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Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour


With Sam Silvestein

Practical Tools for Personal and Organizational Growth

Why do some succeed while others fail? It starts with eliminating excuses, eradicating justifications and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and results. It starts with accountability. In this practical program you'll learn the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable. You'll learn how to increase your success and significance, both in business and in life, and you'll take an honest look at yourself and values. You'll also discover what road-blocks might be stopping you from achieving your goals. These principles apply to almost every profession or industry, no matter what you are trying to achieve. By creating an organizational culture based on accountability, companies and individuals grow stronger.

DVD / 2011 / () / 90 minutes

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With James Malinchak

How to Refuel, Recharge and Reenergize Your Life

Your attitude affects every area of your personal and professional life. From your level of motivation, to the relationships you build, to the accomplishments you achieve, attitude is everything, and you've probably heard that before. The challenge is, in the midst of our day-to-day busy lives, it's easy to forget. In this outstanding motivational program, James Malinchak gives you the keys to living a happier, more fulfilled life, and he does it through incredible stories and hard-hitting facts. You'll learn critical lessons about commitment, persistence, gratitude, teamwork, adding value, creating more purpose, networking for results, attracting mentors, and being fired up every day. Through James' high energy personality, and comical style you'll be thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.

DVD / 2010 / () / 95 minutes

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With Warren Greshes

How to Create a Five Year Action Plan for Your Life

Effective goal setting is one of the most important habits you can develop. Goal setting is the core skill for achieving success in your relationships, your health, and your profession. So why is it that many of us never get around to doing it? In this fast-paced, entertaining session, motivational speaker Warren Greshes presents a proven system that takes the guesswork out of goal setting. He will show you how to set your goals correctly, and then actually lead you through the process of creating your five-year goal setting plan. If you know you need to get clear about your future, but haven't yet clarified your vision, this program will give you the tools and motivation you need to get started now.

DVD / 2007 / () / 65 minutes

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With Ed Foreman

Proven Life Skills for Creating Balance, Happiness, and a Positive Attitude

In this fast-paced positive attitude training video, top motivational speaker Ed Foreman recommends a series of easy to implement strategies for overcoming the daily bombardment of negativity surrounding us. You'll learn the basic habit patterns of winners, techniques for overcoming worry, how to help others to have a more positive attitude, and dozens of ideas to make sure that every day is a terrific day. Whether you are in sales, service, management, or any other capacity in business, maintaining a positive attitude is critical for success.

DVD / 2005 / () / 75 minutes

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With Bob Proctor

How to Use The Secret Law of Attraction

This powerful motivational video features Bob Proctor in front of a live audience delivering his core seminar on the secret law of attraction and the science of getting rich. Bob Proctor has been teaching the law of attraction and the science of getting rich for more than 40 years, and is widely considered one of the world's greatest authorities on the subjects. As an internationally sought-after motivational speaker, Bob Proctor teaches the essence of Napoleon Hill's bestselling classic book, Think and Grow Rich, and does it in an energetic, witty, and captivating manner. As Bob says in the program, "this information is priceless", and claims he has bragging rights, because none of the material is his. As thought provoking as he is entertaining, Bob Proctor covers his entire core philosophy in this dynamic training video, complete with dozens of vibrant slides and visuals. This bestseller will help you to think outside the box, better understand the law of attraction, and activate the science of getting rich in your life.

DVD / 2004 / () / 105 minutes

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With Brian Tracy

Master Keys for Reaching Your Next Level

From goal setting to the psychology of achievement, New York Times bestselling author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy knows what he is talking about. This powerful session on staying positively focused is filled with ideas for higher achievement. You'll learn exactly what to do in order to the break negative patterns that are stopping you from reaching your next level. Goal setting is one of the core skills for creating your ideal life. You'll discover the critical steps necessary to stay focused on your goals and make the goal setting process fun, instead of a chore. You'll also get the motivational boost you may need, to follow through on your goals and keep yourself in balance. Loaded with great ideas and philosophies for the achievement of big dreams, this power-packed training video is one of Brian Tracy's best ever.

DVD / 2004 / () / 125 minutes

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With Sam Glenn

How to Lighten Up, Have More Fun & Create a Better Culture

We can't control what goes on around us, but we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. The challenge is, negativity often creeps in wreaking all sorts of havok. And sometimes it only takes one negative person to ruin the experience for the entire team. In this hilarious, eye-opening program, you'll discover the keys to maintaining a positive attitude through 7 practical steps that will make a real difference in any and every area of your life. From memorable stories to practical strategies, your walk away from this seminar with a new outlook into the way you interact with your coworkers, clients, family, and friends.

DVD / / () / 60 minutes

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With David Horsager

How to Build a Rock Solid Foundation For Leadership

Trust has the ability to accelerate any business, organization, or relationship. Lack of it can easily destroy the same. When trust is high, salespeople generate more sales, brands create greater loyalty, and leaders build more productive teams. When trust is low, problems, skepticism, attrition, stress and costs all increase. In this practical, easy to follow seminar, David Horsager shares 8 fundamental traits of trusted people and organizations. They include consistency, clarity, compassion, character, contribution, competence, connection and commitment. Discover how each of these characteristics can play a significant role in your success as a professional, leader or parent.

DVD / / () / 65 minutes

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With Jonathan Sprinkles

How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas to Create Positive Change

At the root of every positive change is someone who wanted things to be better. They didn't settle for the status quo, but instead stepped up and became a catalyst for change. In this captivating program, award-winning speaker Jonathan Sprinkles shares powerful stories and motivating principles for being the one who reshapes your future, both at home and at work. You'll learn how to sell yourself and your ideas, maintain a positive attitude of expectation, thank others with sincerity, build your confidence, keep yourself motivated and much more. Regardless of your title or level of experience, learn how to be a Change-Maker in your organization, as well as in your personal life. It's time to take charge of your circumstances and be the one!

DVD / / () / 75 minutes

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