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World of Gourmet Kitchens

World of Gourmet Kitchens


Cooking and baking are perfect examples of math used in everyday life. Join Chef Dave Christopherson as he takes a closer look at practical applications of math at the grocery store and in the kitchen. Basic math skills are used to determine recipe costs, converting recipes, determining timing, and more. Kitchen and math concepts presented in short video segments include:

  • Reading a recipe (2:50)
  • Measuring techniques (3:43)
  • Kitchen equivalents (3:37)
  • Timing a meal (2:47)
  • Estimation of amounts and recipe costs (4:50)
  • Unit price (7:39)
  • Recipe conversion (3:35)
  • English to metric conversion (2:53)

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2013 / (Grade 5 - Adult) / Approx. 31 minutes

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    Paris is no longer the gourmet capital of the world! The world has suddenly discovered that Tokyo is a gourmet's paradise. Outside Tokyo, this was secret outside a tight-knit freemasonry of gluttons. But it burst into the open this year when Tokyo was crowned world's top Michelin three-star city. This film pays tribute to Japanese culinary traditions which have deeply influenced French cuisine. Following a culinary trail through the city, we meet French and Japanese chefs. This savory promenade also pays tribute to Tokyo's electrifying energy and highly refined civilization. We explore the different facets of this fascinating capital as the film captures the flavors and atmospheres from fish markets to sacred temples, from the skyscrapers' top to the subway's undergrounds, night and day.

    DVD / 2013 / (Senior High - College) / 48 minutes

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    The colour, richness and diversity of Indian and Japanese cuisine are celebrated in this vibrant program. This documentary style production investigates regional differences within each country, traditional and modern influences on contemporary cuisine and the way in which food is prepared, served and eaten for everyday meals and special occasions. There are interviews with Indian writer, Lakshmi Belekrishnan, Village Indian head chef, Vissnu Kharel, Japanese teacher, Akiko Mahara and owner and chef of Wabi Sabi, Tomoya Kawasaki. Suitable for food technology and culture related studies at the middle secondary level, it provides a fascinating insight into Indian and Japanese cuisine and is a great way to encourage cultural awareness and understanding.

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    DVD / 2012 / 20 minutes

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    Director: Monika Treut

    Taiwan is known for one of the most diverse cuisines in Asia. A sumptuous exploration of the island's culinary traditions and mix of cultures, the film begins in Taipei, circles the island, and then heads inland. Along the way we enter the restaurant Shin Yeh atop the city's Taipei 101 skyscraper; are treated to a lesson on eating soup dumplings; and visit an aboriginal chef who makes bouillabaisse within a tree trunk, cooked by heated stones.

  • "It not only demonstrates extraordinary cuisines but also includes the production chain and regional culture." -Culturport

    DVD-R (Taiwanese with English Subtitles) / 2012 / 83 minutes

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    Director: Andrew Rossi

    In this portrait of Le Cirque founder Sirio Maccioni and his three sons, director Andrew Rossi catches the family at a dramatic transition: the closing of the restaurant in 2004, its celebrated re-opening two years later followed by the nerve-wracking wait for restaurant critics to weigh in on their new incarnation. A must-see for anyone who is passionate about food and dining, this film shows us a family embroiled in the age-old struggle between father, sons, tradition and change.

  • "Terrific access...Maccioni is a delight to watch. It makes for great theater." - The New York Times

    DVD / 2011 / 74 minutes

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    Director: Sally Rowe

    A Matter of Taste follows talented young chef Paul Liebrandt for over a decade, revealing his creative process in the kitchen as well as the extreme dedication it takes to be a successful culinary artist in the cutthroat world of haute cuisine.

  • "Exhilarating! Demonstrates how much body and soul go into a good restaurant. There's some juicy insider stuff here...foodies will love it." - The Globe and Mail

  • WINNER! James Beard Award , Best Documentary or Special

    DVD / 2011 / 69 minutes

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    Directors: Lutz Hachmeister

    Focusing on nine Michelin starred chefs from three continents, Three Stars depicts the everyday drama of life in gourmet restaurants and includes exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes access to some of the world's most talented chefs as they work in their gastronomic laboratories, hunt for exquisite ingredients in local markets, and gather rare edible plants along rough coastlines. It reveals the business of cooking on the highest level and highlights the various kitchen routines and culinary philosophies of chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Yannick Alleno, and Olivier Roellinger

    DVD-R / 2011 / 94 minutes

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    Director: Chris Hegedus & D A Pennebaker

    Imagine a scene never before witnessed: Sixteen French pastry chefs gathered in Lyon for three intense days of mixing, piping and sculpting everything from delicate chocolates to six-foot sugar sculptures in hopes of being declared by President Nicolas Sarkozy one of the best. This is the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition (Best Craftsmen in France). The blue, white and red striped collar worn on the jackets of the winners is more than the ultimate recognition for every pastry chef - it is a dream and an obsession.

