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Business and Management

Team Building


Dion provides insights into brainstorming strategies, while Carol is the solver.

Don't be dull
INSTEAD: Sharpen your mind

Don't hold back
INSTEAD: Be open to ideas

Don't sidestep problems
INSTEAD: Solve with facts and logic

Don't stifle the group
INSTEAD: Challenge everyone creatively

DVD / 2016 / () / 8 minutes

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Marcus must stop using a lucky dip and learn fair and effective selection strategies.

Don't be biased
INSTEAD: Select staff impartially

Don't be hasty
INSTEAD: Choose the best person for the job

Don't use leading questions
INSTEAD: Use behavioral interviewing

Don't be limited in your selection
INSTEAD: Seek diversity

DVD / 2016 / () / 10 minutes

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The team explores the MBTI and gain insights into their personality traits.

Are you more E or I?
E - Extraversion
I - Introversion

Are you more S or N?
S - Sensing
N - Intuition

Are you more T or F?
T - Thinking
F - Feeling

Are you more J or P?
J - Judging
P - Perception

DVD / 2016 / () / 10 minutes

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How to ensure a successful team, even if a virtual team? Pete Williams shares his strategies:

  • Work with A-level people
  • Attitude & skill
  • Training & learning every day
  • Practical self-paced learning
  • Everyone learns sales & marketing principles
  • Learning and reporting virtually
  • Daily reporting of achievements and challenges
    1. What was the plan for today?
    2. What did you get done? How long did it take?
    3. What didn¡¦t you get done? Why? What did you do about it?
    4. What¡¦s the plan for tomorrow?
    5. What do you need from your manager? By when?
    6. What training today?
    7. What takeaways?
  • Managing performance
  • Building an efficient business
  • Getting the balance right

  • DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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    Football's winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden provide insight into how to work successfully across generations. These coaches, have an amazing track record of success. Day in and day out, they have to deal with multiple generations - and they deliver outstanding performance! Now you can take their core lessons and apply them to your organization.

    For the first time in American history, four distinct generations are employed side-by-side in the workplace.The multi-generational composition of the workforce has led to a critical need: developing communication strategies that bridge gaps in experience and worldview.

    It has never been more complicated or necessary to master multi-generational communication among team members. The strength of the Teamwork Across Generations - T.A.G. training program comes from its powerful and experienced leaders who inspire you and your team members to excel to full capability.

    The first program is an 11-minute motivational short cut of the Teamwork Across Generations training video. This program highlights five key strategies for improving communication and productivity between the generations. The key learning points include:
  • Foster Mutual Respect
  • Listen
  • We're All On The Same Team
  • Everybody Becomes Invested
  • Show You Care

  • The second program is an extended 39-minute group or self-study version of the Teamwork Across Generations training video. This program contains an in-depth workbook, with a step-by-step toolkit for understanding the key strategy for improving work between the generations. This program is divided into five parts:

    Part 1: Teamwork Warm Up
    Part 2: Empower Across Generations
    Part 3: Perform Across Generations
    Part 4: Lead Across Generations
    Part 5: Unite Across Generations

    DVD / 2013 / () / 50 minutes

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    With Lt. Col. Rob (Waldo) Waldman

    A Fighter Pilot's Guide to Reaching New Heights in Business and Life

    What does it take to overcome fear and lead with courage when facing adversity? How can you build trusting partnerships in your personal and professional life, and live congruent with your core values? Discover answers to these questions and many more in this high-flying adventure featuring highly decorated US Air Force fighter pilot Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman. On this critical mission, you'll learn leadership and teamwork principles covering a wide range of areas including focus, integrity, collaboration, overcoming fear, and maintaining a commitment to excellence. Whether you're in the cockpit of an F-16 or in a chair at your office, these same principles apply when it comes to soaring to new heights both individually and as a team.

    DVD / 2011 / () / 105 minutes

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    With Roxanne Emmerich

    How to Build a Team with a Passion for Performance

    Are your people bringing all of their passion, commitment, skills and enthusiasm to the workplace everyday? Are dysfunctional viruses such as whining, gossip, and sabotage contaminating the spirit of winning you've been trying to create? Based on her best-selling business book by the same name, this seminar covers a number of powerful strategies for turning whiners into winners, eliminating gossip, holding people accountable, providing higher levels of service, and creating a more positive workplace. Take charge of change in your organization, and turn even the most negative team members into driving forces who help propel the organization to its next level.

