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Managing People Issue - Workplace

Managing People Issue - Workplace


What are the critical issues which decide the success or failure of a business? An ideal resource for senior secondary viewers, this program reveals the inner-workings of organisations and the factors which influence their operations. Business experts from a range of industries discuss the importance of the business plan, financing and budgeting, management of staff, SWOT and trend analysis, investment in technology, and how to identify competitive advantage in the market. This program details 'real world' scenarios and strategies employed by organisations to make success guaranteed and the ways in which modern organisations strive to succeed.

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DVD / 2012 / 16 minutes

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The office is a disgraceful mess! Carol is on a mission to de-clutter the office to make sure it's cleaner, more motivating, safer and more secure. She implements a clean-desk policy that the team must adhere to. Some of the team members are attached to their clutter or personal items and don't want to let go. There is a battle of wills until Carol declares that according to her policy, anything left lying around will be thrown out or donated to Carlos the cleaner. Everyone reluctantly commences a massive clean up and Carol is very satisfied with the outcome.

DVD / 2012 / 8 minutes

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Serena is concerned that the culture in the office lacks basic elements of respect. The issue is addressed head on as members of the team confront Carol about some of the racist and insensitive comments she has made in the past. She begins to wonder if she really is doing something wrong. Meanwhile Sam and Sanjay are talking about Serena and ridiculing her, which Serena overhears. Carol in turn also overhears and is both amused and shocked. Serena is devastated. Carol sees the perfect opportunity to give Serena a pep talk and help her get back on the horse.

DVD / 2012 / 8 minutes

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Barney, a neighbor, is irate because his car is blocked in, and gets more angry to discover staff who do not speak English and that Carlos is no longer cleaning the garage and is now the new receptionist. Carlos tries to show empathy for Barney but it backfires. Carol escalates the anger whilst Marcus demonstrates his effective conflict resolution skills to bring the situation under control.

DVD / 2012 / 9 minutes

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Marcus creates an award for the most supportive employee of the month and challenges the team to be supportive, saying everyone will be judged on who offers the most support to Tammy. People offer various forms of support and the outcome results in more winners and losers than expected. Marcus feels everyone is a winner.

DVD / 2012 / 9 minutes

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Sherry is new, but gets relegated to the bottom of the stairs, where she feels isolated and excluded from team activities and events. Carol ignores Sherry and her induction of Tammy and Carlos is patronizing and demeaning. Meanwhile Alex and Michael help Tammy and Carlos to feel welcome and learn some basic expressions, whilst Casey goes out of her way to make Sherry feel appreciated and valued.

DVD / 2012 / 7 minutes

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Teamwork and effective relationships with colleagues are essential to the productive and profitable operation of most organizations. Inevitably though, there are disputes and conflict, and all personnel need to know how to appropriately deal with them. This interview based program examines employment relations and workplace conflict. Featuring interviews with industry leaders, it explores the role of Human Resources in workplace conflict, the role of managers and supervisors in dealing with it, the nature of workplace disputes, and strategies for effective dispute resolution. This production is an ideal resource for all senior secondary level and further education students preparing for part or full-time employment, or studying employment relations.

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DVD / 2012 / 22 minutes

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Management is one of the most widely-discussed and critical issues in business. In this engaging program for senior secondary students we investigate what a manager actually does and how they achieve success. Experts explain the different tasks of management, such as planning, leading, organising and controlling, and the challenges they face in the various departments of large-scale organisations. We investigate the most effective strategies when faced with resource allocation or staffing issues or measuring performance. The diverse nature of management is examined in the wider context of globalisation and technological innovation, offering viewers a valuable insight into the day-to-day lives of managers.

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DVD / 2012 / 20 minutes

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In workplaces, as in any other part of society, people are diverse. They come from different cultures; they have different belief systems, values and religions. There is diversity in interpersonal styles, mental ability, sexual orientation, physical characteristics and capabilities, and thinking and learning styles. This presenter-led production examines diversity in the workplace using various dramatized scenarios. The five chapters focus on the scope of diversity, responding sensitively, knowing the guidelines, communicating appropriately and building on diversity. This is an excellent resource for anyone examining the nature of diversity within the workplace and ways for all personnel within an organization to effectively work with it.

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DVD / 2012 / 23 minutes

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Daily life in just about any workplace involves regular interaction with colleagues through different forms of communication. Developing effective workplace relationships is essential for an organisation's productivity, for positive staff morale and for individual job satisfaction. This dramatised production investigates the different working relationships between seven members of staff. It is an engaging and entertaining portrayal of life in an office and explores a number of aspects of workplace relationships. The three chapters focus on developing effective workplace relationships, contributing to workplace activities and dealing effectively with issues, problems and conflict. This is an ideal resource for anyone examining the nature of workplaces and the importance of effective relationships within them.

