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Psychology - Psychotherapy

Psychology - Psychotherapy


With Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD

Mindfulness is the central ingredient in a growing number of empirically supported treatments, and mindfulness practices hold great promise not only for personal development, but as remarkably powerful tools to augment virtually every form of psychotherapy.

In Mindfulness for Anxiety, Dr. Siegel works with a young man who presents with stress-related chronic neck pain. First he helps the client to see that the mind plays a critical role in his presenting problem. Next, using the therapeutic understanding that resistance to mental and physical discomfort exacerbates suffering, Dr. Siegel works to identify the physical sensations and emotions that the client is struggling to avoid.

Through practicing acceptance of pain sensations, anxiety, and other emotions, the client is able to become more comfortable with these experiences as they arise, placing him on a path toward freedom from his disorder.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2012 / Approx. 100 minutes

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With Linda Carter Sobell, PhD, ABPP and Mark Sobell, PhD, ABPP

In Assessing Alcohol Problems Using Motivational Interviewing, Dr. Linda Sobell demonstrates cognitive-behavioral motivational interviewing techniques for assessing a patient's alcohol use, and then she and Dr. Mark Sobell discuss this useful approach for working with individuals with substance use disorders. Motivational interviewing is a client-centered, directive method for eliciting intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving a person's ambivalence to change using open-ended questions, reflective listening, and decisional balancing. This nonjudgmental, nonconfrontational interviewing style is designed to minimize a patient's resistance. The goal is to construct an interaction with patients so they feel comfortable discussing their risky or problem behavior.

In this session, Dr. Linda Sobell works with a young man with a history of problem drinking whose recent break-up with his girlfriend triggered increased risky alcohol use. Dr. Sobell assesses his readiness for change and then interviews him about triggers, behaviors, and cognitions associated with his drinking, emphasizing throughout that the patient has the choice to change, thereby empowering the patient.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2008 / Approx. 100 minutes

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With G. Alan Marlatt, PhD

In Cognitive-Behavioral Relapse Prevention for Addictions, Dr. G. Alan Marlatt demonstrates his approach to working with clients dealing with addictions or compulsive habits such as substance abuse, gambling, or sexual addiction. Cognitive-behavioral relapse prevention helps clients through the process of relapse recovery by focusing on cognitive, behavioral, and lifestyle choices that might be changed or reinforced to help the client prevent relapse. Central to this approach is the work of identifying relapse triggers and developing coping strategies. In this session, Dr. Marlatt works with a 41-year-old woman who has been abusing alcohol for a number of years and seeks help with quitting.

This DVD features a client portrayed by an actor on the basis of actual case material.

DVD / 2006 / Approx. 100 minutes

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With G. Alan Marlatt, PhD

In Mindfulness for Addiction Problems, Dr. G. Alan Marlatt demonstrates his meditative technique for helping clients with substance addictions. Studies have shown that heavy drinkers who begin meditating show a decrease in the amount they drink.

In this session, Dr. Marlatt works with a 46-year-old woman with alcoholism who has recently relapsed into drinking. He talks with her about her compulsive behaviors, which include her alcoholism, and then walks her through a mindfulness technique for handling strong cravings.

DVD / 2004 / Approx. 100 minutes

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By Farah Ibrahim

Counseling Muslims blends lecture, case vignettes, and de-briefings for a comprehensive overview of counseling people of Muslim faith. In a dynamic lecture coupled with PowerPoint slides, Dr. Farah Ibrahim presents demographics, tenets of the faith, and strategies to incorporate Islamic spiritual beliefs in the counseling process to make it culturally appropriate to Muslims. Following the lecture are four counseling vignettes that include 1. An initial client interview featuring a woman of Muslim faith discussing her struggles with infertility and communicating with her husband; 2. A family counseling session with an intergenerational crisis with an adolescent; 3. A couple struggling with their contrasting interpretations of a man and woman's role in a marriage; and 4. An individual counseling session featuring a Muslim woman experiencing trauma post 9/11. All vignettes are followed by short de-briefing by Dr. Ibrahim

DVD / Approx. 60 minutes

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By Herbert Exum, Amy Menna

The counseling profession has not given sufficient attention to returning military. Only with Iraq and Gulf Wars do we begin to understand the needs and our responsibility. Veterans are actually members of a distinct cultural group and this DVD explains the culture and vets' special needs. Students will learn about post-traumatic stress, specific treatment issues, and the critical importance of working with military families.

