Composed Salads
Contrasting colors, flavors, texture, heights, and temperature all play a role in the arrangement of a composed salad. During this segment you will:

~ Practice techniques for preparing and presenting several kinds of composed salads.
~ Receive tips for developing your own creations.

Condiments are the "workhorse" of garde manger°™tart, spicy, or pungent, these items boost the flavor of any dish. In this segment, you will:

~ Learn the basic recipes for the five most commonly used
~ condiments°™mustard, ketchup, chutney, relish, and pickles. Explore variations on these recipes.
~ Discover effective ways to use condiments in hors d'oeuvre and appetizers.

Presenting Appetizers and Hors d'Oeuvre
In this essential training companion for anyone who handles garde manger functions, you will:

~ Discover the elegance of the first course.
~ Study the key elements of successful appetizers°™ingredient selection, presentation, and plating and service techniques.
90 minutes
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