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DVD / 2012 / 20 minutes

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SWITCH ON CARING is aimed at service staff, health care professionals and helpers in a wide range of industries.

It is ideal for attitudinal, telephone and service training, conflict resolution, and for developing effective communication skills. It can be used for induction, team building, counseling training and management development.

SWITCH ON CARING is ideal for training seminars, short meetings, conferences, workshops and for one on one motivational coaching or self-development online.

The SWITCH ON CARING program has four segments:

Segment 1 is about managing stresses at work

Segment 2 gives positive thinking strategies for working long hours with minimal recognition

Segment 3 explores ways to manage self and emotions

Segment 4 covers skills and actions for overcoming burnout

Managers and trainers can use the content and activity sheets to help their people 'audit' their negative messages and develop and sustain positive messages and caring attitudes.

DVD / 2011 / 6 minutes

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Privacy, and the protection of personal information, is becoming a hot topic as technology develops. Peter Quarry, psychologist, interviews Damien Smith, lawyer and Managing Director of Enterprise Care. They explore the tension between living in the modern world and maintaining privacy, and what makes a privacy policy is robust.

Training Points
  • The balance of privacy with security and safety
  • Considering if corporate privacy policies are robust
  • Developing an effective privacy policy
  • Privacy policies convey confidence and transparency
  • Organisations must control the information
  • Systems are robust - ensuring information is protected
  • When a work task invades someone's privacy
  • Managing profit vs. privacy.

    DVD / 2010 / 13 minutes

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    Bullying, harassment and especially sexual harassment is unacceptable in any workplace.

    But many people don't realize when the line is crossed. And what can someone do if they are bullied?

    These four outstanding dramatized case scenarios will provide triggers to help identify bullying and enable people to discuss strategies for reporting and overcoming it.

    Case 1: Rachel and Mark - 5 minutes
    Mark is a senior consultant, but his manager makes him feel humiliated. He talks to his father but is reluctant to go to HR.

    Case 2: Mike and Judy 2 minutes
    Judy is upset about the way Mike speaks to her. It is making her feel sick about work.

    Case 3: Kim and Jane - 2 minutes
    Kim and Jane are peers but Kim is making it awkward for Jane who likes to do her job well. Is this bullying?

    Case 4: Mike and Claire - 6 minutes
    Mike is Claire's boss and up until recently they often laughed and joked together. But now he has started asking her out, requesting her to stay back from work and even move her desk closer to his. Claire stands up to Mike but is unsure of the future.

    DVD (With Workbook) / 2009 / 15 minutes

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    An excellent case study of a major product delivery disaster and a very angry client - all superbly managed by the account manager, who demonstrates exceptional service, communication, problem solving, and leadership skills.

    Version 1: Drama only - 7 minutes.

    Version 2: With 20 Key Learning Points - 7 minutes

    Part 1: The Problem - Anne is furious about the inferior quality of a recent delivery. Tash, the account manager, takes responsibility, listens and apologizes, and commits to solving the problem quickly.

    Part 2: Resolving the Problem - Tash investigates the problem internally - without blame, and leads the team to implement a quick solution.

    Part 3: Updating the Client - Tash keeps the client informed and outlines the full solution, again apologizing.

    Part 4: Ensuring Problem Won't Happen Again - Tash debriefs with the team and invites ideas to improve.

    DVD (With Workbook) / 2009 / 14 minutes

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    Leadership requires awareness, open communication and the ability to empower others. David makes several mistakes managing Anne, and after a feedback session he makes some changes.

    Version 1: Drama only - 9 minutes.

    Version 2: With Psychologist Eve Ash commentary - 13 minutes

    Part 1: The Sins -David doesn't discuss and agree on the way they will work together, doesn't listen and continually interrupts, fails to acknowledge good work, invades personal space, is inflexible about the way things are done, is oblivious to Anne's body language and the impact of his own behavior.

    Part 2: Feedback - Anne gives David specific feedback about his behavior and how it makes it hard for her to work effectively. David acknowledges the feedback and accepts the need to change.

    Part 3: Empowerment - David discusses career goals with Anne and brings out her motivation.

    DVD (With Workbook) / 2009 / 22 minutes

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    Anne and Kim are very different culturally and in their work styles. Kim is annoyed by Anne's attitude, insensitive comments and fashion clothes.

