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Heather Shenkman, M.D., is a vibrant young cardiologist, triathlete, and expert communicator. She presents students with a crash course in the physiology and functioning of their hearts and demonstrates the best ways to keep their hearts healthy.

Using herself as a model, Dr. Shenkman shows teens exactly how to achieve life-long heart health through 7 simple principles:

1. get active
2. eat healthy
3. manage weight
4. avoid smoking
5. control cholesterol
6. manage blood pressure
7. reduce sugar in your diet

Dr. Shenkman motivates teens to design, start and maintain a healthy heart program tailored to each student's individual needs.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grades 7-College) / 20 minutes

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Overview of federal government's new food icons MyPlate (which replaced MyPyramid) geared toward people who are obese, "pre-diabetic," or diagnosed with diabetes. Also provides information about general nutrition, diabetes, losing weight, taming portion sizes, and the benefits of physical activity.

DVD (Region 1) / 2013 / 15 minutes

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Countdown to Your Health for Kids DVD gives an overview of the six things kids can do each day to stay healthy. Perfect for elementary students, kids will discover the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water, having positive mental health, limiting time spent in front of a screen, getting plenty of physical activity and enough sleep. This DVD focuses on the numbers for health essential for kids, including an overview of age-appropriate sleep recommendations, presented by medical professionals giving the facts behind the numbers and kids who give practical advice on how they live the countdown.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2012 / (Grades 1- 6) / 18 minutes

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54321+8 Count Down to Your Health DVD gives an overview of six things teens and adults can do each day to stay healthy. Viewers will discover and learn about the importance of fruits and veggies, drinking water, positive mental health, limiting screen time, getting physical activity and enough sleep. The countdown provides an easy way to remember the expert-recommended amounts of each one. In this DVD, medical professionals share the facts behind the numbers and students share some practical advice about how to live the countdown.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2012 / (Grade 6-Adult) / 24 minutes

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Overview of federal government's new food icon, MyPlate (which replaced MyPyramid). Offers advice on how to use MyPlate to "build" a healthy plate. Provides specific tips, geared toward older adults, on how to include more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy in diet. Also explains the specific benefits of good nutrition for older adults.

DVD (Region 1) / 2012 / 15 minutes

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Kid- and teen-friendly overview of federal government's new food icon, MyPlate (which replaced MyPyramid). Offers advice how to use MyPlate to "build" a healthy plate, including better mealtime choices, fast food tips, snacking, and simple meal prep. Explains the specific benefits of good nutrittion during childhood and adolescence.

DVD (Region 1) / 2012

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Easy-to-understand overview of the federal government's new dietary guidelines for a general audience. These guidelines are created to help people stay healthy, reduce their chances of disease, and help them maintain a healthy weight through better nutrition and exercise. Provides tips on ways people can implement guidelines in their daily lives.

DVD (Region 1) / 2012 / 14 minutes

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Making wise food choices is critical for the future health of our society. This presentation introduces the newest USDA food guidance system, MyPlate, and its key consumer messages. This presentation promotes physical activity as an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. This presentation takes an in depth look at the five food groups, foods within each group, amounts needed, and benefits received from eating a variety of foods. This presentation defines and characterizes oils, solid fats and added sugars. Students will learn how to make healthy choices which lead to a balanced diet grounded by physical activity. Collaborator: Janice Boyce, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

CD-ROM (Win, PowerPoint Presentation (94 slides)) / 2012

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Nutrients are the substances in food that work to keep our bodies healthy and eating a variety of foods from the food groups will give your body the nutrients it needs maintain good health. Registered Dietitian Melissa Halas-Liang and two students explore the functions, benefits and sources of the six types of nutrients, including:
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

    DVD (Close Captioned) / 2012 / (Grade 6 - Adult) / 20 minutes

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    Do you ever stop and wonder what's on YOUR plate? Discover what's on the new MyPlate food icon developed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This DVD is an overview of good food choices and the MyPlate food guide that highlights the best choices from each food group. Includes interviews with teens about their favorite healthy foods.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2012 / (Grade 6 - Adult) / 22 minutes

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    What are carbohydrates, and why do we need them?

    Learn how our bodies use carbs, how many we should eat each day, and which foods are healthier choices for carbs than others.

