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When Carol is left to train four staff to sell, she assumes none will succeed.

Don't expect a windfall
INSTEAD: Selling starts with you

Don't be indifferent
INSTEAD: Show genuine interest

Don't just sell products
INSTEAD: Be responsive to client needs

Don't forget your HEART
INSTEAD: Build lasting relationships with HEART

DVD / 2016 / () / 10 minutes

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By Tim Forrest

Create a Game Plan to Effectively Maximize Sales details the steps that health/ fitness clubs need to undertake to develop a monthly game plan that will enable them to increase their level of membership sales. The DVD reviews the eight lead buckets that facilities can utilize to draw in more sales. The DVD also explains how clubs can properly manage their game plan to help ensure its success. In addition, the DVD points out the importance of effective time management for the sales team. Finally, the DVD outlines how to create an organizational culture that facilitates success.

Among the topics covered:
~ Monthly sales game plan
~ Corporates
~ Former members
~ Eight best practices
~ Create a great club experience that creates raving fans
~ Seven best practices to create raving fans
~ Sell solutions & value
~ Five steps to professionally overcome objections

DVD / 2015 / () / 63 minutes

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Sadhana Smiles explains the key ingredients for developing your sales people:

~ Hire the right people
~ The value of a work test
~ Hire for attitude
~ Set a strong path from day 1
~ A personal business plan
~ Top salespeople develop relationships
~ Managing different skill levels
~ Regular training is a must
~ Create a desire to belong

DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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By Jason Reinhardt

Sales Excellence for Industry Leaders: Steps to an Effective Sales Process provides an overview of the six steps involved in a successful sales process. In that regard, the DVD outlines how to develop a simple and productive meet-and-greet script. The DVD also points out the value of using a profile cardˇXpast, present, and future. In addition, the DVD discusses the impact that a demonstration tour can have on a sales presentation. In that regard, the DVD reviews how easy, but important, a pre- close is at the end of the tour. Finally, the DVD addresses how clubs can effectively present membership options to prospects and how to gather guaranteed referrals.

Among the topics covered:
~ Creating a sales architecture
~ Six steps to the sales process
~ The most important part of the sales process is?
~ The meet & greet
~ The profile card
~ Past, present, future
~ Demonstration tour
~ Pre-close
~ Change what comes out of your mouth & get closer to a new member
~ Success tips

DVD / 2015 / () / 85 minutes

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By Trevor Brennan Improving Sales Performance Through Employee Engagement looks at the issue of employee disengagement and points out how this situation can have a negative impact on the ability of a health/fitness club to be successful. In that regard, the DVD discusses what clubs can do to make their staff/employees intrinsically motivated to do "what they do," as well as make them feel valued for being a part of the whole. As such, the DVD emphasizes the fact that an efficient people strategy is arguably the most important aspect of any organization's human relations or management philosophy. The DVD also details several of the key factors involved in an effective employee engagement strategy.

Among the topics covered:
~ What is employee engagement?
~ An efficient people strategy
~ A harmonious relationship between strategy and systems
~ Leadership
~ Beliefs and values
~ Autonomy
~ Collaboration
~ Growth & development
~ Support & recognition

DVD / 2014 / () / 50 minutes

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For those interested in food and have sales and leadership qualities, Gracey will introduce us to a regional sales manager for a major salad dressing manufacturer. Then Gracey will visit a food broker and find out why food manufacturers rely on them to increase sales of their food products. And Shawn will talk with a product sales consultant and learn how her presentation skills and background help increase her company's sales.

DVD / 2014 / (Senior High, College) / 20 minutes

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Shawn learns about traits of a successful salesperson and business-to-business sales from the marketing senior accountant at Enterprise Holdings. Gracey meets a senior vice president of Oracle, a company that designs software and hardware for hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. A promotional consultant and co-founder of a printing and engraving shop talks about the advertising services and promotional products they provide to their customers.

DVD / 2013 / (Senior High, College) / 24 minutes

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By Steve Jensen

Establishing a Solid Foundation to Closing: The Secrets to Increasing Your Sales explains what a health/fitness club can do to establish a solid foundation for sales success. The DVD looks at some of the sales superstars in the industry and reviews several of the key factors that enables them to be successful. The DVD also reviews the "4 W's+H" process which clubs can use as a platform for establishing compelling reasons for prospective customers and services. In addition, the DVD points out several of the most important factors that need to be considered in a club's sales.

