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Body Image

Body Image


By Wayne Westcott

Critical Role of Resistance Exercise for Fat Loss and Fitness features the latest cutting-edge research on strength training for rebuilding muscle, recharging metabolism, reducing fat, and realizing a variety of health and fitness benefits. The DVD explains how to motivate non-exercisers to initiate a sensible, research-based strength training program that produces excellent results through safe, effective and time-efficient protocols that work for individuals of all ages.

Among the topics covered:

  • Current conditions in America
  • Physiological aspects of the aging process
  • Reversing the key aging factors
  • Keeping fit program
  • Application for the obese
  • Research in protein supplementation with strength training
  • Strength training benefits

    DVD / 2011 / 86 minutes

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    Directed By: Sut Jhally

    In this new, highly anticipated update of her pioneering Killing Us Softly series, the first in more than a decade, Jean Kilbourne takes a fresh look at how advertising traffics in distorted and destructive ideals of femininity. The film marshals a range of new print and television advertisements to lay bare a stunning pattern of damaging gender stereotypes -- images and messages that too often reinforce unrealistic, and unhealthy, perceptions of beauty, perfection, and sexuality. By bringing Kilbourne's groundbreaking analysis up to date, Killing Us Softly 4 stands to challenge a new generation of students to take advertising seriously, and to think critically about popular culture and its relationship to sexism, eating disorders, and gender violence.

  • "Jean Kilbourne's work is pioneering and crucial to the dialogue of one of the most underexplored, yet most powerful, realms of American culture -- advertising. We owe her a great debt." - Susan Faludi, Author, Backlash and Stiffed

  • "As timely and important as ever... A must for everyone who cares about media literacy and gender equity." - Susan Douglas, Author, Where the Girls Are: Growing Up With the Mass Media

  • "Jean Kilbourne's work is profoundly important. She's one of those people who makes a difference in how we see the world." - Arlie Hochschild, Director of the Center for Working Families | University of California, Berkeley

  • Academy for Eating Disorders, Special Recognition Award, 2002
  • Action Coalition for Media Education Media Activist National Award, 2006
  • Womanspace, Barbara Boggs Sigmund Award, 2008
  • Myra Sadker Equity Award, 2005
  • Germaine Lawrence, Inc., Woman of Excellence Award, 2005

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2010 / 45 minutes

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    By Diane Israel, Carla Precht & Kathleen Man

    How do our families influence our relationship with our own bodies? How do American pop culture's standards of beauty get inside our hearts and heads? In what ways can sport and the drive for fitness actually make us sick rather than healthy?

    In this courageous, deeply personal new film, Diane Israel examines American culture's toxic emphasis on thinness, beauty, and physical perfection. Israel, a Boulder-based psychotherapist and former champion triathlete, talks candidly about her own struggle with eating disorders and obsessive exercising, fearlessly confronting her own painful past as she tries to come to terms with American culture's unhealthy fixation on self-destructive ideals of beauty and competitiveness.

    The film lends context to Israel's personal odyssey with fascinating insights from athletes, body builders, fashion models, and inner-city teens, as well as prominent cultural critics and authors such as Eve Ensler, Paul Campos, and Naomi Wolf. In a special bonus feature, Israel talks in detail about where she is in her recovery 2 years after the filming of Beauty Mark.

  • "Beauty Mark is a real gem. It is a unique, personal, insightful and powerful film. You have created a film which can touch both the mind and the heart." - Bill Baker, Former Chief Executive Officer, Thirteen/WNET New York

  • "... A great way to start out National Eating Disorders Awareness Week." - Erin Hurley, Men's and Women's Swim Coach at Grinnell College

  • "I was so intensely moved by watching Beauty Mark -- I had no words. It hit home with me on many different levels -- as a guidance counselor, daughter, mother, human... It gave me so much to think about and to use every day. I really thank you for sharing it." - Amy D., Guidance Counselor at Arlington High School

  • Audience Choice Award, 2008 Estes Park Film Festival
  • Audience Choice Award, 2008 Moondance International Film Festival

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2008 / 50 minutes

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    By Robyn Stuhr

    Powerful cultural images often put pressure on men and women to have unrealistic expectations about the body they want to achieve. Body Image and Fitness Training details how exercise professionals can promote healthy attitudes about the body, better understand the health syndromes associated with a distorted body image, and help individuals prevent and deal with body-image issues.

    Among the topics covered:

  • Cultural impact on body image
  • Gender-related body-image pressures
  • Health problems related to body-image issues
  • Creating a positive training environment concerning body-image issues
  • Promoting healthy attitudes about the body
  • When and how to refer clients to other professionals for assistance with body-image issues

    DVD / 2007 / 56 minutes

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    Magazines, TV, Hollywood - all create distorted views of beauty. For most kids, the dissatisfaction is minor. For some, dangers include anorexia, bulimia and emotional distress. This half-hour program will help viewers learn how marketing works, how images create dissatisfaction and ways to see beyond the distortions.


