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New Releases - Teen Guidances

New Releases - Teen Guidance


Heather Shenkman, M.D., is a vibrant young cardiologist, triathlete, and expert communicator. She presents students with a crash course in the physiology and functioning of their hearts and demonstrates the best ways to keep their hearts healthy.

Using herself as a model, Dr. Shenkman shows teens exactly how to achieve life-long heart health through 7 simple principles:

1. get active
2. eat healthy
3. manage weight
4. avoid smoking
5. control cholesterol
6. manage blood pressure
7. reduce sugar in your diet

Dr. Shenkman motivates teens to design, start and maintain a healthy heart program tailored to each student's individual needs.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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In this program we see and hear from teens and adults who describe how their lives were ruined because of drug dependency. Dreams can be shattered, lives can be ruined and overcoming addiction can be a life-time process. Teens and young adults describe the downward spirals their lives took after continued use of illegal substances, the effect it took on their families, how it fast tracked their lives into lives of crime and how in some cases it left many living on the streets. Teens learn that there is no discrimination when it comes to drug dependence. Hard-hitting testimonials from teens and young adults illustrate the potential life-altering damage done by substance abuse use, the struggle to get and stay clean, what it means to live a life free of drugs and the reality that it can happen to anyone who chooses to experiment with drugs. Subjects covered include: Drug addiction and dependence, The effects of drug use, The consequences of living a life of drug dependence, How drugs can take a toll on a teens life, Overcoming temptation and desire, Drug treatment and rehab programs

DVD / 2013

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A Regional Emmy award-winning documentary. Willie Jones, was valedictorian of his high school class, an outstanding student, athlete and class leader bound for Cornell University. The day after he graduated, Willie Jones Jr. was gunned down in a drive-by shooting as he left a graduation party where parents were acting as chaperons, alcohol was prohibited and an off-duty police officer was providing security. The killing of Willie Jones shocked and angered much of San Diego, particularly the African American community, in which Jones had become a role model and a symbol of hope. Family members and friends reflect on the very personal pain of youth violence and express hope that Willies story will be a resounding wakeup call for teenagers today facing the daily struggles of guns, gangs and violence.

DVD / 2013

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Young people with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, self mutilation, reactive attachment disorder are at higher risk for suicidal thoughts. Raising teenagers with mental health issues can be a difficult and very challenging experience. This reflective program focuses on parents and teenagers who tell their stories of struggle as they learn how some families cope with parenting a mentally ill teen. When parents have to deal with a mentally ill teen they face many unique challenges. Through personal stories and discussions, you'll learn some of the reasons for mental illness and some of the solutions and resources for dealing with and available to help support families. Health professionals explore the subject of mental illness and offer thoughtful counsel and advice for parents and teens to help guide them through challenging times. Subjects Covered Include: Depression & emotional problems, How to watch for teens displaying suicidal tendencies, Genetic and environmental factors, Support groups.

DVD / 2013

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Social and developmental psychologist and author Lynn Phillips explores the line between consent and coercion in this thought-provoking look at popular culture and the ways real girls and women navigate their heterosexual relationships and hookups. Featuring dramatizations of interviews that Phillips conducted with hundreds of young women, the film examines how the wider culture's frequently contradictory messages about pleasure, danger, agency, and victimization enter into women's most intimate relationships with men. The result is a refreshingly candid, and nuanced, look at how young women are forced to grapple with deeply ambivalent cultural attitudes about female sexuality. Essential for courses that look at popular culture, gender norms, sexuality, and sexual violence.

  • "Avoiding simplistic dichotomies, Phillips eloquently negotiates the tricky terrain between female pleasure and male accountability." - Rhoda Unger, Montclair State University

  • "A fascinating study of the ways young women grapple with the surprising paradoxes and contradictions expressed in young women's fears, fantasies, beliefs, and desires." - Sara Ruddick, Author of Maternal Thinking: Toward a Politics of Peace

  • "Phillips has... a keen sense of the uncertainties and competing forces that shape heterosexual relationships for contemporary young women." - Psychology of Women Quarterly

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2012 / Approx 55 minutes

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    Directed by Maureen Palmer

