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Industrial & Occupational Safety

Industrial & Occupational Safety


This resource, designed for self-paced learning, employs the use of text, video and interactive media, and can be used in a classroom or other learning environments. Part 2 Health, Safety and Security in the Hospitality Industry includes a rundown of important health, safety and security procedures as well as the many aspects of dealing with potential health risks. Suited to a diversity of learning styles, Exploring Hospitality is the solution to engaging users in key concepts and theory in the hospitality industry.

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DVD / 2013

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Working in the hospitality industry can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be an environment with many health and safety hazards. In this program, from 'The Hospitality Series', we look at how to know, understand and apply health, safety and security procedures in the workplace to ensure a safe environment for everyone. We discuss safe work practices and how to prepare for emergency situations. Through the use of two case studies, viewers follow a new employee and learn about the dos and don'ts of a safe working environment in two very different workplaces. By understanding the importance of these three elements in hospitality, businesses will ensure a safe and pleasant environment for staff and patrons.

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DVD / 2010 / 16 minutes

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If you have an interest in public service and helping others, you'll want to listen to this set of careers. Visit a 911 call center, where emergency phone calls are handled and hear from a woman who dispatches help to those in need. Ride along with paramedics and EMTs as they keep their neighbors feeling fit and healthy. Meet the members of a Special Hazards Operations Team (S.H.O.T.) as they handle dangerous materials. What happens when a person goes missing? The volunteer Search & Rescue team steps into action with the help of their canines to aid victims.

DVD / 2009 / (Senior High - College) / 24 minutes

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Filled with high -voltage cables and an HV battery, a hybrid vehicle requires an extremely high level of professional awareness and skill. This video guides viewers through all the steps necessary to perform work on a hybrid's batteries and electrical system. From powering down the vehicle to monitoring and charging the AGM and standard batteries, the program provides a thorough introduction to Ford, Toyota, and Honda components. Information is also provided on testing and maintaining heavy -duty insulated gloves - essential tools for all hybrid electrical work.

DVD / 2008 / 21 minutes

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Every health and defense authority (JCAHO, CDC, FBI, and Dept. of Homeland Defense) are recommending that all healthcare personnel be trained on bioterrorism. As JCAHO President Dennis O'Leary told Congress, "...such education is essential to a prompt response to any bioterrorism attack".

Viewers learn:
  • How to recognize a BT disease outbreak
  • Symptoms of anthrax, smallpox, plague, botulism
  • Modes of transmission
  • Precautions to take with patients
  • How to reduce public anxiety

    Hospital wide training is so important because victims of bioterrorism (BT) could show up at almost any area of the hospital. Your viewers will appreciate the rich visual approach. It's the best method of teaching. They learn fast, and it stays with them.

    Viewers see the difference between:
  • Cutaneous anthrax and a spider bite
  • Inhalation anthrax and the flu
  • Smallpox and chickenpox
  • Botulism and other paralyzing ailments

    These diseases can be managed with existing infection control procedures. Many, such as botulism and anthrax, only require standard precautions. Smallpox is the most contagious requiring airborne precautions. If an inadvertent exposure occurs, a vaccination (even a few day later) is effective.

  • "Great! Subjects covered were clear, to the point, and easily understood. We made (this video) mandatory for all staff." - Adrienne Barcia, Infection Control Supervisor, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Belleville, IL

  • Surgeon General's Award, International Health and Medical Media Awards
  • 1st Place Freddie Award

    DVD / (For all healthcare workers) / 13 minutes

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    This DVD features the training content of Chemical Handling Safety: Basic Principles video and teaches employees they can handle dangerous chemicals safely by knowing what they are working with, how to store them and what to do in an emergency.

    It covers:
  • Hazard identification
  • Personal protection
  • Emergency response

    DVD (Spanish) / 17 minutes

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    While there are many different types of cranes, they all have the ability to make many jobs much easier by lifting enormous weight. But they also share the potential for disaster when they are not operated safely. Crane-related accidents can often be deadly, due to the cumbersome and heavy loads that are lifted. Once a load falls, not much can be done to stop it, and there is little time for people to move safely out of the way. OSHA has been so concerned about crane safety that they have recently revised their crane safety regulations... for the first time in almost 40 years!

    This DVD training products on "Crane Safety in Construction Environments" remind employees that over 90% of crane-related accidents are caused by human error... and that they are the key to preventing these incidents. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Recent changes in the OSHA regulations.
  • Operator certification.
  • Equipment inspection.
  • General and operational safety devices.
  • General operating procedures.
  • Working around power lines.
  • Working with boom cranes.
  • and more!

    DVD (With Leader's Guide) / 16 minutes

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    This program is perfect for introducing employees to disaster planning.

    Viewers learn:
  • The purpose of the Incident Command System
  • Purpose of drills and exercises
  • Importance of notification and communication
  • What to expect during a disaster

    DVD / (For all healthcare workers including direct care providers, ancillary personnel, and managers.) / 13 minutes

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    Most employees take "healthy eyes" for granted. But our eyes are really very fragile, and statistics show that eye injuries occur frequently in the workplace.