DVD / Approx. 60 minutes

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James Rogers, Ph.D., Ian Schere, Ph.D.

Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative, person-centered conversation to elicit and strengthen motivation for change while addressing issues of ambivalence to change. Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based practice with a high rate of positive effect. This video reviews the "spirit of MI", MI Principles, OARS, Rolling with Resistance, and Eliciting Change Talk. This video guides you through each aspect of MI with clinical demonstrations throughout. The authors work with Connor, an adolescent male trying to quit smoking; Ray, a Latino adult male struggling with a major life decision; and Rochelle, an African American young woman mandated to treatment after a DUI.

DVD / 60 minutes

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By Garrett McAuliffe

This breakthrough DVD illustrates key issues in the too often-ignored area of working with religious issues. In this session, a counselor helps a conservative Christian woman incorporate her faith into finding a solution to her family problems. The counselor demonstrates respect and shares knowledge of her faith and tradition, assesses the role of the client's faith, and helps her clarify her religious understandings

DVD / Approx. 20 minutes

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By Diane Gehart

Mindfulness is a rapidly expanding area of psychotherapy practice, but most approaches teach mindfulness in formal group settings. Although these groups are probably the ideal forum for learning mindfulness practice, many clients will not attend because of accessibility issues, time limitations, financial considerations, or simple disinterest in a group. In this video, Dr. Diane Gehart demonstrates how to teach basic mindfulness breath meditation in a one-on-one therapy session. When teaching mindfulness individually or with couples and families, therapists must find a way to connect with the client's needs and motivations as well as the practical issues of when and how to practice. This video offers views a practical approach to collaboratively integrating mindfulness into everyday clinical practice.

DVD / 45 minutes

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By Cathy Cole

Having a plan isn't enough. Learn to help clients build the confidence they need to put a change plan into action. Cathy Cole works with three clients who lack confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.

By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Identify in sessions various roadblocks to confidence in effecting change.
  • Learn to utilize personal strengths, values, and past successes.
  • Use MI techniques best suited for clients who want to change but are low in confidence.

    DVD (With Instructor's Manual, English Subtitles) / 116 minutes

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    By Cathy Cole

    Expert MI trainer Cathy Cole discusses the principles and spirit of MI, along with core concepts and techniques and ingredients for change.

    By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Describe the spirit of Motivational Interviewing and how it differs from other approaches.
  • Understand how MI is applied in counseling sessions, including developing a partnership, and listening and responding to the language of change.
  • Identify and practice specific techniques used in MI to engage clients, help them fully explore their ambivalence to change, and develop an action plan.

    DVD (With Instructor's Manual, English Subtitles) / / 135 minutes

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    By Cathy Cole

    With three full-length sessions in diverse client settings, Cathy Cole demonstrates strategies for working with clients who are initially reluctant to change.

    By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Understand the critical issue of importance in MI.
  • Learn how to conduct an MI session with people who initially don't think changing is important.
  • Identify specific strategies and techniques used to address importance

    DVD (With Instructor's Manual, English Subtitles) / 123 minutes

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    By Cathy Cole

    Learn Motivational Interviewing's tools and techniques for helping clients fully explore their ambivalence as a critical part of the change process.

    By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Learn MI strategies useful with clients stuck in ambivalence.
  • Recognize the difference between sustain talk and change talk.
  • Identify specific techniques used to reinforce change talk and move toward a change plan.

    DVD (With Instructor's Manual, English Subtitles) / 101 minutes

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    By William R. Miller

    In this compelling interview, Miller elucidates how people change and how we, as clinicians, can effectively facilitate the process. He discusses the evolution of Motivational Interviewing, the spirit of MI, and specific techniques that clinicians can begin applying immediately. Miller addresses how to deal with clients' resistance and denial, particularly when the clinician feels impatient and frustrated, and talks about ways to build clients' confidence to enhance motivation.

    If you're looking for a respectful, compassionate, evidence-based tool to incorporate into your repertoire, and are ready to really make a difference in your clients' lives, it's time to begin using Motivational Interviewing. Get started here by learning directly from the creator himself, and join countless others who have used this approach with great success in diverse fields, including addiction counseling, criminal justice, and health care.

    By watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Motivational Interviewing approach to change, including the spirit of Motivational Interviewing and specific techniques used to help people change.
  • Identify when Motivational Interviewing is and is not recommended.
  • Explain how a clinician employing Motivational Interviewing techniques would respond to resistance.

    DVD (With Instructor's Manual, English Subtitles) / 1 hour

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