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Business Management


By Rick Stollmeyer

Connecting the Dots: How to Build a Breakthrough Business explores what it takes to develop a business from the ground up. The DVD highlights the "dots" that every entrepreneur needs to "connect" before a business can truly break through the barriers to success. The DVD details the factors that make a business, as well as points out the key elements that enable it to stand out and be successful. In that regard, the DVD emphasizes the fact that a breakthrough business is values-driven.

Among the topics covered:
~ Know yourself
~ Understand how the world works
~ Practice conscious leadership
~ Understand what makes a business
~ Understand what makes a breakthrough business
~ Breakthrough businesses have a purpose greater than themselves
~ Breakthrough business have exceptional culture
~ What are your core values?

DVD / 2015 / () / 60 minutes

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By Tim Forrest

Create a Game Plan to Effectively Maximize Sales details the steps that health/ fitness clubs need to undertake to develop a monthly game plan that will enable them to increase their level of membership sales. The DVD reviews the eight lead buckets that facilities can utilize to draw in more sales. The DVD also explains how clubs can properly manage their game plan to help ensure its success. In addition, the DVD points out the importance of effective time management for the sales team. Finally, the DVD outlines how to create an organizational culture that facilitates success.

Among the topics covered:
~ Monthly sales game plan
~ Corporates
~ Former members
~ Eight best practices
~ Create a great club experience that creates raving fans
~ Seven best practices to create raving fans
~ Sell solutions & value
~ Five steps to professionally overcome objections

DVD / 2015 / () / 63 minutes

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Engage customers from the first moment. Pete Williams discusses:

~ Service turn off
~ Pattern interrupt
~ Body language & tone
~ Engage from the start
~ Offer practical assistance
~ Provide useful information
~ Ask an open question to begin a conversation
~ Have fun with new approaches

DVD / 2015 / () / 14 minutes

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Sadhana Smiles explains the key ingredients for developing your sales people:

~ Hire the right people
~ The value of a work test
~ Hire for attitude
~ Set a strong path from day 1
~ A personal business plan
~ Top salespeople develop relationships
~ Managing different skill levels
~ Regular training is a must
~ Create a desire to belong

DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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Maria Deveson-Crabbe explains how to effectively lobby for change:

~ Preparing to lobby
~ Overcoming challenges
~ Achieving through persistence
~ Approaching success

DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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Maria Deveson-Crabbe draws learning from a powerful and tragic case study:

~ Managing the media
~ Turning it around
~ Crisis management strategy

DVD / 2015 / () / 15 minutes

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Jan Durrans provides managers with a strategy to help develop staff:

~ Everyone needs clear & specific goals
~ Identify key elements of the role
~ Qualitative & quantitative goals
~ Rating & tier goals
~ Discuss & agree goals
~ Documenting goals & measures
~ Regular meetings to review
~ Develop trust & challenging goals
~ How to handle underachievers
~ Managers are responsible for team success
~ Final tips

DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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Find out some useful ways to lobby for change from Angela Perry and Eve Ash:

~ Who are your stakeholders?
~ Media is a starting point
~ Find experts & advocates
~ Multiple strategies & perseverance
~ Simple messages are more powerful

DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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Maria Deveson-Crabbe encourages business leaders to uncover perceptions so you can build influence:

~ What is Stakeholder Reputation Research?
~ What areas are examined?
~ How does stakeholder research impact strategy?
~ Stakeholder mapping and benchmarking
~ The power of results

DVD / 2015 / () / 13 minutes

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Podcasts provide a powerful way to connect with your market. Pete Williams explains:

~ Why is podcasting popular?
~ Content marketing
~ How to make and distribute podcasts
~ What length & how many?
~ Common misconceptions
~ Global audience & statistics
~ Tracking results
~ Podcasts build relationships

DVD / 2015 / () / 15 minutes

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By Stephen Tharrett & Mark Williamson

Leading Organizational Change in a Disruptive Business Climate explains how health/ fitness clubs can establish an urgency and priority for constantly transforming and changing their organizations, as the business climate continues to evolve. In that regard, the DVD details how clubs can bring forth the challenges and opportunities inherent in change. The DVD also outlines the steps that staff members need to address when leading change. In addition, the DVD looks at the cycle of change from both a leadership and an employee's perspective. Finally, the DVD discusses how to foster a mantra for change in each leader.

Among the topics covered:
~ Forces driving organizational change
~ Barriers to organizational change
~ The challenge of organizational change
~ Kotter's model of organizational change
~ Get the vision right
~ Communicate for buy-in
~ Empower action
~ Don't let up

DVD / 2015 / () / 58 minutes

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By Jason Reinhardt

Sales Excellence for Industry Leaders: Steps to an Effective Sales Process provides an overview of the six steps involved in a successful sales process. In that regard, the DVD outlines how to develop a simple and productive meet-and-greet script. The DVD also points out the value of using a profile card¡Xpast, present, and future. In addition, the DVD discusses the impact that a demonstration tour can have on a sales presentation. In that regard, the DVD reviews how easy, but important, a pre- close is at the end of the tour. Finally, the DVD addresses how clubs can effectively present membership options to prospects and how to gather guaranteed referrals.

