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Business - Retailing

Business - Retailing


Everyday retail plays a part in our lives, whether it is grabbing a bite to eat, shopping for that perfect outfit or working in the industry itself. Retail is so common - it's hard to imagine life without it. This Australian-made, curriculum fit program highlights the large number of jobs available in retail, and the range of skills required, as well as the specialty job options available. We hear from the Head of Programs at the Australian Retailers Association and people who work within the industry. We also highlight the clearly defined pathways available in the industry and the large number of training courses available.

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DVD / 2010 / 22 minutes

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By Bonnie Patrick Mattalian

Grow Your Retail Sales and Ancillary Revenues explores why it is essential that health/fitness clubs have a strategy for sales. The DVD explains how clubs can use member segmentation to help them make decisions on programs, products, and services. The DVD also reviews how clubs' can identify the current drivers of consumer buying decisions, as well as discusses how clubs can determine action points for a successful sales process for programs, products, and services. In addition, the DVD looks at specific operational actions that clubs can undertake to improve their ancillary revenue sales.

Among topics covered:

  • Member segmentation and preferences
  • Marketing demand and pricing
  • Programs and services
  • Compensation and incentives
  • Marketing and selling for success
  • Your Internet presence
  • Ancillary sales
  • Retail sales

    DVD / 2010 / 55 minutes

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    All marketing starts with a product. But beyond the product is the brand. Vast sums are spent in creating and maintaining brands. But what is a brand? And why do some brands succeed and some fail?

    SUCCESSES: Brands speak to people in a way that products don't - they have a personality, a style. One of the big brand success story is Innocent Drinks. In just 10 years Innocent's sales went from nothing to over ¢G100 million. Meanwhile Coca-Cola has used its brand to conquer the world - despite its product being little different from the competition. But the UK has its own long-lasting brands, too - like Cadbury's. What's the secret of their success?

    SURVIVORS: John Lewis is a good example of how brands can survive - it's a question of keeping true to their core values. But as companies getting bigger, this gets harder. And is there a danger in losing sight of the importance of simply having a good product? Brands can be damaged, too. Did Innocent damage its brand when it sold part of its ownership to Coca-Cola? And what about the spectacular problems of Ratners, BP and Toyota? Some brands go on and on however bad their media coverage - like Coca-Cola.

    THE BIG LIE: Companies like Divine Chocolate have found success through its ethical fair trade image. But ethics are often more about image than reality. Can companies like oil giant BP really claim to be green? And are brands deceiving us in a more profound way - making us believe we're inadequate without them? Psychologist Oliver James believes they're literally driving us mad.

    DVD (With CD-ROM) / 2010 / 30 minutes

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    Every day we are exposed to about 3,000 advertisements - that's 84,000 advertisements a month on over a 2 million different products each and every year. In this hectic market we often put our faith, and our money, in something more than a single product - we put them in a brand. In this engaging Australian-made, curriculum fit program we look at what a brand is, the power of branding, what makes up a brand, the evolution of brands, and influences on brands. We also speak to Erminio Putignano from Futurebrand, who highlights some great examples of successful branding.

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    DVD / 2010 / 27 minutes

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    Business-associated sites, renovated CBDs, and planned shopping centers. Special topics include the principle of cumulative attraction, vacant stores, parking, visibility, negotiating leases, & lease restrictive covenants. A new section shows how to use the Internet for site-selection data such as Census Bureau demographics, state transportation department traffic counts, and computer-modeling location consulting firms. Examples include a clothing-store chain, a home- furnishing store chain, two fast-food chains, an equipment-rental chain, and specialty stores.

    DVD / 2009 / 23 minutes

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    The financial aspects of any retail store are vital to business success. It needs to be fast and accurate to help keep the business flowing well. Critical to this is good Point of Sale (POS) service and practice. This incorporates understanding and operating POS equipment, processing transactions, completing sales, cash and non cash handling, balancing the register, reconciliation of takings & accuracy of reporting. In this program we see and hear from a leading retail industry expert about how the systems work to make the retail experience a fast and smooth operation that keeps their business responsive and successful, and hear about the ways to optimise effectiveness of retail POS handling. This is an educational and practical look at this vital area of the retail industry.

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    DVD / 2009 / 21 minutes

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    The modern retail environment is extremely competitive. With the expanding capabilities of electronic trading, the personal shopper is becoming more discerning and the retailer can no longer just meet customer needs. Today it's vital that they anticipate and exceed their customer's expectations. Indeed going beyond expectations of standard customer service has become the key point of difference in the retailer's quest to survive and grow. This exciting program examines how several award-winning retailers achieve customer service excellence. It examines who customers are, defines products, facilities and services, explores the vital role that good communication plays, looks at the most effective ways to handle complaints and examines how best to serve customers with special needs. This is a practical and informative look at modern customer service excellence in the retail industry.

