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Business - Social Media & Technology

Business - Social Media & Technology


There was a time when companies debated whether having a Web site would be useful in an overall marketing strategy. Today, a business Web site paired with a mobile app and supported by a nuanced online marketing strategy is a necessity in order to serve an increasingly technosavvy customer base. This program gives a detailed overview of how companies can create and maximize an online/mobile presence starting with the basics-goal-setting, search engine optimization, the user experience, and traffic analysis-and finishing with more advanced promotional considerations such as Web site tie-ins (e-newsletters, blogs, social media); mobile apps; online/mobile/offline advertising (Google Ad Words, Facebook Mobile Ads, QR codes); and text message marketing.

DVD / 2014 / 25 minutes

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The use of social media to promote business is one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing today. When used correctly, popular social media platforms offer the ability to connect-easily, affordably, and directly-with customers and prospects to build brand awareness and loyalty, improve customer service, and much more. How, then, should a company go about implementing social media as a part of its marketing mix? This program clearly and concisely explains how to get started with social media; make the most of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Yelp; and develop and manage a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

DVD / 2014 / 30 minutes

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By Garrett D. Felix

Don't Let a Tweet Make You a Twit: Reduce Risks Associated With Your Social Media Strategy discusses how the underlying risks with social media could have a negative impact on a health/fitness club and what the club's staff members could do to help prevent that from happening. The DVD also addresses ways in which these risks can be mitigated in order for the club to have a more successful social media strategy. In addition, the DVD details several examples of social media gone awry in business.

Among the topics covered:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Privacy legislation
  • Have an approval process
  • Hijacked
  • When employees own the account
  • Guidance for social media for both employees and employers

    DVD / 2013 / 54 minutes

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    For any modern organisation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is fundamental to how they operate. But how do we actually define ICT's and what is the specific role they play in business? Experts with a lifelong understanding of digital technology guide viewers through the ICT environment, the ICT needs and solutions for organisations, monitoring and evaluating ICT's and what the future of ICT's might look like. The program offers a variety of visual metaphors, which help to illuminate the inter-connected world of digital communication and how reliant we've become on technology. This program is an excellent resource for all IT students and professionals interested in ICT in their organisation.

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    DVD / 2013 / 21 minutes

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    With Jeremy Bailenson

  • Virtual reality is here, it's affordable, and it's changing business practices.
  • Using virtual reality to influence, persuade and teach.
  • How to turn today's video gamers into tomorrow's customers.

    Children in the U.S. spend twice as much time playing video games as they do reading. Virtual reality is their medium of choice. What does that mean for your business? To reach future employees and customers, organizations can leverage virtual reality in two ways-internally, as a powerful teaching and learning tool, and externally, in marketing and communication practices. Early adopters such as Merrill Lynch, Toyota, LinkedIn and Konica Minolta are already seeing dramatic results in learning simulations, training, and marketing effectiveness.

    Professor Bailenson draws on his years of psychology experiments in Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab to demonstrate, in dramatic video footage, the power of virtual reality. In a virtual environment, subjects can be persuaded more easily, adopt new behaviors, and gain awareness and empathy for others. Already in practice is Bank of America's online "Face Retirement" campaign, which uses your picture to show you aging, encouraging young customers to put more money into savings.

    DVD / 2013 / 56 minutes

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    A great deal of today's modern technology exists due to the extensive use of the abundant chemical element, Silicon. California's Silicon Valley is where we find several of the world's most innovative and successful technology companies that touch all areas of human needs. Two of these companies, SunTech and Complete Genomics, are on the forefront of the innovative use of computing technology. Through their groundbreaking methods and designs they have harnessed the computing power of the Silicon Valley and applied it to creating more efficient and effective solar power generators as well as cost effective and highly accurate human genome mapping techniques.

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 24 minutes

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    In this episode featuring Google, we get to know some of the secrets behind this innovation machine. We speak with several of the executives from Google that are based all around the world. Their thoughts, values and strategies behind the chal- lenge of winning the technology battle are explored. We learn how though their creative risks in growing the company as well as the creative environment established by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has become the top online search en- gine in the world.

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 24 minutes

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    Welcome to the world of social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Linkedin...it's everywhere. We literally can't escape it. In our personal lives it allows us to communicate freely with family and friends at any moment and at work Social Media allows us to provide better service, enhance our brand image, market our products and communicate conveniently with our customers.

    However, this powerful technology does not come without risk. Increasingly, the line between our work and personal lives has become blurred. Social Media networks have become a mix of family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and even customers. Therefore, when information is shared on Social Media a wide audience from every corner of a person's life has immediate access to that information.

