Gracey visited the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute to learn about the careers of a medical chemist and a biochemist, who work on developing and testing medication for, among other diseases, diabetes. She also pays a visit to the vice president of technical affairs and the vice president of engineering at Formulated Solutions to learn about the development of certain materials and products, like lotion, their manufacturing process, testing and packaging.

DVD / 2013 / (Senior High, College) / 24 minutes

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Material Handling - The efficient handling and storing of materials is vital to the construction industry as these operations provide a continuous flow of raw materials, parts, and assemblies through the workplace and ensure that materials are available when needed. Workers frequently cite the weight and bulkiness of objects being lifted as major contributing factors to their injuries. The second factor frequently cited was body movement. Bending, followed by twisting and turning were the more commonly cited movements that caused back injuries or back pain.

Topics included in this safety video are: potential injuries, moving, handling, and storing materials, using materials handling equipment, cranes, slings, and ergonomic safety and health principles.

DVD / 2011 / 11 minutes

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With extraordinary access to the latest research and development, this resource explores cutting edge smart materials finding out how they are made, how they work and what their potential applications are both now and in the future. Case studies include; shape memory alloys and thermochromatic plastics, as well as QTC and how it is being used by electronics companies to revolutionise touch screen technology and how smart organic compounds are making it possible to print electrical components onto plastic sheets.

DVD / 2011 / (KS 3-5) / 35 minutes

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This programme gets students thinking about the 6Rs and what makes a material sustainable, including its carbon footprint, whether it's sourced from renewable or recycled materials and what happens at "end of life". Materials discussed include: wood, plastic and textiles. Also, we look round the UK's first zero carbon housing project and visit the Smile Plastics factory where anything from mobile phones to children's wellingtons are turned into building materials.

DVD / 2009 / (KS 3-5) / 26 minutes

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A wide variety of tool materials are used in manufacturing operations. For most applications, more than one type of tool material may be satisfactory, with final selection governed by material availability and economic considerations.

This Tool Materials program, provides a comprehensive examination of the three principal tool material groups: ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, and nonmetallic materials.

The Ferrous Tool Materials segment details the various carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels, and cast irons, and how they are best applied.

The Nonferrous Tool Materials segment explores the three primary material types: aluminum, carbide, and cermet.

The Nonmetallic Tool Materials segment features in-depth information on tooling produced from wood, composites, rubber, ceramics, diamond, and cubic boron nitride.

DVD / 2008 / 31 minutes

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An In-depth Technical Discussion and Practical Demonstrations with Ryan R. Patterson, Jr., Senior District Manager, FANUC Robotics Central, FANUC Robotics America, Inc., Mason, Ohio, USA. Interviews and Edited by Professor Paul G. Ranky

This publication is a professional quality DVD introducing and demonstrating various fixtureless, machine intelligent joining methods and solutions using robot-integrated vision, force sensing, and multi-arm control.

The in-depth technical interview and demonstrations also illustrate some robot control, cell networking and programming related aspects of lean, flexible, and reconfigurable assembly and manufacturing using smart FANUC robots. Due to the many innovative and mind-triggering ideas shown and discussed, this DVD is also excellent for undergraduate / graduate education and research

DVD / 2007 / 31 minutes

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An In-depth Technical Discussion with Mark Hartman, Assistant Manager, I.C. Product Planning and Product Support, Toyota Material Handling USA, Inc. Interviews and Edited by Professor Paul G. Ranky

This publication is a professional quality DVD, covering industrial lift truck design, ergonomics, safety, and operations management challenges and solutions with practical examples.

It also discusses the way Toyota industrial equipment engineers capture lift truck customer requirements and then turn these needs, requirements and desires into product / process design specifications.

DVD / 2007 / 28 minutes

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with Several Hi-tech Application Examples, Including the Nanofabrication of the Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofiber (VACNF) and Nanofiber Arrays for Intracellular Electrophysiology and Electrochemical Diagnostics, Massively Parallel Gene and Drug Delivery, and Others

This electronic publication is a professional quality DVD video interview and in-depth technical discussion with Tim McKnight, PhD, Engineering Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN, USA. Interviews and Edited by Professor Paul G. Ranky, PhD, NJIT, USA. The discussion topics include case-by-case, in-depth introduction and demonstration of New Product & Process Innovation (NPPI) methods and solutions in the area of Massively Parallel Microfabrication of Nanostructural Materials, and Nanotechnology Devices with Several Hi-tech Application Examples, including the Nanofabrication of the Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofiber (VACNF) and Nanofiber Arrays for Intracellular Electrophysiology and Electrochemical Diagnostics, Massively Parallel Gene and Drug Delivery, and others.

What you will learn: Having watched the DVD video, you will be able to understand many important aspects of new product and process innovation in the area of massively parallel microfabrication of nanostructural materials, and nanotechnology devices within an integrated science and engineering environment.

DVD / 2006 / 31 minutes

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The "Composite Materials" program features a detailed explanation of the important mechanical properties of thermoset fiber-reinforced composites. The primary types of reinforcement materials: glass, carbon and aramid are examined, as well as the major matrix materials: polyester, epoxy, bismaleimide, and polyimide. The use of thermoplastic composite materials is also highlighted.

