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Manufacturing Engineering

Lean Manufacturing


Total Productive Maintenance is a manufacturing improvement method that increases production and reduces waste through continuous attention to the condition of machines and processes. It is a critical element for any successful lean enterprise that relies on production machines and equipment.

Total Productive Maintenance Blitz follows a cross-functional team from the Modern Drop Forge Company. Watch as team members immerse themselves in a four-day total productive maintenance kaizan event within a problematic manufacturing cell.

This program highlights how the team established which equipment to focus on, identified potential problems, determined the root causes for underperforming equipment, and then brainstormed improvement ideas. The team then quickly implement over 50 ideas, which resulted in the company saving over $50,000 per year by reducing production downtime by 50%, and scrap by 10%.

DVD / 2011 / () / Approx. 30 minutes

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Sharing practical experience through the words of Kimberly-Clark employees and lean expert, Jean Cunningham, this program presents working examples of how lean principles and methodologies are being utilized at Kimberley-Clark to improve processes within day-to-day ITS operations.

This program focuses on Kimberly-Clark's use of lean waste reduction techniques to rethink their existing ITS activities. These lean initiatives have resulted in better and more product-aligned information and services throughout the company , while maintaining a sustainable spend profile.

DVD / 2010 / () / 50 minutes

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This program shows how Subaru Indiana Automotive used its lean improvement system to achieve breakthrough environmental performance. The lessons learned can help any manufacturing company become a better environmental steward.

This program was written by Dean Schroeder and Alan Robinson, who are both experts, consultants, authors and instructors that understand the impact of employee involvement and how employees can drive the type of success you witness in this program. Dean and Alan's insights and the key points from the leadership of Subaru will show you how almost any company can become zero landfill.

DVD / 2008 / () / 29 minutes

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This Program explores the motivations and practical implementation of automation in manufacturing, and how it might be more effective when used with lean principles.

While there is a school of thought that believes lean equals simple and therefore manual, looking through the lens of a lean mind-set can actually help optimize the use of automation. Using lean principles, depending on circumstances, helps guide automation improvements to secure gains in throughput, quality, consistency and cost as well as worker safety and health.

Three companies share their experiences with lean and automation:

Opthonix, a mass-manufacturer of customized eyeglass lenses saw the value in combining specialized CNC cutting machines tied together with automation. The design of its facility was influenced by several key lean concepts.

Vickers Engineering, a metal-cutting and fabrication manufacturer with a diverse customer base shares its experiences in jointly implementing lean and automation to meet its goals for improved efficiency in implementing a robotic work cell.

Aztec Manufacturing has extensive experience with its automated work cell that combines robots with a CNC metal-cutting machine. In this case study, Aztec managers and engineers share their experience in combining lean and automation.

DVD / 2008 / () / 30 minutes

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While lean is a popular term on the shop floor, this DVD will show you a company that didn't stop there. A global leader in particle separation equipment, SWECO applied lean plant wide, from the office to the loading dock. For the first time, this DVD will show how applying lean techniques, such as Kanban, Visual Boards, 5S, Pre-Staged Kits helped SWECO increase profits. At the same time, the company improved quality, reduced costs and better served its customers. SWECO used a two prong approached applying lean on the factory floor and in office operations. Building cross-functional team, SWECO armed its sales force with fast and accurate quotes, met special orders efficiently and provided customers with focused training manuals. After watching Incorporating Lean, the viewer will understand how Lean can be successfully applied to the factory and the front office. SWECO team leaders will also reveal the secrets for continuous improvement within their operation.

DVD / 2008 / () / 25 minutes

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Firms that can develop better products faster consistently see increased profits and growing market share. To achieve this goal, Toyota and other global leaders have adopted the same lean improvement philosophy in new product development that has revolutionized the manufacturing world. Lean product development has become the new frontier in corporate improvement, enabling increased agility, better use of precious resources, and enhanced organizational learning.

The Lean Product Development program is an excellent way to get started on your journey to dramatic reductions in time-to-market and greater value-creation for your customers. Michael Kennedy and Ron Mascitelli, both thought leaders in the rapidly growing field of lean product development, share their unique but synergistic approaches to lean product development implementation, along with experienced-based tips on how to avoid pitfalls and ensure success. The practical real-world experience of both Teledyne Benthos and Carleton Life Support reinforces the benefits, and will help guide your own deployment strategy. The message of this valuable video is that lean product development is critical to your long-term success, and should be your firm's next initiative in your journey toward a truly lean enterprise.

DVD / 2008 / () / 29 minutes

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This program measures and evaluates the modern and practical methods behind mistake proofing or "poka-yoke." Viewers will visit Saline Plastics, ConMed Linvatec, and ESYS to see how the use of mistake-proofing techniques, and learning to reduce workplace errors, can help reduce costs, increase quality, and accelerate customer delivery time.

