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Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition


When it comes to fruits and vegetables, more is better. Fruits and veggies are filled with a host of health-promoting benefits, but often times we fall short on our daily servings. How can we get ourselves to eat and enjoy more fruits and veggies? Join food and health professionals in Fruit and Vegetables: Color Power to discover the power of fruits and vegetables in short segments that discuss:
  • The importance of eating fruits and vegetables
  • Daily requirements and what counts as a serving
  • Ways to encourage eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Selection and basic preparation methods

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2014 / (Grades 6-Adult) / Approx. 20 minutes

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    Over the past few decades there has been a steady growth in portion sizes we're served. While many Americans have grown accustomed to oversized portions, these super-sized portions have brought rising rates of overweight and obesity. In Get Wise to Portion Size, viewers learn more about why portion size matters and how to eat the right amount for you. Short segments and an interview with a registered dietitian explain the issues with portion sizes, including:
  • Portion Distortion is Everywhere
  • Why Portion Size Matters
  • Portion Size Wise Tips for Eating Out
  • Portion Size Wise Tips for Eating at Home

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2014 / (Grade 6-Adult) / 18 minutes

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    What we choose to quench our thirst matters more than you might think. Beverages are the single largest source of calories in the average American diet and their contribution often goes largely unnoticed. Soft drinks, sweetened teas, specialty coffee drinks, sports drinks, fruit-flavored juices, and energy drinks are the sugary, empty-calorie culprits contributing to rising rates of obesity and other chronic diseases. Discover the best beverage bets and learn more about how to make healthy choices through short video segments, including:

    Sugar Shockers: A Sour Choice (4:47)
    Sports Drinks and Performance (3:27)
    Water That Isn't H2O (3:25)
    Energy Drinks and Caffeine (6:50)
    Healthy Beverages = Healthy You (6:43)

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2014 / (Grades 6-Adult) / 25 minutes

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    Nutrition is a relatively young field of study and has only been prevalent in the United States for a little more than a century. This presentation illustrates and explains the ever-evolving dietary food guides for Americans. This presentation outlines the Executive Summary of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and provides students with the opportunity to make predictions for future American food guides. This presentation includes a personal food journal activity which students will apply to the most recent set of dietary guidelines.

    CD-ROM (Win, PowerPoint Presentation (65 slides)) / 2013

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    Directed by Maggie Beidelman

    A gluten intolerant filmmaker's quest for the perfect loaf leads to unexpected discoveries about modern bread.

    Michael Pollan (author of "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation") told the filmmaker, Maggie Beidelman, that her gluten intolerance could all be in her head. She half agreed with him, because the number of Americans buying into the $10.5 billion "gluten-free" industry is disturbing. There is so much more to learn about wheat - and how it has changed in just the last couple of generations - before we completely sign it off.

    In this film, Ms Beideman journeys from farm to mill to table on a quest for answers about gluten intolerance and a hunt for the perfect loaf, one she can eat without getting sick. Along the way, she makes some unexpected discoveries about crucial changes to the wheat itself and how it is processed and fermented. Let's just say that bread as you know it, is not what you think.

  • "A very engaging approach to a seriously complex and important subject." - Peter Reinhart, Instructor of Culinary Arts, Johnson & Wales University

    DVD / 2013 / (Grades 7 - 12, College, Adults) / 27 minutes

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    Easy-to-understand overview of federal government's new food icon, MyPlate (which replaced MyPyramid) for a general audience. Explains how to use MyPlate to help "build" a healthy plate at mealtime. Provides details about the healthiest choices in each of the MyPlate categories. Also suggests tips on how to include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy in diet.

    DVD (Region 1) / 2012 / 15 minutes

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    Making wise food choices is critical for the future health of our society. This presentation introduces the newest USDA food guidance system, MyPlate, and its key consumer messages. This presentation promotes physical activity as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. This presentation takes an in depth look at the five food groups, foods within each group, amounts needed, and benefits received from eating a variety of foods. This presentation defines and characterizes oils, solid fats and added sugars. Students will learn how to make healthy choices which lead to a balanced diet grounded by physical activity. Collaborator: Janice Boyce, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

    CD-ROM (Win, PowerPoint Presentation (94 slides)) / 2012

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    Tap into the current trend of eating locally grown foods without the use of chemical pesticides or hormones! The basics of sustainable farming is explored through the eyes of three highly-trained chefs who leave big city jobs to carve out a place to grow fresh, healthy ingredients for their gourmet dishes. Discover:

  • The differences and similarities between sustainable and organic farming
  • A brief history of American farms
  • How the chefs created and market their farm
  • How the fresh food travels from farm to table

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teacher's Guide) / 2011 / (Grades 6-Adult) / 20 minutes

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    Cookbook author and world traveler Paulette Mitchell presents a series of video segments that offer food and nutrition lessons we can learn from food markets around the world that can be applied to our home-cooked meals. She contrasts packaged and processed foods with similar fresh items found at your local farmer's markets and supermarket, while offering tips for using fresh, tasty ingredients in quick-to-prepare, healthful meals.

