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Food Safety

Food Safety


This safety training on DVD provides a comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to the food laws and safe food handling practices.

Titles in this series:

1. The Law and You
Food poisoning is an illness that can affect anyone, and has the potential to cause serious harm.

2. Food Safety Programs
A food safety program is based on the principles of H.A.C.C.P, an internationally accepted prevention and risk based safety program.

3. Food Adulteration
This program provides a simple checklist to assist food handlers in the prevention of food adulteration.

4. What is Bacteria?
Bacteria comes in many forms and is beneficial in many processes, such as digestion, water treatment and food processing.

5. Temperatures
For anyone in the business of handling food, it is important that you know the impact that temperature has on food.

6. 10 Causes of Food Poisoning
Explores the 10 main causes of food poisoning.

7. Potentially Hazardous Food
This video looks at potentially high risk food and gives some handy hints on how to prepare them and what temperatures to store them at.

8. Hygiene
This safety training video explores some must do's and must not do's when preparing food.

9. Clothing
When preparing or handling food, appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn, this is to ensure that the body or clothing itself does not lead to contamination of the food.

10. Food Handling Controls
This safety training video takes an in depth look at food storage, food processing, food display, food packaging, the importance of temperature control when cooling food and the correct way to take the temperature of food.

11. Hazards
A hazard is anything that can cause harm to a consumer.

12. Chemical Safety
This sfaety training video looks at the 5 basic steps when cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces as well as the importance of cleaning schedules.

13. Pest Control
This safety trraining video looks at the 3 main types of pests in food preparation areas.

14. Food Delivery
This safety training video highlights the importance of using suppliers and delivery providers of the highest caliber and routinely reviewing them to make sure that they are delivering food safely to you.

15. Food Storage
This video contains 13 general rules for storing food as well as another 24 tips for storing cold, frozen, dried and canned food correctly.

16. Egg Safety
This video shows how to buy, store, and use eggs in a manner that will prevent any contamination.

17. Allergens
Allergen control is now a legislative requirement and managing allergen risks requires specified procedures in your workplace.

18. Food Handler's Health
Learn about the food handler's obligation and what to do if you feel you may be ill.

19. Product Recall
This video addresses: How best to store products? What to do when a food product is recalled? How to find out what foods are being recalled?

Remarks: Minimum purchase of 5 copies on same or assorted titles per order is required.

19 DVDs

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Explains the best methods to achieve compliance with Food Safety Standard 3.3.2.

videoAccording to the Food Safety Authority of Australia and New Zealand, some 11,500 consumers are affected by food borne diseases each day.

Under the Food Safety Standard 3.3.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements, food businesses must ensure their food handlers do not contaminate food. Food businesses also have specific responsibilities relating to the health of the people who handle food. These include the provision of hand washing facilities and informing food handlers of their health and hygiene obligations. The program explains the best methods to achieve compliance with this new standard.

DVD / 15 minutes

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A practical video to explain key principles such as aspects and impacts in ISO 14000 and environmental management.

Key points in the video:
  • The safety training video uses 3 case studies, a mine, a food factory and a local council and construction company together, to explain what an EMS (environmental management system is)

  • An aspect is any element of an organisation's activities, products or services that can interact with the environment.

  • An impact is the change caused to the environment.

    For examples, at Bonlac Foods an analysis of activities identified waste milk discharge as an output during flushing. Milk is flushed through the separator every 15 minutes to clean it. This discharge or flushing is an aspect because the waste milk interacts with the environment. The impact occurs when milk flows out with waste water. Its high nutrient load can cause algal bloom and contribute to an offensive odour.

  • DVD / 20 minutes

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