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Business - Office Management

Business - Office Management


By Terri Smith

Scanning and being vigilant are two areas that are often difficult to get staff to do. Are Your Lifeguards Really Seeing? reviews the Vigilance Voice scanning technique and details what can be done to help ensure that staff is really seeing what they need to see. The DVD explores several different applications of the Vigilance Voice and explains how to develop an action plan that will enable the technique to be implemented at a facility.

Among the topics covered:

  • Who has made a difference in your life?
  • Systems I had in place and the worst week of my life
  • Have we prepared them?
  • The Vigilant Voice
  • How can you implement it?
  • Can it help?

    DVD / 2011 / 79 minutes

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    With Dave Crenshaw

    In this course, business coach Dave Crenshaw teaches a fundamental professional skill: how to conduct group and one-on-one meetings that are successful for participants and ultimately for your business. The course demonstrates a simple, usable framework to get the most from meetings, and provides insight into how to effectively schedule, conduct, and follow up on meetings.

    DVD-ROM (SingleUser, Closed Captioned) / 2011 / 82 minutes

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    By Jordan Shenker

    One factor that can significantly impact the bottom line of a company's performance level is making sure new hires get up to speed quickly and effectively. Effective New Employee Orientation details techniques that can be employed to immediately implement an effective orientation process. The DVD outlines key priorities that are integral to such a process in order to decrease the amount of time it takes for a company to reach a level of maximum productivity.

    Among the topics covered:

  • The why
  • The when and the what
  • The what and the who
  • Numeric language exercise
  • Handouts
  • What can I do now?

    DVD / 2011 / 80 minutes

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    With Bonnie Biafore

    Author Bonnie Biafore lays out a set of principles for efficiently managing projects. The course examines the concepts of project management, from defining the problem, establishing project objectives, and building a project plan to meeting deadlines, managing team resources, and closing the project. The course also provides tips for reporting on project performance, keeping a project on track, and gaining customer acceptance.

    DVD-ROM (SingleUser, Closed Captioned) / 2011 / 127 minutes

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    By Merle Taylor

    You Made It in Management, Now What? is designed as a resource for fitness professionals who are in their first three years as a manager. The DVD explains how they can develop a foundation of strong management skills, retain skilled staff members, and achieve an appropriate work-life balance. The DVD also details why they should always remember the fact that they under a "microscope" at all times, as well as outlines how and why they should keep abreast of other opportunities in their field.

    Among the topics covered:

  • Which side are you on?
  • Set goals and objective for your self, staff, and facility
  • Know your numbers
  • Use your team to harvest new and creative ideas
  • Develop a user manual
  • Strive for work and life balance

    DVD / 2011 / 85 minutes

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    In most workplaces constant demands will be placed on prioritising and managing your workflow while also developing new skills along the way. The pressures of deadlines and constant workload require you to be flexible in your approach. In this program we talk to two companies about developing a consistent and professional approach to your working life. We discuss organising your work schedule, monitoring your own work performance, developing personal & employability skills, and common policies and procedures. Being able to work effectively in a business environment and implement improved work practices are essential ingredients to both business and career success.

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    DVD / 2010 / 23 minutes

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    If you are not happy in your job, it's up to you to do something about it. Learn practical and realistic strategies for making your job more satisfying, rewarding and meaningful.

    DVD / 2007 / 17 minutes

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    Featuring James Nesbitt, Kris Marshall and Rebecca Front.

    Anyone who wants to conduct an effective interview needs to know that past behaviour is the key to predicting future performance. A candidate's qualifications, experiences, and previous posts they've held are all important details that you need to know. But the unanswered question is: how will they actually perform in the precise job you're advertising?

    Rather than using intuition, an interviewer can use the questioning techniques demonstrated in this programme to retrieve relevant information based on a candidate's past experiences.

    Behavioural interviewing is suitable for managers, supervisors and personnel specialists. Through realistic interview scenarios, it teaches the five stages of the behavioural interviewing technique, and shows the importance of conducting a thorough review of the job requirements, drawing up a list of interview questions, getting behavioural examples in the interview, and then rating the interviewee's skills against the job specification.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide, Workbooks) / 2006 / 25 minutes

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  • Presenter Peter Quarry

    The third step in the performance planning process is to develop specific performance standards for each key result area.

    Viewers learn how to identify standards in a collaborative way that increases commitment. Plus they'll discover easy ways to write quantitative and qualitative performance standards.

    The advantage of having specific performance standards is that the manager and employee have a fair and objective basis to review performance later.

    Training Points
  • Identify and set performance standards for a job's key results
  • Focus performance standards on results, not just tasks or activities
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative performance standards
  • Increase employee commitment by developing performance standards collaboratively

    DVD / 2006 / 11 minutes

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  • Interviewer Eve Ash
  • Interviewee Peter Quarry

    Gain an edge by developing high levels of energy and enthusiasm.

    DVD / 2006 / 18 minutes

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    Featuring Hugh Laurie, Andy Taylor, Jennifer Hennessey, Beverley Hills and Joanna Brookes.

    Every organisation has a different kind of performance review system. Even so, the reaction to reviews is often the same - one of horror. Performance review sets out to encourage individuals to think about reviews in a new, more positive way.

    In two distinct parts - one for managers and one for appraisees - this amusing drama uses memorable characters to demonstrate different behaviours and techniques, and shows the equally crucial role that both sides have to play.

    Help for managers
    Part one: every manager's nightmare is aimed specifically at managers who know the importance of an employee's performance review, but usually find them fairly painful to do. By making them less confrontational and more productive, managers will be able to fearlessly deal with all performance reviews.

