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Weekly New Releases - Ecology & Environmental Science

Weekly New Releases - Ecology & Environmental Science


What will potentially become the world's third-largest hydroelectric dam-and a symbol of the destruction of the last remaining significant rainforest on Earth-is currently under construction in the heart of the Amazon Basin. The Belo Monte Dam complex is expected to devastate an area of more than 370,000 acres of Brazilian rainforest while resulting in the forced displacement of approximately 20,000 people and the expected migration of 100,000 more. In the face of this danger, the Xingu, the indigenous people of the region and hereditary guardians of the forest, have decided to stand their ground and fight. The Battle for the Amazon follows their struggle.

Note: Only available in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and South Africa.

DVD / 2013 / 58 minutes

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Directed by Beth Gage & George Gage

Tells the story of Tim DeChristopher's extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience drawing attention to the need for action on climate change.

BIDDER 70 is Tim DeChristopher, the student who monkey-wrenched the 2008 fraudulent Bureau of Land Management Oil and Gas Lease Auction. Bidding $1.8 million to save 22,000 acres of pristine Utah wilderness surrounding Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, with no intention to pay or drill, Tim brought the BLM auction to an abrupt halt. A month later, Barack Obama became president and on February 4, 2009, new Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, invalidated the entire BLM Auction.

Nevertheless, DeChristopher was indicted on two federal felonies facing penalties of up to ten years in prison and $750,000 in fines. During the two years awaiting his trial, DeChristopher stepped up his activism, evolved into a climate justice leader, and waited through nine trial postponements until, on February 28, 2011 his trial began. BIDDER 70 is Tim's journey from economics student to incarcerated felon.

Amonst those featured are Bill McKibben, James Hansen, Robert Redford, John Schuchardt, David Harris, Larry Gibson, Terry Tempest Williams, and members of Salt Lake City's Peaceful Uprising.

  • "One man's story that speaks volumes about what's at stake for all of us." - Will Potter, author of Green Is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege

  • "Topped my list for the most inspiring film." - Stephanie Penn Spears, EcoWatch

  • "Powerful, intelligent and very entertaining, BIDDER 70 will show you how one person can change the world." - Frank Marshall, Kennedy-Marshall Company

  • Best US Feature Film, Traverse City Film Festival
  • Moving Mountains Award, Mountainfilm in Telluride
  • People's Choice & Spirit of Activism Awards, Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival
  • Best Film & Audience Award, Frozen River Film Festival
  • Audience Choice & Green Fire Awards, American Conservation Film Festival
  • Best of Festival & Best of Category Awards, Montana Cine Film Festival
  • Best Documentary & Act Now Awards, Crested Butte Film Festival
  • Fork in the Road Award, Greentopia Film Festival
  • Audience Award, Driftless Film Festival

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 10 -12, College, Adults) / 72 minutes

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    Change is a constant of life. The natural cycles that balance and regulate our Earth and atmosphere provide the necessary conditions for sustaining a diverse range of life forms on the planet. But what actually occurs in these cycles? The Cycles Collection looks at the critical role the carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and water cycles play in the life of plants, animals, bacteria and our planet. This motion-graphics driven program simply yet clearly explains the key stages and processes o f each cycle and why the cycles are so important to all life on our planet. An ideal resource for viewers seeking a scientific understanding of these cycles.

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    DVD / 2013 / 19 minutes

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    Director & Producer: Kelly Nyks & Jared P. Scott

    The math is simple. To avoid climate catastrophe, we have to limit carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere to 350 parts per million or below. The only problem? We're presently at 400 parts per million -- and climbing. In November 2012, bestselling author and environmental activist Bill McKibben and 350.org, the organization he founded, hit the road to raise awareness of this terrifying math and build a movement to challenge the fossil fuel industry.

    Do the Math takes us inside that tour, following McKibben as he delivers an astonishingly clear breakdown of the facts -- and the stakes -- to more than 25,000 people at sold-out shows in 21 cities across the country. The film serves as a much needed correction to industry spin, and shows how an unprecedented global movement is rising up to keep CO2 emissions down.

