By Beth Freeman

Canada is one of a handful of countries that permit women to fight in ground combat. In January 2013, the Pentagon lifted its ban on women in combat roles. In 2016, for the first time in American history, women will be permitted to train as combat soldiers. Sisters In Arms reveals the untold stories of three remarkable women in the most difficult and dangerous military professions: facing combat on the frontlines in Afghanistan. Corporal Katie Hodges is a determined infantry soldier; Corporal Tamar Freeman, a trained medical professional; and Master Corporal Kimberley Ashton, a combat engineer and mother who has left behind three young daughters. Using video diaries filmed by the soldiers in Afghanistan and intimate personal interviews, Sisters in Arms tells their stories of loss and inspiration from a uniquely female perspective, challenging our perceptions of what constitutes a soldier.

~ "Sisters in Arms probes with delicate restraint as it shows us women as mothers and life-givers, as well as women as lethal weapons." - Katherine Monk, CanWest News

~ "An important body of work that candidly captures what many have known but were hesitant to admit; Women are fully capable of serving in any and all capacities in our military." - COL (Ret) Mary A. Baker, U.S. Military

~ "First to probe deep into Canadian female combat veterans' experience." - Alistair McDonald, The Wall Street Journal

~ Film North ĘC Huntsville Intl Film Festival, Best Documentary
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