DVD / 2005 / 17 minutes

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Mr. Seidl is a recognized industry leader in lean manufactuirng development and implementation techniques. He has been in the semiconductor capital equipment business for over 20 years managing marketing, engineering and manufacturing organizations. Mr. Seidl co-developed and implemented the lean manufacturing intitiative at Applied Materials starting in 1995. His current responsibility is that of developing the Applied Materials supply base into a world class lean manufacturing value chain. He will present on the tools and techniques required to drive multiple lean manufacturing implementations across a diverse set of suppliers, resulting in significant improvements in cost, quality and delivery of products.

DVD / 2003 / 35 minutes

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Because of the wide variety of machining applications, there is a need for diverse cutting tool materials. The development of tool materials establishes the content flow of this program, beginning with high speed steel tools. Carbide, including its property variables, types, grades and coatings follows high speed steel and makes up the largest portion of this program. Afterwards, ceramic, cermet, and superhard materials like cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline diamond are each featured. Tool failure modes such as cratering, deformation and notching are also examined. You'll learn about the criteria needed to help select the proper tool material for both turning and milling operations.

DVD / 2003 / 25 minutes

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This program examines the strategy used in selection and operation of 4 different flexible material handling systems. These systems are designed to accommodate mass customization of production and be cost effective in operation. The Lexmark example highlights a demand-based philosophy that is capable of efficiently producing printers in a lot size of one. Chrysler also uses a demand-based Kanban system that focuses attention on the automobile assembly operator. Electrolux maintains a highly automated material handling system consisting of automated guided vehicles, an automated storage and retrieval system, and an automated conveyer system in the production of their cleaning products. Ford Motor Company selected a highly automated material handling system to move bumpers through the manufacturing and assembly process.

DVD / 2003 / 28 minutes

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Scott K. Buchko, Vice President, TechSolve, Inc. Lean Manufacturing is a common-sense approach focusing on eliminating waste in your operations. This proven methodology decreases lead times, lowers operating costs, improves quality, decreases inventory levels and increases your flexibility in meeting customer demands. When implemented, lean manufacturing will transform your company into a cost-effective, agile manufacturer. This DVD describes how lean principles can be applied to an entire enterprise including supply chains. You will learn how to align a Lean Manufacturing journey between OEM and suppliers to optimize results for all parties. A proven process involving training, value stream mapping and accelerated improvement events are outlined. A case study involving Boeing and nine key suppliers is described to explain the process and show the results.

DVD / 2003 / 21 minutes

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This DVD program explains the basics of composite materials and manufacturing by featuring segments on: composite matrix and reinforcement materials, composite manufacturing processes, and composite fabrication and joining methods. The first segment features the primary types of matrix and reinforcement materials, as well as the various forms in which they are available. The composite manufacturing processes segment highlights the numerous methods of producing composite parts, including: manual lay-up, automated lay-up using tape laying machines and fiber placement machines, vacuum bag molding, spray-up, filament winding, pultrusion, and resin transfer molding. The various ways in which composite parts are cured is also presented. The composite fabrication and joining segment features the use of cutting, machining and drilling to fabricate composite parts, as well as, adhesive bonding and mechanical fastening methods for joining composite components.

DVD / 2002 / 28 minutes

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This program focuses on the primary machining and assembly processes used for plastics.

The plastics machining segment highlights the use of sawing, milling, routing, turning, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling and the secondary holemaking operations, such as tapping and reaming. The importance of coolant used while machining plastics is also explored in detail.

The plastics assembly section covers the many fastening and joining methods used to produce plastic parts. Included are segments on snap-fit fasteners, the use of hinges, mechanical fasteners, adhesive and solvent bonding applications, and the various plastic welding processes, including: spin welding, hot-gas welding, ultrasonic welding, vibration welding, heat staking and ultrasonic staking.

DVD / 2002 / 27 minutes

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HVAC: Sheet Metal Tools and Materials is a program designed to demonstrate sheet metal tools and materials most frequently used in the HVAC industry. Our experts educate students on the operation and handling of approximately 20 different types of sheet metal tools and materials. Items covered include aviation snips, double cut shears, open mesh cloth and many more.

DVD / 2001 / 27 minutes

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Concrete; Masonry units; Brick; Mortar; Patching and repairing; Wallboard; Plaster; Glass

DVD / / 17 minutes

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By emphasizing practical applications of corrosion technology to solve industrial corrosion problems, this course presents fundamental principles of corrosion, helping participants to:

  • Recognize and define corrosion problems
  • Understand how to develop and implement corrosion control programs
  • Correctly apply corrosion test methods and interpret results

    General Material Considerations and Applications to Ferrous Alloys focuses on:
  • Multiple requirements of materials for engineering applications
  • Relative costs and properties of metals and nonmetals
  • General corrosion behavior, typical applications and common corrosion modes of ferrous alloys

    DVD / 52 minutes

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    Forklift Mechanics Safety And Hazardous Materials - A forklift mechanic must be knowledgeable of engineering, hydraulics, brake and engine systems, fuel systems, cooling systems, power train, painting, body repair, electronics, and many other components for a wide range of vehicles. Part of each mechanic's job responsibility is of the vehicle being repaired or modified and personal safety. That's what this program is all about...personal safety. As professionals, you already know to wear eye and face protection, proper clothing and footwear, as well other specialty protective equipment.