    DVD / 2004 / Approx. 22 minutes

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    Get the community thinking about the terrible bargain inherent in performance drugs by watching the stories of those who cheated by using steroids and supplements.

    DVD / 2004 / Approx. 22 minutes

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    In the critically acclaimed program, The Myth of Self-Esteem, you'll hear from real children exposed to both sides of the self-esteem debate. Learn about what works - and what doesn't. Experts share perspectives about the harmful effects of false praise and rewarding mediocre behavior - and the power of love.

    DVD / 2003 / Approx. 22 minutes

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    This program discusses the effects of the ever present media in teen's lives. Teens talk about the positive and negative effects of media. The program looks at many problems faced by teenagers dealing with the impact and influence of media, from movies and television to magazines to music. Hear Real Teens being upfront about how media affects them.

    Subjects covered include:
  • Music.
  • Television.
  • Movies.
  • Positive & Negative effects of the media.
  • Self - Esteem.
  • Getting advice and help.

    DVD / 2003 / (Grades 8-12) / 20 minutes

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    Real Smart about Boys' Body Image is the companion program to Girls' Body Image film. It also looks at a range of pertinent and important issues, including: body types, how media images and messages influence young men, and body image stereotypes. Featuring enlightening comments from students and the expert views of Thea O'Connor, Boys' Body Image will also entertain, educate and generate debate.

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    DVD / 2003 / 21 minutes

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    Another program in this high-energy, fact-packed series, Real Smart about Girls' Body Image encourages students to:
  • accept that a wide range of body types can be healthy and normal
  • understand how young people are affected by messages and images
  • challenge stereotypical images and messages related to body image

    Featuring leading body image expert Thea O'Connor and honest, thought-provoking responses from students, this program will inform, entertain and generate discussion. Also available: Real Smart about Boys Body Image.

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    DVD / 2003 / 23 minutes

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    As the idealized male physique continues to be hyped in movies, on TV, in magazines, and on billboards, a rapidly growing number of men are becoming obsessed with appearance. Each year alone, they spend billions on gym memberships and home exercise equipment -and women are no longer alone in battling anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder. This topical program explores some of the issues facing young men today as they struggle to define themselves amidst the flood of media -generated images of male physical perfection. Experts including Divya Kakaiya, the visionary founder and clinical director of the Healthy Within treatment center; Leigh Cohn, co -author of the seminal Making Weight: Men's Conflicts with Food, Weight, Shape, and Appearance; and UCLA Healthcare sports medicine physician Gary Green as well as a number of young patients grapple with problems such as steroid abuse, eating disorders, exercise addiction, and phony food supplements.

    Note: Not available in Australia/New Zealand

  • "Any young male would benefit from watching this tape." - Youth Today

  • Top Ten DVD/Video 2003, Young Adult Library Services Assn. (YALSA)
  • Finalist, FREDDIE Awards

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    DVD / 2002 / 18 minutes

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    While this critically-acclaimed film considers the persistent appeal of professional wrestling, its larger concern is how American popular culture idealizes pathological forms of masculinity that encourage sexism, homophobia, gender violence, and bullying. The film looks beyond the spectacle of professional wrestling to reveal its real-world implications and explode the myth that "it's only entertainment."

    DVD (With English, Spanish Subtitles) / 2002 / 60 minutes

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    So what actually is our personal identity? Everybody has different images of, and ideas about us. Our parents, teachers, and friends all say they know us but really, what makes you, you? or me, me? Often students feel there's one "them" when they're at home, another when they're at school, another when they're with their friends, and another when they're by themselves.

    In this program, six animated scenarios provide audience discussion triggers about factors such as Risk, Gender and Body Image that go towards constructing our personal identity. After each scenario students talk about the particular concepts of personal identity brought up in that episode. Dr Jenny Proimos, an Adolescent Health expert, comments on the themes considered in each scenario. This stimulating program will provoke students (and teachers!) into thinking about what really goes into making us uniquely who we are. It is a must-see, must-use program for PD, Welfare and Pastoral Care classes everywhere.

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    DVD / 2001 / 29 minutes

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    In this influential and groundbreaking film, pioneering anti-violence educator Jackson Katz argues that we need to understand the crisis of violence in American society - including school shootings, bullying, hate crimes, sexual assault, and teen dating violence - as part of a more fundamental crisis in masculinity. Taking a sustained look at media portrayals of boys and men, the film shows how American pop culture glamorizes definitions of manhood that normalize men's violence.

