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Teen Addiction

Teen Addiction


With a culture of drinking for a good time, is it time to question this established habit and recognize the damaging effect drinking can have on teenagers? This program interviews teens out for a good time, alcohol addicts, as well as those working hard to combat the problem. Dr Chris Daley offers unique views on alcohol addiction along with experts who comment on the damaging effects of alcohol. Recovering alcoholic Gerald Brian Leccy gives an emotional insight into his personal journey through his addiction.

DVD / 2014 / 22 minutes

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Drug addiction has been part of society for thousands of years. But have we evolved to a point where we are effectively combating the damaging effects that drug addiction is having on our teens or are we still fighting a losing battle? In this program experts discuss their experiences working with drug addiction. Current and ex-addicts tell of their daily battle with this deadly addictive behavior and teens give us access to their drug history and rehabilitation treatments on their journey to recovery.

DVD / 2014 / 22 minutes

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Gambling is an addiction that is well recognized. With the growth of online casinos, mobile gambling and eye-catching slot machines, young people today live in a society surrounded by and encouraged to gamble. Gambling takes place anywhere and everywhere. In this program, we speak to numerous casinos & bookmakers about the younger audiences being drawn into the gambling world. We hear the story of Anthony Franklin, a teen who became a victim to the pull of gambling. He tells the story of his long road to recovery which led him to campaign about the dangers of becoming a gambling teen. This program explores if "one more roll of the dice" can lead a teen to throw away a life full of opportunity before its even begun.

DVD / 2014 / 22 minutes

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For teens living in a society where everything from perfume to pastry is sexualized and internet porn is readily accessible, is it too easy to go too far? How plausible is the idea that teens can become addicted to sex? In this program, we speak to experts and professionals who work with recovering sex addicts. We hear from those involved with Sex Addicts Anonymous, about the battles addicts face everyday.

DVD / 2014 / 22 minutes

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With the rising phenomenon of social networking websites, constant interconnectivity with friends and family is now part of daily life. However as opposed to enriching their lives, is social media just another avenue for teenagers to become addicted to? Speaking to a broad range of experts as well as those affected by social media addiction, this program seeks to answer this question. Therapists Nick Kemp and Diane Beck, social media agency Juice Digital, and medical professionals will have their say on the newest addiction endangering our teens.

DVD / 2014 / 22 minutes

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Video gaming has exploded over recent years and the realism and escapism that is now on offer to teenagers can be a source of relaxation and pleasure. But this same realism and escapism can become a trap that turns carefree gamers to serious addicts. This program delves into the world of video game culture to try and shed light on the issue of video game addiction. Thomas Clare was an average teen when he got lost in the world of gaming, and neglected his real life. We speak to Thomas and his family about the effect this had on all of their lives and ask the question, at which point does a passion and a hobby begin to negatively impact a teenagers life?

DVD / 2014 / 22 minutes

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In this program we see and hear from teens and young adults who describe how their lives were ruined because of drug dependency. Dreams can be shattered, lives can be ruined and overcoming addiction can be a life-time process. Teens and young adults describe the downward spirals their lives took after continued use of illegal substances, the effect it took on their families, how it fast tracked their lives into lives of crime and how in some cases it left many living on the streets. Hard-hitting testimonials from teens and young adults illustrate the potential life-altering damage done by substance abuse use, the struggle to get and stay clean, what it means to live a life free of drugs and the reality that it can happen to anyone who chooses to experiment with drugs.