    From Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker, the filmmakers who brought us MONTEREY POP, THE WAR ROOM and Bob Dylan in DON'T LOOK BACK comes this epic, never-before-filmed test of France's finest artisans as they work under constant scrutiny of master judges and the critical palates of some of the world's most renowned chefs. The film captures the high-stakes drama of the competition - passion, sacrifice, disappointment, and joy - in the quest to become one of theKINGS OF PASTRY.

  • "Forget Masterchef. This is the culinary Hurt Locker." - Herald Scotland

  • "Gripping, even for non-foodies." - Variety

  • "Thrilling, heart-stopping, exquisite." - The Independent

  • "Leaves viewers on the edge of their seats." - Los Angeles Times

    DVD (English and French with English Subtitles) / 2010 / 84 minutes

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    Director: Jennifer Grausman & Mark Becker

    There's a force-of-nature at Frankford High School in Philadelphia. Her name is Wilma Stephenson and she runs an infamous Culinary Arts "boot camp" for students. A teacher for 40 years, Wilma can be blunt and cantankerous - but beneath her tough exterior is a person who cares passionately about getting the best out of her kids.

    Pressure Cooker documents an entire school year with Wilma and her students. At a school where over 40% of the students don't even make it to their senior year, Wilma shows her kids how to achieve her version of the American dream: Choose a realistic goal. Work hard. Work the system. And get out of Northeast Philly.

    At the end of the year, culinary students from all over Philly compete in a one-day cook-off, where top chefs judge the students' skills and talent. Scholarships are on the line; success will depend upon how dedicated they've been over the last year - enduring stressful home lives while still finding the motivation to wake up at 6AM to get to class early enough to master crepes and tournee potatoes.

  • "Both a tribute to a teacher who actually cares and kids who actually want to learn. Would that there were more people like them." - NY Post

  • "A heart-grabbing, awe-inspiring work that needs no embellishment." - Philadelphia Inquirer

  • "Powerful! This motivational story is not saccharine, but as tart and tangy as Stephenson herself." - Jess deCourcy Hinds, School Library Journal

    DVD / 2010 / 99 minutes

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    Director: Roger Sherman

    This intimate film about Danny Meyer, one of America's preeminent restaurant owners, opens in the dining room of Eleven Madison Park in December, 2009. Meyer confides to the camera: "After Tabla and Eleven Madison Park opened, I was convinced I'd made one of the worst professional mistakes of my life." Fade to a vast, concrete space, January, 1998. A much younger-looking Meyer, with Tom Colicchio (chef of Gramercy Tavern), enters the site; Meyer gives him a tour of his hopes and dreams.

    We follow the restaurateur and his team for a year as they experience gut-wrenching construction delays, miss deadlines, and fire a chef. We visit Tabla's chef Floyd Cardoz in his tiny home kitchen where he creates his now classic watermelon curry. We're there as chef Kerry Heffernan takes over EMP just weeks before opening.

    Danny Meyer bares all in this portrait. Watching him and his inner circle, we witness first-hand how difficult it is to create a world-class restaurant. The Restaurateur is nothing like those reality shows. This is real.

    DVD / 2010 / 57 minutes

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    Responding to a call from Charlie Trotter, one of the most high-profile chefs in the US, chefs Heston Blumenthal and Tetsuya Wakuda crossed oceans to take part in a benefit evening. Chicago's big cheese turned out for this sizzling event serving up a taste of gastronomic vitality, American style.

    DVD / 2008 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    Le Grand Vefour Paris, 1st Arrondissement, FRANCE

    Against a spectacular decor, since 1760, the Grand Vefour has been delighting patrons from Fragonard to Napoleon, to Madonna. It is here that Guy Martin, a lively Savoyard of overwhelming generosity, has been serving up modern cuisine that reflects openness to the world and pays vibrant tribute to Paris, his adopted city.

    DVD / 2008 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    Le Jardin des Sens

    The Pourcel twins were born the very day the Ephebe of Agde was raised from the Mediterranean after thousands of years a powerful symbol for two of France's greatest culinary stars at the cutting edge of gastronomic exploration.