  • "A fearless look at the cultural factors that encourage violence. Tough Guise needs to be watched by every...student in America." - Mary Atwater, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Jefferson County, Colorado

    DVD (With English Subtitles) / 1999 / 82 minutes

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    This program examines the role of exercise, dieting, and other weight control strategies in attaining optimal health while skewering fad diets and risky or useless products, which only serve to undermine healthy weight management. Psychosocial factors that distort views on what constitutes a healthy look and weight are also considered, as young adults explore the dynamics of body image and the issues involved in eating disorders.

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    DVD / 1998 / 29 minutes

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    This program explores this issue of "perfect body image" as it relates to young girls with the editors of three women's magazines, "Cleo", "Cosmopolitan" and "Dolly", Pia Loyola the 14-year-old Dolly/Impulse 1998 cover-girl competition winner, a dietician from an eating disorders clinic and the director of a model management agency. The program is aimed at all young people and anyone caring for the health of teenagers, such as parents, school councils, community health workers, nurses, social workers etc.

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    DVD / 1998 / 20 minutes

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    No single force in school has as much effect on a young person's health decisions as does peer pressure. See how pressure comes from all sides - friends, strangers, family, even advertising. Your students have to learn a lot more about peer pressure than just saying "no". This dynamic and important program teaches them how to resist pressure that's negative, and say "yes" to the good decisions about their health. Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are all covered. Other pressure topics such as sex, gang involvement, stealing, etc. are also covered. Viewers are given tips and suggestions as to how they can take control over their own lives and make the right decisions for themselves...even in the face of pressure.

  • Know the differences between negative and positive peer pressure
  • Find out about peer pressure and how to cope with it.
  • Learn to resolve conflict and make your own best decisions

    DVD / 1997 / (Grades 7-12) / 22 minutes

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    How nutrition and exercise affect a person is determined by many factors. Societal pressures to conform to an ideal body image can lead to dangerous eating disorders and other physical and emotional problems. Having the facts about nutrition and exercise can help prevent problems and assure a healthy approach to diet and fitness. This informative program examines how metabolism and body type can influence the results of an exercise and nutrition regimen. Experts offer tips for healthy nutrition along with basic exercise and fitness goals that work best to provide good physical and emotional health.

    Note: Not available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    DVD / 1996 / 27 minutes

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    Today, as many as 500,000 teens under 18 are abusing anabolic steroids in order to improve their athletic performance, enhance their appearance, and boost their self-image. Although steroids have been classified in the same illegal category as cocaine and heroin, they continue to be misused by uninformed youth. This DVD clearly identifies the physical and emotional dangers of steroid use. Ex-steroid users recount their own stories of how much they have lost, both personally and professionally, as a result of steroid use. Special attention is directed toward the critical idea of self-esteem, which cannot be genuinely enhanced by such artificial substances.

  • Silver CINDY Award

    DVD (With Teacher's Resource Book) / (Grades 7-College) / 31 minutes

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    Everyday teenagers are bombarded with images in the media that make them feel insecure about their own bodies. Using a mix of dramatic vignettes, humorous animation and real student interviews, this program analyzes how a bad self image can damage self-esteem but also why it's so important to accept one's body the way it is. Older teen on-camera presenters help viewers understand that the media's image of the perfect body is heavily distorted. The video includes interviews with teens who are very happy with their bodies even though they don't fit the stereotypes glamorized by the media. For those who want to change the way they look or who want to become more fit, the program also emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teacher's Resource Book) / (Grades 5-9) / 22 minutes

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    Teens & the Dangers of Social Media - Social networking sites are open to anyone however offer a low level of security and protection. Because students often post detailed and specific information, they can be more easily stalked by strangers or even acquaintances. The purpose of most of these networks is to allow individuals and groups to keep in touch and track the daily lives of each other. By keeping things at the status quo on the social networking sites, the result is a micro society of friends that is more open than ever before. However students don't often consider the dangers that social networking introduces to their lives. The content they place on the networks can easily make them vulnerable to all sorts of threats. Some of these threats are minor, but some can be incredibly severe. A photo shared between two people can quickly become a viral phenomenon. By using the text messaging service on their cell phones, computers or other electronic devices, teens engage in sexting by sending flirtatious messages back and forth. Sexting is currently illegal under federal law. It falls under the creation, distribution and possession of child porn and is a felony offense. While some lawmakers are working to change this, others are prosecuting both those taking the pictures and those possessing them.

    Subjects Covered Include:
  • What are the benefits of Social Networking Sites?
  • What are the dangers of Social Networking?
  • What should you not post on your site?
  • What is the impact from incriminating & inappropriate information posted on network sites?
  • Can postings on a network site effect employment?
  • The Felony charges associated with sexting

    DVD / (Grades 8-12) / 18 minutes

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