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Public Speaking

Public Speaking


How does the Red Cross get the word out to the public about the urgent needs of people in disaster areas? Chief public relations officer at the American Red Cross Mid-Florida region answers that question. Shawn meets a lobbyist and managing partner of Southern Strategy Group to learn how lobbyists get laws passed to benefit a particular cause of special interest group. Gracey learns that an interpreter and a translator are two separate careers and meets a woman who combines her multilingual public speaking and writing skills to do both.

DVD / 2013 / Senior High - College / 24 minutes

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With Cindy Akers and Kevin Williams

Does public speaking make you break out in sweat, particularly when it is spur of the moment and without preparation? This presentation will help you better prepare to be an extemporaneous speaker. Key elements, such as audience identification, writing tips and researching techniques, are identified, along with how each is necessary to better prepare, practice and perform as an extemporaneous speaker. Preparation and time management are also discussed.

DVD / 2011 / 23 minutes

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Looking to leave a lasting impression at your next speaking engagement? Featuring former state and national student organization officers, this in-depth DVD lesson describes the different types of speeches, main concepts and flow, as well as ways to research and organize information. Audience consideration, rehearsal techniques and microphone tips are also discussed, along with how to effectively incorporate body language and hand gestures. The production discusses various settings/scenarios for which a speech may be given and details presentation strategies for each.

DVD / 2011 / 29 minutes

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With Cindy Akers and Kevin Williams

In order to better prepare oneself for varying public speaking engagements, one must know the basic fundamentals. This DVD discusses different types of speeches and the concepts and elements involved with each, along with research and organization techniques. Strategies for tailoring a speech for an audience, as well as rehearsing techniques, microphone tips and body language are also discussed. Perfect for all public speaking beginners and for those wishing to brush up on their skills.

DVD / 2011 / 32 minutes

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The fear of public speaking is said to be even stronger than the fear of death. The good news is that public speaking is something that a person can learn-and excel at. This video features top speakers and public speaking coaches who share their superb advice on how to speak confidently in any situation. Topics include choosing your subject, preparation, rehearsal, dealing with nervousness, dress codes, keeping the audience's interest, timing, delivery style, building rapport, coping with mistakes, PowerPoint, and more. This is the definitive step-by-step guide to an inspired presentation!

DVD / 2010 / 65 minutes

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Jenny Bridge is a shy, soft-spoken teen-ager who cares about the environment; so much so, she even won the Inter-School Competition. This would be great news, except now Principal MacKenzie just announced she will make a speech about her winning the award in front of the entire school. Nilus the Sandman has to act fast and uses his magical dust to travel with Jenny into a Dr. Seuss nightmare world of crazy contraptions that are used to controlling the entire universe. There a powerful Mr. Clear controls the flow of the tides, rainfall, daylight and the intensity of the sun with his technology. Of course there are some odd glitches with his contraptions, the sun is brown and the air stinks, but that will be dealt with in due course. No need to rely on Mother Nature now that there's technology, right? Faced with such a situation, Jenny can't believe that no one is speaking up to stop such nonsense. After her dream, back on-stage, Jenny finds the courage to do her speech on something she believes strongly in, protecting the environment

DVD / 2008 / (Children's) / 30 minutes

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The average person, it's said, feels more anxiety about talking in front of a group than about dying. So what drives some people to get up and give speeches? How do they overcome their fear? This program follows a young filmmaker named Luke King as he confronts the fight-or-flight aspect of public speaking and tries to determine solutions for it. Meeting with participants in a prestigious youth speech competition, King learns about each speaker's preparation process-emotional, physical, and academic-and records their presentations. He also interviews a wide range of experts in motivational speaking, politics, and the performing arts, leading to historical, linguistic, and media-related insights.

Note: Only available in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan.

DVD / 2007 / 73 minutes

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This public speaking program will make you more poised, confident, and eloquent when delivering presentations.

One of the most powerful skills you'll ever use is your ability to inform, persuade and lead other people through effective public speaking. And the good news is: anyone can do it! The secret is to learn the basics, and then take the time to prepare and practice. Watch your confidence grow along with your public speaking skills.

You'll learn:
  • How to write a speech - tips for vivid and compelling speech writing.
  • How to deliver a speech - specific presentation skills leading to a polished delivery.
  • Techniques for practicing that will improve the effectiveness of your talk.
  • Proven strategies to control public speaking nervousness, so you will look forward to - and enjoy - speaking opportunities.

    This popular public speaking program tells the personal stories of three different individuals, each faced with a challenging speaking presentation. You'll follow along as they learn how to speak in public, gaining the confidence and speaking skills that lead them to delivering great speeches.

