Investigates American and Soviet plans to use nuclear explosives for "geographical engineering."

In the 1950s, Edward Teller, the co-inventor of the H-bomb, proposed using "the great and violent power" of the atom bomb for peaceful purposes. NUCLEAR DYNAMITE explores the Soviet- American race to develop nuclear explosives for gigantic megaprojects.

Scientists planned to harness the power of the bomb to launch huge spaceships, dig an instant harbor in Alaska, blast out oil and gas deposits, cut through mountain ranges, and dig a new Panama canal with 300 explosions.

More than 150 nuclear blasts were carried out between 1958 and 1988 before this bizarre and extraordinary atomic dream was destroyed by the emergence of the environmental movements in both countries

~ Chris Award, History Category, Columbus International Film and Video Festival
~ Gold Dragon, Best Environmental Film, Beijing International Scientific Film Festival
~ Gold Remi Award, History, Houston International Film and Television Festival
~ Silver Certificate, Prix Leonardo Medical and Scientific Film Festival, Parma, Italy
~ Silver Plaque, Chicago International Television Competition
DVD (Color, Closed Captioned)
Grades 9-12, College, Adult
72 minutes
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