    Anne, who is new, feels that Kim does not fit in well, and is frustrated by her messy desk and personal hygiene issues.

    Their relationship is spinning out of control. Anne takes the lead and sets up an open discussion where they give each other feedback, discuss their differences and come to a resolution for an effective working relationship.

    Part 1 - Communication Breakdown

    Part 2 - Feedback and Resolution - 20 Key Learning Points are provided in an alternate version.

    DVD (With Workbook) / 2009 / 14 minutes

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    A values-based approach to serving diverse populations.

    Overview Customer service interactions can be complex under the best of conditions. Add issues of language, race, gender, religion, age or disability into the mix, and we often find otherwise competent employees acting in ways ranging from mildly inappropriate to inexcusably rude.

    The customer demographics for most organizations are changing in such a way as to increase the diversity of the populations we serve. This makes it imperative that we improve our customer service training so as to prepare employees to meet the challenges this diversity can present. Simple platitudes about the customer being "number one" or providing "first class service" are not enough. We must work on the values and skills employees need to meet or exceed the expectations of ALL their customers.
    The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service presents a values-based training approach to meeting this challenge. The video component, when taken together with the exercises and activities in the facilitation guide, offers a comprehensive approach to developing customer service relationships built on a foundation of respect.
    Program Objectives
    By viewing the video program and working through the support materials, participants will...
  • Better understand how to provide ALL customers with GREAT service
  • Be aware that how customers perceive the service we offer and how we perceive the needs of our customers may depend on their (and our own)
  • personal and cultural perspectives
  • Develop a values-based approach to customer service
  • Become familiar with the G R E A T acronym and know how to apply it to our relations with our customers

    Program Contents The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service opens with a series of 5 dramatizations. Each of these underscores one of the values we will explore.
  • Show Respect - Every customer is your most important customer
  • Personalize - Avoid preconceived notions and stereotypes
  • Pay Attention - Assess how customers want to be served and adjust
  • Show You Care - Present a positive, supportive attitude
  • Advocate - Stay on your customer's side

    A diverse group of customers share their personal experiences and feelings to help bring the impact of the 5 Values to life.

    The program then explores how we can integrate the 5 Values into our daily work. To do this, we introduce the G R E A T acronym. This stands for ...
  • Greet all customers & make them feel comfortable
  • Respect cultural & other personal differences
  • Evaluate how your customers want to be served
  • Adjust your approach to match your customer's needs
  • Thank your customers for their business.

    DVD (With Facilitator's Guide) / 1999 / 24 minutes

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    Why does there seem to be one set of rules for how we behave when were with people and a whole different set for how we act when were on the phone?

    When we interact with others on the phone, its easy to lose touch with the basic rules of common courtesy. The truth is, all too often, the telephone becomes an easy excuse for not connecting with people.

    Are You With Me? is a refresher of how to use common courtesy on the phone.

    DVD / 22 minutes

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    By Russell W. Gough

    Pick up any newspaper, watch any news show, or read any business magazine, and the topic of character comes up. Why is character discussed so regularly? And why do experts believe a strong character is vital to the long-term success of every individual and every organization?

    Character Is Destiny, hosted by national ethics expert Russell W. Gough, illustrates the importance of doing the right thing every time.

    DVD / 16 minutes

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    Constructive disagreement can add value, as employees compromise and reach better decisions based on input from others.

    Conflict becomes destructive when anger, jealousy, and other strong emotions turn the focus away from problem solving and toward personal attacks. Destructive conflict can ruin relationships among workers, interfere with productivity, destroy teamwork, and contribute to employee absenteeism and turnover.

    While acknowledging common sources of conflict, this entertaining video provides eight specific, reliable solutions: skills that help you put aside your differences, control your emotions, and move forward.

    Learn these solutions:
  • Responding with empathy
  • Active listening
  • Setting a limit
  • Finding something to agree with
  • Using "I" language instead of "You" language
  • Disengaging to cool off
  • Appealing to mutual self-interest
  • Attacking the problem, not the person

    Now, it is true that there are many things you CAN'T control when you are dealing with your coworkers or colleagues. But there are skills you can learn to keep disagreements constructive and resolve conflicts in a positive way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that resolving conflict is not about one person proving the other person wrong. Resolving conflict is about working WITH the other person to solve the problem and maintain the relationship.

    Bottom line: there will always be conflict. The secret is learning to manage it successfully. Doing so empowers you to take control of your life-and career.

    DVD (With Study Guide) / 17 minutes

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    Do Respect is a short, animated program that encourages employees to act in ways that enhance workplace culture. In just three minutes, this engaging film by Madd-Steiny Productions, will help organizations begin the critical discussion about respect and open-mindedness.

