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Inclusive Education


Hosted by Dr. Marilyn Friend

Releasing the Power is the next training video in the Forum's Co-Teaching Video Series. Leaders at the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District decided that to meet achievement and accountability standards mandated in federal education law, they had to do something very different. If students with IEPs continued to be educated largely in special classes and resource rooms, those students would have a difficult path to success. Releasing the Power illustrates how the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District researched, created, and implemented a district-wide co-teaching initiative. Today CMS is an exemplary model of what can happen when a district releases the power of two.

First on this DVD, CMS Superintendent and his top deputy for Special Education discuss the district's inclusive Facilitator's Guide PDF /practices and co-teaching journey from conception through implementation. Then you'll hear CMS principals discuss, in practical detail, the expectations, challenges, and supports necessary to ensure all students are learning in co-taught classrooms. DVD includes a digital viewing guide and a rubric for judging the fidelity of your implementation using a framework developed by Professor Friend.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2010 / () / 59 minutes

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By Alan Gartner, Kerzner Lipsky

This production provides a comprehensive framework for administrators, teachers and staff developers to build an effective schoolwide approach that focuses on "service" rather than "location" in teaching special education students. Using clips from actual classrooms. the framework takes on additional meaning as its main features are seen "in action." This is true theory in practice and includes reference to RTI.

The viewer will, by watching the video be able to:
~ Understand the concept of a "whole school" approach to inclusion
~ Recognize the value that an effective school-wide approach has on all students
~ Observe best inclusionary practices, based upon experience and current research that support growth of all students
~ Identify the components of effective co-teaching, and be familiar with print resources from the manual that support on-going development of collaborative teams
~ Recognize that inclusive environments support the needs of a diverse learning community, such as ELL, at risk, etc.
~ Identify roles of all stakeholders in the implementation of a whole school approach
~ Better understand Response to Intervention (RTI)

DVD (With Publication) / 2008 / () / 38 minutes

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By Dr Rebecca Hines and Dr. Lisa Dieker

Winning teams execute sound strategies and good coaching. It is no different in today's inclusive classrooms where teamwork and collaboration are essential for success.

Join Drs. Rebecca Hines and Lisa Dieker from the University of Central Florida as they provide winning strategies for general and special education staff working in inclusive environments. These strategies not only improve team functioning, but also raise student achievement.

Utilizing a sports metaphor including pre-game and post-game analyses, Hines and Dieker take you into elementary classrooms where they present and review strategies that empower inclusive teams to more effectively:

~ Manage Their Time
~ Use Their Expertise
~ Collaborate on Content
~ Understand Their Roles & Responsibilities

Learn how to execute winning Co-Teaching, Facilitative Support and Paraeducator staffing patterns and move your inclusion program forward. An informative, reality-based, fun-filled and practical DVD that can be used for general staff development as well as for enhancing current team practice and/or coaching new teams for success.

DVD / 2008 / (Elementary) / 40 minutes

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By: Lisa Dieker, Ph.D.

Inclusion of students with disabilities at all levels is a challenge, one that has been intensified by the mandates of NCLB and the reauthorized IDEA. More specifically, NCLB states that students with disabilities will be counted in calculation of annual yearly progress, and thus must be proficient in curriculum content; and IDEA '04 states that special education teachers must have certification in specific content areas in order to be highly qualified to provide self-contained instruction to students with disabilities.

These two legislative actions have a tremendous impact on teachers, schools, families and, most importantly, secondary students with disabilities. Furthermore, they make it essential for secondary teachers to know what is working in effective, inclusive schools across the country.

This exciting and practical video is specifically designed for those educators who are either developing or currently working to include students with mild to moderate disabilities in secondary classrooms.

The viewer will:
~ Understand the key components of effective secondary inclusive instruction
~ Learn practical ideas to meet the needs of a range of learners
~ Observe interdisciplinary teams of teachers address issues such as instruction, curricular development and grading
~ Learn how secondary schools are meeting state and local standards by providing universally designed curriculum for all learners
~ Understand how the learning environment impacts outcomes, including:
1. How co-teaching can be used to meet the educational needs of a wide range of learners
2. How administrators, teachers, families and students work together in inclusive schools to produce effective outcomes

DVD / 2007 / () / 65 minutes

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Hosted by Dr. Marilyn Friend

The Problem of Scale
High schools have been the bastions of tradition and resistant to implementing inclusive practices. Drs. Marilyn Friend and Leonard Burrello, have visited North Central High School over years, admiring their exemplars of co-teaching in English, math, foreign language, and science. During their last visit, they learned about the tipping point that led to a transformation of the entire philosophy to a concept they call Universal Access. Taking a high school to scale is what Elmore describes as "innovations that require large scale changes in the core of educational practice." He argues it seldom occurs and it seldom lasts very long. North Central is the exception.

