Sales and Retail Training

Sales and Retail Training


With James Lloyd

How to Genuinely Serve Others at the Highest Level Possible

How would your customers grade their experience with your company? Are you getting an A+ from every customer in each of the critical service areas? If not, what can you do to raise their grade? In this entertaining and practical customer service seminar, veteran speaker James Lloyd explores all of these questions, and many more. Several key ideas are discussed, including the importance of genuine caring, how to retain your customers by avoiding the big mistake many companies make, why internal customer service is critical, the importance of powerful apologies, dealing with irate customers, projecting more enthusiasm, and much more. When you genuinely care about your customers in the way that James teaches, you can take your business to a whole new level.

DVD / 2011 / () / 80 minutes

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With Lisa Ford

How to Create More Loyalty in a Dynamic Competitive Marketplace

Your employees and their customer service skills may be the only thing that differentiates you from the competition. And customers are more sophisticated and educated than ever before. That's why it's critically important to make sure employee skills are constantly updated to meet ever-rising customer expectations. In this content-rich seminar, your front-line team members will learn practical skills and proven systems for improving customer service at every touchpoint, all along the cycle. They'll gain numerous hands-on techniques including X how to listen attentively, uncover customer needs, calm down angry customers, win back disgruntled customers, handle conflict, and keep an attitude of "customers first" all day. Any organization putting these principles into action will quickly be out-servicing the competition.

DVD / 2011 / () / 120 minutes

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Although most people love retail shopping and are there to buy products or services, the reality today is that theft is a significant part of the retail environment. So, as an employee, a big part of your job is to help stop this. But how do you do that? In this program, we explore the main ways this is done. It covers routine store security systems and procedures, and how you apply these to merchandise, cash, and equipment. Featuring interviews from two leading authorities on the subject one a retailer, one a security systems expert this is a practical and informative resource covering ways you can help minimise theft.

DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2011 / (Senior Secondary - Professional) / 23 minutes

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When you go shopping, the first thing that stands out is how clean a shop is. If it's dirty or just plain messy, chances are you'll walk straight out. As an employee, a dirty workplace also means more hazards for you. With a focus on one of Australia's leading food retailers Burger Edge we explore the key skills you need to organise and maintain work areas, maintain safety standards, clean work areas and maintain equipment. Filmed in a dynamic contemporary retail environment, this is a practical and information-packed introduction to the systems and processes that keep work areas clean.

DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2011 / (Senior Secondary - Professional) / 22 minutes

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In a successful retail business, your stock will turnover frequently. The more people buy it, the more you'll need to replace it. But how do you actually keep track of what's come in, what's gone out and what's out the back? In this program we take a comprehensive look at the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to handle stock in a retail environment. Filmed at the flagship store of Kryolan Cosmetics, we examine the importance of clean work areas, how to process goods safely, the best ways to receive and process incoming goods, how to process and store goods appropriately, and finally how to rotate stock.

DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2011 / (Senior Secondary - Professional) / 21 minutes

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The financial aspects of any retail store are vital to business success. It needs to be fast and accurate to help keep the business flowing well. Critical to this is good Point of Sale (POS) service and practice. This incorporates understanding and operating POS equipment, processing transactions, completing sales, cash and non cash handling, balancing the register, reconciliation of takings & accuracy of reporting. In this program we see and hear from a leading retail industry expert about how the systems work to make the retail experience a fast and smooth operation that keeps their business responsive and successful, and hear about the ways to optimise effectiveness of retail POS handling. This is an educational and practical look at this vital area of the retail industry.

DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2009 / (Junior Secondary - Professional) / 21 minutes

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The modern retail environment is extremely competitive. With the expanding capabilities of electronic trading, the personal shopper is becoming more discerning and the retailer can no longer just meet customer needs. Today it's vital that they anticipate and exceed their customer's expectations. Indeed going beyond expectations of standard customer service has become the key point of difference in the retailer's quest to survive and grow. This exciting program examines how several award-winning retailers achieve customer service excellence. It examines who customers are, defines products, facilities and services, explores the vital role that good communication plays, looks at the most effective ways to handle complaints and examines how best to serve customers with special needs. This is a practical and informative look at modern customer service excellence in the retail industry.

DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2009 / (Junior Secondary - Professional) / 32 minutes

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In Australia, accidents in the retail workplace cost millions of dollars per year in direct costs and loss of production. Every year many people suffer a long-term injury, which affects their ability to work and enjoy life. Some even die. Employers and employees have legal responsibilities to keep workplaces safe and to reduce these risks, and the retail environment has some unique OHS conditions that you need to be aware of. In this program we hear from both WorkSafe Victoria and the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, as well as coal-face expertise from leading retailer Woolworths about the effects of workplace injuries, legal obligations, employer responsibilities, employee responsibilities, the main types of injuries and what to do if there is an OH&S issue. A positive and pro-active look at the issues and how to make your retail workplace safe.

DVD (With English Subtitles) / 2009 / (Junior Secondary - Professional) / 32 minutes

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With Dr. Nate Booth

Using the Diamond Touch to Improve Your Sales and Service Strategy

Most salespeople and service professionals use the spray and pray approach. They conduct business in a predictable, methodical manner with every prospect or customer, treating them all pretty much the same. The fact is, everybody has a unique way in which they like to be treated, and Dr. Nate Booth shows you how to uncover what's most important to each individual you deal with. In this basic and profound program, you'll learn the importance of discovering what people want, and exactly how they want it. Not only does he apply it to sales and service, he also shows its tremendous value in relationships, both business and personal. In this day and age, where relationships are King, and customer service is Queen, nothing short of the royal treatment will do.

DVD / 2009 / () / 60 minutes

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In the galaxy of customer service, Curt Hinderman's lost in space - until the tables are turned as he finds himself needing urgent help from his customers. Aided by the mysterious Angela, Curt discovers what is customer service - while taking your audience on a journey of discovery: just serve others the way you want to be served. As this fresh, funny customer service training video unfolds, you'll find your audience completely absorbed by the learning points, as training becomes simple yet highly effective.

Enjoyable and easy-to-use, Customer Service Zone is an essential part of any customer service training program. With funny videos of bad customer service, this engaging, versatile customer service training video will help make your training fun, easy and highly effective.

DVD / 2007 / () / 18 minutes

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With Shep Hyken

How to Create Moments of Magic that Turn Ordinary Interactions into Memorable Experiences

In today's highly competitive marketplace, ordinary interactions will only get you so far. In order to create long-term, secure relationships with your clients and customers, you need to amaze them. In this thoroughly engaging, high content seminar, you'll learn how to make a great first impression, build rapport, communicate more effectively, exceed expectations, avoid moments of misery, and much more. While you're learning these practical strategies, you'll be totally entertained with Shep Hyken's astonishing magic. His philosophy is, "moments of magic don't just happen, they're created by people who know the formula."

DVD / / () / 80 minutes

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