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Global Warming

Global Warming


Global climate change is characterized by increased extreme fluctuations in local weather patterns and an overall global warming. An experiment conducted at a biolab in the Rocky Mountains demonstrates how just a few degrees of warming completely change the local ecosystem. Lack of winter ice in the Disko Bay has affected the livelihoods of the locals. Scotland is working toward its record plan of cutting carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050.

DVD / 2011 / (Senior High - College) / 24 minutes

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Starting with temperature records collected over 100 years ago, Measuring the Earth's Temperature takes the viewer from the earliest weather stations and balloon launches, to a network of super weather stations constructed in the 21st century. Highlights include showing how weather balloon launches work, the anatomy of a weather station, and how weather data, using computers, is transformed into long and short term weather forecasts. This very same data is also used to graph yearly temperature changes across the planet.

The over 100 year old temperature records reveal an ever increasing global temperature rise. A rise that is dramatically accelerating in the 21st century. A rise that shows regional differences. Temperatures in the Mid-Latitudes, and particularly in the Polar Regions, have increased even faster than the overall global temperature, producing the well-publicized effects of climate change. Measuring the Earth's Temperature simplifies the centuries of complex meteorological data, and answers the question "How do scientists know the temperature of the earth?"

DVD (Closed Captioned, With Spanish Subtitles) / 2010 / (Grades 7 - Adult) / 29 minutes

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By Jon Bowermaster,

Filmmaker, author and adventurer Jon Bowermaster provides a unique, up-close introduction to the stark beauty, fragility and importance of the remote continent of Antarctica. For six weeks Bowermaster and his team explored the Antarctic by sailboat, sea kayak, foot and small plane -- observing first-hand the fast -changing evolution of the continent.

The earth is a complex system with Antarctica its heart. The annual expanding and shrinking of the ice sheet, which holds about 70% of the earth's fresh water, affects the entire planet's weather and oceans. Today, the continent is increasingly impacted by human activities: global warming is causing the ice to melt at a greater pace and endangering wildlife, nations are fighting over Antarctica's natural resources, and the area has become a major tourist destination.

Bowermaster's film mixes footage of stunning scenery with factual information in an engaging and entertaining way. We witness the rarely seen collapse of a massive ice arch, hike through massive snow mountains, visit with biologists tracking declining penguin populations, and scientists monitoring the ozone layer from the site where the hole in the ozone was first discovered.

Jon Bowermaster has traveled around the world for the last decade to study, film and write about the human impact on the world's oceans.

  • Winner, Best Ocean Issues, Blue Ocean Film Festival
  • Winner, Best of Festival, Vancouver Int'l Mountain Film Fest

    DVD / 2010 / (Grades 8-Adult) / 48 minutes

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    The change from a solid state, snow and ice, to a liquid state, water, makes the Arctic sensitive to climate change and introduces many dangerous positive feedback loops that can drive sudden detrimental climate shifts. Detrimental climate shifts that can affect the whole planet and human civilization. Includes interviews with leading glacial experts from around the country.

  • Introduction - Experts describe the dangerous impacts of global warming on the cryosphere, the world of ice
  • The Arctic and Antarctica - Presents the locations of the world's great ice sheets and polar caps
  • The Warming of the Arctic - Tells why the Arctic is especially sensitive to global warming
  • The Melting Ice Caps - the shrinking of the ice caps speeds up global warming
  • Thawing of the Permafrost - the melting of permafrost puts additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, further accelerating global warming
  • Melting of Glaciers and Ice Sheets - Predicts how the melting of glaciers will raise sea levels dramatically by 2050

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Spanish Subtitles) / 2008 / (Grades 7 - Adult) / 30 minutes

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    Incredible amounts of ice are melting in the Arctic and the warmer temperatures have made it possible to sail all the way around Svalbard, the northern most civilization in the world. What is happening in the Arctic islands is the best illustration of what happens to nature when global warming spreads. A cameraman has found space on a Russian expedition ship and has persuaded the crew to drop him off at several places around the islands. Completely alone on these harsh coasts, he experiences first hand the consequences of global warming on the Arctic environment. We come very close to starving polar bears as they have no hunting grounds due to the fast melting ice. We also meet walruses, polar foxes, and many birds, all of whom are feeling the affects of climate change.