    Segments include:
  • Planning fresh meals
  • Seasoning with fresh herbs
  • Seasoning with spices
  • Selecting olive oil
  • Selecting the best fish

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2011 / (Grades 6-Adult) / 18 minutes

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    What is the difference between food allergy and food intolerance? This program answers this question and more using engaging dramatised scenarios and expert commentary from Dr. Andreas Lopata, Associate Professor of Food Sciences at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. We discover that up to 2% of the population have a food allergy and learn how to respond to a food reaction - including when and how to administer an EpiPen. We also learn how to identify food allergies and intolerances and how the food production and hospitality industries are responding to the increasing incidence of food reactions.

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    DVD / 2010 / (Junior Secondary - Middle Secondary) / 18 minutes

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    Why is being overweight becoming a growing concern? More Fries With That? Explores the issues behind the popularity of convenience food and the increasing concerns and links to weight and health problems; direct and indirect medical, social and economical. In addition, we investigate a number of lifestyle factors that are influencing people's diets including working or studying longer hours, the contribution of technological entertainment and forms of communication, and being out of the home over traditional meal times. We all have a choice in the lifestyle we choose to live, let's make the right one.

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    DVD / 2010 / (Junior Secondary - Middle Secondary) / 26 minutes

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    Join the residents of Chesterwood as they compete in 'The Great Chesterwood Lunch Box Lunch Off'. Cheer on Phyllis Ffancy, Biff "The Truck" McAdams, and newcomer Maverick Harrison as they prepare, pack and eat their school lunches to find out who has the most energy and concentration to keep up with their busy school schedule. In this Australian-made, curriculum fit program, the cast of whacky characters demonstrate the principles of a healthy school lunch. We learn how to select, prepare and pack a fun and nutritious lunch and discover the effects of both good and bad lunch box choices on your energy and concentration.

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    Note : The above titles may have some territorial restrictions. Please feel free to send us an enquiry. .

    DVD / 2010 / (Junior Secondary - Middle Secondary) / 18 minutes

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    This DVD explains how one can modify Hispanic Foods to create heart-healthy meals, which are more like traditional foods of the region than those in the modern diet; emphasizes using more vegetables, healthier fats and portion control. It also gives a brief review of cardiovascular diseases and why it's important to modify the diet.

    DVD (Region 1) / 2009 / 19 minutes

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    Contains the award-winning television special and 11 short films. Traces our relationship to food from a global perspective to personal action steps.

    With beautiful visuals and inspiring stories, the Nourish film traces our relationship to food from a global perspective to personal action steps. Nourish illustrates how food connects to such issues as biodiversity, climate change, public health, and social justice.

    Hosted and narrated by actress Cameron Diaz.

    Features interviews with best-selling author Michael Pollan, sustainable food advocate Anna Lappe, chef Bryant Terry, pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke, and organic farmer Nigel Walker.

    By connecting seemingly unrelated people and places, this segment demonstrates the interdependence of our global community. Weaving together such themes as food and health, food and biodiversity, and food and community, "Connections" examines some of the most important issues of our time.

    Seed to Table
    This segment leads viewers on a remarkable tour of our food chain. The story follows two seeds-corn and tomato-each traveling a very different path to make a meal. "Seed to Table" vividly illustrates where our food comes from and how it gets to us.

    Vote with Your Fork
    With clarity and wit, best-selling author Michael Pollan shows how food serves as a metaphor for our values. In a far-ranging conversation, he invites a reflection on such questions as "What is food wisdom?" and "Why should we know the story of our food?"

    Be the Difference
    The final segment offers specific steps that individuals and groups can take to create a more sustainable food future. Themes include: Teach and Learn, Grow Your Own, Create Community, Change the Menu, Shop Wisely, and Take a Stand.

    DVD / 2009 / 26 minutes

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    Yes, it is possible to modify the "soul food" diet to make it less harmful for cardiovascular health. This DVD reviews cardiovascular disease, and shows how the nutritional "bullets" of salt, bad fats, sugar and large portions contribute to it. This program suggests ways to reduce these risk factors and still allow one to enjoy "soul food".

    DVD (Region 1) / 2009 / 20 minutes

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    At last! The new food pyramid, or rather, food pyramids, explained. Exploring MyPyramid takes the viewer on a tour of the pyramid, using a sample 2000 calorie/day diet. The key points of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines are incorporated, with lots of examples.