    Whether you'll be speaking to a large crowd in a huge auditorium, or a select few in the confines of a business meeting or boardroom, you'll learn the techniques used by exceptional speakers-public speaking techniques that will capture the attention and respect of your audience. You'll also learn to overcome the all-too-common feelings of nervousness and stage fright that might otherwise take the fun out of public speaking.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2006 / 35 minutes

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  • Interviewer Eve Ash
  • Interviewee Peter Quarry

    Discover techniques to cope with nerves and make presentations interesting.

    DVD / 2006 / 12 minutes

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    By Alex Kelly

    A valuable resource for anyone using the 'Talkabout' series, this program brings social skills to life! - Contains acted scenarios for each skill being taught, modelling both poor and good behaviour.

  • Uses a number of settings and different ages, and includes an instruction booklet on how to use the video in conjunction with 'Talkabout'.

  • Essential for situations where there is only one group facilitator and therefore difficulty in modelling poor and good behaviour.

    This DVD-resource is a must-have for anyone, teaching social skills or working with people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities or social communication disorders.

    Actors illustrating social skills: Talkabout me and you; Talkabout communication; Talkabout body language; Talkabout the way we talk; Talkabout conversations; Talkabout assertiveness.

    DVD / 2006

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    Surprisingly, one of the most feared activities in the world is public speaking. This program provides a sound basis for being an excellent public speaker. It examines examples from classics such as Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill to current national and international figures in society.

    The program delves into three complete case studies in corporate, social, and school settings and investigates content, delivery and the speech all covered in an enlightening and engaging way.

    Please contact us for primary and secondary schools pricing.

    Note : The above titles may have some territorial restrictions. Please feel free to send us an enquiry.

    DVD / 2004 / 30 minutes

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    Learn how to deliver an effective persuasive speech. Many helpful tips are provided, and students can use these to hone their speech-making skills.

    Learning Objectives:
    1) Students will learn how a persuasive speech differs from other types of speeches.
    2) Students will learn about the requisite components of a persuasive speech.
    3) Students will learn some strategies that will make their deliveries more effective.

    DVD / 2004 / (Grades 6-12) / 19 minutes

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    This video outlines some key strategies that will help to enhance your public speaking abilities. First, the video covers how to structure a speech. Then, it outlines the parts of a speech, and finally, it provides tips for better speech delivery.

    Learning Objectives:
    1) The parts of a speech will be defined.
    2) Different types of presentational structures will be explored.
    3) Ways to improve both a speech and the delivery of a speech will be presented.

    DVD / 2004 / (Grades 6-12) / 12 minutes

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    This look at effective speechmaking includes information about the speaker's mission, stage fright, types of speeches, and the parts of a speech.

    Learning Objectives:
    1) To provide an overview of public speaking by explaining purpose, structure, and the elements of a good speech.
    2) To advise students how to overcome the fright of making a speech and to give tips on how to make a formal presentation.
    3) To give pointers about how the speaker can unite himself or herself with the audience and with the subject.

    DVD / 2004 / (Grades 6-12) / 41 minutes

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    Speak Up! examines the planning, research, writing and delivery of an oral presentation.

    The program covers:
  • Choosing the topic and format - value of brainstorming is emphasised, as is the input of friends and family.
  • Research - how and where to source information.
  • Writing - presentation, structure, introduction, body, conclusion.
  • How to add interest to the presentation
  • Practice and timing - the importance of practice is stressed.
  • Putting it all together - preparing and using checklists of what to consider up to, and on the day of, the presentation. Please contact us for primary and secondary schools pricing.

    DVD / 2003 / 25 minutes

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    Before you speak, do your hands turn clammy? If so, you'll be interested in the product? 4 Simple Tips to Reduce Fear. They'll also show you the most effective ways to organize your speech, and how to back up your ideas with statistics, examples and anecdotes.

    DVD / 2002 / (Grades 9 or above) / 26 minutes

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    The program show you how to grab an audience's attention and bring them to their feet - starting with a five-step plan that will help bring the audience to your side. We'll prepare you for the big moment: delivering the speech. If you want to make a great speech, you'll need to be familiar with both delivery and style.

    DVD / 2002 / (Grades 9 or above) / 26 minutes

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    You've got something to say, a case to argue, and an audience waiting to listen. But how do you make sure you put your points across?

    The DVD explores this question through a workshop in which three novice presenters address a critical audience.

    Robert rambles and mumbles. Sharon uses jargon and doesn't look her audience in the eye. Graham has a load of visual aids -- but doesn't know how to use them.

    Key points include: structuring your argument, the importance of body language, getting the level right for yur audience and the need to communicate enthusiasm.