    Highly recommended for courses that look at climate science, geography, environmental policy, corporate influence, the costs of mass consumerism and consumption, and social change movements.

  • "Watch the film, do the math, sign up for the struggle, and link it to the struggles you are already involved in. Our common future depends on it." - Marc Brodine, People's World

  • "Moving and incredibly motivating." - Taryn Oakley, Instructor of Environmental Science at Portland Community College

  • "Think of Do the Math as a sort of grassroots sequel to An Inconvenient Truth." - Good.Is

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2013 / 100 minutes

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    The town of Bega, on the south coast of NSW is working to transform their town into a sustainable community. Through the work of "Clean Energy for Eternity", this program follows Dr Matthew Nott as he charts their journey into solar PV, wind power and the local council's exploration of tidal energy. This program provides a useful case study on environmental sustainability for senior geography students.

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    DVD / 2013 / 22 minutes

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    The Florida Everglades, an extremely diverse ecosystem that hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna, began to form about 5000 years ago when sea levels stabilized after the last ice age. Mangrove coastlines, hardwood forests, and cypress swamps began to flourish. Water covered the lower half of the state of Florida, and slowly drained into estuaries, supporting a dynamic salt water system. But as populations increased in Florida and the demand for farmland, timber and houses grew, the health of the Everglades was compromised. Developers rerouted parts of the Kissimmee River eliminating thousands of acres of floodplain and marshland. In the 1940's, the state government and the Army Corp of Engineers began to fix these mistakes. Scientists continually check the soil quality, water quantity and quality, water distribution, bottom sediments, and phosphorus levels to monitor the health of the Everglades. They also keep a close watch on plant distribution because some of the plants in the Everglades act as natural filters for excessive levels of phosphorus.

    DVD / 2013

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    Sustainable environmental practices not only minimise an organisation's environmental footprint but there is also potential for significant bottom-line gains. This program focuses on environmental sustainability in hospitality where the focus in recent decades has been very much about efficient resource use, minimising waste and maximising productivity. Areas covered include identifying resources and environmental issues, compliance with regulations, and improving resource efficiency. Award-winning Melbourne-based Alto Hotel, Australia's first carbon-neutral hotel, presents an excellent case study. Further expert comment is offered by an industry trainer from Kangan Institute's Centre for Competitive Operations.

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    DVD / 2013 / 19 minutes

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    Environmental sustainability is about designing and implementing practices and processes within a workplace that do not waste or exhaust natural resources or cause ecological damage. This program focuses on environmental sustainability in the manufacturing and light industry, where technology and innovation have contributed significantly to greater efficiency in both resource use and productivity. Areas covered include identifying resources and environmental issues, compliance with regulations and improving resource efficiency. Award-winning Melbourne-based printing company, Vega Press, is an excellent case study and a range of its initiatives are examined. Further expert comment is offered by an industry trainer from Kangan Institute's Centre for Competitive Operations.

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    DVD / 2013 / 19 minutes

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    This program focuses on environmental sustainability in an office environment where recent decades have seen major gains made in minimizing waste and using resources more efficiently. Areas covered include identifying resources and environmental issues, compliance with regulations and improving resource efficiency. Two experts offer a range of insightful comments, including a representative from a major regional waste management group, and an industry trainer from Kangan Institute's Centre for Competitive Operations. This is an excellent program for students in various disciplines who are examining contemporary issues in today's workplace.

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    DVD / 2013 / 17 minutes

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    Who are we? Where do we come from? These are two of the biggest questions facing scientists today. This clip collection gives a broad understanding of the multi-branched theory of human evolution, the major geological eras in earth's history and the various scientific methods used for fossil dating. A great resource for viewers seeking a scientific understanding of how Earth and its life forms evolved.

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    DVD / 2013 / 23 minutes

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    By Bill Morrison
    Music by Bill Frisell

    The Mississippi River Flood of 1927 was the most destructive river flood in American history. In the spring of 1927, the river broke out of its earthen embankments in 145 places and inundated 27,000 square miles. Part of its legacy was the forced exodus of displaced sharecroppers, who left plantation life and migrated to Northern cities, adapting to an industrial society with its own set of challenges.