The Context
North Central High is a comprehensive 3,200-student high school with a very diverse student body. It has about 320 identified students, of which 250 are identified as students with mild disabilities.

The Strategy
On this program, the principal and his staff describe the tipping point and their engagement of the staff in transforming their high school from a set of parallel systems for typical and disabled students into one dedicated to assisting all students to meet higher expectations. The major components of their story are:
~ A development of a communal vocabulary to guide their communication.
~ Structures that support collaborationˇXincluding a focus on the curriculum and time.
~ A student profile document developed by a building committee of general education teachers.
~ Co-teaching between general and special education teachers within academic departments.
~ A Learning Center to serve all students. (The DVD documents the LC's evolution.)
~ Communicating within a professional community with parents.

DVD (With Digital Viewing Guide) / 2001 / () / 35 minutes

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Classrooms have always had students who learn at different rates, who have prior knowledge about the curriculum, who have varying abilities and bring different backgrounds and baggage into classroom. When students with disabilities are included, the range of those differences widens. In order to reach every student, teachers may need to make choices that they haven't confronted before.

This DVD and accompanying manual provides a conceptual model for adapting curriculum across the learning spectrum. The framework challenges teachers' existing repertoire and arms them with additional approaches to enhance student learning. The framework is divided into the four steps teachers take when planning units of study:

1. The Process of Teaching
2. Practices, Decision Making, and Planning
3. Fine Tune for Individual Learners
4. Refine, Reflect, Assess and Evaluate

Each step has examples of at least three adaptations.

Teachers from elementary and secondary programs describe the adaptations that have proven successful. These adaptations recognize the need for student variation in learning and instruction.

You'll see sample adaptations across seven areas:
~ Participation
~ Difficulty
~ Output
~ Input
~ Level of Support
~ Size of Task
~ Time

DVD / 1999 / () / 45 minutes

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Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky, Ph.D. and Alan Gartner, Ph.D.

The move toward higher standards in our nation's schools has raised a major dilemma for educators committed to the inclusion of students with disabilities. How can these students truly succeed in a learning environment where academic standards and formalized testing are increasing? Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky and Alan Gartner, from the National Center on Educational Restructuring and Inclusion at the City University of New York, address many of the critical issues facing educators who are supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings. Through a dynamic and powerful presentation Drs. Lipsky and Gartner discuss:

~ The Consequences of Higher Standards
~ The Seven Factors of Successful Inclusion
~ The Reauthorization of I.D.E.A
~ The Restructuring of Our Schools

Visit schools across the country and observe first-hand how the learning needs of all students are being successfully met in general education environments. Learn how special education is a service not a location. Understand that the inclusion of students is not determined solely by where they are placed, but by their full and complete access to the same curriculum as the general education population. Whether a regular or special educator, this video is a must for pre-service and inservice training.

DVD / 1998 / () / 40 minutes

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Featuring Marsha Forest and Jack Pearpoint

~ Realize children learn better when included with their peers.
~ Explore the fears associated with Inclusion.
~ See the rich rewards experienced by both teachers and students.
~ Understand the need for training and collaboration.
~ Adopt the three tools for Inclusion to help bring success to the inclusive classroom: 1)Circle of Friends 2)MAPS process 3)PATH process
~ See the process work in both elementary and secondary schools.

DVD (With Implementation Guide, Audio CD) / 1994 / () / 66 minutes

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To discuss issues concerning peeople with disabilities, and their families, and address the basic concept of freindship.

Stories and ideas about friendship, human rights, self-advocacy, and inclusion of all people.

This program highlights Bryce, a 12-year-old child with disabilities, and and his family. The program addresses broader societal issues. With Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest, Darryl Thomas, Janet Thomas, Bryce Thomas, and many more.

DVD / / () / 24 minutes

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This program and companion CD (updated) were developed for child care providers to help them welcome and include children with special needs in child care programs. Together they are an invaluable training tool and ongoing resource for staff and program development.

Topics covered include the benefits of inclusive child care, how to prepare a program, creative strategies to make accommodations to meet the unique needs of each child, how to get help and incorporate support services for providing inclusive child care, and additional local and national resources. The CD was updated and expanded by Elizabeth Traub, Lois Hutter-Pishgahi, Tamyra Freeman, Early Childhood Center and The Indiana Parent Information Network

DVD / / () / 25 minutes

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This program contains excerpts from 4 programs which are designed for short presentations.

Jackie: A 12 minute segment from Choices.

Heather's Story: Program Highlights: A 17 minute presentation from Step By Step: Heather's Story.

Kindergarten: An 8 minute segment from Issues for Educators.

Larissa: A 8 minute segment from Families, Friends, Futures.