    DVD / 2010 / () / 90 minutes

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    Learn how to communicate effectively to achieve best results:
  • Promote open and honest communication
  • Share information, not gossip
  • Build collaborative relationships
  • Resolve conflict productively
  • Create a warm welcome

  • DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2009 / () / 12 minutes

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    With Joel Weldon

    How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

    Effective teamwork, adaptability, and courage are all critical to the success of any professional in today's business climate. A shortcoming in any one of the three areas could cause failure, and possibly even extinction! In the animal world, coyotes have not only survived, they have thrived in the face of an all-out war to exterminate them - because they've learned adaptability techniques, teamwork skills, and they exhibit amazing courage. In this high-energy session, award-winning speaker Joel Weldon shows you how to thrive by understanding the positive attributes of the coyote. With adaptability, effective teamwork, and courage being the main themes, you'll learn several techniques and tools for turning average performance into excellence, no matter what your career or profession is.

    DVD / 2007 / () / 75 minutes

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    For a team to be effective in what it does, and how it does it, five key characteristics must be present. Discover what these characteristics are and how to build a successful team.

    The five characteristics of effective teams are:
  • 1. Clear role and specific objectives
  • 2. Mutual support
  • 3. Learning from mistakes
  • 4. Shared leadership
  • 5. Open communication

  • Learning Outcomes
  • 1. Be able to list and describe the five characteristics of effective work teams.
  • 2. Have analysed and evaluated own team's functioning.
  • 3. Have identified and planned follow-up activities to further improve team functioning.

  • DVD / 2007 / () / 12 minutes

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    With Danica Patrick

    Danica PatrickThe Indianapolis 500 Race is one of the toughest competitions in the world. To succeed, you need to have great drivers, top-notch equipment, a perfectly coordinated team, and great leadership. Any team that does well in this competition is a model of success. Now you can learn from one of these top teams - the Rahal/Letterman Team - and put their lessons to work in your organization.

    Watch Danica Patrick and her team prepare for the race.

    Two Award-Winning Training DVDs in one complete training package

    DVD 1: Four Weeks In May(18 Minutes)

    In this introductory DVD, you will see how the team trains, collaborates and perseveres in the face of challenges. In addition, you can watch Bobby Rahal lead and inspire each member of his team including rookie driver Danica Patrick. See how this team strives every day to achieve top results in the Indy 500.

    This program is the model for your team as you face new challenges. It showcases outstanding leadership and collaboration.

    DVD 2: T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K.(40 Minutes)

    An entirely new training experience that give you flexibility and lasting impact

    The two DVDs contain several lessons. Trainers and educators will find many relevant teaching points in the eight T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. modules as well as in the program Four Weeks in May. These learning elements will bring to life key training objectives and provide a springboard for discussion and in-house exercises. The programs also provide powerful motivation for managers and leaders who are looking to encourage change and provide leadership and incentives to employees.

  • Understand the importance of perspective and perseverance
  • Celebrate success and motivate your team to higher levels of excellence
  • Train constantly to achieve success
  • Balance risks and rewards to reach higher levels of achievement
  • Build team unity and communicate, communicate, communicate

  • 2 DVDs (Closed Captioned) / 2006 / () / 58 minutes

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    Organisations around the world are turning to teams as a key way of structuring their operations. Whether they are ongoing teams, self-directed teams, quality action teams or teams specific to an organisation, five characteristics must be present for building and maintaining success.

    This program demonstrates the skills required in well-functioning teams: sharing leadership, learning from mistakes, communicating openly, reviewing directions and roles, and putting the team's needs ahead of the needs of individual members.

    Training Points
  • Share the leadership function with all members of the team
  • Learn from team mistakes to improve future performance
  • Create an atmosphere of open, honest communication
  • Review team direction and how well it is performing roles and functions
  • Put the team's needs first

  • DVD / 2006 / () / 12 minutes

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    With Tom Peters

    Does every new project you face seem to be dull? Do you want to breathe new life and new ideas into your next assignment? Do you want to tap the creativity and ideas of ALL your people? If you do, then this program is for you! Tom Peters shows you how to foster innovation, tap the creativity of your people, and make work fun! You will see how people came up with innovative ideas, tested their ideas, and brought them to reality.

    The HealthWorks Kids Museum and HealthWorks Hummer are classic examples of WOW projects! Tom Peters explains how you can turn your next assignment upside down and bring a feeling of "WOW!" to work.

  • Develop Innovative Ideas and Solutions
  • Test Your Ideas
  • Sell Your Ideas both Internally and Externally
  • Hire Non-Conformists
  • Have Fun and Celebrate Successes

  • DVD (With Workbook) / 2004 / () / 17 minutes

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    This powerful video shows five elements of teamowrk that will strengthen teams on a daily basis, so that they are better prepared for the unexpected. These insights are shared by Captain Al Haynes, who explores the extraordinary teamwork involved in the miraculous landing of a severely disabled United Air Lines jet.