    Musically, the Great Migration fueled the evolution of acoustic blues to electric blues bands that thrived in cities like Memphis, Detroit and Chicago becoming the wellspring for R&B and rock as well as developing jazz styles.

    THE GREAT FLOOD is a collaboration between filmmaker and multimedia artist Bill Morrison and guitarist and composer Bill Frisell inspired by the 1927 catastrophe.

    In the spring of 2011, as the Mississippi River was again flooding to levels not seen since 1927, Frisell, Morrison, and the band traveled together from New Orleans, through Vicksburg, Clarksdale, Memphis, Davenport, Iowa, St. Louis and on up to Chicago.

    For the film, Morrison scoured film archives, including the Fox Movietone Newsfilm Library and the National archives, for footage of the Mississippi River Flood. All film documenting this catastrophe was shot on volatile nitrate stock, and what footage remains is pock marked and partially deteriorated. The degraded filmstock figures prominently in Morrison's aesthetic with distorted images suggesting different planes of reality in the story-those lived, dreamt, or remembered.

    For the score, Frisell has drawn upon his wide musical palette informed by elements of American roots music, but refracted through his uniquely evocative approach that highlights essential qualities of his thematic focus. Playing guitar, Frisell is joined by Tony Scherr on bass, Kenny Wollesen on drums and Ron Miles on trumpet.

    In THE GREAT FLOOD, the bubbles and washes of decaying footage is associated with the destructive force of rising water, the filmstock seeming to have been bathed in the same water as the images depicted on it. These layers of visual information, paired with Frisell's music, become contemporary again. We see the images through a prism of history, but one that dances with the sound of modern music.

  • "A remarkable work!" - The Seattle Times

  • "An extraordinary confluence of talents and subject-matter." - The Telegraph

    DVD (Black & White) / 2013 / 80 minutes

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    Last Call examines the predictions and impact of one of the most important and controversial environmental books of all time, The Limits to Growth, published four decades ago.

    In 1972, the publication of the book shook the world, selling 30 million copies in 30 languages, and marked a turning point in thinking about the environment. Prepared for the Club of Rome, the book was based on the work of a team of young scientists from MIT who created the first computer model to analyze the interaction over time of exponential growth with finite natural resources.

    Their primary message was that the human footprint, if unchecked, would grow beyond the carrying capacity of the planet on a sustainable basis. They concluded that humanity must adapt to the planet's limits or risk overshoot, which could result in the collapse of global support systems and human decline. Their conclusions stimulated broad interest and significant debate, but not much action on their scenario for avoiding overshoot.

    Four decades later, the surviving authors of The Limits to Growth and the book's mentors gathered to assess their earlier predictions, update where we stand today, and present what we need to do now to avoid global ecological collapse in the next few decades.

    Supported by archival footage and other materials, Last Call provides provocative insights into the fundamental reasons behind the ongoing global ecological and economic crises, and a vision of a more hopeful future, if we commit to appropriate measures before it's too late.

  • Jay Forrester, Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management, pioneer of the modern computer age, founder of System Dynamics
  • Dennis Meadows, Professor Emeritus of Systems Management, University of New Hampshire; author, The Limits to Growth
  • Donella Meadows, biophysicist and systems analyst, Dartmouth; author, The Limits to Growth; Pew Scholar in Conservation and the Environment; MacArthur Fellow
  • Jorgen Randers, PhD, Professor of Climate Strategy, BI Norwegian Business School; co-author, The Limits to Growth; author, 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next 40 Years
  • William Behrens III, co-author, The Limits to Growth
  • Aurelio Peccei, Founder and President, Club of Rome

  • Best Documentary, The House of Tomorrow (international competition showcase), Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival, Torino

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grades 11-Adult) / 90 minutes

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    By Peter Young

    With stunning footage of Antarctica's unique landscapes and wild life, The Last Ocean profiles the international battle over commercial fishing in the Ross Sea, the last pristine ocean ecosystem on earth.