See it first-hand, then apply it to your continuous improvement processes. The commonplace examples outlined in the program provide a perfect training tool for anyone wanting to build a more reliable and predictable improvement process that can easily integrate with other business procedures.

DVD / 2008 / () / 31 mintues

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Viewers will follow a three-day journey at Plymouth Tube, where Rick Feller, manager of excellence at Plymouth, enabled every team member with the successful steps and knowledge to reduce machine set-up time. You'll see how to champion a set up reduction event, measure your current methods, identify time elements behind set-up, and learn what it takes to change and prove new methods.

DVD / 2008 / () / 25 minutes

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See how the four modules of TWI: Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM) and Job Safety (JS) work together to sustain lean manufacturing.Together, they generate cooperation and positive employee relations, teach supervisors how to quickly train employees to do a job correctly, establish and maintain standardized work, provide a framework for sustained continuous process improvement, and maintain a safe work environment. Learn why Toyota has included part of TWI as an essential element of the Toyota Production System since its inception. Viewers will learn how Albany International, a manufacturer of industrial monofilaments, uses TWI to achieve reduced costs, shorter cycle times, decreased setup times, less scrap and significantly improved plant profitability.

DVD / 2008 / () / 25 minutes

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Witness how lean manufacturing helped Peterson Pacific Corporation reduce the time it takes to manufacture new machines. You'll see how the paint booth location was changed to make a more efficient layout, and what they did to add flow to their assembly process. In the beginning, Peterson Pacific Corporation greatly underestimated the amount of energy needed to sustain their improvements. Interviews with key managers and supervisors illuminate how they selected the areas of the business to improve first, and the problems that slowed down their initial application of lean.

DVD / 2007 / () / 19 minutes

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This new Value Stream Mapping (VSM) program, uncovers the shop-floor-side and human element behind this Lean continuous improvement process.

This program will take you inside Jotul North America, in Gorham, Maine, to witness the process and outcomes of a two-day training event led by Pat Wardwell, senior continuous improvement manager for the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership.

~ Watch the proper execution of VSM and learn how to conduct, facilitate, and participate in a successful value stream walk.
~ See how value stream symbols work to map the current- and target-state conditions.
~ Learn the 3-step process of documenting flow to identify waste and uncover opportunities for improved quality, cost control, lead-time, and customer value.

DVD / 2007 / () / 40 minutes

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In every Lean journey, what may seem easy to understand isn't always easy to implement. This program shows you what lean means today by exploring the visible evidence and promise of Lean.

We speak with George Koenigsaecker, president of Lean Investments, LLC and Lean Sensei for nearly three decades, to get an updated analysis of the Lean concepts as they relate to the operations of a leading Shingo Prize winning company Hearth & Home Technologies in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. You'll see the current state of this lean company and witness the employee culture required to fuel their journey.

~ Learn why the management behavior at Toyota is often different than in most organizations.
~ See how to combat first-time uneasiness of Lean behavior by placing it in context with continuous improvement

DVD / 2007 / () / 25 minutes

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Permanently changing the attitudes of employees is a difficult task. What might be considered a lean operation one day could slide back into the old ways of doing things overnight. The only way to truly build a lean culture is to fundamentally change the workplace culture and get buy in from every employee at all levels of the organization.

While this is easier said than done, we bring you inside HID Global's North Haven, Connecticut plant, where they began a transformation. You'll see how this facility became the company's test pilot for cultural change centered on the concepts of lean manufacturing.

This program shows you first-hand how HID-Connecticut uses teamwork, community involvement, and social interaction among employees to spawn new ideas for improvement to quality, cost, and delivery.

Learn how highly integrated quality controls and training simulations in Five S, Kanban, and Value Stream Mapping help instill the continuous improvement philosophy in every single HID employee. Understand how the visualization tools known as the "Misery Index" and the "Lean House Without Waste" can help your company in it's lean transformation.

DVD / 2006 / () / 19 minutes

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Within lean manufacturing, companies seeking to improve flow, quality, and turnaround time while minimizing their capital spending use right-sized equipment. Instead of large product batches that must be stored, right-sized equipment produces just the amount of product needed and errors in the process can be quickly exposed and eliminated.

This program gives the viewer an exclusive look into one of the Boeing Company's Commercial Airplane Plant and Integrated Aero Structures business unit to explain how Right-Sized Equipment fits with their Lean journey.