DVD / 2013 / 30 minutes

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In this program we see and hear from teens and adults who describe how their lives were ruined because of drug dependency. Dreams can be shattered, lives can be ruined and overcoming addiction can be a life-time process. Teens and young adults describe the downward spirals their lives took after continued use of illegal substances, the effect it took on their families, how it fast tracked their lives into lives of crime and how in some cases it left many living on the streets. Teens learn that there is no discrimination when it comes to drug dependence. Hard-hitting testimonials from teens and young adults illustrate the potential life-altering damage done by substance abuse use, the struggle to get and stay clean, what it means to live a life free of drugs and the reality that it can happen to anyone who chooses to experiment with drugs. Subjects covered include: Drug addiction and dependence, The effects of drug use, The consequences of living a life of drug dependence, How drugs can take a toll on a teens life, Overcoming temptation and desire, Drug treatment and rehab programs

DVD / 2013

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Alcohol is the most popular and most widely used recreational drug in Australian culture. But how does binge drinking really affect individuals physically, socially and psychologically? What are the short and long term effects? What are the direct and indirect consequences? Exploring the issue through the eyes of our youth, this program takes an in depth look at this major health issue and investigates the concept of binge drinking and what can happen when it gets out of hand. We discuss; the effects of alcohol, reasons for binge drinking, addiction, consequences, associated risks with binge drinking and responsible behaviour.

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DVD / 2009 / (Middle Secondary - Professional) / 23 minutes

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Video games. Cell phones. Computers. TV. The American Medical Association reports that five million kids are addicted to videogames. Has technology overtaken your child's life? Learn about today's new high-tech addiction, its impact on kids - and families, and how parents can take control.

DVD / 2007 / Approx. 22 minutes

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This documentary-style program opens with several teens' comments about methamphetamine, including how cheap and easy it is to obtain, how little they knew about its harmful effects, and how their addiction has resulted in their criminal behavior. Tony and Candice explain how they were immediately obsessed with meth after just trying it once, and Katie describes using it to try to lose weight. Two experts talk about how meth can cause damage to organs such as the heart, kidneys, and brain and that it can cause psychosis and violent behavior. Adolescents will learn how to think about the consequences of methamphetamine use and how to practice assertiveness skills to resist peer pressure.

DVD / 2007 / (Grades 6-12) /

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Everyday a teenager somewhere tries nicotine, whether it is to rebel, to fit in or to look 'cool.' But this experimentation could have dire consequences. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs available. Trying it, whatever the reasons, can lead to a lifetime of addiction. Find out the dangers of nicotine. Also discover strategies to quit if you are already addicted.

Learning Objectives:
1) Students will learn what nicotine is
2) An in-depth examination of nicotine addiction will be given.
3) Students will find out about nicotine?s risks to their health.
4) Tips will be given to help nicotine addicts quit their habit.

DVD / 2004 / 28 minutes

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Something powerful happens when kids speak from the heart. And when the topic of discussion is alcoholism-their alcoholism-the unscripted words of teens who've been there tell the real story of this chronic and progressive disease.

In this compelling and hopeful program, teen alcoholics in recovery talk about why they started drinking, how alcohol took over their lives, what they did to get sober, and who they've become in recovery. The result is an honest look at what it means, and what it takes, for a teen to be done drinking.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2003 / 13minutes

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Show teens who are living under the terrible strain of a family member's addiction the strategies they can rely upon to help them cope. This information-packed program sends the message that children don't cause, can't control, and can't cure a family member's addiction. Woven throughout is advice from a narrator who shares facts about addiction.

DVD / 2002 / (Grade 6 or above) / 23 minutes

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Drinking, smoking and using drugs are not "just part of growing up." Studies show that both parents and educators can influence the prevention of risky behaviors in children. Learn what pressures kids face at school, on the weekends and at parties. Teach them how to say no in a "cool" way - and stick to it. Understand from experts the warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse.

Watch Addicted Kids to hear stories from real teens who have used drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Learn from experts and parents who have "been there" as they offer solutions that really work.

DVD / 2001 / Approx. 22 minutes

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This program dramatizes the story of Danny, a teenager who smoked his first joint as a freshman. He graduates to snorting cocaine, repeatedly denying along the way that he has any problem. This close-up look at one teen's descent into addiction offers powerful insight into the nature of the process and helps students begin to understand just how vulnerable they are.