    This program covers:
  • Social Media posts are permanent
  • Social Media is not private
  • Harassment & Bullying
  • Confidential Information
  • Insider Trading
  • Trade Secrets
  • Overuse at Work
  • Copyrighted Materials
  • Defamation
  • The consequences of inappropriate posts

    DVD (Closd Captioned) / 2013 / 11 minutes

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    If you're wondering how to make people follow your YouTube feed, make money from your blog or convince your CEO of putting some money on social media, stick around. Social Media Marketing is a growing trend and has been for a little while; but most brands are still trying to figure out how it works. Is it really something new or is it just another tool in the shed of marketing? Is it really useful? Can we see or measure results from having a million Facebook fans?

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    As consumers and brands explore the digital world, social media evolves. How are brands to leverage online influences, loyalty and marketing campaigns? How to respond to the consumer? What happens to the notion of privacy in a world of constant accountability, and what will be the future of social media marketing?

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    Advertising doesn't work anymore. People are not watching, listening or buying. True? Well, not quite; but close enough. As consumers are spending more and more time online, traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective. People are not looking for ads, they are searching for authentic content that entertains and educates in quick doses. Consumers want personalized touch points that make life easier. Learn how to become likeable, viral, shared, and loved by your consumers. Find out what consumers are looking for and how to deliver great content that can become a starting point to develop great products and services.

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    By Fred Hoffman

    One Size Doesn't Fit All: Which Social Media Platforms Are Best? provides a basic overview of most currently popular social media platforms. The DVD is designed to enable health/fitness professionals to make an informed decision concerning which social media platforms are best for them and their companies. The DVD details the pros and cons of each of these social sites. The DVD also discusses how individuals can initiate and/or enhance their social media strategies.

    Among the topics covered:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Blogs
  • Other popular social media platforms
  • Get everyone on-board

    DVD / 2013 / 85 minutes

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    By Bill McBride

    Social Media & New Marketing Technologies offers information and insights on how health/fitness facilities can develop a social media strategy that enables them to connect with their existing members, attract prospective members, and track these interactions as leads and sales for their business. The DVD looks at several of the most popular social media platforms (e.g., Twitter?, LinkedinR, FacebookR, FoursquareR, PintrerestR, etc.) and points out the opportunities as well as the challenges that exist for leveraging this particular marketing channel. The DVD also discusses how clubs can use social media to increase their level of membership.

    Among the topics covered:
  • Trending
  • Why group ex?
  • Social media
  • Lead generation & retention
  • Digital Technology
  • Club One Fitness Mobile app: keep members connected from mobile devices
  • New Club One Fitness website
  • Facebook: our main social media channel
  • Youtube: increase SEO, retention, & engagement
  • Zuberance
  • Online group purchasing
  • Other uses of new marketing technology: direct mail using Advercor

    DVD / 2013 / 97 minutes

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    By Zach Green

    Technology-5 Ways Technology Helps Manage, Maintain, and Grow Your Business explains how technology can enable health/fitness clubs to be better at what they do, more efficient in their on-going activities, and more likely to increase their bottom line. The DVD reviews five separate technologies and explains how each can have a positive impact on the efforts of clubs to be successful. The DVD provides specific examples of the possible role of each of the five (QR code; mobile devices; cloud computing; self management; and social media) in helping a club prosper.

    Among the topics covered:
  • QR code
  • Mobile
  • Cloud computing
  • Self Management
  • Social media

    DVD / 2013 / 56 minutes

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    Carol is concerned about excessive use of Facebook and Twitter at work, and initiates a social media policy, which Serena has observed is missing. Sam presents the new social media policy for the office, and they discuss inappropriate use. At the same time Michael's personal use of a dating app in the meeting triggers an embarrassing argument.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2012 / 9 minutes

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    By Steve Groves, Amanda Vogel

    Facebook, Twitter, & Foursquare: Building Member Loyalty With Social Media explores how health/fitness facilities can employ social media to enhance a member's steadfast sense of devotion/commitment to the club. The DVD is an exceptional resource for clubs that want to employ social media in their marketing efforts. In that regard, the DVD discusses the importance for facilities to determine their specific goals for marketing with social media in order to have a coherent, viable marketing strategy. The DVD features an overview of several of the key factors involved in using three of the most popular social media platforms-Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

    Among the topics covered:

  • Why your fitness business needs to be on Facebook
  • Group vs. like/fan page
  • How to make the most of a like/fan page
  • How to get more page "likes" & engagement
  • How Facebook selects interesting content for news feed
  • Twitter
  • The zero moment of truth
  • Foursquare
  • QR codes
  • Gym pact

    DVD / 2012 / 67 minutes

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    This film looks at three famous companies in the world of media and technology and explores the ethics of their approach to business.