    The Ross Sea is a vast, icy landscape that teems with life -- whales, seals and penguins carving out a place on the very edge of existence. This 'living laboratory' is one of the last places where the delicate balance of nature still prevails, largely untouched by humans. But an international fishing fleet has recently made its way to the Ross Sea, targeting the highly lucrative Antarctic Toothfish, sold as Chilean Sea Bass around the world.

    Californian ecologist Dr. David Ainley has studied the Ross Sea's unique ecosystem for more than forty years and knows that unless fishing is stopped, the natural balance will be lost forever. He rallies fellow scientists and builds a global campaign to protect this last pristine marine ecosystem.

    Featuring top scientists, including Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Daniel Pauly, as well as international political leaders, the film examines both the science and politics behind the debate over preserving Earth's last truly wild ocean.

  • "Four Stars. The Last Ocean is a spectacular, informative and urgent piece of work... Through Peter Young's lens, the Antarctic looks wild and wonderful." - Graeme Tuckett, Dominion Post

  • "Four stars. Young's film is absorbing, politically and ecologically informative, nightmarish, and excellent, albeit disturbing, cinema." - Sam Edwards, Waikato Times

  • "Peter Young's ravishing footage lends emotive force to his detailed account of the case against fishing Antarctic waters." - Bill Gosden, New Zealand International Film Festival

  • Winner, Best Feature & Best Science Communication Film, Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival
  • Winner, Best Call2Action Film, Boulder International Film Festival ?
  • Winner, Royal Reel Award Documentary, Canada International Film Festival
  • Winner, Best Documentary, Real to Reel International Film Festival
  • Winner, Moving Mountains, Mountainfilm in Telluride
  • Winner, Independent Producer of the Year, New Zealand Screen Producer and Development Association

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grades 9 - Adult) / 143 minutes

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    National Parks conserve the natural beauty of a region with unique landscapes, flora and fauna for present and future generations. But what qualifies as a National Park? In this excellent program we examine Yellowstone National Park, The Lake District and Kakadu National Park and the challenges they face. It provides a brief history of the National Park movement, the growth of tourism and its impact, the conflicts between recreation and conservation, mining and conservation, environmental and economic needs as well as various interest groups including local and indigenous communities. This program is an ideal resource for students in geography, environmental and cultural studies.

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    DVD / 2013 / 22 minutes

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    Directed by Ted Remerowski

    Examines the complex and controversial world of today's exploding organic food industry.

    The last ten years have seen a phenomenal explosion in the organic food movement as it has moved from niche market to mainstream. Today, it is the fastest growing segment of the food industry attracting all of the major food corporations. THE NEW GREEN GIANTS looks at a number of these new and old organic corporations and shows how they are managing, or in some cases, failing to live up to the idealistic dreams first espoused by the back-to-the land folk of the late sixties and early seventies.

    The documentary also looks at some of the bigger questions surrounding organic food. Is it really healthier? Is it truly organic? Is it possible to grow from a mom-and-pop operation to become a huge supplier of major grocery chains? Is it actually sustainable? Is it realistic to think the world can be fed organically?

    The program further examines everything from stealth ownership of organic product lines by large corporations to how organic strawberries have become the focus of a major health debate and how is it that today the world's largest processor of organic food is located in a remote province of China. THE NEW GREEN GIANTS reveals the complex and controversial world of today's organic food industry.

    Among those featured are: Gary Hirshberg/Stonyfield Farms, Steve Demos/Silk, Michael Potter/Eden Foods, Maggie Brown/Swanton Berry Farm, George Siemon/Organic Valley, Arran Stephens/Nature's Path, Myra Goodman/Earthbound, and Dick Peixoto/Lakeside Organic.

