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Why have these minority women come all the way to Shanghai? What is 'fair trade'? What are the benefits of a 'fair trade wedding'? In this program, we take a look at 'fair trade' training in Shanghai.

DVD (English and Chinese, With Chinese Subtitles) / 2013 / 24 minutes

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Buy a bar of fair trade chocolate and help people in the developing world, too. This is the unique selling point of Divine Chocolate - but is it too good to be true?

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Divine was set up a co-op of cocoa farmers in Ghana to give them a share in the profits from their cocoa beans. Divine is a social enterprise and claims its ethical motivation shapes everything it does. But it's had to fight a major marketing battle to find a place in the cutthroat confectionery market.

MARKETING MIX: The big chocolate companies spend millions promoting their brands - by comparison Divine can spend almost nothing. Instead it makes creative use of the internet, public relations and its ethical back story. Divine's had to work hard to get onto the supermarket shelves and now wants to get its product to the other outlets people buy their chocolate.

BUT IS IT ENOUGH? As well as more money, fair trade has brought real benefits to the African farmers who own Divine. Women get a better deal. Villages get badly needed facilities like wells. But fair trade has its limitations. What about people working in poor conditions in the developing world who aren't in the fair trade loop?

DVD / 2010 / 30 minutes

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What is fair trade? How does it work in practice? What difference is it making to people in the developing world? This is the story of fair trade fashion company People Tree

SWEATSHOP LABOUR: The UK fashion business is worth over ¢G40 billion annually. But beneath the industry's glamorous facade, there's an inconvenient truth: most of the clothes are made in the developing world using sweatshop labour. People Tree set out to make a difference, by selling well-designed clothes produced in the developing world for a fair price. They're now selling through Top Shop and working with 50 producer groups in 15 different countries. UK turnover is ¢G1.5 million.

HAND-MADE: All People Tree's garments are hand-made. This means it is all much more labour intensive and slower than in factories. But that's the whole point: to create as much employment as possible. Care for the environment is also part of People Tree's plan. They use natural dyes and avoid toxic or synthetic raw materials. They use organic cotton which means not relying on harmful pesticides - but they're not totally organic yet.

BANGLADESH: One woman working on People Tree's clothes in Bangladesh does seem to be benefiting from fair trade. She tells how working on producing fair trade clothes has improved her life, brought her more money and freed her from being stuck at home. But fair trade isn't an easy option. People Tree has little money for advertising and marketing and every day is a struggle. Fair trade is still only a small fraction of the fashion business - can it ever go mainstream?

DVD (With Publication) / 2008 / 29 minutes

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E-Bay is the quintessential global market. This lively film travels from a small town in Germany, to the island of Sky, to a dusty village in Mexico and then to bustling cities in China to show how individuals all over the world are using the internet to buy and sell.

In the words of one enthusiastic trader, all you need to do is find an overlooked product and bring it to the world's attention. One American trader discovered a skillful potter in Mexico, has bought from him regularly and resold the ceramics at a profit. But then the artisan realized that anyone with a phone line can sell directly on e-Bay. Now his motto is "direct from potter to gringo."

Of course, not everyone is making a bundle. Some offerings don't sell at their price and have to be re-listed, at a cost. But the film shows that opportunities abound. An unemployed family in Germany is starting to make a living as traders. As the narrator says, nationality, race, education, skin color¡Xall these differences fade away on the internet.

E-bay is shown celebrating its 10th anniversary in San Jose, California with great festivities and acclaim. With all its success, it is beginning to face a challenge in the Chinese market where an ambitious competitor is steadily growing.

  • "deftly weaves together multiple narrative threads while also incorporating contextual information...captures the highs and lows of eBay's global business. Recommended." - Video Librarian

  • "continuously informative and cheekily irreverent¡K provides a thorough history of how the website, ¡Ksurvived the dot-com bust¡Kand ballooned into the sensation it is today." - Miami Herald

  • " This practical, well-organized DVD is inspiring and informative, bringing out the passion and idealism of entrepreneurs hoping to build a career on selling through the Web. It is suitable for adults of all ages. School, academic and public libraries will want to purchase to help all viewers understand eCommerce, eBay, and entrepreneurship. Recommended"-- EMRO

  • Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2008
  • Miami International Film Festival, 2008

    DVD / 2008 / 52 minutes

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    Looks at the development of Hong Kong's industries after July 1, 1997. Ken Yeung (Managing Director, Silicone Zone (HK) Limited) comments on the importance of creating his own brand of products as an ODM (original design manufacturer). He shows the silicone kitchenware that his company manufactures. He says Hong Kong still remains his design and training centre while manufacturing is in China. Stanley Lau Chin-ho (Managing Director, Renley Watch Manufacturing Company Limited) tells how CEPA benefits Hong Kong watch manufacturers. Li Ning (Chairman, Li Ning Company Limited) says Hong Kong remains a suitable platform for Chinese companies to go worldwid.