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    DVD / 2009 / 32 minutes

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    In Australia, accidents in the retail workplace cost millions of dollars per year in direct costs and loss of production. Every year many people suffer a long-term injury, which affects their ability to work and enjoy life. Some even die. Employers and employees have legal responsibilities to keep workplaces safe and to reduce these risks, and the retail environment has some unique OHS conditions that you need to be aware of. In this program we hear from both WorkSafe Victoria and the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, as well as coal-face expertise from leading retailer Woolworths about the effects of workplace injuries, legal obligations, employer responsibilities, employee responsibilities, the main types of injuries and what to do if there is an OH&S issue. A positive and pro-active look at the issues and how to make your retail workplace safe.

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    DVD / 2009 / 32 minutes

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    In a time where the "one size fits all" concept no longer serves the needs of all consumers, retailers are making special efforts to tailor their inventories to appeal to African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans along with their Caucasian counterparts. Industry professionals such as the CEO of Phat Fashions, The President of Sean Jean Clothing, the President of Uptown Magazine and CEO of NuAmerica Agency relate their experiences regarding the multicultural retail arena. Their interviews are integrated with footage of their fashion collections, the organizations they represent, and urban centers with the greatest ethnic diversity

    DVD / 2007 / 20 minutes

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    Featuring BP Connect

    You're on your way home. You and your car are both low on fuel. You need to get gas and a good cup of coffee. Something other than a stale brew that's been sitting on the burner for hours. And a sandwich would really hit the spot. Isn't there someplace that can satisfy all your needs? Now there is. Welcome to BP Connect! Offering an extensive line of on-the-go foods and beverages is the next step in service station convenience retailing.

    DVD / 2007 / (Grades 9-12, College, Adult) / Approx. 7 minutes

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    Featuring Staples

    Creating a strategy for growth is an important step in any business. Some growth strategies focus on current customers while others choose to develop new customers. Different strategies apply to different types of customers. For Staples, a leader in the office supply market, a major growth strategy solution was to connect with their current customer base through a segment of their business that had been overlooked - copying and printing.

    DVD / 2007 / (Grades 9-12, College, Adult) / Approx. 4 minutes

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    How do external factors affect businesses? The experiences of the companies in a seaside town demonstrate the meaning of P-E-S-T.

    POLITICS: People often complain about European politicians. But business is booming at the Royal Albion Hotel - and it's all thanks to a European grant.

    ECONOMICS: Economic factors led famous model train maker Hornby Hobbies to close its factory and move its manufacturing to China. Hornby's done well - but what about the social costs?

    SOCIETY & TECHNOLOGY: The Happy Elephant jewellery company is making sales from a social trend called the "New Age". Meanwhile technology has helped turn round the fortunes of the Bottleneck off-licence.

    THE RETAIL PARK: But external factors are rarely clear-cut. How will a big new out of town shopping centre affect the high street shops?

    DVD (With Publication) / 2005 / 24 minutes

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    JP Morgan Chase recently purchased Bank One, making them the largest retail-banking network in the United States. Retail banking has changed dramatically from the checking and savings account business. The program explores the "new" retail bank from checking to sophisticated investing, direct deposits to on-line banking, and large commercial bank centers to small community branches.

    DVD / 2005 / (Grades 9-12, College, Adult) / Approx. 10 minutes

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    Featuring: Jeanne Jackson

    Program Highlights:
  • How brand value generates cash and drives up market cap.
  • When you should execute first--and advertise later.
  • Why it's not just the marketing department that worries about brands anymore.

    Successful brands adapt to the changing needs of their customers. They grow from their base of brand-loyal return buyers who support price premiums and healthy profit margins. By investing this additional cash in further brand building, they create a "virtuous circle" that carries them through inevitable downturns. A strong brand guides overall strategy and acts as an ambassador for entering new markets and launching new products that will succeed as long as they continue to build on core brand values.

    Until recently, Jeanne Jackson was CEO of Walmart.com. She has also served as president and CEO of Banana Republic and of Gap Inc. Direct, the catalog and Internet source for the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy brands. In 2003, Jackson founded MSP Capital, a consulting and investment firm for which she is General Partner. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Nike, Inc. and McDonald's Corporation.

    DVD / 2002 / 43 minutes

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    Bar-codes, electronic point sale systems, hand-held terminals¡K information technology has transformed UK retailing.
    At Marks & Spencer's IT centre, mainframe computers monitor what's been sold in all its stores and order up new stock.
    Computers control every step of the M&S national distribution system. And IT isn't confined to inside the supermarket, but also links it to suppliers. We visit one of M&S's suppliers where computers also control the whole manufacturing process.

    M&S has an Internet-based shopping system so you can even buy from the comfort of your home.

    IT makes superstores more efficient and powerful - but what about the impact on the environment and smaller shops?

  • "Extremely impressed. I would definitely recommend TV Choice to other schools and colleges." - S Ellis, Head of ICT, Shiplake College.