DVD / 2000 / (Grades 7 - 12) / 28 minutes

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Teens who experienced the highs' and lows' of marijuana abuse share their tales of addiction and loss and subsequent recovery. Told strictly through the voices of the teens profiled, the program cuts to the core of marijuana attraction and the ultimate cost to the user on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The program is an inspiration for recovering teens of all walks of life to stay clean and nurture their recovery.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2000 / 14 minutes

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Drug addiction is a disease of the brain, and teens are at highest risk for acquiring this disease. That is the startling conclusion recently arrived at by brain experts, based on the latest research findings. This program illustrates the amazingly complicated structure and function of the brain using colorful and compelling visuals and computer animations. It explains the changes to the brain caused by prolonged use of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, nicotine, alcohol and methamphetamine, and shows why voluntary drug use eventually becomes involuntary and compulsive. Studies indicate that drugs affect the developing brain more than the brain of someone more mature, thus putting teens at a higher risk of addiction. Interviews with recovering teen addicts, an addiction counselor, and brain experts and researchers give the program realism and intensity, and provide sobering thoughts to viewers.

  • Highly Recommended - Educational Media Reviews Online

  • Bronze Telly Award

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teacher's Resource Book) / (Grades 7-College) / 28 minutes

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    This unique program asks viewers a series of questions to help them focus on whether or not they have a problem with alcohol and other drugs. Questions include: Does your use of drugs or alcohol cause problems at school or at home? Have you found that you need increased amounts of alcohol or other drugs in order to get intoxicated or high? Do you feel like you would like to cut down or control your drinking or use of other drugs but can't? After each question, viewers hear the personal reflections of young recovering addicts and comments from a leading addiction expert. At the end of the program, students are asked to assess their responses. Program also offers specific advice about how to get help.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 24 minutes

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    No longer just used in clubs, ecstasy and other drugs like spe-cial K, LSD, GHB and Crystal Meth are finding their way into schools and homes as their use grows among young teenagers who view them as "harmless fun." Teens in rehab talk candidly about their common experiences with ecstasy and the devastating effects on their lives. We ride along with an undercover cop and teen EMTs, plus we interview Dr. Alan Leshner, director of NIDA, and a District Attorney. Co-hosted by Erika Christensen, the teen addict in the movie Traffic, this special raises awareness about club drugs by showing their dangers, defining the penalties and exposing misconceptions.

  • "...a riveting real-life video about the harmful drug." - Youth Today, The Newspaper on Youth Work

  • "...informative, fast moving video." - School Library Journal

  • 2002 Prism Award

    DVD (With Discussion Guide, English Subtitles) / (Grades 6-12, College) / 30 minutes

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    The truth about the abuse of prescribed painkillers is startling. Abused painkillers such as Oxycodone, Vicodin and methadone are responsible for more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control, prescription painkillers have surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Students learn the dynamics of painkiller addiction and abuse through the personal stories of teens who have been hooked on legal pain killers. These teens describe the downward spiral of addiction that can eventually lead to death by overdose. Former users, physicians and drug education experts communicate the hard facts to viewers including how difficult it is for users to cope with withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, shakiness and lack of energy.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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    Meth use among teens is not just a serious issue in the mid-west and western states. With wider availability, it is now spreading across the country. This program visits Montana to see how The Meth Project was able to reduce meth usage by 63%. We also meet two ex-users who give frank and moving accounts of how their lives were nearly destroyed by the drug. Based on the Not Even Once theme, the media ad blitz was created with input from teens, who go on to own the campaign. We follow them as they create monumental artwork that covers public spaces in Paint the State. Then, to ensure the message continues, they generate widespread participation in a March Against Meth that successfully petitions state legislators at the capitol for funding. The teens passion and creativity are an inspiration, and the project has been replicated by seven other states. This program clearly shows the dangers of meth and how use can be prevented.

    DVD / (Grades 6-12, College) / 16 minutes

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