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Performing Arts - Voice Skills

Performing Arts - Voice Skills


A group of actors demonstrate a series of voice and body exercises that unite a series of moving, breathing and sounding actions in an integrated full-bodied acting workout. These smart exercises do more than simply build essential skills in alignment, movement, respiration, resonance and range, but simultaneously prepare the actor for the expression of the bodyss richest and most powerful thoughts and feelings. The goal is the development of a flexible and dynamic voice and body that is hard-wired to express thought and feeling.

DVD / 2014 / 70 minutes

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Meet the voice stars of some of the best known Anime productions and discover what, in their words, makes a successful voice actor. Learn how they found their way into the industry and what made them decide on a career in voice acting in the first place.

DVD / 2010 / (Senior High, College) / 20 minutes

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Voice actors are essential for a variety of productions, and each industry comes with its own perks. Find out what goes on during an Anime voiceover session versus a recording session for an original animation production. Discover the importance of auditions in an acting career and how to prepare for it.

DVD / 2010 / (Senior High, College) / 20 minutes

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Learn directly from the voice actors at various stages in their career of the struggles and rewards of pursuing this path. The stars sharetheir time managements strategies and demonstrate the voice training and warm up techniques they use to achieve control of the flexibility and character of their voice.

DVD / 2010 / (Senior High, College) / 20 minutes

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Learn from the casting directors and producers about what they look for in a voice actor at an audition, what they expect to see on a demo reel, and what kind of relationship they estab- lish with their voice cast. The established actors give important advice on pursuing work and describe what to expect once you get the part.

DVD / 2010 / (Senior High, College) / 20 minutes

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Though a career in voice acting is full of creative expression and fun, it also presents certain challenges. The actors examine the sacrifices they've made and the financial realities they've had to adapt to in order to achieve success in this field. In sharing what it is about this occupation that makes it worth the fight, they give important advice to students exploring their career options.

DVD / 2010 / (Senior High, College) / 20 minutes

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Director/teacher/voice-actor Dave Sebastian Williams knows what he's talking about - talking is his business. Here we learn about the art of voice-over in commercials.

DVD / 2007 / (Senior High, College, Adult) / 60 minutes

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A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. & Music Reinforcement Systems & Technology. Based on the bestselling MixBooks title, the Live Sound Reinforcement deluxe DVD is for anyone serious about operating professional sound reinforcement equipment - whether you run sound for a rock band, mix acoustic performers in a small club or want to understand the best way to set up the PA in your house of worship. This nearly 3-hour DVD guides you through the ins and outs of components, setups, mixing and troubleshooting, plus fundamental principles and concepts. You'll see hands-on demos, tips and techniques used in real live sound situations, both indoors and on outdoor stages, and learn tricks from experienced experts. With excellent production quality and detailed graphics, this is the finest DVD ever produced on the subject.

DVD / 2006 / 166 minutes

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Develop improved breathing and vocal projection in this excellent follow up to Voice Workout for The Actor.

In this sequel to the popular Voice Workout for the Actor, Susan Leigh focuses on the mechanics of breathing and vocal projection. Beginning with a remarkably effective relaxation sequence, Susan leads the viewer through a series of simple stretching, Yoga and rib awareness exercises, leading gradually up to a controlled vocal production. This tape can be used by the beginning actor to develop breath and projection skills or by the experienced actor as a fresh approach to solving old problems.

DVD / 2005 / 40 minutes

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Voice expert Susan Leigh provides the actor with a complete voice and body warm-up. The sequence includes full-body relaxation and stretching, followed by exercises for pitch and resonance, clarity, dynamic vocal control and tongue twisters. This popular program can be used in a group setting or by the individual and serves as an effective preparation for classes, rehearsals and performance. Use three to four times per week for maximum effectiveness.