Among the topics covered:
~ What do the best do?
~ Complacency is everywhere?
~ Establishing compelling reasons to meet you and buy
~ How prospects make buying decisions
~ Be a leader
~ The "4 W's+H" process
~ Additional take-aways

DVD / 2012 / () / 86 minutes

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By Paul Brown

Serve, Retain, and Profit With Secondary Sales explores the need for clubs to fully understand the needs of their members and to have a whole suite of ways to meet those needs. The DVD discusses the fact that selling is "serving" and that clubs will be better positioned to serve their members if they offer a relatively extensive array of products and services that can satisfy the needs of their members. The DVD also looks at the potential benefits of clubs partnering with other companies (both in-club and external) to drive secondary sales. In addition, the DVD explains how clubs can create an "ask" culture in order to produce secondary sales. The DVD also points out how clubs can generate massive awareness of their offering of secondary products and services.

Among the topics covered:
~ Selling is serving
~ Who?
~ Where?
~ In-store traditions
~ In-club partner
~ External partner
~ Create an "ask" culture
~ Massive awareness
~ A dozen easy add-ons

DVD / 2012 / () / 70 minutes

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With Jeff Magee

How to Move Beyond the Basics to Extraordinary Sales Success

High performance in the sales arena is a matter of strategy and discipline. Top sales people are those who have disciplined themselves to do what others aren't willing to do, or don't know how to do. In this high-powered, fast-paced program you'll get a blueprint for success that is certain to take your sales results to the next level. You'll discover practical strategies that will help you to be more effective at prospecting, networking, developing a game plan, understanding your best customer's profile, expanding the range of products and services you offer, and much more. In addition, you'll discover an easy to use system for getting the most important things done first. This seminar will engage you from beginning to end, and is the perfect solution for any sales team performing below their full potential.

DVD / 2010 / () / 100 minutes

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Writer/Director: Federico Muchnik

A sale isn't always all about sellingˇK or is it? In this video, our host tells us about all the subtle aspects of sales, but his messages come across in a very different way. This really is the perfect meeting opener for your next sales meeting and everyone will be smiling when it's over! So sit down, watch it and then go Sell! Sell! Sell!

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2007 / () / 4 minutes

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With Patricia Fripp

How to Captivate Your Prospects in a Distracted, Preoccupied World

Presentation skills training is critical for anyone who sells face to face. Every day, salespeople with superior products and services lose business to their competitors because the sales presentation skills of their competitors are superior. Many salespeople have a fear of speaking to groups, often because they don't have the presentation skills training and public speaking skills they need to deliver their message in an effective and entertaining manner. Discover how you can gain an unfair advantage, as veteran speaker and speech coach Patricia Fripp gives you dozens of ideas for taking your sales presentation skills to the next level. You'll learn how to open, how to close, how to build credibility, how to use stories, how to handle adverse questions, how to be remembered, and several other valuable public speaking techniques that work. After viewing this presentation skills training program, you'll be more prepared, more persuasive, and more powerful in front of any size audience.

DVD / 2007 / () / 80 minutes

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With Don Hutson

Part One - Building Customer Loyalty, Part Two - Needs Analysis Selling

This fast-paced sales training video is full of sales skills and customer loyalty ideas. Many salespeople spend the majority of their time seeking new customers, while true sales professionals enjoy steady business from long-term clients. In part one of this power-packed seminar, you'll learn how to advance your customers up the "customer loyalty ladder" to higher levels of repeat business and more referrals than ever. In part two, you'll gain valuable sales training insights into Needs Analysis Selling. Whether it's asking high quality questions, taking pertinent notes, or communicating for greater understanding, sales training expert Don Hutson illustrates how we can be even more effective in every phase of the sales process. As a value-added bonus, Don covers two additional topics of interest, The Evolution of Selling and Selling Different People Differently. You'll walk away from these motivating sessions with new insights, knowledge, and drive.