    DVD / 2008 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    Provence - Baux-de-Provence, FRANCE

    When Raymond Thuilier opened the Oustau de BaumaniA're after the Second World War, no one remembered the Baux-de-Provence and its Val d'Enfer, which inspired the poetry of the great Dante. After 27 years at his side, his grandson Jean-Andra Charial now upholds the great tradition of the Relais et Chateaux in the most enchanting surroundings.

    DVD / 2008 / (Senior High - College) / 25 minutes

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    Director: Jean-Paul Jaud

    For the first time ever, our children are growing up less healthy than their parents. As the rate of cancer and childhood obesity climbs ever upward each year, we must ask ourselves, why is this happening? What can we do to save our children's health - and our own?

    Food Beware takes a look at a small village in the mountains of France, where - in opposition to powerful economic interests - the town's mayor has declared that the school lunchroom will serve mostly local food, grown by organic methods.

    Featuring interviews with children, parents, teachers, health care workers, journalists, farmers, elected officials, scientists and researchers, we learn about challenges and rewards of their stand - the abuses of industry as well as the practical solutions at hand. What will it take to save our food supply? This moving testament to one community's answer is food for thought, and a case study of a growing revolution.

  • "If there is a film to see this year about the environment and our health, it is 'Food Beware'." - Le Monde

    DVD (French, With English Subtitles) / 2007 / 112 minutes

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    Baking pastries is for many of us who don't make our living in the kitchen, a little intimidating. However the satisfaction that comes with a great loaf of bread, sweet rolls, a cobbler or scones is terrific! Pastry Baking Basics provides step-by-step instruction using over a dozen different recipes to illustrate how easy it is for you to bake pastries, learning the principles behind them, to build a firm foundation based on understanding rather than memorizing formulas. This program is filled with all the information and ideas you need for creating delicious baked goods and tantalizing desserts... today and for years to come. You can develop skills or refine techniques, to gain or simply broaden your repertoire in the kitchen.


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    SALADS & SOUPS: Acorn Squash, Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad; Tuscan White Bean Soup; Cabbage & Italian Sausage Soup; Simple Tomato Soup; Garlic Bread using compound butter; PRIMI: Spaghetti all'Amatriciana; Brussels Sprouts in Agrodolce (For those of you who think you don't like brussels sprouts, you have to try this recipe!); SECONDI: Braised Pork w/ Apples & Spaghetti Squash; Stracotto; BREAKFAST: Kumquat Preserves; Strata; Biscotti; SPECIAL FEATURES: All About Knives & How to make link sausage without special equipment!

    DVD / 92 minutes

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    ANTIPASTI: Citrus Vinaigrette; Tricolore Salad; Hand Torn Croutons; Spring Panzanella; PRIMI: Compound Butters; Local Clams in Bagna Cauda Butter; Pesto Pizze; Penne Pasta; Gnocchi Dumplings; SECONDI: Chicken Alla Diavola; Lamb Chops; Gulf Shrimp Pastina 'Risotto'; BREAKFAST: Spring Frittata: DOLCI: Chocolate Hazelnut Crespelle; Strawberries in Port

    DVD / 73 minutes

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    SALADS, BARBEQUE, GRANOLA & YOGURT SORBET: Corn, Tomato & Avocado Salad; Watermelon Salad w/ Feta & Mint; Wedge Salad w/ Pancetta, Tomato & Blue Cheese Vinaigrette; Procuitto Wrapped Scallops on Rosemary Skewers; Lamb Burger w/ Mint Yogurt, Feta & Grilled Skewer Condiments; Turkey Burger w/ Provolone, Tomatoes, Basil & Balsamic Mayo; Grilled Pork Chop w/ Nectarines & Basalmic Honey Glaze; Grilled Trout w/ Radicchio Slaw & Salmoriglio Sauce; Grilled Chicken w/ Rosemary Garlic Marinade & Grilled Vegetables; Fusilli w/ Grilled Vegetables & Fresh Mozzarella; Infused Vodka & Cocktails; Nectarines & Blueberries with Granola, Yogurt Sorbet.

    DVD / 78 minutes

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    ANTIPASTI: Goat Cheese Torta; Roasted Beet Salad; Red Wine Vinaigrette; Warm Mussel Salad with Olives, Oranges, Fennel & Arugula; Giardiniera with Cured Meats; Local Clams in Acqua Pazza; PRIMI: Butternut Squash Lasagne; Bolognese Pappardelle; SECONDI: Pork Tenderloin with Garlic & Sage on a bed of Roasted Cauliflower; Braised Lemon Chicken; DOLCI: Flourless Chocolate Cake; Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding.

