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Manufacturing Engineering


Thermal cutting processes use heat for cutting. The abrasive waterjet process uses no heat, but cuts by abrasive erosion. All these processes provide precision non-contact cuts in a wide variety of materials, and cut in single pass, rather than multiple passes.

To better understand the various cutting processes, this program, examines, explains, and compares oxy-fuel cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting applications, and abrasive waterjet cutting.

The oxy-fuel cutting segment explores the cutting variables, torch tip types, depth of cut variables, and oxy-fuel cutting machine tools.

The plasma cutting segment defines plasma, and talks about plasma gas types, plasma arc system elements, kerf width, cutting jet shielding, and more.

The laser cutting segment features the advantages and limitations of laser cutting while examining the process, laser types and features, machine types and components, laser holemaking, and more.

The abrasive waterjet cutting segment outlines the process and system components, the pressures needed, kerf and workpiece surface conditions, production application variables, and waterjet safety.

DVD / 2013 / 28 minutes

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This Program explores the motivations and practical implementation of automation in manufacturing, and how it might be more effective when used with lean principles.

While there is a school of thought that believes lean equals simple and therefore manual, looking through the lens of a lean mind-set can actually help optimize the use of automation. Using lean principles, depending on circumstances, helps guide automation improvements to secure gains in throughput, quality, consistency and cost as well as worker safety and health.

Three companies share their experiences with lean and automation:

Opthonix, a mass-manufacturer of customized eyeglass lenses saw the value in combining specialized CNC cutting machines tied together with automation. The design of its facility was influenced by several key lean concepts.

Vickers Engineering, a metal-cutting and fabrication manufacturer with a diverse customer base shares its experiences in jointly implementing lean and automation to meet its goals for improved efficiency in implementing a robotic work cell.

Aztec Manufacturing has extensive experience with its automated work cell that combines robots with a CNC metal-cutting machine. In this case study, Aztec managers and engineers share their experience in combining lean and automation.

DVD / 2008 / 30 minutes

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This program measures and evaluates the modern and practical methods behind mistake proofing or "poka-yoke." Viewers will visit Saline Plastics, ConMed Linvatec, and ESYS to see how the use of mistake-proofing techniques, and learning to reduce workplace errors, can help reduce costs, increase quality, and accelerate customer delivery time.

See it first-hand, then apply it to your continuous improvement processes. The commonplace examples outlined in the program provide a perfect training tool for anyone wanting to build a more reliable and predictable improvement process that can easily integrate with other business procedures.

DVD / 2008 / 31 mintues

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Get an exclusive look into the innovative applications of metal forming simulation that are helping companies use less material to create better stamping dies, leading to more reliable tooling. For those involved in product design, die design, stamping and forming, viewers will see inside Riviera Tooling Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan for real-world application of this technology.

DVD / 2006 / 22 minutes

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This Manufacturing Insights program explores advancements in Direct Metal Manufacturing and shows how these technologies affect the creation of parts and tooling in various metals.

The first example is at Morris Technologies (Cincinnati, OH) where an EOS direct-metal laser sintering machine is able to deliver metal prototype parts in four days to help clients show off a new key lock.

Next we talk with the Synergeering Group (Farmington Hills, MI) about their experience making titanium parts directly from CAD data using the Arcam Electron Beam Melting technology.

At DME (Madison Heights, MI) we highlight the Moldfusion process as it is used to develop metal tooling for the injection molding process.

The POM Group (Auburn Hills, MI) demonstrates their direct metal deposition equipment, which can blend various metals to tailor material properties to product requirements.

Written by industry expert Todd Grimm, this program demonstrates the current state of Direct Metal Manufacturing processes. It illustrates what happens when innovative companies capitalize on Direct Metal Manufacturing to make dramatic changes to the way parts and tooling are designed.

DVD / 2005 / 30 minutes

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The "Rapid Technologies" CD-ROM contains over 100 technical papers and journal, newsletter, and magazine articles detailing the latest advances and trends in this growing area of manufacturing. Product, process, and tool designers, manufacturing engineers, and researchers will use this CD to learn about new applications, materials, and processes. You'll see how rapid technologies are being used to bring new products to market faster with lower costs, and how rapid manufacturing and rapid tooling are opening new paths to speed processing, allowing smaller batch sizes and greater product flexibility.

CD-ROM (Win) / 2005

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Welders have a hand in assembling anything that is made with metal. The various welding processes and how to take necessary precautions when performing welding tasks are discussed in this informative video. Learn about the many career options that are open to welders.