Among the topics covered:
~ Creating a sales architecture
~ Six steps to the sales process
~ The most important part of the sales process is?
~ The meet & greet
~ The profile card
~ Past, present, future
~ Demonstration tour
~ Pre-close
~ Change what comes out of your mouth & get closer to a new member
~ Success tips

DVD / 2015 / () / 85 minutes

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With David Horsager

How to Build a Rock Solid Foundation For Leadership

Trust has the ability to accelerate any business, organization, or relationship. Lack of it can easily destroy the same. When trust is high, salespeople generate more sales, brands create greater loyalty, and leaders build more productive teams. When trust is low, problems, skepticism, attrition, stress and costs all increase. In this practical, easy to follow seminar, David Horsager shares 8 fundamental traits of trusted people and organizations. They include consistency, clarity, compassion, character, contribution, competence, connection and commitment. Discover how each of these characteristics can play a significant role in your success as a professional, leader or parent.

DVD / / () / 65 minutes

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With Paul Leinwand

Most companies today face a fundamental problem: the disconnect between what they aspire to do and what they can actually accomplish. CEO's are worried about their differentiation in a world that is increasingly hard to compete in. But are they creating strategies without fully understanding what the organization is capable of delivering? Drawing on research, including in-depth case studies on companies such as Apple and IKEA, Paul Leinwand explains how companies can correct a flawed strategy and still create value in the market.

DVD / / () / 52 minutes

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With Delatorro McNeal

How to Transition into the Life You've Always Wanted

Have you always dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur, but not quite ready to leave your day job? In this high-energy, motivational training session, self-made entrepreneur, Delatorro McNeal II, shares key strategies for making the transition from where you are to where you want to be. He'll show you how to break through fear, identify your passion, create a larger vision, protect yourself against negative people, eliminate excuses, embrace change, develop more clarity, monetize your dream, and much more. You'll walk away with a new mindset for creating opportunities, taking on new challenges, and making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

DVD / / () / 75 minutes

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With Libby Gill

How To Create a Culture of Risk-Taking and Collaboration

Innovation and positive change come about when people step out of their comfort zones and take risks. When you create an atmosphere that rewards innovative thinking, team members come up with ideas that break through old thinking and protect your organization from stagnation. Collaboration is also a key factor in bringing out the best in yourself and others. When we connect and share insights and ideas, everybody advances. In this engaging seminar, expert speaker Libby Gill shares practical strategies, captivating stories, and powerful insights that motivate people to take action. So, if you are ready to take yourself and your team to the next level, this seminar will definitely be a valuable stepping stone towards that goal.

DVD / / () / 60 minutes

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With Victor Antonio

Non-Manipulative, Practical Strategies for Significantly Increasing Sales

Influence and persuasion are a salesperson's most valuable tools. The difference between a prospect thinking about it and taking action is usually just a little nudge. And if you believe in what you are selling, there's nothing manipulative about nudging people. In this masterful, truly entertaining program, comedic speaker Victor Antonio guides you through a whirlwind of ideas and tools that are certain to increase your sales. His contagious style and hard hitting strategies will grab you from the start and keep you captivated throughout. As explained in his unique approach, Victor focuses on how and why buyers make decisions, and then shows you how to use that information to close a lot more sales.

DVD / / () / 60 minutes

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With Pat Gelsinger

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger shares his perspective on effective leadership, based on his own personal experience and lessons he has learned over the course of his 35-year career in the technology industry.

~ Reasons to discount the HIPPO¡Xthe highest-paid person's opinion.
~ Why you need to embrace your failures and keep learning every single day.
~ The value of relationships: listen to your mentors and give frank, direct feedback to your subordinates.

Gelsinger speaks to why he considers strategy a 7x24 job for leaders today, and why he believes leaders should never waste a good crisis. He also shares his philosophy on smart decision-making, and why values, in the end, are the most enduring thing we will ever create and sustain as leaders.

DVD / / () / 43 minutes

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With Mark Sanborn

How to Succeed When Times Are Good, Bad or In Between

Whether the economy is up, down, rising or falling influences your success¡Xto a degree. What matters even more is something within your direct control: your economy, the economy of one. In this stirring presentation, internationally renowned speaker Mark Sanborn shares mindsets and methods that will keep you winning, growing and succeeding, no matter what's going on in your world. You'll learn practical ideas for overcoming obstacles, creating value, innovating continuously, connecting with key contacts, practicing gratitude and much more. And it's not just a "feel good" seminar, as these strategies will inspire, inform, and help you generate the results you need to create perpetual achievement in every area of your life.