    The powder keg that is porn culture has exploded in the lives of North American children. From thongs and padded bras for 9-year-old girls to "sexting," 24-7 internet porn, and unfiltered social media, kids today are bombarded with commercial sexual appeals like never before. In this astonishing new documentary, award-winning documentary filmmaker Maureen Palmer (Leaving Bountiful, How to Divorce and Not Wreck the Kids) explores what this radical transformation of the culture means for young people, parents, and our very notions of childhood. Palmer interviews researchers who have been tracking how the accelerating pressure to be sexy -- and sexual -- is changing kids' behavior and undermining their health. She sits down with parents and educators struggling to help kids navigate puberty in a hypermediated cultural environment that no longer seems to recognize or respect the developmental needs of children. And she talks to teens and pre-teens who share eerily casual insights into the routine role sex plays in their lives. The result is a stunning exploration of the sexualization of childhood and a startling wake-up call for parents who still think their own children are immune to the excesses and influences of today's sexed-up youth culture.

  • "[Sext Up Kids] shows how growing up in a hyper-sexualized culture hurts our children and presents some pretty shocking stories and statistics about what tweens and teens are doing." - Annie Urban, Creator, PhD in Parenting blog

  • "A sobering and must-see look at how an onslaught of sexualized media and marketing is undermining the healthy development of girls. I highly recommend this film for parents, activists, and media educators." - Josh Golin, Associate Director, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

  • "This is a very informative documentary on what we are doing to our kids -- especially the girls!!! Please watch this." - Sandra Finkelstein, 2BEmpowered.com

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2012 / 43 minutes

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    In this provocative presentation, career prosecutor Anne Munch examines how societal attitudes influence legal cases involving sexual assault. Drawing on her experience prosecuting sex crimes, Munch demonstrates how rape cases frequently turn on the involvement of what she calls an "unnamed conspirator" -- the complex of myths and stories we tell ourselves as a culture about sex, gender, power, and responsibility. Using examples from real cases, and harrowing evidence from actual 911 calls, Munch shows how the assumptions that juries bring into the courtroom often stack the odds against victims, and challenges us to question how our own assumptions might reinforce victim-blaming. The result is at once a stunning look inside our criminal justice system and a cutting analysis of American culture's warped views of women's sexuality.

  • "In compelling fashion, Munch is able to communicate these complex issues involving sexual assault in an accessible manner that is personal, eye-opening, and timely." - Jeff O'Brien, Director, Mentors in Violence Prevention National

  • "The powerful message Anne Munch delivers is unequaled in terms of education and awareness. She has the ability to connect with her audience and challenge basic social norms, as well as the audience members' own belief systems, about sexual assault." - Drs. Curt & Christie Brungardt, Fort Hays State University

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2012 / 57 minutes

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    By Denice Ann Evans

    Filmmaker Denice Ann Evans draws heavily on the voices of students in this powerful and timely exploration of hookup culture on college campuses. Supplementing student testimony with analysis from experts and health professionals, the film's main concern is whether hookup culture is offering young people a new and potentially liberating set of sexual rules, or whether it's simply reinforcing traditional gender roles and blurring the line between consent and coercion. The result is an invaluable teaching tool, one that asks tough questions about the relationship between hookup culture, gender politics, and the alarming levels of sexual assault and binge drinking that continue to plague college campuses.

  • "The campus hookup culture usually elicits bemusement or shock, but rarely is it well understood. This thoughtful film gets inside the hookup culture, reveals its gender politics, and enables us to finally start asking the right questions about the sort of sexual ethics we need to be developing." - Michael Kimmel, Professor of Sociology, SUNY Stony Brook

    "A powerful force that opens a window onto a reality that too few of us want to face." - David Lisak, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

  • "The interplay between student interviews and notable personalities in the sexual assault and gender-related fields is excellent. Provides in-depth coverage on subjects that touch nearly every college health education issue." - Elaine D. Theodore, Ed.M., Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator, Tufts University

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2009 / 65 minutes

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    This video will target customized practices that are most effective in classrooms that seek to challenge gifted/high achieving students.