  • "Grown-up material is always effective" -- pupils connect it with the 'real world'." - Mr McCrea, Oswestry School

    DVD (With Publication) / 1998 / 32 minutes

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    Featuring: Terry Pearce

    Program Highlights
  • Reaching both the minds and the hearts of an audience.
  • Using your voice to inspire others to take committed action.
  • The power of authenticity-how conviction creates clarity.

    Today's leaders must connect with their audiences in substantive ways that go far beyond the giving of information. Leaders must be able to motivate audiences to commitment, not merely to compliance. Terry Pearce explores and demonstrates ways in which a leader can elevate a speech into a more powerful and ultimately productive experience-for the speaker as well as for the listener.

    Pearce explains three rules that together set the stage for consistently powerful presentations: speak on topics you really care about, incorporate personal experiences that have contributed to your conviction, and structure your speech as a story. With these guidelines, you'll convey context as well as content. You'll transmit meanings instead of words. And you'll challenge and engage your audience, creating common goals and a shared vision.

    Terry Pearce is a veteran business executive and a lecturer at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. In 2000, Pearce co-authored "Clicks and Mortar... Passion-Driven Growth in an Internet-Driven World." Pearce's first book, "Leading Out Loud," was honored by Executive Summaries as "one of the best books on speaking ever written."

    DVD / 1994 / 51 minutes

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    With Tom Peters

    Once a year, Toastmasters International gathers its representatives from chapters around the world to present its prestigious Golden Gavel Award. In 1990, the award went to Tom Peters, certainly one of the most requested speakers in the business world. In accepting the award, Peters addressed the audience about - what else - speech making. Alternately tongue-in-cheek and serious, this informative and entertaining acceptance speech is liberally peppered with anecdotes and more than a little autobiographical insight into how he became one of the most popular speakers in the country.

  • Understand Peters' five personal observations on the art of presentation
  • Refute textbook rules of speech making
  • Learn Peters' seven quidelines for making great presentations

    DVD / 1990 / 32 minutes

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    With J. Douglas Jefferys

    "How to deliver your next presentation to any size audience and keep them with you every step of the way"

    "A pre-requisite for any serious career"

    Killer Presentation Skills is a 90-minute video that will change forever the way you think about speaking in public.

    Although speaking to a group is reported to be the Number 1 human fear, the truth is a bit more nuanced. The presenter in this video, author, speaker and trainer Doug Jefferys, clearly demonstrates that we only BELIEVE we fear public speaking because our most common behaviors when in the spotlight produce exactly the same physiological responses as when we are genuinely facing a life-threatening event. In other words, whenever our brain senses a potential threat, in this case the classic scenario of finding ourselves "one against many", the body responds with the same chemical preparations to deal with the "threat" as it does when you blowout a tire at 70 MPH.

    Then, because of what most of us have been taught from an early age, we engage in behaviors that exacerbate this chemical surge. We become our own worst enemy. Not because we're weak, or think negatively, or are not prepared, as most of the "wisdom" out there would have us believe. Rather, because we come to the front of the room carrying a huge load of unavoidable baggage and then commit actions that the body has no choice to respond to other than to "crank us up".

    The amazingly good news here is that this video shows you how, by simply changing a few of these wrongly taught behaviors, you can completely change your body's response; and with very little practice, the fear is first lessened, and then it is gone.

    No drugs, no self-hypnosis, no fuzzy neuro-reprogramming, no reliance on "positive thinking" exercises that fail at the worst time. The process that takes you from a speaking zero to a speaking hero is one that simply involves modifying three things that you've done since your first stand-up book report in grade school. But beware: the power that comes with this new-found comfort and confidence can be intoxicating - and it's available to literally anyone who learns the technique and runs with it.

    Although the presenter's approach runs counter to almost everything most people have read or learned about being successful at public speaking, his firm has taught thousands of participants who claim his techniques have literally changed their lives. Former president Bill Clinton, who is still regarded as the pre-eminent speaker in public life today, studied and embraced these very same techniques when running for president - to obviously great personal benefit. You may not become president of the United States, but wouldn't it be nice if the next time you spoke, people actually listened?

  • "Loved the concept that 'people only start listening when you STOP talking'. Never thought about it before, but you're SO right. And what a great technique you have for learning how to do that! I literally can't wait for my next presentation" - Michele Taylor, Amazon Review

    DVD / 92 minutes

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    Learn to implement the 3-step technique used by JFK, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and other great speakers to persuade & inspire audiences of 10 to 10,000!

    Great speakers are not born they are trained. This critically acclaimed DVD will help you acquire "The Skills" and say goodbye to fear, sweat and 'practice, practice, practice'. No self-hypnosis, no fuzzy neuroreprogramming, no reliance on "positive thinking" exercises that fail at the worst time. This unique training process is now available to you in an entertaining and engaging 90-minute video.