    APPLE has amazing products, but they're made by people in China who work long hours for small wages. Some workers have even killed themselves: the "Foxconn Suicides". Apple now monitors its suppliers for compliance with its standards - but is this enough?

    NEWS CORP is a global media empire with famous brands like the Sun and Fox News. Founder Rupert Murdoch was once praised for taking on the print unions and he wielded huge power over society and politicians. But his papers have been criticised for promoting racism and homophobia. Now the hacking scandal has shaken his empire to the core. Is there an alternative to big companies controlling our media?

    GOOGLE: Launched in a dorm room by two students, Google is now a massive global success story. But has it been TOO successful? Does it have too much of our personal information? And how do we know what they're going to do with it? Britain's Information Commission Officer explains his concerns.

    DVD / 2012 / 25 minutes

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    By Garrett D. Felix

    To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Managing Social Media Within Your Health Club looks at current trends in the use of social media in the workplace, particularly health clubs. The DVD discusses the development of effective policies regarding member use of social media in a health-club setting. The DVD also outlines how to develop an effective employee social media policy. In addition, the DVD details the current state of social media use in health clubs, as well as risks that may exist in such usage both at the present time and in the next few years.

    Among the topics covered:

  • Social media in the workplace?
  • State of the media - the social media report
  • Trending uses of social media in the health club
  • Your club and social media policy
  • Important reminders
  • What does the future hold?

    DVD / 2012 / 49 minutes

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    By Amanda Vogel

    Promote Your Fitness Business With Social Networking: Twitter®, Facebook®, and Blogging provides an overview of how individuals can successfully market a fitness business, using online tools. The DVD explains why employing "old-fashioned" marketing modes, like email, may be out of fashion, and details why social media is currently the communication channel of choice for most people. The DVD also discusses how fitness professionals can determine whether their social media marketing efforts are working.

    Among the topics covered:

  • What is social media?
  • Facebook®
  • The difference between group pages and like (fan) pages
  • Twitter®
  • Blogging
  • Is your social media marketing working?

    DVD / 2011 / 59 minutes

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    With Rob Cross

  • How your organization's interpersonal networks drive business results.
  • Why leaders attuned to networks are more successful over time.
  • What a high-quality, energy-building network looks like.

    Networks of relationships among employees are increasingly the means by which organizations create value and foster innovation. From ten years of research tracking top-performing leaders at over 60 companies, Professor Cross found that successful leaders manage informal networks to compensate for weaknesses in formal structures, and thus improve collaboration, knowledge-sharing and best practices. In doing so, they are less susceptible to the loss of key contributors whose expertise enables a group to succeed.

    Top -performing leaders analyze and respond to interpersonal networks differently than leaders who fail-in five ways. They identify and adjust staff overloads to minimize bottlenecks. They draw in the "folks on the fringe" of networks by getting newcomers involved with colleagues and reengaging under-connected high performers. They bridge silos to facilitate collaboration across functions, geographies, hierarchy and expertise. They develop surge capacity by ensuring that the best expertise in a network is tapped for new problems and opportunities. And they minimize insularity by coordinating focus across groups on key accounts or business goals.

    DVD / 2010 / 59 minutes

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    By Nancy Shenker

    Online Media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are having significant impact on how campers and camp staff communicate. MySpace is Now Our Space: How Camps Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage reviews how "grown-ups" (i.e., camp staff) can use these powerful tools to their best advantage, including for marketing, recruiting, and community building, among other key tasks. The DVD offers practical advice that is designed to enlighten the "punch card" generation on the variety of possible uses of the new social media.

    Among the topics covered:
  • Communications evolution
  • What is social media?
  • How you can use social media to your advantage
  • Five things to get media savvy
  • Five things you shouldn't do

    DVD / 2009 / 68 minutes

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    By Don Tapscott

    Program Highlights
  • Blogs, wikis, peer-to-peer networks, personal broadcasting: the Internet has evolved from a static to a dynamic, highly collaborative platform.
  • Winning companies are leveraging these web technologies to spur innovation and growth.
  • Manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and even competitors are collaborating and rewriting business norms.

    Interactive web technologies, in the form of self-organizing Internet communities, are driving a social revolution. This Age of Collaboration is also creating an economic revolution that is changing the architecture of the corporation in how we create goods and services.

    Using the findings of a $9-million research project, Don Tapscott describes how companies innovate using the knowledge, resources, and computing power of millions of people organizing into a massive collective force. These innovative companies are challenging our assumptions about business and competitiveness. They are doing this by leveraging networks of peers, using operational transparency to their advantage, sharing intellectual property, and thinking and acting globally.