Right-Sized Equipment shares real-world applications of lean principles, including:
~ How the production flow of parts used in de-icing airplane wings improved by making the assembly in a small cell.
~ How the cost of some parts decreased by as much as 75% just by reducing floor space and changing to right size equipment.
~ Analysis of the Japanese term chaku-chaku and what it means to utilize people rather than machines.

DVD / 2006 / () / 26 minutes

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In this program, you will see how every operation at ConMed Linvatec (Tampa, FL), a world-class manufacturer of surgical equipment, is designed for single piece flow. Faced with large inventories and unpredictable customer demand, the company was struggling to keep popular items in stock. By implementing lean principles, it was able to transform from batch to single piece flow, eliminating most inventory and the need to store it. Only producing what is needed by the customer, when it is needed, has made ConMed Linvatec more profitable, more competitive, and more responsive to the demands of the marketplace. This inside look will give you concrete examples of how to transform your operation from batch production to single piece flow.

You'll gain insight into:
~ Using the demand rate to plan cycle times
~ Developing a system to avoid lost tools
~ How water spiders can keep production moving
~ New types of cleaning equipment that promotes single piece flow
~ Lean training requirements
~ Using Kaizen events to improve flow

Whether you're a manufacturing supervisor, manager, lean coordinator, production designer, or production worker, you'll find this program a valuable addition to your lean library.

DVD / 2006 / () / 19 minutes

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This program explores how lean accounting supports a lean enterprise and its role in offering data that enhances continuous improvement, value stream analysis, and performance. Learn who, what, why and how the lean management accountant can become an agent-of-change within a business enterprise.

Lean Accounting provides:
~ Realistic performance measures
~ Fewer transactions
~ An innovative system for improvement assessments
~ Value stream costing methods

You will hear from experts and companies including: Brian Maskell, founder and president of BMA Inc., an international consulting firm that specializes in bringing manufacturers and distributors into lean thinking. Orry Fiume, was vice president of finance and administration at Wiremold and helped guide them to become a world leader in lean business management. Southco, Inc. has been able to leverage its size and capacity to gain business it may have previously thought was unprofitable. MarquipWardUnited has finished testing lean accounting, and is now poised to take the new reporting method company-wide.

DVD / 2005 / () / 33 minutes

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This new program will show you how the VHS duplicator TECHNICOLOR Company was able to tap into the power of employee ideas to help their business thrive by building employee trust.

Like so many organizations, TECHNICOLOR, located in Livonia, Michigan, was facing competitive pressures, and had to improve their performance or be eliminated, By motivating the employees to come up with ideas to make them more eficient, they were able to effect a positive change in their workplace culture and gain market share in the VHS duplication business.

Examples are based on improvements in facilities layout, improvements in facilities layout, improved visual controls, elimination of a noise problem, reduction of tape handling and other smaller wastes.

By viewing this program you will hear some of the acutal ideas that were submitted, from the actual people who came up with the ideas. You will also hear a description of the system in place at TECHNICOLOR that collects and implements these employees ideas.

DVD / 2004 / () / 19 minutes

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This introductory program explores the business practice of supply chain collaboration and explains how companies are "leaning" their supply chain. For expert advice, we spoke with Greg Hutchins - a principal with Quality Plus Engineering in Portland, Oregon, and the author of "Supply Management Strategies." New competitive pressures have made all manufacturing companies realize they need to be part of a supply chain and focus their business on the part of the process they do best. The constant flow of materials and information within these supply chains can contain a large amount of waste if not managed properly. We will show why collaboration between customers and suppliers is so important and where you can find waste in your supply chain. Main points: Find out why supply chain collaboration has become so important, Learn steps you can take to discover the waste in your supply chain, See how to define your company's "core competencies," Get expert advice on the actions you can take to improve your supply chain, Identify design deficiencies, and avoid waste in your supply chain BEFORE it is created.

DVD / 2003 / () / 17 minutes

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You can use this program to introduce the concept of lean manufacturing to everyone in your organization so they can become more involved in the transition from mass production to lean production. This program explains the core philosophy behind lean manufacturing, and gives insight into why so many companies are adopting the lean principles. This program identifies many value-added and non-value added activities. This program explains why total system efficiency is a more appropriate goal than individual efficiencies. You will see how streamlined production flow and pull production controls can reduce your inventories to improve profits. Examples of visual management, standardized work and flexible workplaces show how companies are improving as they make the many changes needed to become a lean manufacturing organization.