    Begin to understand the role of glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose and other sugars in the diet. Learn why people who go on carb-reducing diets lose weight and why carbohydrates are a more efficient fuel than protein.

    Also, get important facts about blood sugar, insulin, diabetes, and the glycemic index.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2009 / 21 minutes

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    Latest NCEP guidelines on how nutrition and exercise can optimize cardiovascular health. Shows how to use the food label help follow the guidelines. New factors, such as omega3 fatty acids, and trans fats discussed.

    DVD (Region 1) / 2007 / 18 minutes

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    There's no debate that healthy eating is good for you, but too often, teens don't make smart choices when it comes to food and activity.

    Two high school classmates prepare for a debate on healthy eating, a nutritionist gives advice, and student interviews give a "real life" view of eating habits.
    From them viewers learn:
  • The F-A-T-S method of eating and activity
  • The P-L-A-N method of changing bad eating/activity habits
  • Why the Food Pyramid matters
  • How to use a hunger scale to control eating
  • How reading food labels can help teens make good choices

  • "This DVD is done in an engaging way that will hold student interest and will be an excellent addition to a nutrition unit. Recommended." - Library Media Connection, January 2008

  • "...presents both solid information and practical advice on the subject of good nutrition. Recommended." - Video Librarian, November/December 2007

  • "...the characters convey the information in a very clear-cut and accessible manner...the practical tips on how to read food packaging labels and what they mean may be new for many teens, particularly those in middle school." - School Library Journal, October 2007

  • "Enthusiastically recommended for school classrooms and public library collections." - The Midwest Book Review, July 2007

  • 2007 Telly Award
  • Winner of "Merit" National Health Information Award, 2008

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2007 / (Grades 6-Adult) / 20 minutes

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    Teens discover how the USDA's MyPyramid shows them how to eat for energy, control their calories and add physical activity to their daily routines. Students also go to the MyPyramid Web site where they find their personal eating plans for their age, gender, size and activity level. A fast-moving overview helps teens learn to balance healthy eating with physical activity for a lifetime of good habits.

  • 2006 Telly Award

    DVD (Cloased Captioned) / 2005 / (Grades 6-Adult) / Approx. 15 minutes

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    Events and functions need careful planning and execution. This program examines a range of areas relevant to event or function catering. It focuses on general planning, budgets, the food - including menu planning, presentation, the kitchen, food quantities, transporting food, and food storage and handling for outside functions. The program also looks at the importance of good timing and flexibility, and explores some of the legal requirements involved in catering for an event. This is a brilliant resource for all hospitality students.

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    DVD / 2004 / 29 minutes

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    Students will learn why good nutrition is so important to growing bodies. The role that is played by vitamins and by other nutrients is addressed and students will understand why a good diet is a diverse diet. This video makes it easy for students to make wise choices when they decide what they're going to eat!

    Learning Objectives:
    1) Students will learn about the purpose of the Food Guide Pyramid.
    2) Students will learn about the five major food groups and they will know how many servings they should consume from each food group every day.
    3) Students will learn about nutrients, calories, and metabolism.

    DVD / 2004 / (Grades 3-5) / 22 minutes

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    Kneaded, baked and sliced, this common food has built cities, changed religion and brought governments to ruin. We examine the rise and fall of our daily bread.

    DVD / 2000 / (Senior High - College) / 23 minutes

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    Fast Food is a fixture in the United States now spreading around the world. But its more than burgers and fries, weve always needed food to go. Unwrap the socio-economic origins and the impact on lifestyles.

    DVD / 2000 / (Senior High - College) / 23 minutes

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    Carbohydrate is a vital part of diet, but we generally don't eat enough of it. In this "Guess ..." series, we explore the role carbohydrate plays in maintaining our health and well being.

    How much carbohydrate do we need, and what form(s) does it take? Can we eat too much of it? What is carbohydrate loading, and why do athletes use it? These questions, and more are explored in this up-to-date program from the producers of programs such as "Australian Guide to Healthy Eating" and the updated "Guess ..." series.

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    DVD / 2000 / 13 minutes

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    Fat is a large part of our diet; often we don't realise just how much of it we consume. Staple foodstuffs such as meat, butter and milk all have high fat contents. Additionally, many foods become high in fat when they are prepared in certain ways; low fat potatoes can become high fat chips, for example. This program looks at what fat is, how much of it we eat, what foods it is found in, what function it carries out in the body, what problems it causes, and how we can reduce our consumption of it. We also see the pressures put on us to eat more fat. Advertising tempts us with appealing pictures of healthy people eating fatty products and industry lobby groups are constantly campaigning for their product.