  • "An interesting, informed and informative, nuanced and balanced movie...Highly Recommended!" - Gidon Eshel, Environmental Sciences, Bard College

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 10 - 12, College, Adults) / 47 minutes

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    Plastic floats. The World's biggest plastic dumps are at sea. Millions of tons enter the ocean every year, pouring out from rivers and shores, ships and platforms. The world's scientists have studied the phenomenon with alarming results. Plastic contains synthetic hormones that are released when it breaks down into tiny particles through wind, waves and exposure to sun. Once in sea, plastic absorbs toxic substances known as POP's (persistent organic pollutants). This process allows these toxins to accumulate in a million times higher than normal. What happens when fish and seabirds mistake the plastic for food? Scientists have found evidence that these toxins are entering the food chain, ultimately winding up in our bodies. Even worse, plastic does not biodegrade. It becomes trapped in massive maelstroms of garbage. Scientists have identified five of these so-called gyres. A few of them are larger than Spain and Portugal combined.

    Many questions remain. Scientists have noticed that the amount of plastic in the gyres has remained constant for the past twenty years, leaving millions of tons unaccounted for. Where has the plastic gone? The world's scientists are on the verge of solving a mystery that might uncover one of the biggest ecological disasters of our time.

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 53 minutes

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    By Winnie Hoskyns-Abrahall, Bill Hennessy

    In plain language, master electrician and solar installer Bruce Hankins explains AC coupling, the combining of a grid-tied solar electric installation with an off-grid battery backup system.

    As the world turns to sustainability, solar enriches our lives. SAVING SUNSHINE takes a look at today's developments in solar electricity and its increasing role as power provider.

    Combining the best features of off-grid, stand-alone solar installations with grid-tied systems that provide distributed generation, photovoltaic systems have evolved into AC-coupled systems. They provide back-up, stand-alone electricity while also using renewable solar energy for our everyday electrical needs.

    This combination of renewable energy and energy storage connects multiple inverters with maintenance-free batteries and opens the door to energy independence in a sustainable, low-carbon future.

    Teachers, electricians, system installers, architects, owners of grid-tied systems and solar advocates will find the clear explanations in SAVING SUNSHINE helpful in learning the specifics of an AC-coupled system and how it forms a local distribution system to deliver electricity in a more reliable and environmentally friendly manner.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 10-12, College, Adults) / 34 minutes

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    By Mark London, Cidney Hue and Adrian Vasquez de Velasco

    Shark Loves the Amazon offers a fresh perspective on what it will take to protect the Amazon rainforest and support the millions of people who now live there.

    Many still think of the Amazon as a land populated primarily by indigenous people surrounded by exotic flora and fauna, all threatened by mining and farming. But that's no longer a fully accurate picture, since more than twenty million Brazilians migrated to the region over the last few decades and are themselves struggling to survive and prosper.

    Author and attorney Mark London, offers an updated analysis and approach in this documentary, based on his book The Last Forest: The Amazon in the Age of Globalization (Random House), written with journalist Brian Kelly. London developed a lifelong passion for the Amazon during his first visit 30 years ago, and has traveled extensively in the region in recent years. The film depicts the hard, contemporary realities of a region seeking a sustainable model of development that can provide both for its millions of inhabitants and preserve the Earth's last great forest, with its unparalleled biodiversity and global importance.

    As levels of deforestation rapidly approach the point of no return, London poses a provocative alternative to the simple mantra, "leave the forest untouched." One promising model the film profiles is the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve, which incentivizes people who live in the region to protect the forests.

    Shark Loves the Amazon begins with substantial historical context, tracing in detail the forces that transformed the Amazon since the 1960's, when it was a largely unexplored and untouched region, unlike today.

    TITLE NOTE: "Shark" refers to the fact Mark London is a lawyer.

  • Thomas Lovejoy, Biodiversity Chair, Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
  • Dr. Philip Fearnside, National Institute for Research of the Amazon
  • Charles Mann, Author, 1491 and 1493
  • Eduardo Braga, Senator & Former Governor of the State of Amazonas, Brazil
  • Virgilio Viana, CEO, Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)
  • Raquel Lunas, Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

  • "Focuses on the history of occupation of the Amazon when the country was under a military regime, and the challenges and opportunities to build a sustainable model that preserves the world's last major rainforest and supports the livelihood of the inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon. It offers a powerful example of the synergy between sustainability and conservation." - Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

  • "Sets out to put a 'human face' on the issue of deforestation, suggesting there is a deeper moral conundrum than just saving flora and fauna. Instead, the world should consider the well-being of the people living in the Amazon rainforest...." - Jessica Perry, Hola Cultura

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grades 9-Adult) / 60 minutes

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    There will be a very large-scale super volcanic eruption from Yellowstone National Park. The question is not if it will happen, but when.