    DVD / 3 minutes

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    With Baba Shiv

  • How to be decisive and confident in decision making.
  • Why starting with price can lead to bad decisions.
  • How loss aversion trumps opportunity-and how to counter negative emotions.

    Is it best to be emotionless and analytical in decision making? When our goal is to be decisive, the answer is a resounding No. Instead, harnessing the power of emotions is critical. Studies of the neural underpinnings of decision making show that our brains start by evaluating options analytically. But very soon-usually based on first impressions-we create an emotional front-runner. We then continue down a path of predecisional distortion, which biases further evaluation. Rather than creating bad decisions, however, this distortion leads to more confident, committed decision making.

    This natural process works best for tradeoff conflicts: deciding between current options. It also works well for decisions involving innovation, growth and expansion. But in cases of sequential conflicts-or when the risk of danger or a bad outcome is greater-taking a more analytical approach is the better choice. Dr. Shiv describes specific techniques for gathering data, group decision making, accessing your gut feelings, and knowing when to allow the contrarians to dominate the discussion.

    DVD / 61 minutes

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    The Encouraging Manager explores what it takes to create an environment where everyone can do their best. This training film also offers practical action steps that every viewer, from the newly promoted supervisor to the seasoned manager, can follow to create a workplace where employees feel empowered, informed, and invaluable. By the programs conclusion, your participants will understand the far-reaching impact their encouraging actions can have on others.

    If you desire a community of creative, enthusiastic individuals working together and excelling individually, The Encouraging Manager will help your organization get there.

    DVD / 16 minutes

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    Great customer service professionals make a choice. Everyday, with every customer, on every call, they choose to do all they can to make their customers experience as positive as it can be. In other words, they know how to care.

    From being an active listener and gracefully guiding phone calls, to handling dissatisfied customers and keeping a fresh outlook call after call, Its Your Call emphasizes personal accountability as it teaches your employees to actively improve their telephone customer service skills.

    DVD / 25 minutes

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    By James Autry

    In Life and Work: A Managers Search for Meaning, James Autry explores with breathtaking insight and sensitivity the emotional and spiritual issues involved in managing a work force.

    In a pressurized atmosphere of downsizing, restructuring, and intense competition, management must be viewed as an act of faith - and every job should reinforce an employees sense of work and dignity. With courageous candor, Life and Work addresses the most troublesome challenges that arise in both work and life. It offers invaluable guidance toward the successful integration of who we are and how we live with what we do.

    DVD / 30 minutes

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    Conflict is inevitable! Whenever you have two people working together, conflict occurs. Properly managed, however, conflict can be valuable. It generates new ideas and understandings, promotes change and growth, stimulates creativity, and helps clarify issues.

    This program analyzes interpersonal conflict - what it is, why it can be valuable, and why it's important to learn how to manage it. Vignettes illustrate five strategies for managing conflict effectively. The DVD helps viewers learn to analyze the conflict, determine their objectives, and select the most effective strategy for a particular situation. Knowing you have a choice in how to deal with conflict allows you to manage the conflict, rather than letting the conflict manage you

    DVD / 19 minutes

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    Harassment, whether direct or indirect, takes many forms. Innuendos, slurs, mimicking, jokes, leering, intimidation, touching, gesturing, threats, rumors, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, forms of harassment are taking place every day within most organizations. And, unless disrespectful behavior is recognized and appropriate action taken, it will continue and lead to low morale, poor productivity, and turnover.

    After viewing this DVD and participating in the interactive discussion, participants will:

  • Get in touch with their feelings and express their reactions to the situational dramas presented in the video.
  • Recognize and discuss direct and indirect forms of disrespectful behavior between co-workers and outside customers.
  • Learn and role play (optional) the most effective approaches to confronting the harasser directly.
  • Recognize that it may be necessary and appropriate to report harassment to a manager or human relations person in the organization.

    This is an interactive learning session that will take between 45 minutes and one hour if used as designed.A variety of situations are presented as acted-out scenes.Each scene has a number which appears in the lower right corner. Scenes center around situations regarding:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation or
  • Preference
  • Disability
  • Sex or Gender
  • Weight
  • Language or National
  • Origin
  • Insensitivity by Managers and Supervisors
  • Rumors

    DVD (With Presenter's Guide) / 17 minutes

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    Educate your new and existing employees on the basics of today's more pressing human resource topics with the Positive Prevention Series. The secret is in capturing each employee's attention with these engaging DVDs that provide easy to grasp content and Q&A scenarios that assure employee understanding.

