectonic nature of earthquakes are explained. Additionally, the relatively stable region of the central United States is compared to the well-known seismicity of California. This is a fascinating science adventure that, for many people, will hit very close to home.

  • "Interesting, easy to follow, full of good information, and well illustrated with high-quality computer graphics and live-action footage...effective in any historical geology or tectonics class to show how the understanding of ancient tectonic history can elucidate issues that face modern society." -5 Stars Journal of Geological Education

  • "Smoothly edited into a vibrant, coherent, accessible whole with an excellent balance of interviews to visuals. Highly recommended for classroom use in earth science courses and for the general public." -4 Stars Video Rating Guide

  • "Explains the geologic origins of earthquakes, cites the difficulties of predicting action along the New Madrid Fault, and calmly alerts viewers to a hidden threat." - Booklist

  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Bronze Apple, National Educational Film & Video Festival
  • Best Of Category, Birmingham International Educational Festival

    DVD (Color, Closed Captioned) / 1993 / (Grades 7-12, College, Adult) / 27 minutes

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    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has concluded that the "Big One" will be the worst disaster in the United States since the Civil War. Damage from an earthquake is wide spread, devastating to industry, to our complex roadways and to some large public buildings. Are you prepared for an emergency? This program is called "Emergency Preparedness At Home" and it will save lives and prevent injuries if the steps within the program are followed. The life you save may be your own or that of a family member. The most crucial element in surviving any type of natural disaster is preparing for the emergency. This program will instruct you in life safety and life sustaining actions before, during, and following an earthquake.

    Topics included in this safety video are: safety measures during the earthquake, aftershocks, fires, gas leaks or fire hazards, downed power lines, water supplies, battery operated radios, barbecues, hibachis, camping stoves, or fireplaces, main shut off valve for gas, turn off electricity, gas, and water at main switch and valves, water heaters cabinets, and flammable liquids.

    DVD / 9 minutes

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    Emergency Preparedness At Work - This program is called "Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace" and it will save lives and prevent injuries if the steps within the program are followed. The life you save may be your own or of a co-worker and could mean the difference between continuing business after a disaster or being unemployed for months waiting for the workplace to continue business. The most crucial element in surviving any type of natural disaster is preparing for the emergency. This program will instruct you in life safety and life sustaining actions before, during, and following an earthquake or any other type of disaster.

    Topics covered in this safety video include: safety measures, training, pre-emergency drills, knowledge of exits, use and knowledge of fire suppression equipment, "duck, cover, and hold," aftershocks, shut off gas, home emergency supplies, isolation, and absence of emergency services.

    DVD / 13 minutes

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    Explosion, chemical spill, earthquake, tornado, major accident...That's what this program is all about, emergency action to help you and your fellow workers in the event of a major emergency.

    Topics covered in this safety video include: basics, emergency procedures, using common sense, responsibilities associated with your job, safety, policies and procedures, emergency actions, chemicals, fire, fire extinguishers, alarms, elevators and stairwells, man-made emergencies, earthquake, and violence in the workplace.

    DVD / 18 minutes

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