    DVD / 2003 / 50 minutes

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    For teens who are just beginning to date, knowing how to behave in a relationship can be tricky. In this program, teens learn the essentials of a healthy partnership, including trust, communication, respect, and conflict resolution. Real teens and experts emphasize the rights every young person has in a relationship. These include the right to disagree, the right to one's own life, and the right to be treated with respect. This enlightening video and print curriculum delivers a strong message against dating abuse and violence. Teens learn to recognize the signs of abuse in a relationship and how to become empowered to get out of an unhealthy partnership or help a friend do the same.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 22 minutes

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    Using an engaging combination of student interviews, humor, animations and expert commentary by leading health professionals, this program exposes the most common myths about sexually transmitted infections, including:

  • Only "trashy" people get STIs.
  • You can tell by looking at somebody whether he or she has an STI.
  • You can avoid STIs by having oral sex.
  • Once you've had an STI, there's no chance of getting it again.
  • If you get checked and you're STI-free, your partner doesn't need to get checked. While abstinence...including abstaining from oral sex... is the only way to completely avoid STI infections, the program stresses the importance of latex barriers for students who are sexually active. Students are encouraged to get tested if they have engaged in risky sex and students who may have symptoms of an STI are urged to see a clinician right away.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 22 minutes

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    More than 80% of teenagers have experienced sexual harassment in school at least once. In this teen-centered video program students learn to recognize sexual harassment and to understand why these behaviors are harmful. They also learn how to stop harassment and where to go for help. Two young hosts and Elisabeth Schroeder, EdD, MSW (a leading teenage sexuality expert) offer concrete suggestions to victims of harassment and detail their rights under Title IX. For harassers, they emphasize that harassment can get them into trouble with their school and even the law.

    Video reenactments focus on the victims of harassment and illustrate how harassment can take many forms, including physical touching and groping, verbal jokes and rumors, gay bashing, and hurtful text and online messages. Real students vividly describe the emotional consequences of being harassed and counteract the perception among many students that harassment is just a joke and no big thing.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 24 minutes

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    Crossing the Line is a vital tool for combating teen dating violence and abuse. In a nationwide survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 10% of high school students reported being physically abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend. An effective program to combat teen dating abuse is an essential part of any high school health and guidance curriculum.

    This is the story of Megan - a happy, athletic, "A" student who wants desperately to be in a relationship and have a boyfriend. She connects with Matt, who seems at first to be her soul mate. As their relationship evolves, Matt monopolizes more and more of Megan's time. He isolates her from her friends and activities, abuses her verbally and eventually becomes physically violent.

    The program tells Megan's story in dramatic vignettes that are grounded in the latest research on teen dating abuse. Your students will relate to Megan, Matt and their peers as they bring the causes and consequences of teen dating abuse to life.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 9-College) / 17 minutes

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    At a time when evidence is mounting that our over-connected world is making us dumber, sadder, and more anxious, The Digital Blackout tells the story of a high school that conducted a unique social experiment. They challenged their student body (and faculty) to put aside Facebook, Twitter, text and instant messaging, and to record their experiences. The results were eye opening and includes the latest research on the effects of multitasking and social networking from acclaimed Stanford Professor Clifford Nass. The Digital Blackout is equal parts intriguing documentary, motivation for a fun challenge, and fascinating social experiment. It includes everything needed for a school or youth group to organize its own Blackout.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 9-College) / 20 minutes

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    Cyber ethics and respect for others online are critical skills to acquire for today's connected teens. The message of this teen-centered video is that all students have a responsibility to behave ethically online and to know how to react when others behave in inappropriate ways. Teen hosts discuss the ethics of issues such as distributing unflattering pictures or posts aimed at harming someone's reputation and the importance of respecting the privacy of others. They emphasize the importance of respecting the safety of others and becoming an upstander rather than a bystander when witnessing abusive behavior online.

    One teen gives a real-life account of the devastating effects of being cyberbullied. Student interviews expose the extent of plagiarism among their peers and student attitudes about plagiarism. The program details the differences between legitimate online research and plagiarism. Similarly, the differences between legitimate sharing online and piracy are clearly spelled out as are the ethical implications and legal risks of stealing someone else's work.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 17 minutes

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    Cyber reputation, security and safety have become important topics for students to understand and master. This engaging video program encourages students to think critically about the opportunities and risks provided by their many digital devices. Real-life dangers from predators, spammers and identity thieves are revealed through teen interviews and accounts from experts in cyber security and safety. Students learn why it is important to choose passwords that are hard to guess and why they should not share their passwords with others.

    Students are challenged to think about ways that digital technology can be used to enhance or damage their reputations. Teens talk about how compromising photos and other postings online became part of their permanent digital footprint. The video provides specific advice about how to protect students' privacy, security and online reputations.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 19 minutes

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    A full-faceted video that addresses the issues, challenges, dangers, and the benefits, for young people in joining Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks yet to be invented.