    Classic 'difficult' characters in action are shown with simple and effective strategies for getting them on-side. Through these characters we are able to demonstrate key review techniques managers can develop.

    Help for appraisees
    Part two: every appraisee's dream is aimed at employees approaching their review. This section displays the positive side of performance reviews and gives a full and vivid illustration of just how well they can go when they're handled properly by both parties. It shows the appraisee and manager just what can be achieved from a successful review.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide, Workbook) / 2003 / 50 minutes

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    Featuring Tim Vine, Nina Wadia and Karen Taylor

    Absenteeism is as common as the common cold and it costs UK businesses nearly óG11bn every year. But when someone calls in sick, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're ill. They could be having difficulties because of bullying or experiencing childcare problems. Or they could be just playing a game of golf. Even a slight change in the working environment can affect some people's motivation and lead to days off work.

    This engaging and humorous programme shows one manager's journey from recognising he has an absenteeism problem, to taking such a structured and positive approach that he reduces the levels of absenteeism quite dramatically.

    Covering all aspects of managing absenteeism, including the return to work interview, Absence minded teaches managers how to deal with this sensitive subject area in three simple stages.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide, Self-study Workbook) / 2001 / 23 minutes

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    Featuring John Cleese, Angus Barnett, Lorraine Brunning, Ricky Gervais and Jaye Griffiths.

    With the increased stresses that result from fierce market competition, an intense pace of work, commuting and the ongoing demands of home life, it's no surprise that companies are looking ever more seriously at the ways in which they can support their staff.

    Today, people are more concerned about how they can achieve a healthy work/life balance rather than being macho about their workload.

    It's within this context that forward-thinking managers need to develop their counselling skills.

    All managers will face the issue of dealing with staff whose personal problems are affecting their work and they need the know-how and sensitivity to address such situations.

    The programme reinforces key messages to aid even the most inexperienced managers, team leaders or personnel staff. With key sections ideal for supporting role-plays, this programme will also complement any interview skills or management course.

    DVD (With Leader's Guide, Self-study Workbook ) / 2001 / 25 minutes

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    Meetings are necessary business tools,but only if they have clear objectives, useful purposes and ready participants. The program shows how to make sure your meetings fulfill those goals. Examples and purposes are given for staff, information,fact-finding, problem-solving, committee and sales meetings. You will learn how to plan, organize and conduct formal meetings and when to use timesaving alternatives, such as memos, conference calls and executive actions. Use the DVD in the classroom or boardroom and watch the effectiveness of your meetings increase.

    DVD / 1995 / 20 minutes

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    To offer a step-by-step approach to recruiting.

    Most organisations put great effort into recruiting and selecting the right person for the right job. But despite the endeavours, recruiting can sometimes feel like a lottery!

    This two-part programme, which features both drama-based and documentary material, offers a clearly-structured approach to the recruitment process. By using this planned and objective method, your business will save time, money and energy. The key learning points shown in the programmes are based on setting quantifiable objectives for each stage of the recruitment process, from preparing job specifications to making the final decision. Aimed at line managers, the methods shown can be applied to recruitment and selection at all levels.

    The first programme, Planning, emphasises the importance of preparation, and demonstrates how to create a detailed plan that your business can follow through every stage of the recruitment process.

    The second programme, Interviewing, covers what managers should or should not do at the interview stage, and stresses the importance of using a structured set of questioning skills.

    The key outcomes
  • Rely less on gut feelings and more on set recruitment criteria in order to make successful appointments
  • Save your business time, money and energy by appointing the right staff

    DVD (With Trainer's Guide) / 1995 / 42 minutes

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    To show managers how to handle grievances and discipline issues.

    This realistic drama is an excellent introduction to grievance handling and discipline, and is ideal for first-line managers and team leaders. It shows what can go wrong when grievances and discipline matters are handled wrongly and why it is vital to distinguish between the two. Anyone responsible for staff can learn a flexible, problem-solving approach to grievances, and a firm but equitable approach to a breach of discipline.

    The programme offers guidance, using realistic and hard-hitting messages, on setting, communicating and monitoring standards, how to lead a team, and defining relationships with other managers - all skills that are essential for effective communication and management.

    The key outcomes
  • Gives managers the skills and confidence to handle grievances and discipline
  • Improves communication within an organisation
  • Ensures standards are set and monitored

    DVD (With Presenter's Guide) / 1984 / 26 minutes

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    When a dispute goes to arbitration, the stakes are high. An organization's management policies and an employee's career may hang in the balance. It's no time to rely on trial and error.

    This program is a unique new way for everyone involved in arbitration to learn how to prepare for the hearing, to make their mistakes, and learn from them in the training room, not in the hearing room

    DVD / 59 minutes

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    To benefit from the capable, empowered workforce, managers must coach rather than direct all workplace activities. Follow a manager as he uses his facilitation process skills to help individuals and groups reach decisions.

    DVD / 27 minutes

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    Conflict is inevitable! Whenever you have two people working together, conflict occurs. Properly managed, however, conflict can be valuable. It generates new ideas and understandings, promotes change and growth, stimulates creativity, and helps clarify issues.

    This program analyzes interpersonal conflict - what it is, why it can be valuable, and why it's important to learn how to manage it. Vignettes illustrate five strategies for managing conflict effectively. The DVD helps viewers learn to analyze the conflict, determine their objectives, and select the most effective strategy for a particular situation. Knowing you have a choice in how to deal with conflict allows you to manage the conflict, rather than letting the conflict manage you

    DVD / 19 minutes

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