    Topics included in this safety video are: Chemicals and hazardous materials, Material Safety Data Sheets, flashpoint, auto ignition temperature, combustible liquids, flammable liquids, Fire Triangle, classes or types of fire extinguishers, static electricity, safety container, fire prevention, paint products, dust masks, mixing liquid paint, personal protective equipment, electrical sparks, LP gas, handling batteries, and asbestos.

    DVD / 18 minutes

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    Heat flow; Thermal, loose-fill, blanket, low-density, and acoustic insulation; Vapor barriers; Electrical insulation; Fire prevention

    DVD / 17 minutes

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    Storing and handling bulk solids; Conveyors; Measuring area, volume, Weight, mass, density; Measuring lumber

    DVD / 16 minutes

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    Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist provides a concise and thorough overview of metallurgy as it is applied in industry today. Extraction of metals from mineral ores, production of raw materials such as ingots and billets, fabrication into usable products, methods of joining, corrosion and its prevention, and inspection techniques are key topics in this course.

    To answer the question "What is metal?", there are sections devoted to the crystal structure of metals and why most metals are "hardenable"; to materials properties and their relationship to microstructure; and to the reasons for alloying of metals to achieve specific properties.

    The DVD Materials Characterization and the Selection Process focuses on:
  • Explanation of the designation systems for classes of metals and alloys in worldwide use today
  • Descriptions of factors which affect the selection of a material for a particular application
  • Brief comparison of polymers and ceramics related to metals
  • Case studies of material selection problems

    DVD / 48 minutes

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  • Packed with basic, practical information for new personnel, sales and marketing staff, and others who will benefit from an introduction to heat treating

    The DVD: Heat Treated Materials focuses on:
  • Differences between various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Uses of heat treated metals
  • Forms and shapes of heat treated materials
  • General safety tips

    DVD / 14 minutes

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  • Thermal spray technology provides a cost-effective solution for many applications requiring resistance to wear, heat and corrosion
  • Processes including electric arc combustion and plasma spray coatings can apply almost any material to the surface of another
  • Coating systems must be engineered and applied correctly to operate as an overlay surface
  • This course provides an understanding of thermal spray processing science as well as applications and practice

    The DVD Materials focuses on:
  • Material production methods
  • Particle classification methods
  • Quality control
  • Material specification
  • Standards

    DVD / 60 minutes

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    Cutting techniques run the gamut of technological advancement, from power hacksaws and bandsaws to cutting by electrical discharge machining (wire cut), laser beam, and ultrasonic machining. This DVD describes the pros and cons of each process, making the point that efficient cutting operations help keep an entire organization more competitive on the world market.

    Through live-action and computer graphics, this DVD explains and illustrates a wide range of cutting processes, including saws, oxyacetylene, plasma arc, water jet, and more.

    This DVD is designed for:
  • New employees working with a particular material or process
  • Sales and purchasing personnel
  • Engineers from related disciplines (electrical, design, manufacturing, mechanical)
  • Managers from departments that interact with materials engineering

    DVD / 29 minutes

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    While the basic layout of the engine lathe has not changed since it was invented in the 1820s, advances in cutting tool materials and automation have increased productivity by 100 times. For example, a component that took one hour and forty minutes to be machined in 1900 can be produced with modern cutting tools in less than one minute today.

    This DVD shows the hows and whys of metal removal, covering advantages and disadvantages of a wide range of production machines, from engine lathes to seven-axis CNC lathe. CNC machining centers, grinding operations, the importance of tooling, and FMS systems are also described.

    Through interviews with an OEM parts supplier, the DVD shows how the greatest gains in productivity can be made with the correct selection of tools.

    This DVD is designed for:
  • New employees working with a particular material or process
  • Sales and purchasing personnel
  • Engineers from related disciplines (electrical, design, manufacturing, mechanical)
  • Managers from departments that interact with materials engineering

    DVD / 32 minutes

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    Provides a detailed overview of what mechanical testing is, why and when it is performed, and how it is performed. Examples illustrate how "the measurement of the response of a body to an externally applied force" helps to quantify important measures like electrical conductivity and tensile strength.

    The DVD describes how various mechanical testing methods are of critical importance in the selection of materials, research and development, and quality control. Standardized test procedures and standards, specialized equipment for testing, and collection and processing of test data are also described.

    This DVD is designed for:
  • New employees working with a particular material or process
  • Sales and purchasing personnel
  • Engineers from related disciplines (electrical, design, manufacturing, mechanical)
  • Managers from departments that interact with materials engineering

    DVD / 26 minutes

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