    Topics covered in this program include:

  • Defining Workplace Diversity 1. Primary Dimensions, Secondary and Functional Dimensions

  • Appreciating Workplace Diversity 1. Improve Perspectives, Reflect Reality, Enhance Adaptation

  • Deploying Workplace Diversity 1. Match Stakeholder Characteristics
    2. Meet Business and Societal Goals
    3. Comply with Legal Expectations
    4. Overcome stereotypes
    5. Encourage Change Agents

    DVD / 15 minutes

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    Taking C.A.R.E. of Business can be used for your front line customer service staff. From greeting customers and gracefully managing several at once, to handling dissatisfied customers and keeping a fresh outlook at all times, Taking C.A.R.E. of Business emphasizes personal accountability as it teaches your employees to actively improve their customer service skills.

    DVD / 25 minutes

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    Threat Detector defines red flag behaviors and what action to take when you see them.

    Employees play a very important role in preventing violence in the workplace. They're on the front lines; they may be the first ones to see behavior in a co-worker, customer or vendor that makes them uncomfortable or even scared. The Threat Detector program will clarify what these behaviors are and what action to take when you see them. The goal is to get the right people in your company quickly involved to handle the potential threat. This ultimately results in a safer workplace for all.

    Learning Objectives Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Define a threat
  • Describe types of threatening behaviors
  • Identify behaviors that should be reported to a manager or Human Resources (HR)
  • Increase awareness of possible threats to prevent workplace violence
  • List company resources including violence prevention policies and reporting procedures for threatening behavior

    DVD (With Facilitator Guide) / 17 minutes

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    Turn 'Em On, Turn 'Em Loose! explores how to create a culture that results in turned-on, energized team members and phenomenal growth.

    Tastefully Simple, based in Alexandria, Minnesota, has three core principles: Be Abundant, Make Magic, and Be Real. These principles are designed to define expectations and influence team members' attitudes and behavior.

    This new program illustrates how an organization that focuses on having the best product and team members who celebrate teamwork, passion and respect can have a successful workplace.

    Complete with a full set of support materials, the insights and ideas shared in Turn 'Em On, Turn 'Em Loose! will help your organization create and implement a culture that encourages team members to be abundant, make magic and be real.

    DVD / 24 minutes

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    Workplace violence is an issue that can affect any organization, of any size, in any industry. This training video takes on this important topic without sensationalizing, but by approaching the subject directly and honestly.

    Stephen White is a leading expert on workplace violence. Over the past twenty years, Dr. White has consulted on thousands of threat cases for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations of all sizes, both public and private. In this workplace violence training video, Dr. White draws from his experiences to dispel some of the common myths about workplace violence, while providing a better understanding of what you should be aware of to help keep your workplace safe.

    The employee version details the ten distinct warning signs that could foretell violence. It emphasizes the need for employees to speak up and get help if they notice anything that causes concern.

    DVD (With Study Guide) / 17 minutes

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    Workplace violence. It can happen in any size organization, in any industry. We read about it in the news often enough that it seems to be a fairly common threat.

    Fortunately, these tragedies are rare considering the millions of people who go to work every day without incident. And since much is now known about such attacks, the vast majority can be prevented by paying attention to the warning signs and responding with quick, decisive action.

    This dramatic video is narrated by Stephen G. White, PhD, President of Work Trauma Services and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. Over the past twenty years, Dr. White has consulted on thousands of threat cases for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations of all sizes, both public and private. Based on this experience, he shares facts about workplace violence that can help you identify risks of violence in your workplace.

    The manager version and its accompanying study guide offer additional content for managers and supervisors, such as how to hold information-gathering meetings, confront a bully, or terminate a problem employee. Managers are strongly encouraged to get support-from HR, security or other designated resources-if they feel uncomfortable or if there is any possibility of a violent reaction.

    Even if your workplace does not experience threats that indicate immediate danger, proper training on the appropriate response to warning signs of violence will improve employee comfort levels, show due diligence, and help the overall mental health of your organization.

    DVD (With Study Guide) / 24 minutes

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    By BJ Gallagher

    It's no secret that we live in a world full of negativity. Negativity surrounds us -in our workplaces, in our communities, even in our families. But sometimes? it's our own negativity that stands between us and success.

    Understanding the sources of negativity; both our own and others', is essential for people to work together effectively. Yes Lives in the Land of NO will guide participants through their own journeys in the land of NO. This animated program will help viewers deal with negativity faster, more effectively, and with a lot less discouragement and despair.

    DVD / 8 minutes

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