    This DVD training products on "Eye Safety in Construction Environments" show how many eye problems are caused by not paying attention to the work employees are doing, or not wearing the appropriate protective equipment. They remind employees that eye injuries can easily happen to them and show them how to prevent these injuries. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Who is affected by eye problems... and how.
  • How the eye "works".
  • Eyestrain.
  • Wearing contact lenses at work.
  • Physical and radiation hazards, and personal protective equipment.
  • and more.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide) / 15 minutes

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    Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are indispensable in many companies. They are rugged, powerful tools that save time, money and effort. But the same qualities that make them so helpful can also make them dangerous. Using powered industrial trucks results in over 100 fatalities and over 35,000 serious injuries each year. When used incorrectly, or if forklifts and other trucks are not properly maintained, they can do significant damage.

    "Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety" have been specifically created to assist facilities in complying with OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard. Topics covered in these products include:

  • OSHA's certification process.
  • The seven classes of industrial trucks.
  • Equipment checkout and maintenance.
  • A forklift's stability triangle.
  • Safe operating procedures.
  • Lifting and lowering loads.
  • Trucks and loading docks.
  • and more!

    DVD (With Leader's Guide) / 28 minutes

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    Discusses the six types of information contained on a GHS label.

    DVD / 12 minutes

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    Reviews the composition of GHS Safety Data Sheets.

    DVD / 16 minutes

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    One important method for identifying hazardous materials is through the use of container labels. From bottles and drums to trucks and railcars, labels and placards provide information about the contents of a container, as well as what to do and who to call in case of an emergency. Because this information is so critical for the safe handling and transporting of these potentially dangerous substances, several organizations have developed labeling and placarding systems to communicate to employees about a container's contents.

    "Hazardous Materials Labels" are designed to help employees understand the characteristics of different labeling systems and the ways that each convey information. By recognizing the differences and similarities of these systems, employees will be better prepared to work safely around hazardous materials. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Types of containers requiring labels and the information required on the label.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous material classifications.
  • DOT label and placard requirements.
  • United Nations identification numbers.
  • The Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS).
  • The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) labeling system.
  • Hazardous waste labeling.
  • and more.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide) / 22 minutes

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    Reviews what the Globally Harmonized System is all about.

    DVD / 20 minutes

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    Many employees feel that moving and handling materials that they work with every day is an "ordinary" task, not something that they really need to be concerned about. Yet there are hundreds of thousands of "materials handling" accidents every year... from small splinters, cuts or scrapes... to crushed fingers, hands and feet... even deaths.

    "Materials Handling Safety" provide the information employees need to work safely when handling various types of materials. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Types of potential hazards.
  • Planning a job.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Proper lifting and moving techniques.
  • Other ergonomic considerations.
  • Hand trucks, carts and pallet trucks.
  • Mechanical lifting devices.
  • ...and more.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide) / 14 minutes

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    Viewers of Radiation Safety For Environmental Workerswill be able to identify:
  • The biological effects of radiation.
  • Three general methods of reducing radiation exposure.
  • What precaution to take around X-ray machines.
  • What the "Caution - Radiation" sign means

    DVD / 8 minutes

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    Viewers of Radiation Safety for Healthcare will be able to identify:
  • The biological effects of radiation.
  • Three general methods of reducing radiation exposure.
  • Three precautions to take around mobile X-ray machines.
  • Two precautions to take around patients with sealed radioactive implants
  • Six precautions commonly taken near patients receiving high doses of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

    DVD / 11 minutes

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    "Compressed Gas Cylinders" provide the information employees need to handle and transport these potentially volatile storage containers. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Associated hazards.
  • Moving and transporting cylinders safely.
  • Positioning cylinders properly.
  • Proper "hook-up" procedures.
  • Safe storage practices.
  • Storage "incompatibilities".
  • and more.

    DVD / 12 minutes

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    "Computer Workstation Safety" review the safe use of computers, and offer practical solutions to many potential problems. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Organization of work materials.
  • Maintaining "neutral" positions.
  • Positioning the back and torso.
  • Avoiding and relieving eyestrain.
  • Avoiding and relieving muscle strain.
  • Tension and stress reducing exercises.
  • and more.

    DVD / 18 minutes

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    "Industrial Ergonomics" cover recognizing ergonomic problems, potential adverse effects and pragmatic solutions employees can use to address to these problems. They focus on potential ergonomic problems in manufacturing, assembly and warehouse situations. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Physiology of the body.
  • Parts of the body most affected.
  • Eye strain.
  • Pragmatic preventative measures.
  • Correct use of office equipment.
  • Exercises and stress release.
  • and more.

    DVD / 13 minutes

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    "Machine Guard Safety" are designed to help employees understand the dangers of working with machinery... and how those risks can be minimized by proper installation and use of safety guards and devices. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Basic machine operations.
  • Fixed guards.
  • Adjustable and self-adjusting guards.
  • Interlock devices.
  • Drive train and perimeter guards.
  • "Drop probe" devices.
  • Restrain and pullback devices.
  • Adjustment, inspection and maintenance of safety guards. And more.

    DVD / 19 minutes

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    Hazards associated with welding: Safe work practices

    DVD / 14 minutes

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