    DVD (Region 1) / 2005 / 23 minutes

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    The nutritional value of foods is well documented and a healthful diet is essential to healthy living. Gaining more recognition are the medicinal qualities that some foods possess.

    Learning Objectives
    1) An overview of the Food Guide Pyramid, which pays special attention to proper serving sizes, will be provided.
    2) It will be shown that specific foods can aid in the healing process.
    3) Tips about eating healthfully by focusing on foods that contain the necessary vitamins and minerals will be given.

    DVD / 2005 / 15 minutes

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    Using the power of DVD to its best advantage this program teaches teens how to choose the right food portions for their body type and metabolism and to visualize these portions in memorable ways.

    Nationwide, teenagers have become accustomed to eating "supersized." This is a major factor in the obesity epidemic affecting teens today. Kids are suffering from weight-related health problems-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, and even heart disease.

    The goal of this program is to teach teens how to correctly measure food portions using everyday, easy-to-understand analogies. For example, a protein portion should be about the same size as the palm of your hand; a portion of baked potato is about the size of a computer mouse. Using DVD to visualize portions, the program teaches viewers the difference between supersized portions and nutritionally correct portions. Once teens understand the right food portions for their body and metabolism, they can make healthy judgments about food portions at every meal, every day, for long-term health.

    Portion Control also gives teens practical tips on checking labels, ordering small or medium sizes at restaurants, taking home leftovers from restaurants, sharing meals with friends and starting with smaller amounts on dinner plates.

  • Recommended - Educational Media Reviews Online

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teacher's Resource Book) / 2005 / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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    Use of a new food label, listing amount of trans fat will be required in 2006.This program will help consumers understand just what is meant by partially- hydrogenated or trans fat. It will help them use the label to make the healthiest choices when they shop for food. All terms defined. Portion sizes shown.

    DVD (Region 1) / 2005 / 18 minutes

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    Take a close look at such dietary culprits as fat, sugar, and sodium, and learn how to avoid them and their harmful effects. Become aware that grains, fruits, and vegetables should make up the bulk of a healthy diet.

    Learning Objectives
    1) Students will be given the information that they need to combat the prevalence of fat, sugar, and sodium in the average diet.
    2) The health benefits that result from increasing the amount of grains, fruits, and vegetables in one's diet will be explained.
    3) Students will be shown that food manufacturers fill processed foods with unhealthy additives.

    DVD / 2004 / 40 minutes

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    Have you ever wondered what's inside your favourite fast foods? This program looks at different types of fast food, in particular their fat content, to enable the student to make the smartest choices out of what is available.

    Please contact us for primary and secondary schools pricing.

    DVD / 2002 / (Upper Primary - Middle Secondary) / 10 minutes

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    No other food issue in the 21st century has aroused greater passion than the furor over genetically engineered food. Is it different from traditional hybrid techniques? Should it be labeled? Will it create super-bugs? These and other issues are discussed.

    DVD (Region 1) / 2001 / 18 minutes

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    Kneaded, baked and sliced, this common food has built cities, changed religion and brought governments to ruin. We examine the rise and fall of our daily bread.

    DVD / 2000 / (Senior High - College) / 23 minutes

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    Fast Food is a fixture in the United States now spreading around the world. But its more than burgers and fries, weve always needed food to go. Unwrap the socio-economic origins and the impact on lifestyles.

    DVD / 2000 / (Senior High - College) / 23 minutes

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    MBF nutritionist, Susan Hart, sets up healthy nutritional guidelines and analyses a day's typical diet of two teenagers. The program looks at hidden fats, salts and sugars in some popular foods, and why crash diets do not work. Popular actor, Salvatore Coco presents the program and interviews Olympic swimmer Hayley Lewis and actor Shane Ammann. This program has great appeal to teenagers.

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    Note : The above titles may have some territorial restrictions. Please feel free to send us an enquiry.

    DVD / 1996 / (Upper Primary - Middle Secondary) / 24 minutes

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    With the lure of an over-the-counter jolt, kids are consuming more energy drinks than ever before and in many cases mixing them with alcohol. Through vivid interviews with teens and health experts, the video describes the many physical effects that these concoctions have including dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, caffeine poisoning, headaches, fatigue, diminished concentration, anxiety, insomnia, shaking, nausea, and high blood pressure. Even more alarming is the trend of mixing these beverages with alcohol, thus allowing users to drink more alcohol than they normally would and putting them at a greater risk for alcohol poisoning. This program arms kids with the facts and gives a strong "no-use" message with particular emphasis on the real health risks of too much caffeine and the grave danger of combining alcohol and caffeine-spiked drinks.

    DVD (Closed Captioned, With Teacher's Resource Book) / (Grades 7-College) / 17 minutes

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