  • " Four Stars - Highly Recommended!" - Video Rating Guide For Libraries

  • "An excellent 30 minute whole-body workout. Unlike exercise tapes, this program is appropriately low key and relaxing, since it is meant to prepare - not tire - the actor for performance." - Stage Directions

    DVD / 2005 / 33 minutes

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    This series teaches how to best mike, record and mix drums, guitars, pianos, horns, vocals, strings and more. Plus analog multi-track recording & multitrack recorders, tape editing & dozens of examples, animations & visuals showing expert recording skills. Learn:
  • How to professionally build a song, step-by-step, through the tracking and overdubbing process with examples and demonstrations.
  • The fundamental characteristics of analog tape and professional multitrack recorders & the techniques to make top quality recordings.
  • How to achieve great mix downs, including information on mixing vocals & rhythm sections.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various studio microphones.
  • Learn precision erasure and tape editing, speed shifting, backwards recording and other analog tape effects.

    DVD / 2002 / 180 minutes

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    Discover how to master the vocal techniques the pros use!

    Eric Vetro brings you to a higher level of vocal development. Learn to master the techniques that professional singers, speakers and actors use. Teaches voice strengthening and development for compelling performances, how to improve your speaking and singing voice and how to cultivate healthy habits to protect and maintain your voice.

    DVD / 2002 / 47 minutes

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    Reach your full career potential by developing an exciting voice!

    Develop your speaking and singing voice to it's maximum potential with this easy to use step-by-step program taught by acclaimed voice teacher and vocal coach Eric Vetro. Discover the secrets to creating a commanding and powerful voice. Lean superior breath control and vocal support. Develop better pitch and professional tone quality while discovering vocal power and versatility.

    DVD / 2002 / 45 minutes

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    "You too, can learn the vocal methods used by TV and Broadway's most successful stars!"

    In the third and most advanced program, Eric Vetro shares the techniques and vocal exercises he uses with his all-star clientele in Hollywood and on Broadway. This program teaches how to maximize your voice's flexibility and endurance, expand your vocal and dynamic ranges to their maximum capacity and how to dazzle your audience with a captivating style and beautiful voice.

    DVD / 2002 / 38 minutes

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    Anyone who needs to make a good impression on an audience quickly becomes aware of how important it is to properly warm up before speaking. In this program voice expert Susan Leigh offers an invaluable series of voice and body warm-ups as useful to the businessman addressing a meeting or camera, or to radio hosts and guests, as to actors performing for film, video or theater. "Speak For Yourself" helps build a strong voice, establishes focus and concentration while speaking and greatly expands vocal capacity and skills. This program is divided into four series of exercises to be performed along with the video. These segments include relaxation & stretching, face preparation, pitch & resonance exercises & finally a segment using tongue twisters to develop clarity & control.

    DVD / 1988 / 25 minutes

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    By Andres Andrade

    This DVD, presented by NYC studio owner and Queens College staff member Andres Andrade, is a personal half-hour lesson on the basics of singing which you can watch and learn from over and over again. The DVD covers the parts of your (vocal) instrument; posture; breathing exercises; and your first vocal exercises (separate for men and women, accompanied on piano and demonstrated by Andrade's students.) The booklet includes clear diagrams and photos, as well as written vocal exercises, reinforcing all concepts on the DVD.

    DVD / 28 minutes

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    By Julie Lyonn Lieberman

    World-renowned music educator Julie Lyonn Lieberman has created a practice system for singers that focuses on muscular facility. This system can help develop a vibrating palette that communicates spirit, emotion, and viewpoint - all riding effortlessly on the breath. It is supported by science yet connected to individuality. By guiding the exercises in silence first, this approach can prevent the tension and misuse that often occur when the main impetus for the creation of musical sound is fueled by a brew of yearning and fear mixed with a fixation on the end product.

    Topics covered include: strengthening and "aerobicizing" the muscles of the tongue, lips, mouth, and breath support; balancing the non-dominant side of the mouth; as well as posture, vocal health, and the use of visualization.


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    By Anne Peckham

    Enhance your singing career by learning proper vocal techniques to help prevent injuries and maximize your potential. Featured exercises will help you gain technical and expressive command of your voice. Lessons include: warm-ups, posture, breathing, tone, maintaining vocal health, and improving stamina, range and sound. Anne Peckham is a professor of voice at Berklee College of Music.

    DVD / 53 minutes

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