    DVD / 84 minutes

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    With J. Douglas Jefferys

    "How to stop killing your clients with PowerPoint Poisoning and deliver presentations that provoke and persuade"

    Wouldn't it be great if when you presented, people actually listened?

    Microsoft claims there are over 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every business day. What they don't say is that most of those presentations never accomplish what their presenters set out to do - that is, achieve true knowledge transfer. In fact, rather than engage audience members in the point at hand, most presentations send listeners off on "journeys of self-discovery" as they desperately try to figure out for themselves what all those convoluted images up on the screen are supposed to mean.

    As the audience drifts off, the speaker invariably reads this disconnect as a failure of his delivery skills, and anxiety builds. Credibility falters, and the message is lost.

    It doesn't have to be this way.

    Conquering Death by PowerPoint is the definitive video on modern presentation design, written and performed by one person who has been developing computer-based on-screen presentations since the beginning of the personal computer era, and long before Windows or PowerPoint.

    J. Douglas Jefferys' volume encompasses both presentation design and delivery, based on his 25 years experience as a corporate trainer, professional speaker, and presentation developer. Mr. Jefferys leaves no doubt that there is an inextricable relationship between design and delivery, and that you can't do either well without a good understanding of the other.

    Audiences will be delighted to know that this is a take-it-home-and-use-it-in-business-tomorrow class of book. Everything that Mr. Jefferys brings forth in this often entertaining discourse applies to the presentation you're working on right now. The video is structured around “The Seven Basic Rules” of presentation design, and before Jefferys tells you what to do, he tells you why.

    In the penultimate chapter, Jefferys takes square aim at the illustrious Dr. Edward Tufte, considered in many circles to be the pre-eminent guru on visualizing information, and who has spent much of this century writing and lecturing on the “dangers” of using PowerPoint in scholastic, scientific or other "serious" environments.

    Yet by offering an amazingly clear and easily understood alternative design to the infamous "Boeing" slide, considered by Tufte to be proof that PowerPoint killed the seven Columbia astronauts, the author irrefutably demonstrates that properly constructed slides actually can deliver exactly the intended message, and that the only danger is the lack of training most people receive before being taxed to design and give consequential presentations.

    This beautifully produced 1-hour video, guaranteed to keep you visually stimulated with its 12 magnificently crafted virtual sets, will not only change forever the way you view presentation design and delivery, it delivers the tools you need to make those changes now. Follow these rules, and you will save your next audience from “Death by PowerPoint”.

  • "I've been giving financial presentations for my firm for over 10 years and thought I knew it all. Boy, did this video open my eyes!'

    Starting with a whole new take on what really constitutes proper eye-contact, Jefferys then takes you step-by-step through a set of fairly easy to follow rules about what you can and can't put into your slides. I redid my main presentation according to the Rules, delivered it with his techniques on audience contact, and first time out got the greatest reception of my public speaking career.

    I can't imagine anyone in business who couldn't severely benefit from the lessons here." - James Gallagher, Financial Consultant from Amazon.com

    DVD / 60 minutes

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    This multimedia product includes a 15-minute video that demonstrates techniques for reducing your public-speaking fear and teaches you how to control your anxiety and overcome the top challenges you face when presenting to a group. Armed with this advice, you will become a polished and professional presenter, and that will increase your credibility exponentially.

    Learning Objectives:

  • Recover when you go blank.
  • Take precautions to reduce anxiety-induced sweating.
  • Respond when audience members point out your mistakes.
  • Slow down so people can understand you.
  • And so much more!

    DVD (With CD-ROM)

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    This video gives you the tools to write and deliver a speech with conviction and finesse... one that will achieve your goals and inspire your audience.

    You'll discover a fail-safe way to:

  • Effectively organize your thoughts and ideas.
  • Practice your speech, including guidelines on how to "mark up" your script.
  • Tame stage fright before you hit the spotlight.
  • Move seamlessly through visuals in your presentation.
  • And more!

    DVD / 20 minutes

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    What is the one thing that helps people climb up that ladder of success more predictably than anything else? Aggressiveness? Nope. Putting in the most hours? Heck no! It's the ability to say the right thing, and say it well, even under difficult circumstances.

    In this video, you'll discover how to enhance the two most primary communication tools: your tone of voice and your body language. And you'll learn the exact words to say - and what to do - in difficult situations. You'll gain so much confidence when you feel in control, whether you're speaking to one person... or a roomful!

    DVD / 22 minutes

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    How many good ideas have you had shot down in a meeting? With guidance from this video, you'll find out how to present your ideas with power, think fast when asked a tough question and even where to sit in a meeting for maximum influence... plus much more!

    DVD / 23 minutes

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