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    DVD / 2000 / 22 minutes

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    For some years now, salt has been viewed as a major cause of high blood pressure. But the reality is a little more complex. For people with a genetic pre-disposition, salt may be a killer; for others it may not be such a problem. But until a satisfactory test is developed, it's wise for all of us to greatly reduce the amount of salt we consume.

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    DVD / 2000 / 20 minutes

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    The more sugar we eat, the less complex carbohydrate and the more fat we eat. For that reason, sugar, with its empty kilojoules, is a food we should eat less of. But there's also the problem of dental caries: despite all the improvements in tooth-paste and fluoridation over large areas of Australasia, sugar which is hidden in an amazing variety of foods, is still public enemy number 1.

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    DVD / 2000 / 15 minutes

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    Whilst the debate over vitamin supplements appears certain to go on for a lot longer yet, we come down firmly on the side of `Consume a variety of foods and you won't need to think about supplements'. We explain the role of vitamins in the body and what happens when we consume more than we need. We also explain the vested interests involved in the synthetic vitamin industry and how that can get in the way of us spending our money wisely.

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    DVD / 2000 / 19 minutes

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    Lively, multi-cultural title featuring children discovering healthy snacks, the importance of breakfast, easy-to-make nutritious sandwiches, and benefits of good nutrition.

    DVD (Region 1) / 1996 / (Grades 3-6) / 14 minutes

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    Eating is a pleasurable part of life
  • The look and flavor of food is important to enjoying a meal
  • What you choose to put in your mouth is also a decision about your well-being
  • Americans eat well by world standards, but our national diet is a major factor in chronic diseases caused by excesses
  • Every year the average adult in our country consumes up to 16 pounds of salt and 150 pounds of refined sugar
  • We are the most overfed and undernourished people in the world
  • The surgeon general says that at least five of the top ten causes of death in this country are directly related to the way we eat
  • That is why we encourage you to consider what is on your plate
  • You may find that gradually changing to a healthier diet maybe easier than you think
  • Here are some common sense guidelines to get you started

    DVD / (Grades 9-Adult)

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    By Dr. Anthony A. Goodman

    Explore in great depths the major myths, lies, and half-truths related to key components of fitness and nutrition in The Myths of Nutrition and Fitness. In this accessible six-lecture course by Dr. Anthony A. Goodman, you'll examine the pros and cons of training and eating programs, learn strategies to help you discern the truth behind popular myths, discover new ways to be healthy and physically active, and more.

    6 Lectures
    1 Fueling Up for Fitness Routines
    2 Hydration for an Active Life
    3 The Skinny on Exercise and Weight Loss
    4 Some Facts about Vitamins and Supplements
    5 Can You Get Too Much of a Good Thing?
    6 Going to Extremes¡XThe Smart Way

    DVD / 180 minutes

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    Taught By Professor Roberta H. Anding

    Making smart eating choices is essential to living a healthy, happy, and successful life. Yet all too often, we're exposed to information and techniques that promise quick and easy results but can be harmful to your overall health: crash diets, experimental medications, ever-changing studies on what you should eat more or less of, and more. It can be confusing to dig through the mass of hype, myth, and misconceptions about good nutrition habits. So in the face of potentially misleading information and aids, where can you find the key to nutritional success?

    The answer: in understanding the concepts, practices, and science behind good nutrition. Once you master the intricate¡Xand undeniably captivating¡Xinteraction between what you eat and its effect on your body and mind, you unlock a powerful and scientifically proven tool to use in the quest for maintaining or improving your personal health.

    Nutrition Made Clear is your opportunity to finally sort through nutrition misconceptions and replace them with hard science you can understand. In 36 in-depth lectures taught by dietitian and award-winning Professor Roberta H. Anding, you explore the fundamentals of good nutrition and get a practical and personal guide to applying these fundamentals to your unique lifestyle. Designed to appeal to anyone at any age, this course is an invaluable source of medically backed, statistically proven information about the guidelines for healthy eating and living.

    6 DVDs / 1080 minutes

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