DVD / 2006 / () / 100 minutes

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With Brian Tracy

How to Double Your Sales & Double Your Income

In this powerful sales training video recorded in front of a live audience, you'll learn sales skills that will take your career to the next level. Sales training legend Brian Tracy gives you a series of practical, proven closing sales techniques you can use immediately to increase productivity. You'll learn prospecting skills, overcoming call reluctance, getting more qualified appointments, building long-term relationships, and closing the sale. You'll also learn how to get and stay motivated to reach your important sales goals, all year long. From rookies to veterans, this is a "must view" sales training program.

DVD / 2006 / () / 100 minutes

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With Jeff Slutsky

Outside the Box Thinking for Big Results

In a world of rapid-fire advertising and marketing, people are on guard. The same tactics no longer work. We need to get more creative and clever in our sales and marketing efforts. In this fast-paced, entertaining, and idea-loaded program, youˇ¦ll learn dozens of innovative tactics for outsmarting your competition, prospecting, trust building, handling objections, and much more. Youˇ¦ll hear captivating stories loaded with insights, ideas, and humor. Plus, you will also be reminded of some of the most important sales basics that many of us tend to forget. If you are ready to rethink your thinking about sales and marketing, this seminar will give you the tools, strategies, and insights you need, with an entertaining twist.

DVD / 2005 / () / 105 minutes

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With Fern Bratten

There is no doubt that the hardest job that a sales professional has is overcoming objections and closing the sale. In this program, Fern Bratten uses humor, great examples, and concrete tools to close the sale. Fern opens with a motivational message about the customer - and how we should be grateful that customer has come to us. You'll learn how to address common objections like, "I can't afford it," or "I don't like it." Moreover, you will learn specific strategies to close the sale and turn customers into clients for life.

~ Use "The Wizard of Oz" to help bring Heart, Brains and Courage to the job of selling
~ Learn strategies to overcome the most common objections
~ Understand the five strategies for closing a sale
~ Have fun with the customer - and learn about winning customers for life

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Leader's Guide) / 2003 / () / 20 minutes

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With Fern Bratten

Ask Fern Bratten, and she'll tell you, "sales can be as easy as 1,2,3 and 4." In this humorous and motivational presentation Fern will tell you how to achieve success in sales. Fern opens with a motivational message about sales - selling is the art of creating desire. You need to understand your customer and his or her motivations to be the best in salesˇK and service. Then, Fern explains the basic principles of salesˇK and in this case, it really is as easy as 1,2,3, and 4. How to Order

~ Selling is the art of Creating Desire
~ Customers are ALWAYS #1
~ Customers have 2 reasons to buy -NEED and WANT
~ Always show the customer 3 choices - that way you'll make more sales - and make more money
~ There are 4 types of customers: The Amiable, the Analytical, the Driver, and the Expressive. If you understand how to work with each of them, you can really succeed

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Leader's Guide) / 2003 / () / 23 minutes

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With Fern Bratten

Fern Bratten knows a lot about sales and customer service - she has been in the sales business for many years. Now she has put her experience as a motivational speaker, salesperson, and stand-up comedienne into the fun and motivational meeting opener, Selling With Passion. Fern tells the hysterical story of how she got her start as a sales professional. Throughout her presentation, you will learn how to bring creativity, enthusiasm and passion to the job of selling. Throughout the program, Fern also stresses engaging and entertaining the customer. Selling with Passion will motivate your sales people - and more importantly, it will give your salespeople a solid foundation to succeed. How to Order.

~ Show It and Tell It to Sell It
~ Be Creative
~ Engage Your Customer
~ Entertain 'Em
~ Ask for the Business

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Leader's Guide) / 2003 / () / 20 minutes

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With Peter Glen

Do you need to motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service? Are you looking for good ideas to make your customers happier? Are you looking for a way to deal with angry customers? If you are, then you need Adventures in Sales, Service and Self-Esteem. You'll be entertained with animation, music and effects with author and speaker Peter Glen.

Learn Peter's Steps To Inspired Sales and Service:
~ Prepare: Peter explains the importance of knowledge, pride and a positive attitude.
~ Connect: The customer walks in the door. What do you do to connect with them?
~ Create: How do you create the best sales and service experience for your customer?
~ Close: Overcome your fears and make sales happen.
~ Follow Up: Win customers for life by following up on the sale.
~ You: This motivational portion of the program inspires you to be your very best and enjoy working with customers.
~ Dealing with Angry Customers. In this bonus segment, Peter takes you through a seven-step program for dealing with angry customers.