    DVD / 2007 / 30 minutes

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    Looks at what Hong Kong's entrepreneurs, many of whom were refugees from China, survived the difficult United Nations Chinese embargo in the 1950's, riots in the 1960's and the oil crisis in the 1970's to make Hong Kong the world's leading exporter of plastic flowers, toys, jewelry and garments and a major shipping centre. Tung Chee-chen (Chairman of Orient Overseas (International) Limited), Chan Shui-kau (Chairman, Yangtzekiang Garment Manufacturing Company Limited), Yip Man (President, Hong Kong and Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Association Limited) and Tim Lam Leung (Chairman, Forward Winsome Industries Limited) share their respective experiences.

    DVD / 2007 / 30 minutes

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    Entrepreneurs say the high salary level in Hong Kong in the 1980's and a shortage of workers hindered the expansion of their factories. They share their experiences when they moved their factories into China after it opened up. They say the move allowed them to expand and become world leaders in their respective fields. Kenneth Fang Hung (Chairman, Fang Brothers Knitting Limited), Allen Lee Peng-fei (Local Deputy, National People's Congress), Wong Tit-shing (Chairman, Jetta Industries Company Limited), Allan Wong Chi-yun (Chairman, VTech Holdings Limited) and Tommy Leung Yung (Chairman, Peace Mark (Holdings) Limited) share their respective experiences.

    DVD / 2007 / 30 minutes

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    Entrepreneurs say although factories had moved north, the 1980-90's remained the most prosperous years economically for Hong Kong. It was normal for people to hold two or even three jobs then. Property transaction was a major business of the legal profession and transportation business of goods manufactured in China for shipment in Hong Kong was brisk. Ng Siu-pang (Law Firm Partner), Winson Tai Wing-sing, Grace Cho Yee-mui (President and Vice President, Chu Kong Optical Manufactory Limited) and Anthony Lau Siu-wing (Executive Chairman, BALtrans Holdings Limited) share their experiences and their views of the future role of Hong Kong's businesses in China.

    DVD / 2007 / 30 minutes

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    Looks at how Hong Kong companies manage changes. Francis Kao Wai-ho (Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, Imagi International Holdings Limited) explains why he changes the primary business of his company. His Computer Graphics Supervisor, Kith Ng, explains the advantage of producing animation in Hong Kong. Lee Wing-tak (Chief Executive Officer, Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (H.K.) Limited) shows his company's environmental-friendly production facility and products. Chan Kei-biu (Chairman and Managing Director, Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Limited) shows his Changchun automotive parts factory. Christopher To Wing (Secretary-General, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre) says Hong Kong has become Asia's arbitration centre.

    DVD / 2007 / 30 minutes

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    International business impacts and influences the U.S. economy. This Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describes the impact of international business on the U.S. economy by comparing domestic and world trades. Students will learn the impact of imports and exports on the U.S. economy, in addition to understanding the trade and exchange rates.

    CD-ROM (Win, PowerPoint Presentation (20 slides)) / 2004 /

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    Like putting a puzzle together, international trade has many interdependent pieces and economic concepts involving a variety of factors. A basic understanding of economic interdependence, comparative and absolute advantage, and international trade all are pieces of a bigger picture - international trade's relationship to economic growth.

    DVD / 2002 / 8 minutes

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    Archaic models of global commerce assume that all parties will benefit equally from free trade. But well -documented exploitation of workers in the developing world has convinced many experts of the need for stronger fair trade practices. This program reports on the efforts of socially concerned entrepreneurs and leaders to safeguard the interests of foreign farmers, producers, and laborers. Bob Stiller, president and founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, explains why his company has earned a place on the Business Ethics magazine "100 Best Corporate Citizens" list; Neal Kearney, chief of the ITGLWF, debunks myths of slim profit margins in the garment industry; and Paul Rice, CEO of TransFair USA, describes his group's fair trade certification process.

    Note: Only available in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan

  • "Ethical Markets should be a daily show broadcast on many networks. The world is crying for the ideas and examples of a new economics that ensures a sustainable future for all of us. Hazel Henderson and Simran Sethi introduce viewers to an awakening world of possibility. A world where profit pursues a triple -bottom -line, and where hope blossoms among a new set of entrepreneurs to build a better world for all. The real life case studies show that indeed another world is possible, in fact it's being born in places and businesses around the world. The wider world needs to hear these stories if we are going to steer our spaceship earth towards a future that provides opportunity and security for all of us." - Terry Link, Director, Office of Campus Sustainability, Michigan State University

  • "We found the Ethical Markets series so valuable, we built an entire college course in our Financial Studies curriculum around it." - Carol S. Spalding, Ed.D., Open Campus President, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

  • "Ethical Markets challenges us to think beyond what is and look instead at what can, should and must be the bedrock principles of a sustainable, global economy." - James W. Knight, Dean, Division of Continuing Education, The University of Florida

    DVD / 2002 / 8 minutes

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