    The Digital Tattoo takes a fun and fast-paced look at all aspects - good and bad - of the social media experience. From Facebook to Twitter, and all sites in-between, this DVD produced by students highlights issues that are not immediately apparent to users.

    The Digital Tattoo examines:

  • The perpetual (or tattoo-esque) nature of careless online posting that can haunt a person for many years
  • How Facebook has changed the meaning of "friendship" and has made many relationships more superficial
  • The viral spread of social networks and how it can unknowingly impact a person's privacy
  • The benefits of bridging the knowledge gap between parents and students and their understanding of online networking
  • The addictive potential of social media
  • And even the appropriate approach for sending out funny tweets, presented by a professional standup comic

    The Digital Tattoo is not a program meant to scare students or their parents away from Facebook or Twitter, but to help everyone make smart choices and become savvy participants in this increasingly interconnected world.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-12) / 20 minutes

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    This unique program asks viewers a series of questions to help them focus on whether or not they have a problem with alcohol and other drugs. Questions include: Does your use of drugs or alcohol cause problems at school or at home? Have you found that you need increased amounts of alcohol or other drugs in order to get intoxicated or high? Do you feel like you would like to cut down or control your drinking or use of other drugs but can't? After each question, viewers hear the personal reflections of young recovering addicts and comments from a leading addiction expert. At the end of the program, students are asked to assess their responses. Program also offers specific advice about how to get help.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 24 minutes

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    Newspaper headlines are filled with horror stories about the devastating effects of new synthetic drugs like Spice and K2 (synthetic marijuana) and bath salts (a cocaine substitute). This powerful, no-nonsense video shows teens how underground labs profit by concocting new compounds that mimic the effects of illegal drugs. Filmed in a gritty, documentary style, former users pull no punches as they tell your students just how dangerous these new drugs are. Law enforcement is stretched thin trying to keep up as drug dealers concoct new poisons in their basement labs including Spice, K2, bath salts, Kratom, Krokodile, Oxidado, and salvia (old but making a comeback), as well as new versions of dextromethorphan and crystal meth. The message is clear: Anyone taking these or any new, unknown drugs is risking serious injury or death.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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    What is a frenemy? How can you recognize a frenemy? How can a frenemy hurt you? Can you fix a relationship with a frenemy? When do you walk away from a friendship? This 18-minute video and print curriculum explores friendships gone awry and provides elementary students with strategies for coping with difficult friendships. True-to-life scenarios help kids identify when a friendship has turned negative and clearly demonstrate proven, constructive actions that work.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 3-5) / 21 minutes

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    The truth about the abuse of prescribed painkillers is startling. Abused painkillers such as Oxycodone, Vicodin and methadone are responsible for more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined. According to the Centers for Disease Control, prescription painkillers have surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Students learn the dynamics of painkiller addiction and abuse through the personal stories of teens who have been hooked on legal pain killers. These teens describe the downward spiral of addiction that can eventually lead to death by overdose. Former users, physicians and drug education experts communicate the hard facts to viewers including how difficult it is for users to cope with withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, shakiness and lack of energy.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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    For many students, meeting the cost of higher education seems daunting or even impossible. But, there is good news. A variety of financial aid options are available to savvy teens and their families, making the dream of a college education affordable. This clear, up-to-the-minute program breaks down the sources of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, work-study jobs, and federal and private student loans. Financial aid experts and real college students provide tips and strategies for maximizing award packages and budgeting for college life. Students learn the ins-and-outs of applying for financial aid through the FAFSA and the CSS Profile and how to compare financial aid packages.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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    Saying NO and sticking to it is one of the most difficult challenges in a teen's world. In the high peer pressure environment of a high school party, it's almost impossible for many teens to do what they know is right. This information-packed video opens on just such a party. Five teens face situations that test their ability to say NO in a convincing manner.

  • Tom is pressuring Jose to drink alcohol.
  • Kristen is being pressured by her boyfriend to have sex.
  • Jordan is trying to convince Andrea to cheat on the chemistry final.
  • Shabelle and Meetra are planning a mean trick to bully another girl.
  • Kyle, who has been drinking, is offering Segi a ride home.

    The program walks students through 5 skills that enable these teens to say no effectively: 1. analyzing the situation
    2. considering consequences
    3. looking at alternatives
    4. recognizing influences
    5. using assertiveness skills.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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    With more teens sexually active, the risk of contracting human papilloma virus (HPV) has increased dramatically. Students learn from a doctor and an expert in adolescent sexuality that some forms of the virus can lead to serious health problems including cancer.