    DVD (With Publication) / 2002 / 25 minutes

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    Small businesses often focus on a very specific market niche. It helps them stand out in the crowded streetscape of shops. This case study compares the retail operations of two shops run by two brothers in two very different locations using a common product base - textiles imported from Guatemala. Do things that sell well in one location sell in another? What is the marketing mix? An expert in small business management assesses the marketing approach of the company and discusses more effective marketing strategies.

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    DVD / 2001 / 23 minutes

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    Some retailing trends of the new millennium include entertainment-oriented shopping centers, themed environments, supermarket expansion into atypical product mixes, designer and manufacturer retail flagships, and the continuous explosion of "off-site retailing" with E-tailing as its centerpiece. Others include the growth of temporary retail outlets, the escalation of "store is the brand" retailing, the emergence of "value shopping", and a recent innovation that markets fashion directly to the consumer through "door to door" selling.

    DVD / 2000 / 20 minutes

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    One of the most important factors in the success of any retailer's operation is the purchase of merchandise. To maximize profits, buyers and merchandisers must carefully plan their purchases. Several interviews with merchandise managers and buyers on topics such as six-month plans, past sales analysis, market analysis, and model stock development for both fashion and staple merchandise. Special topics include the buying plan, open-to-buy considerations, resource selection, and timing the purchase

    DVD / 1999 / 20 minutes

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    While the 80s were the era of indulgence, the 90s are the era of value shopping. A real growth market in retailing is the off-price segment with chains like T J Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, and Steinmart. DVD visits outlet centers across the nation such as Sawgrass Mills and Gurnee Mills. Discusses how discounters such Kmart and Wal-Mark target value shoppers. Also, looks at alternative shopping from catalogs and on the Internet

    DVD / 1999 / 20 minutes

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    Heading into the 21st century, the playing fields and its roster of players will be changing considerably. Depicted in this video, the changes include:

  • Updating of older malls into ones that are more exciting
  • Alternative shopping on cable television and the internet
  • Development of private label programs
  • Expansion of the category killer
  • Store as the brand concept
  • Interview with Mr. Allan Ellinger, noted consultant, who gives insights into what the next century of retailing will be like

    DVD / 1997 / 20 minutes

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    Featuring Marion Bailey, Jeremy Clyde and Richard Griffiths.

    To show sales staff what effect their behaviour can have on customers.

    The prequel to this programme, If looks could kill, demonstrated how thoughtless behaviour can create a dissatisfied customer. This sequel shows that how we believe we are behaving is not necessarily how the customer sees it.

    In this amusing story, with a sting in the tail, we're introduced to Mrs Porter, whose mounting frustration while shopping in Starmore's department store has driven her to the edge. Inspector Thackeray from the Customer Services Squad arrives to investigate her claims of rude behaviour and poor service.

    He retraces Mrs Porter's movements and uncovers a number of cases where she was ignored, forgotten or treated badly by staff. Inspector Thackeray then shows how positively Mrs Porter would have reacted had she received the service she expected.

    The staff of Starmore's learn to acknowledge waiting customers and apologise for any delay in serving them; understand that non-selling work comes second to serving customers; and discover when to call in a manager to resolve a problem. Finally they learn always to respect the customer's purchase.

    When sales staff offer the service that a customer expects, everyone benefits. Friendly behaviour sells. It also creates the perfect environment for selling accessories and services.

    The key outcomes
  • Help sales staff understand what effect their behaviour can have on customers
  • Teach sales staff that attentive and friendly service really sells
  • Improve the results for your organisation in terms of customer satisfaction and sales

    DVD (With CD-ROM) / 1997

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    Marshall Industries is redefining the roles of traditional wholesaling and physical distribution. The highly successful 'value-added' distribution company bundles, distributes, and assembles electronic components for major electronics firms in the world.

    DVD / 1995 / (Grades 9-12, College, Adult) / 12 minutes

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    Since consumers are most concerned with finding the best deal available, it is crucial that they be informed when it comes to calculating discounts. This presentation provides useful information on how to figure sales into the final price along with the difference in state sales tax. The ability to determine the best offer from a list of choices is also demonstrated.

    CD-ROM (Win, PowerPoint Presentation (35 slides))

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    How to handle tough supervisory challenges with this employee coaching program.

    As a supervisor in a retail setting, you may be faced with a succession of new, unskilled or undermotivated employees. Learn how to reduce turnover and make the most of your current staff by adopting five powerful coaching skills that can help you deal with attitude problems, tardiness¡Xeven motivate good employees to perform better.

    Learn simple but effective approaches to use when employees aren't meeting expectations:
  • Describe the problem and state expectations.
  • Get the employee to agree that there is a problem, and to commit to correcting it.
  • Develop a solution with the employee.
  • Get agreement on an action plan.
  • Follow up.

    This employee coaching program will arm supervisors with the know-how to coach staff consistently and thoroughly. Although the scenarios take place in retail environments, the lessons apply to any supervisory situation.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 19 minutes

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