    Viewers see what started out as a very ordinary flight on a United Air Lines DC-10 turn into a catastrophic situation where teamwork helped achieve a miraculous outcome. The United Airlines DC-10 was flying en route from Denver to Chicago when it experienced engine failure in its #2 engine, leading to loss of all hydraulic power to the airplane. Using the two remaining engines as their only source of steering, Captain Al Haynes and his flight crew managed to bring the plane into a crash landing at Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, Iowa.

    While some passengers were lost, 196 survived as a result of remarkable confluence of events, including the disaster preparedness of the rescue crews on the ground, the flight crew in the air, and the air traffic controllers, who worked together to achieve results that in all respects beat the odds.

    DVD (With Traditional Chinese Subtitles) / 2001 / () / 28 minutes

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    With Maestro Fernandez

    The conductor of a chamber symphony with only 30 musicians is asked to perform a piece originally written to be played by a full symphony of 90 musicians. Working "in concert," Maestro Fernandez leads his orchestra to reorganize and reinvent itself, maximizing its talents to do more with less. In order to meet the demands of his audience (his customers) the Maestro combines leadership, creativity, and teamwork to present a thrilling musical finale.

    In Concert was shot on location with the Nevada Chamber Symphony. It was directed by Rob Nilsson, a Cannes Film Festival award-winner. The program has enjoyed widespread acclaim and has won many awards.

  • Maximizing teamwork
  • Focusing on the goals of the customer
  • Reengineering your team to achieve the customer's goals
  • Doing more with less

  • DVD (With Workbook) / 2000 / () / 11 minutes

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    When teams are comprised of people from different cultures, the opportunity for misunderstanding arises. This scenario shows how different approaches between French, British, American and German cultures can cause communication problems.

    When you are building hign performance teams across cultures, it is vital that each team member respects each other's differences, as well as being willing to come to some common agreements on how they will cooperate. In this scenario, you will see how communication can break down and be misinterpreted among a cross-cultural team.

    Key Learning Points
  • Understanding and appreciating differences in European cultures
  • Building effective teams globally
  • Understanding intercultural communication issues, including views of time, organizational structure, and decision-making processes
  • Developing skills to lead diverse employees

  • DVD (With Facilitator's Guide) / 1999 / () / 10 minutes

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    Teams are critical in order for today's excellent organizations to succeed. No one person can do it all. A well-constructed team with specific goals and guidelines is critical in today's fast paced business environment. In Building Teams for Success, you will see how a team at Rubbermaid's Little Tykes division successfully developed and launched a product, which revolutionized the day care playground equipment market. Learn the many ways in which teams are used to achieve success as well as the nine specific success factors that are critical to building top performing teams.

  • Establish Leadership & Set Clear Goals
  • Create a Shared Vision
  • Initiate Effective Communication
  • Confront Issues & Resolve Conflicts
  • Build Trust
  • Maintain Clear Roles & Responsibilities
  • Empower People to Act & Remain Flexible

  • DVD (With Workbook) / 1998 / () / 18 minutes

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    The streamlined operations and productive results so needed by every team can be achieved by applying the principles presented in this programme Learn the four fundamentals of totally task-oriented teamwork.

    This journey into team building borrows from the story of Captain Bligh and The Mutiny on the Bounty.

    Participants watch Bligh employ techniques of team building and maintenance resulting in a smoothly functioning team. Training designs invite participants to apply the same techniques to their own work teams.

    These includes:
  • creating a safe environment
  • focusing on the job instead of each other
  • giving every idea a fair hearing
  • demanding total commitment from each member
  • allowing the task to dictate procedures

  • DVD (With Traditional Chinese Subtitles) / 1995 / () / 18 minutes

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    Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and a group of frustrated library patrons work together to create a hilarious musical moment. Watch as they turn a cacophony of sound into a symphony!

    DVD / 1978 / () / 2 minutes

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    When people cooperate on the job, everyone wins. Individuals work more efficiently and get ahead, teams reach their goals and the organization prospers. So why do so many employees focus on competing when they should cooperate? This video shows how each person in the workplace benefits from cooperation.

    This video will help everyone in your organization realize the role they play and stake they have in cooperating for success.