    DVD / 2007 / (Senior High - College) / 28 minutes

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    What exactly are greenhouse gases? And are they really causing climate change? Global warming has suddenly become the hottest environmental issue, and this program clearly explains the science of the greenhouse effect and the evidence that we are causing climate change. The DVD contains a basic version suitable for all students from senior primary on and also offers an advanced version for senior secondary students, with in-depth analysis of greenhouse gases and their effects. In addition, there are fascinating extras: ice-core research in Antarctica, how warming threatens coral reefs, carbon capture and storage - how it works.

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    DVD / 2007 / 48 minutes

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    Presented and narrated byErick Avari.

    Our planet is warming; it's significantly warmer in the 21st century than it was in the last third of the 20th century. Indeed, four of the warmest years on record have occurred in this century. This global warming is being forced by the unabated burning of fossil fuels pouring CO2 into the atmosphere ... And this warming appears to be forcing dramatic regional and worldwide climate shifts. This series takes you through the Science of Global Warming and the Solutions. We need only to trust the science and work together to implement these solutions... solutions we can no longer afford to ignore.

    1-The Science of Global Warming
    2-Global Warming: Solutions

    2 DVDs (Closed Captioned, With Spanish Subtitles) / 2006 / (Grades 7 - Adult) / 116 minutes

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    Our appetite for the earth's resources and consumer goods has led to increased levels of carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere, trapping more heat from the sun and leading to global warming of the atmosphere.

    This program argues that action could and should be taken at both international and political levels, then addresses the question of what each of us as individuals can do to reduce our use of non-renewable energy sources and lower our personal 'carbon footprint' on the planet.

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    DVD / 2006 / 27 minutes

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    By Mary-Lee Nolan

    Global warming is affecting the severity of droughts in semi-arid and sub-humid regions such as Africa, Asia, and North America and causing these regions to now face a high risk of desertification. This program explains desertification as a process that changes the landscape and resource potential of semi-arid or sub-humid areas, transforming landscape so that it eventually approximates the barrenness of a true desert.

    Emphasizing the near irreversibility of desertification and focusing on the kinds of land use practices that intensify this process, this film illustrates each specific stage in the desertification process. Clear and concise at every stage of its explanation, this program concludes with a discussion of the human consequences of desertification and cautions against short term technological "fixes" that lack foresight and understanding of desert ecology.

    DVD / 2004 / (Grades 9-Adult) / 32 minutes

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    In 1998 NASA scientists said that they were 99% certain that human activity was changing our climate;global warming was born. In 2000, the British squelched through one of their wettest winters on record with floods, torrents and very few hours of sunshine.The finger of blame was pointed at global warming as the cause of these extreme weather events - and then moved swiftly on to us - drivers of cars, belchers of smoke and polluters of planets.It seems obvious that the two things must be linked,but are they?

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    DVD / 2001 / 14 minutes

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    According to scientists, the rising sea level is arguably one of the worldˇ¦s most important potential impacts of global climate change. This documentary explores two remote regions of the world - the Marshall Islands and the Arctic. It investigates the problems caused by climate change, such as glacial melting, from the perspective of these two environmentally sensitive regions

    DVD / 2000 / (Senior Secondary - Tertiary) / 32 minutes

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    Taught By Professor Richard Wolfson

    In 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that "warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global mean sea level." Representing a consensus of hundreds of scientists, the report went on to note that human activity is "very likely" the cause.

    This course of 12 half-hour lectures reviews the most up-to-date research on climate change, explaining the concepts, tools, data, and analysis that have led an overwhelming number of climate scientists to conclude that Earth is warming and that we humans are in great part responsible.

    2 DVDs / 360 minutes

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