DVD / / () / 17 minutes

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To provide an encouraging introduction to the inclusion process by profiling four students successfully included into pre-school, elementary school, and junior college.

This program has four chapters. They focus on Cami, age 3, in pre-school; Erin, age 5, in kindergarten; Jackie, age 9, in the third grade; and Joan, age 19, in junior college. Choices tells the stories of these students and their families, teachers, classmates, schools, and communities, and enables viewers to observe each student's successful inclusion into general education classrooms.

DVD / / () / 30 minutes

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This program emphasizes the importance of collaborative teaming among regular education and special education staff and covers what administrators need to do to support inclusive practices throughout the community.

It shows students with various disabilities participating in general education settings and discusses ways to develop new attitudes and teaching skills.

It also stresses the importance of adapting both curriculum and instruction and tells how teams can measure success both for individual students and for the school as a whole.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / / () / 28 minutes

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To emphasize the need for inclusion into school and the community so that children with severe, as well as more moderate, disabilities grow up with the relationships and support networks required for independent and fulfilled adulthood.

This program examines how inclusion often begins at school for children of varying ages and with disabilities of varying severity. It is about Betsey, a 12-year-old in the sixth grade, and Larissa, three years old and in a community nursery school. Both girls participate with friends in community activities. The program explores the encouraging effect that the girls' participation has on their families' views of their children's future.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / / () / 23 minutes

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The program features elements of "best practice" for early childhood education that contribute to successful inclusive experiences for children, parents, and teachers. Filmed at four diverse preschool centers in New York City, this program highlights strategies that support and enhance programming for groups of young children with a wide variety of strengths and needs.

The basis of this work is ongoing collaborative teamwork among parents, teachers, and support staff. Other essential strategies include developing meaningful curriculum, individualizing expectations, fostering social-emotional well-being, supporting relationships among peers, and integrating support services into the classroom.

DVD / / () / 22 minutes

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To offer practical information and advice to students, teachers and administrators and to inspire an inclusive vision for people of all kinds.

This Chicago high school celebrates differences in nationality, race, ethnicity, and language, and has simply taken the next natural step - including students with disabilities. Process is everything. Teamwork is essential. Learn from teachers, students, and administrators in this documentary video.

DVD / / () / 18 minutes

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To address concerns about inclusive education, nurture faith in the possibility of inclusion, and impart a sense of its great rewards.

This popular video focuses on teachers and administrators. Through interviews with those who provide inclusive opportunities, it addresses the realities of implementation, strategies for effective inclusion, and the necessity of support systems.

DVD / / () / 20 minutes

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To document one child's real-life inclusion into her neighborhood school over the course of two school years.

This documentary begins when Heather, a little girl with Down syndrome, is eight years old and in "special ed." It follows her through two years and into the fourth grade in "regular school."

Seeing is believing and this two-year, longitudinal study enables viewers to watch Heather blossom. It also provides the opportunity to watch her teachers, principal, family, and classmates, work together and grow along with her.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / / () / 65 minutes

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In this program, you will learn practical strategies to maximize learning for all students, including those with special needs. You will learn inclusive teaching techniques first hand with video visits to classrooms where teachers are successfully educating both general and special education students. Course learning activities will teach you how to design and implement curriculum modifications and activity adaptations based on the strengths and needs of your students.

In this course, you will learn how to:
~ utilize differentiated instruction to benefit both general and special education students.
~ select, implement, and evaluate lesson modifications to accommodate the needs of students with physical, emotional, or intellectual disabilities.
~ offer choices to help students develop self-management skills.
~ implement assessment strategies appropriate to your students individual abilities.

In addition to providing ways in which you can individualize your instruction, this course will also cover remedial methods, instructional techniques, and assistive technology that can be used to more effectively address the diverse learning levels of both your special and general education students.

3 DVDs / / () /

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To provide highlights of a weeklong Inclusion Workshop conducted by noted inclusion specialists Dr. Marsha Forest, Dr. Jack Pearpoint, and Ms. Judith Snow.

This set offers ready access to an acclaimed presentation on creating inclusive communities. Together We're Better introduces the possibilities of inclusion to parents, educators, and communities generally. It provides a basis for understanding individual and group dynamics. Drs. Forest and Pearpoint and Ms.. Snow demonstrate ways of analyzing a problem, mapping out the desired result, and finding ways to achieve the goal. They offer audiences a set of effective tools and strategies for fostering inclusive environments.

1: Intro to Inclusion (59 min.), introduces the philosophy of inclusion and the idea of "giftedness."
2: Strategies (37 min.), provides strategies for enhancing the inclusiveness of schools.
3: MAPS & PATHS (51 min.), demonstrates on stage the MAPS and PATH processes.

3 DVDs / / () / 157 minutes

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