    DVD / 91 minutes

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    Acclaimed Northwest chef Dannielle Myxter shares her secrets and cooking skills for preparing and presenting a variety of uniquely delicious cookies & bars. Recipes include: White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Espresso (Cappuccino) Cookies, Cocoa Maple Brownies, Mint Truffle Brownies and Lemon Bars.


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    All chefs can benefit from improving their skills and increasing their production-and in this DVD , you'll learn 30 fundamental culinary techniques guaranteed to help you do both. Basic Kitchen Preparation brings you both traditional and contemporary methods straight from the classrooms and kitchens, including:

  • Vegetable Preparation-dicing and chopping, garlic and shallot roasting, and techniques using tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, chiles, herbs, artichokes, and asparagus
  • Flavor Enhancers-mirepoix and matignon, bouquet garni and sachet d'epices, brines, barbecue, marinades, dry rubs, and clarifying butter
  • Ingredient Preparation and Handling-whipping cream and egg whites, rehydrating beans and fruits, folding, tempering, and pan-toasting

    DVD (With English and Spanish subtitles) / Approx. 2 hours

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    One of the most basic of cooking fundamentals is the creation of sauces. The Basics of Sauce Making will give you the solid foundation knowledge and skills in this critical segment of the culinary arts. The DVD / covers brown, white, emulsion, and tomato sauces.


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    With Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks

    Learn how to have fun with chocolate throughout the year by creating all sorts of holiday confections, including: Decorative Boxes with lids, Winter Molds of Trees & Stars, Spring Molds of Bunnies & Eggs, Chocolate Pizzas (Fruit & Nut Bark), Peanut Butter Cups, Fudge, Fondant for hand dipped Cherry Cordials, Tuxedo Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Truffles, French Truffles, Lemon Ginger Truffle, Flowers & Leaves & Hazelnut Bars. The Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks also demonstrates effective fork & hand dipping techniques as well as tricks for dealing with molds.


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    With Chocolate Man, Bill Fredericks

    The Chocolate Man Bill Fredericks follows up on his "Basic Truffles" program by teaching you more advanced molding & decorating techniques for coloring, flavoring, airbrushing, painting, texturizing & using transfer papers.

    This "Colorful & Creative Molding Techniques" program will be enjoyed more fully by having a good understanding of how to temper chocolate. Bill has another program called "Tempering" to help you do just that!

    Learn to make coronets & lines, use white chocolate accents, cocoa butter color accents, air brush techniques, transfer sheet variations, molding of both white & dark chocolate, cleanup, ganache and finally sealing truffles. Be prepared to be inspired to create all sorts of innovative molded chocolates.


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    Composed Salads
    Contrasting colors, flavors, texture, heights, and temperature all play a role in the arrangement of a composed salad. During this segment you will:

  • Practice techniques for preparing and presenting several kinds of composed salads.
  • Receive tips for developing your own creations.

    Condiments are the "workhorse" of garde manger-tart, spicy, or pungent, these items boost the flavor of any dish. In this segment, you will:

  • Learn the basic recipes for the five most commonly used
  • condiments-mustard, ketchup, chutney, relish, and pickles. Explore variations on these recipes.
  • Discover effective ways to use condiments in hors d'oeuvre and appetizers.

    Presenting Appetizers and Hors d'Oeuvre In this essential training companion for anyone who handles garde manger functions, you will:

  • Discover the elegance of the first course.
  • Study the key elements of successful appetizers-ingredient selection, presentation, and plating and service techniques.

    DVD / 90 minutes

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    Egg whites can be beaten to a foam to use as a leavener or lightener. Meringues are made by incorporating enough sugar to both stabilize and sweeten the foam. In this DVD / , you will:

  • Explore the techniques and preferred methods for creating common, Swiss-style, and Italian-style meringue.
  • Learn both classic uses of meringue as well as innovative presentations.
  • Gain helpful tips on producing, storing, and evaluating this fundamental component of the professional baker's art.

    The difference between a plain baked item and a fancy pastry often relies on the presence of an icing or filling, or a sauce or a glaze. In this section on Vanilla Sauce and Pastry Cream, you will:

  • Explore the techniques and basic recipes for these staples of fine pastries.
  • Learn the quality standards for evaluating vanilla sauce and pastry cream.

    DVD / 45 minutes

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