DVD / / () / 70 minutes

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With Mark Sanborn

How to Make Teamwork Work with Anybody, Anyplace, Anytime

Most companies have teams in place ¡X customer service, management, sales, etc. The challenge is that many team members have never been taught effective teamwork strategies. In this practical, easy to implement training session, award-winning speaker Mark Sanborn shares key ideas and techniques for building a more cohesive, productive team. You'll learn the five characteristics of a unified team, six skills that all effective teams use, three reasons why teamwork doesn't work, how to instill greater cooperation, and much more. These skills are applicable to anybody, in any industry, virtually anywhere in the world. Both team members and leaders will walk away from this seminar with an easy to use framework for developing a team where everyone wins.

DVD / / () / 70 minutes

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With Dr. Tony Alessandra

Powerful People Skills for Creating Instant Rapport

Understanding behavioral styles is critical for anyone in business today. Contrary to the popular Golden Rule, people do not necessarily want to be treated the way you want to be treated. Everybody has a preferred way they like to be treated, and understanding behavioral styles will help you connect with others in a way that is natural and comfortable to them.

Get ready for an entertaining and insightful seminar delivered by award-winning business trainer and bestselling author, Dr. Tony Alessandra. In this powerful session, you'll learn useful techniques for understanding behavioral styles and dealing more effectively with anybody and everybody you meet. You'll discover the best ways of building rapport, how to break the ice with strangers, how to quickly and accurately size people up, how to adapt your style to make the other person feel more comfortable, and a whole lot more. Once you understand and master these powerful people skills, you'll be better equipped to build and maintain stronger relationships than ever before ¡X personally and professionally.

DVD / / () / 60 minutes

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With Kathleen Eisenhardt

~ Six short-cut strategies for achieving your toughest goals.
~ A clear process to create better rules for business and personal life.
~ Examples and tools for successful implementation of Simple Rules.

We struggle with complexity every day. We have too much information, face too many choices, and drown in tsunamis of detail. How can we possibly make decisions in the midst of this chaos while striving to achieve our personal and professional goals?

Simple Rules are the answer. These rules focus our attention and simplify the way we think. Easy to understand and remember, they coordinate teams and keep everyone working toward the same results. With practical examples that range from Airbnb to Indiegogo, biotech to burglars, poker-playing to internet-dating, Dr. Eisenhardt reveals how Simple Rules work to sharpen thinking and clarify strategy.

DVD / / () / 52 minutes

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With Amy Wilkinson

~ Spotting opportunities that others don't see.
~ The OODA method for fast cycle iteration: observe, orient, decide and act.
~ Why you need to set a failure ratio rather than strive for a perfect record.

How do you take an idea and turn it into a 100-million dollar enterprise¡Xseemingly overnight? Based on five years of academic research, Amy Wilkinson has isolated six entrepreneurial skills that can carry an idea from start-up to scale in the midst of this rapidly changing economy.

Companies that range from LinkedIn to Airbnb, Spanx to YouTube, Under Armour to Tesla and SpaceX¡Xall share common methodologies for success. Their founders figured out how to find the gap, drive for daylight, fly the OODA loop, fail wisely, network minds, and gift small goods. Ms. Wilkinson explains these concepts and shares the mindset of the entrepreneurs who applied them with such great success.

DVD / / () / 55 minutes

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With Susan Packard

~ Building culture when senior leadership is unsupportive.
~ The importance of career and discipline diversity.
~ Vision, brainstorming, and workarounds¡Xhow trying new things can change an industry.

Susan Packard's three keys to great leadership: leaders are connected, leaders keep their organizations fresh, and leaders show courage. Easier said than done? Sharing lessons learned from failures as well as successes, Packard describes how to stay connected to customers and colleagues, always remembering that connections are reciprocal. She explains how innovation maintains your freshness while keeping your team motivated and engaged. And she details how preparation, persuasion, humility and flexibility support you in moments of courage¡Xespecially when you stand alone on the brink of new territory and need all of the stakeholders to sign on for the journey.

DVD / / () / 39 minutes

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With Dr. Gary Bradt

How to Uncover Hidden Opportunities and Create a Legacy

Change is a constant force that can positively or negatively affect your circumstances. It all depends on how you process, think about and position change, and it usually starts with getting comfortable being uncomfortable. In this inspiring program, you'll discover practical tools and ideas for harnessing change and using it to your advantage. You'll learn how to uncover opportunities, gain the support of those around you, shape change towards more positive outcomes, and feel more confident about your future. You'll also be motivated to get rid of the energy drainers in your life, re-ignite your passion, and truly create a golden legacy. Discover how good change can be when your harness it with the right tools.

DVD / / () / 98 minutes

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