    DVD / / () / 15 minutes

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    With Randy Pennington

    Partner With Customers, Engage Your Team & Realize Your Vision

    Building a successful business goes far beyond providing good products and services. Great companies create cultures that attract the right employees and create buy-in to the bigger vision. In this dynamic program loaded with powerful stories and examples, expert speaker Randy Pennington guides you through the fundamentals that lead to long-term growth and bottom-line results. You'll learn how to differentiate your business from the competition, guide people through change, build greater trust, strengthen employee and customer relationships, and create true accountability in your organization. In a world where competition is constantly trying to steal away your customers, your best defense is creating a culture of excellence.

    DVD / / () / 85 minutes

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    To create a winning team, you need to motivate, persuade, teach, criticize, praise and evaluate-every day. Whew! In just minutes, this informative program will walk you through the team-building process and describe universal strategies that can be applied successfully to any group of individuals.

    Creating and sustaining a great team can be a labor-intensive nightmare. But the easy-to-learn and use techniques provided in this video will help you smoothly turn your group into a dream team come true.

    Develop your own dream team once you learn how to:
  • Select the right mix of talent
  • Spell out expected team behavior
  • Avoid stifling innovation and creativity
  • Deal with and make the best of errors
  • Provide constructive criticism and positive feedback
  • And much more!

  • DVD / / () / 18 minutes

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    When some people hear the word teamwork they immediately think of games or team sports; yet, teamwork is much more than this.

    In businesses today the teamwork concept, rather than the old pyramid-shaped organization-chart-process, is what makes them successful. Ideas and decisions are generated within teams and not from the top down as in the past.

    With the Effective Teamwork how-to video training program you'll learn:
  • How to make the team concept work
  • Why teams are important to you and your organization
  • How to write a team constitution
  • How to develop ideas and make decisions that the team can stand behind
  • How to run a typical team meeting
  • How to deal with conflict and team problems
  • After watching this video, and completing the exercises both on the video and in the book, your entire work force will know how to maintain a cooperative, creative and highly productive team environment. The skills learned will lead to greater success for you and your organization.

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Audioc CD, Publication) / / () / 39 minutes

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    How much time and effort is wasted in your organization because team members don't fully understand one another's roles and responsibilities?

    In this program you'll discover how to:
  • Build a high level of trust among team members.
  • Use a simple formula to identify everyone's skills, strengths and roles.
  • Empathize with others to understand their priorities and challenges.
  • Motivate teammates by offering praise the right way.
  • And more!

  • DVD / / () / 19 minutes

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    With Mark Sanborn

    How to Make Teamwork Work with Anybody, Anyplace, Anytime

    Most companies have teams in place - customer service, management, sales, etc. The challenge is that many team members have never been taught effective teamwork strategies. In this practical, easy to implement training session, award-winning speaker Mark Sanborn shares key ideas and techniques for building a more cohesive, productive team. You'll learn the five characteristics of a unified team, six skills that all effective teams use, three reasons why teamwork doesn't work, how to instill greater cooperation, and much more. These skills are applicable to anybody, in any industry, virtually anywhere in the world. Both team members and leaders will walk away from this seminar with an easy to use framework for developing a team where everyone wins.

    DVD / / () / 70 minutes

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    Teamwork: What's Trust Got To Do With It?" follows a team which is stuck and unable to move forward on a crucial project. One team member, Walter, is especially frustrated, blaming the other team members for the lack of progress. His office mate, Sean, suggests that the underlying problem may be a lack of trust. He guides Walter through the building blocks of trust: openness, credibility and respect.

    DVD / / () / 19 minutes

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    Conflict¡K while it's often blamed for the breakdown of a team's unity, it's often just a symptom of a larger problem. The Unified Team training video lays out a practical approach that any team leader can follow to deal with the symptoms, and the cure.

    In addition to learning how to solve the 3 most common types of team conflicts; blaming, belittling and feuding, The Unified Team training video package teaches team leaders how to promote the positive feelings of unity within their team in this popular management and leadership training video.

    DVD (With Traditional Chinese Subtitles) / / () / 35 minutes

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    This video demonstrates how an employee involvement program transformed a company. The real people involved - workers, supervisors, and managers - recreate the dramatic story of how they turned their company around. This video provides a realistic model of how one type of employee involvement program works-and of how one company was able to successfully change its corporate culture-raising issues for viewers to consider and adapt to their own situation. It demonstrates to workers, supervisors, and managers that self directed work teams can and do work, not just for the company's benefit, but for everyone's.

    It also prepares viewers for the often difficult process of change, by inspiring them to see that change can be for the better, and by reassuring them that their doubts and fears are not only shared by others, but are a natural part of the change process itself.

    DVD / / () / 23 minutes

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