~ Laugh while you learn winning strategies in sales and service
~ Learn how to create, close and follow up on the sale
~ Convert angry customers into satisfied ones

DVD (With Leader's Guide) / 2000 / () / 25 minutes

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With Patrick Schul

Innovative Strategies for Converting Prospects into Clients

Today we live in a different world where time-pressed, distracted buyers find it more and more difficult to see meaningful differences between competitors. So it's the ability to engage your prospect, hold attention, and develop quality relationships that will convert that prospect into a client. In this fascinating program Dr. Patrick Schul uncovers important information about how buyers use their brains to make decisions. You'll learn that many of the traditional selling methods have major flaws, and don't work with today's savvy buyers. Then he'll teach you exactly how to improve your oral conversations, written materials, and presentation tools by leveraging these powerful insights.

DVD / / () / 90 minutes

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With Jeff Blackman

Proven Strategies to OutThink, OutDo & OutSell Your Competition

If you want real-world solutions to drive monstrous results, then Explosive Sales Results is for you! Jeff Blackman's clients have grown their businesses by 30% to 40% or more. Some have even doubled and tripled their incomes. If you're a business-leader, salesperson, CEO, manager, executive, or entrepreneur-get ready to grow your business, enhance your profits, boost your earnings, and improve your life. Quickly. Ethically. Dramatically. In this fast-paced, hard-hitting, high-energy, information-loaded and exceptionally entertaining session, Jeff shows you how to attain an almost unfair competitive advantage. You'll learn how to create loyal and devoted customers, shorten your sales cycle, whip your competitors and sell value to maximize profits and earnings.

DVD / / () / 80 minutes

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By Richard Mulvey

Selling is all about understanding your customer's problem and providing just the right solution. It is no longer enough to simply uncover customer's needs however; you have to go beyond Need to Wants and finally Desires if you are going to beat your competitors to the finishing post. In this work we look at the process of managing a customer meeting from start to finish . Creating the right impression, uncovering his needs and the emotional reasons he will buy, right through to the close.

~ Learn how to get Face to Face more often
~ Understand the Psychology behind buying decisions
~ Develop your listening skills
~ Control the conversation using just the right questions
~ Understand the difference between Needs, Wants & Desires
~ Discover the right time to close

DVD / / () / 59 minutes

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By Richard Mulvey

We all use the telephone but how many of us learn to use it efficiently? In this work Richard describes the principles involved in selling your product or service over the telephone, as well as a useful script for making an appointment, techniques to get past the "Gatekeeper", and other ways to use the telephone to help you to close more sales and grow your customer base.

~ Close more sales on the Phone
~ Learn how to make appointments over the Phone
~ Discover how telephone etiquette can improve your strike rate
~ Professionally handle all objections over the Phone
~ Find out how to design scripts that really work
~ Become your company's star telesales specialist

We all use the telephone. Even my eight year old can call her friends and make arrangements to visit.(hopefully with parental approval). But how many of us learn to use the telephone efficiently? In this work we describe the principles of selling over the telephone, helping your team to close more sales and grow your customer base.

DVD / / () / 67 minutes

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By Richard Mulvey

It is easier to sell the higher priced product but few sales people understand this principle. Price is not the only issue as far as your customers are concerned, value is what matters and in this work we discuss how to get your quality message across to your customers so that you can achieve your premium price

~ Learn how to avoid Price as the major issue in the Sale
~ Discover why it is easier to sell the Higher priced product
~ Increase your strike rate and your Profit Margin
~ Find out how to get across your Quality message Far too often our sales teams see price as the only issue. This is a mistake that can get in the way of developing new profitable opportunities. In this work we will discuss how to get past price barriers, handle price objections, and close more, higher priced sales.

DVD / / () / 69 minutes

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By Richard Mulvey

Customers don't buy products, or even solutions, customers buy dreams. Your customers are dreaming about a better future through buying your products or services. In this work Richard outlines the process of creating and selling the dream that the customer wants to buy.

DVD / / () / 69 minutes

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