    Don Tapscott is the author of 11 widely read books about information technology, including "Paradigm Shift," "Growing Up Digital," and "The Naked Corporation." Tapscott is adjunct professor of management at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He holds an MA in Research Methodology from the University of Alberta and two Doctor of Laws (Hon).

    DVD / 2008 / 49 minutes

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    Featuring: Hau Lee

    Program Highlights
  • The three stages of innovation: substitution, scale and structural effect.
  • How the impact of the Internet on supply chain management has lead to business opportunities far beyond supply chain integration.
  • Examples of supply chain structural changes that resulted in important new profit centers.

    Professor Lee argues that companies should not be satisfied with the substitution effect or the scale effect when enjoying the benefits of the Internet on supply chain management. They need to identify opportunities for structural changes to their supply chain, and enable those changes to take place. The result will be new collaborative ventures, and can lead to entirely new product lines. Lee shows how select companies have leaped ahead by encouraging the structural changes precipitated by integrating supply chain management and the Internet.

    Professor Lee is Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Professor of Engineering at the Stanford School of Engineering. He holds a BS from the University of Hong Kong, M.Sc. From the London School of Economics, MIS from the Institute of Statisticians, and both an MS and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

    DVD / 2001 / 55 minutes

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    Featuring: Clayton Christensen

    Program Highlights
  • How to facilitate change rather than fight it.
  • How to recognize opportunities for growth.
  • Why your current customers may be holding you back.

    Many of history's greatest growth markets were created by a disruptive technology which enabled a larger population of less skilled people to do things in a more convenient way-things previously done by expensive specialists in centralized settings. But these innovations are often met with resistance from organizations whose processes and values get in the way of succeeding. Dr. Christensen demonstrates that in order to create new business in emerging markets, you need appropriate management of technological innovation and the ability to find new markets for new technologies.

    Clayton M. Christensen is a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School. Dr. Christensen holds an M.Phil. in economics from Oxford University, and an MBA and a DBA from the Harvard Business School. His book "The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail" won the Global Business Book Award for 1997's best business book.

    DVD / 2000 / 59 minutes

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    Our signature social media marketing program is now available for you to learn at home at your own pace. This program receives the top scores from participant and you will learn exactly how to start using social media to grow your business. This program also includes an action planner where you can create your own step-by-step plan. Whether you are new to social media or have some experience, this program will set you on the path for success. This is the ultimate social media marketing program including over 8 hours of 11 DVDs where you will learn EXACTLY how to use social media for your business.

    DVD / 8 hours

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    With Charlene Li

  • How to attract customers with tools like blogs, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The benefits of social media's two-way relationships-and the risks.
  • How to stay in command while giving up control.

    A fundamental power shift is underway in relationships between organizations and customers. Traditional one-way, seller-to-buyer communication is evolving into a two-way dialog, as social media technologies give buyers a voice. With examples from Oracle, Southwest Airlines, Walmart, Comcast, and Starbucks, Charlene Li shows how companies can use social media tools to encourage that dialog and have more intimate, beneficial relationships with customers.

    To get started, says Ms. Li, uncover what people want from you-whether it is product information, reviews from users, customer service attention, or input into product development. As you develop your communication strategy, start small, concentrating on how to meet the needs of your audience. Identify the "realist/optimist" in your organization who can jumpstart the process. Craft metrics and communication policies that align with your business goals. And then "prepare to let go" of absolute control.

    DVD / 54 minutes

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    According to a 2009 Computer World survey, 69 percent of American businesses have not developed a social media policy. Especially since social media has become as pervasive as ever, posing potential risks to an organization's bottom line. Employees' posts on social networking sites can alienate customers, tarnish an organization's reputation, disclose confidential company information, infringe privacy rights, and become evidence against an organization in court.

    Social Media: Reduce the Risk alerts organizations to these risks and provides relevant examples, including true-to-life stories. Explaining the need for a social media policy, it stresses how a typical Code of Conduct is inadequate to regulate online activity and how blocking websites at work is no longer enough. The program elaborates on specific issues that a formal social media policy must address and provides a blueprint for such a policy, citing general guidelines on:

  • Content
  • Scope and application
  • Management and enforcement, and
  • Consequences of violations.

    The program also advises that the policy should remind employees of the blurring line between personal affairs and business-related matters, i.e. that what employees post on social networking sites can affect the organization's image. In particular, it addresses how a policy relates to the First Amendment, i.e., the right to free speech, and ends by listing safe online practices:

  • Respect and online etiquette
  • Accuracy of information, and
  • Transparency

    In a company cafeteria setting, Social Media: Reduce theRisk explores these topics by re-enacting conversations between employees. The program follows their discussions as they explain the risks of social media, debate the importance of a policy, and exchange insights and opinions.

    DVD / 21 minutes

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