Learning Objectives
1) Students will learn what welding is and why it's important.
2) Students will learn about the basic skills that all welders must possess.
3) Students will learn about the tools and equipment used for welding.
4) Students will learn safety rules to follow when welding.

DVD / 2004 / 17 minutes

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This casting program includes information on pattern and core production methods, and covers an array of casting processes, arranging them into three major categories: Expendable Mold/Reusable Pattern processes, Expendable Mold/Expendable Pattern processes, Permanent Mold/No Pattern processes. The Expendable Mold/Reusable Pattern processes section includes an examination of the most common casting process - Sand-Mold Casting, and its variations. The Expendable Mold/Expendable Pattern processes section has demonstrations of Investment Casting and Evaporative-Foam Casting. The Permanent Mold/No Pattern processes section examines the more precise casting techniques, such as Permanent-Mold Casting, Die Casting, and Centrifugal Casting.

DVD / 2003 / 26 minutes

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Plastic blow molding processes are the most popular methods used to produce hollow products out of thermoplastic materials. Blow molding is performed using a wide variety of production methods, including: intermittent and continuous extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, single and two stage bi-axial stretch blow molding, and co-extrusion blow molding. Through the use of shop floor footage and animations this program provides a detailed discussion of each of these processes, presenting a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between each of them. In addition, information on parison and preform production, the reciprocal screw style blow molding machine, the accumulator style blow molding machine, and the head and die assembly is provided.

DVD / 2003 / 20 minutes

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This program introduces the primary methods of processing sheet metal coils, featuring segments on coil slitting, coil blanking, and coil processing lines. The coil slitting segment features detailed examinations of the two primary types of slitters: the pull-through slitter, and the loop type slitter. The coil blanking segment highlights the use of stationary cut-to-length shearing lines, flying shear lines, and blanking presses. The coil processing lines segment focuses primarily on the equipment and methods of feeding coil stock to stamping presses, and other processing lines.

DVD / 2003 / 25 minutes

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Genesis Systems Group was contracted by American Axle & Manufacturing to engineer, design, and build a new robotic welding system to manufacture its axle assemblies. After verifying the capability to produce simple components, Genesis and American Axle decided to avoid a line-type of system and instead develop a system which would de-couple the assembly process. The end result was a system that performed above specifications, while achieving the optimum balance of speed and quality.

DVD / 2001 / (Grades 9-12, College, Adult) / 12 minutes

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By emphasizing practical applications of corrosion technology to solve industrial corrosion problems, this course presents fundamental principles of corrosion, helping participants to:

  • Recognize and define corrosion problems
  • Understand how to develop and implement corrosion control programs
  • Correctly apply corrosion test methods and interpret results

  • The DVD Nonferrous and Nonmetallic Material focuses on:
  • Properties, corrosion behavior and prevention and applications of nonferrous metals and alloys and nonmetallic materials
  • Nickel, copper, aluminum, titanium, zinc, lead, cobalt and their alloys, refractory, noble metals, ceramics, polymers

  • DVD / 1988 / 60 minutes

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    Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist provides a concise and thorough overview of metallurgy as it is applied in industry today. Extraction of metals from mineral ores, production of raw materials such as ingots and billets, fabrication into usable products, methods of joining, corrosion and its prevention, and inspection techniques are key topics in this course.

    To answer the question "What is metal?", there are sections devoted to the crystal structure of metals and why most metals are "hardenable"; to materials properties and their relationship to microstructure; and to the reasons for alloying of metals to achieve specific properties.

    The DVD Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention focuses on:

  • Causes of corrosion and the environmental factors which contribute to it
  • Types of corrosion are discussed, together with techniques for minimizing it

  • DVD / 1987 / 55 minutes

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    This series consists of three programs designed for operations and maintenance personnel.

    Industrial plants contain thousands of welded pieces of material. Each weld is extremely important and must be performed correctly and with the correct filler material. In this program we provide an explanation and illustrate why welding is so important as well as discuss what conditions affect weld quality.

    DVD / 14 minutes

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    Shows student how to set up and use an oxyacetylene welding outfit following correct safety precautions. Describes the equipment, how to install cylinders, and how to connect gauges, hoses and torch. Demonstrates turning on, lighting and shutting down the unit. Describes basic welding procedures in detail, including brazing and using a cutting torch.

    DVD / 58 minutes

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    This program explains how and why plastics are differ and cites several different types of polymers and processing considerations. Understanding Plastics emphasizes material handling, explains regrind, and covers the effects that moisture can have on molded part properties and during processing.

  • The definition of plastics
  • Polymer classification
  • Material properties affected by processing
  • Proper material handling techniques
  • Processing characteristics of virgin and regrind

  • CD-ROM

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