    Interviews with teenagers expose misinformation about HPV. Students learn that oral sex is not safe and that both males and females can spread the disease through any kind of genital contact. The program provides accurate information about how the virus is transmitted and urges sexually active students to practice safer sex. Students learn where they can go for help if they are worried about being infected with HPV. Using a simple question and answer format, the video provides the most up-to-date information about a vaccine that can protect against some strains of HPV. A young woman describes how a pap smear revealed the early signs of cervical cancer and led to successful treatment.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 18 minutes

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    What does it take to be a good school citizen? How can students become better citizens at school? Engaging, age-appropriate program hosts help students understand five pillars of good school citizenship:

  • being respectful of other people and their property
  • being respectful of school property
  • following school rules
  • displaying good character (responsibility, honesty, good listening, kindness)
  • giving back to the school community.

    Each pillar is accompanied by straightforward examples that show students how they can be good citizens and how to create a harmonious school environment.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 3-5) / 14 minutes

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    One-third of all teens feel some negative stress on a daily basis. But not all stress is bad. A young gymnast describes how a certain amount of stress helps him perform better. Peter Montminy, a child psychologist and wellness coach, explains how too little stress makes us bored and listless, whereas too much stress can lead to burnout and exhaustion. The program shows students the importance of achieving the right stress balance.

    Real teens talk about the types of situations that cause them to become too stressed. These include academic pressures, family pressures, financial worries, social pressures, and self-imposed pressures to excel. They also describe their experience with the harmful effects of stress including headaches, anxiety, depression, and strained relationships with family and friends. Dr. Montminy and a group of teens talk about how to successfully manage stress with every day activities. A 15-year-old rap artist describes how he finds relief from stress by performing on stage¡Xan activity that others might find stressful.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 23 minutes

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    Underage drinking is a national epidemic. The risks are sky-high for teens and for our communities. This gripping docudrama video program lays out the many risks of underage drinking. The message avoids hysterics as it uncovers the eye-opening facts in detail. Counselors, law enforcement personnel, DUI victims, former teen abusers, medical experts and family members contribute dramatic insights. New scientific studies show how even small amounts of alcohol can create chronic health issues for teen brains. Viewers learn that DWI and DUI take thousands of lives every year. Students are asked: Is it worth it? Is it worth getting caught with a fake ID and risking a permanent police record? Is it worth riding in a car with a drunk driver? Is it worth risking your brain's health? Is it worth causing serious injury to someone else? Is it worth dying for?

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 27 minutes

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    The Centers for Disease Control reports that 8% of high school students have experienced sexual violence. This silent epidemic impacts a teen's physical health, emotional health and behavior. This student-centered video and print curriculum is based on the CDC's recommendations for preventing sexual violence. Five short segments of approximately 10 minutes each educate and inform students about these critical issues: Gender Stereotypes, Sexual Harassment, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Media Safety. Each segment presents a real-life scenario that encourages discussion of these sensitive topics among students. Discussion questions, activities and hand-outs reinforce the prevention message.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 7-College) / 56 minutes

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    All kids feel hurt when they are ignored or excluded whether at home, at school, on the sports field, or within a group. This engaging video and print curriculum explores true-to-life scenarios in which upper elementary students experience the disappointment and sadness of being left out. It teaches students specific skills to use when they feel left out, how to express their emotions using "I" statements and how to take positive actions to help them feel better.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 3-5) / 19 minutes

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    Cyberbullying is real and it's dangerous. It's in headlines all too often these days as literally millions of kids gain access to new technology and the seemingly lawless online world. In development for over a year, this new DVD shows students that cyberbullying is not OK and there are ways to deal with the problem safely and skillfully, in a fun yet educational manner. Filled with real-world techniques, testimonials and comments from experts and kids, the DVD establishes an open forum where students and adults can begin discussing this new phenomenon.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 5-9) / 26 minutes

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    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! Every kid knows this old nursery rhyme is just not true. Words do hurt. This age-appropriate program shows students how powerful words can be and what they can do when someone uses words that hurt. Viewers watch engaging, true-life scenarios about three students who feel sad and angry because of others' hurtful words. Viewers are given point-by-point instructions on what each child does to remedy the situation. Students see that expressing their feelings and taking action helps them feel better.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / (Grades 3-5) / 17 minutes

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