DVD / 2003 / () / 16 minutes

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By following the five phases of Lean Tooling outlined in the Lean Tooling book and this program, teams of people are able to eliminate the time that is wasted while people search for tooling. Starting with a way to measure management commitment, to collecting baseline data, to drawing an area map then creating new tooling standards, this program will show you what needs to happen to eliminate wasted tooling resources. An introduction to Lean Tooling examines how manufacturing companies are using lean tooling as an integral part of lean manufacturing to immediately cut costs, drastically reduce production lead time, and ensure quality. Lean Tooling will help you organize your tooling so you can find every tool you need in less than 30 seconds. It will help you get tooling ready faster so that set-up time is minimized. It will help you be able to rely on your tools for precision, so inspection time can be eliminated. The program will also show you ways of reducing administrative tooling costs by demonstrating KANBAN systems for keeping track of tooling inventory. This program is designed to be used in conjunction with the Lean Tooling in Action program which presents examples of Lean Tooling at 4 different companies.

DVD / 2003 / () / 20 minutes

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This program examines the lean manufacturing principles at an office furniture company called Miller SQA. Miller SQA has applied lean principles in a mass customization market to give their customers exactly the furniture they need when they need it. Continuous improvement is encouraged by presenting the benefits to all employees through "lean events" that allow different people from all parts of the company to examine the work area and make suggestions. In addition, a pull production control system maintains inventory levels at the assembly area so no more than 2 hours worth of parts are ever in the work cell ready to be assembled. One-piece-flow, cellular manufacturing, and strong visual controls are integrated into a sophisticated information technology system to help reach the company goal of 100% on time shipment of customer orders.

DVD / 2003 / () / 17 minutes

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This program examines the successful lean manufacturing practices at an automotive supplier, TAC Manufacturing. TAC Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Tokai Rica, and their production philosophy is based on the Toyota Production System. Many lean principles are followed such as just-in-time parts delivery, pull production control, and visual controls. The team-based workplace culture creates highly motivated workers capable of meeting all customer demands. Supplier confidence is maintained by careful selection and frequent communications to keep inventories of all materials ready for processing when needed.

DVD / 2003 / () / 13 minutes

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This program will show you case studies from 4 companies who have successfully implemented lean tooling, PLUS learn specifically what you can do to be more like those companies. Lee Blake Precision Machining shows how they've integrated lean tooling into their daily work practices, saving a tremendous amount of time and money. Eaton Aerospace shows how the 5S System and Visual Controls were used as they implemented lean tooling. K&A Machine & Tool, where a KANBAN system was used to control tooling insert usage. Classic Turning, where employees are solving tooling and changeover problems through teamwork and continuous improvement. Lean Tooling practices can bring immediate and powerful results - learn how to implement it at your facility. This program is meant to be used in conjunction with the Introduction to Lean Tooling program which presents the five phases of implementing Lean Tooling.

DVD / 2003 / () / 26 minutes

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Recorded at the Lean Learning Center in Novi, Michigan, this program lets you experience a lean transformation simulation during a week-long educational course. Experience a realistic lean experiment without high cost, or any risk of failure. Observe the different methods each team applied to solve a similar problem. Learn how lean is a process of improvement, not just predetermined tools. See how people found opportunities for significant improvement in their processes. Viewing this program will show you how people like yourself applied lean principles and rules to increase efficiency, improve quality, and strengthen customer-supplier connections. You'll also learn about systematic waste elimination, what it means to establish high agreement within your work group, and four key lessons that everyone should apply to their lean transformation efforts.

DVD / 2003 / () / 24 minutes

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This program shows examples of how four different companies reduced changeover times to be more responsive to customer orders. The first part of the program outlines the benefits of reducing set-up times and how to identify wasted time by analyzing your current routine. Next, examples of quick changeover in plastic injection molding, metal stamping and metal cutting are explored to give the viewer an understanding of the type of equipment and procedures used during quick changeovers. The four companies are The Wiremold Company, Associated Spring, Powers and Sons, and Hitachi Automotive Products (USA). The program concludes with five common organizational procedures to follow when implementing quick changeover.

DVD / 2003 / () / 32 minutes

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This program is about the successful partnership between John Deere in Horicon, Wisconsin and one of its suppliers - the R&B Machining and Grinding Company located in Racine, Wisconsin. It provides an opportunity to take a look inside John Deere's supply chain - find out what changes were required to "lean their supply chain" and how they successfully handled the changes to move from batch to lean production. See how they developed shorter cycle times needed for "build-to-demand", and how they are able to get better quality, lower costs and better delivery performance. John Deere, who has built a reputation for doing the right thing, helps its suppliers meet the challenges of becoming a world class manufacturing company instead of just forcing demands on them. Since it is natural for workplaces to reject changes, R&B found it beneficial to do some internal training in the beginning. See how they changed the culture within the factory itself from one of "this is the way we're doing it today, this is the way we'll do it tomorrow," to a culture of continuous improvement with shared resources.

DVD / 2002 / () / 21 minutes

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