    For over a century, tens of millions of visitors have marveled at the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park, home to the largest concentration of geysers in the world, including the iconic Old Faithful. However, beneath all this beauty lurks a beast.

    Visitors may not realize it, but Yellowstone is situated directly above one of the largest volcanic systems on Earth-a supervolcano. For the past two million years, this volcano has erupted roughly every 600,000 years. The last major eruption, which produced a caldera that stretches over 1,500 square miles across the park-two-thirds the size of Prince Edward Island-occurred 640,000 years ago. So, is it overdue for another eruption?

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 50 minutes

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    By Larkin McPhee and Barbara Coffin

    The Emmy Award-winning Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story tells the story of the unintended yet severe consequences of farming along the Mississippi, and the efforts being taken to reverse this damage. America's heartland boasts some of the world's most productive farmland, but this bounty has come with a price. Excess crop fertilizers are contaminating the nation's rivers, lakes and aquifers, while at the same time precious soil is washing away.

    The film traces the development of America's bountiful harvest and examines its effect on the legendary river, as well as the "dead zone" created in the Gulf of Mexico. Knitting together federal energy, farm and environmental policies, the film makes a compelling case for revamping US agricultural policy and practices. It also helps viewers to grasp a profound truth íV that a single drop of water in the upper Midwest has an impact far downstream.

    Through beautiful photography and narrative, Troubled Waters emphasizes solutions, providing a hopeful blueprint for progress and positive change. The film tells the stories of farmers, scientists and citizens who are pursuing more sustainable land-use practices that meet the goals of an ambitious, food-producing nation, while ensuring the long-term health of its most precious natural resources.

  • "...Troubled Waters puts a much-needed spotlight on Mississippi River pollution and the threat posed by high sediment levels ..." - Star & Tribune

  • "Troubled Waters invites us to have an open, honest discussion about the challenges of cleaning up the Mississippi River." - Whitney L. Clark Friends of the Mississippi River

  • Winner of Three Emmys, Including Best Topical Documentary

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grades 9-Adult) / 57 minutes

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    Travels to the waters off the eastern coast of South Africa to examine the life forms that thrive in the ocean. The program documents such animals as angelfish, a hawksbill sea turtle, and great white sharks, among others. The great migration of sardines from the tip of South Africa is also profiled during the presentation.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 6-12) / 21 minutes

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    Identifies the geographic wonders that exist in the Yucatan Peninsula and travels to the western coast of Mexico to examine marine animals living in the waters of the Pacific ocean. The program profiles the adaptations and behaviors of such creatures as white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, and manta rays.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 6-12) / 19 minutes

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    Journeys to Oceania to showcase the biological wonders that flourish in the tropical waters. The program showcases such species as golden jellyfish, grey reef sharks, coral reefs, great barracuda, and barrel sponges, among others.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 6-12) / 20 minutes

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    Documents the wide variety of life that flourishes around the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. The program profiles the giant devil ray as well as three different types of whales: sperm, pilot, and humpback.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 6-12) / 21 minutes

    >>> Add Cart <<<


    Explores the brilliantly colored coral reefs of the southwestern Pacific Ocean. In the waters of the IndoPacific, the battle between predators and prey is the driving force behind many of the intricate designs and innovations in this rich workshop of evolution. The program profiles unique sea creatures like the cuttlefish, lionfish, thresher shark, feathered sea star, and pigmy seahorse.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 6-12) / 21 minutes

    >>> Add Cart <<<


    Exhibits the organisms that thrive in the waters off the coast of the Galapagos Islands in South America. The program showcases the birth of the islands and profiles the adaptations and behaviors of such animals as giant tortoises, hammerhead sharks, and whale sharks.

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 6-12) / 21 minutes

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