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Business Negotiation

Business Negotiation


Steve and Paul Garrison negotiate a large contract to provide services to Paul's company. Steve wants to provide a cost effective service based outside Australia but Paul disagrees. Steve acknowledges the concerns but nearly loses the deal when Serena is brought into the equation, and an angry Paul comes back to confront them. Steve finally reassures Paul the Australian deal will proceed.

DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2012 / 7 minutes

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With Margaret Neale

  • What is your biggest source of power in any negotiation?
  • How to redraw the boundaries of a negotiation in your favor.
  • How focusing on the upside improves your deal.

    It's better to receive the first offer than to give it. Honesty is the best negotiating policy. Don't ever let them see you sweat. Professor Neale cheerfully debunks these common beliefs as she shares the results of empirical research on negotiating strategies and the process of "mutual influence" that drives negotiation. In fact, making the first offer can set the bar high-to your advantage. Being honest about your bottom line can backfire. And emotions can play a powerful role in negotiations.

    Before you begin, be clear about your goal. Is it to get as much value out of a deal as possible? To develop a relationship and create value for both parties? Or simply to win-a dangerous goal! In any case, you need to determine three things: your bottom line, your optimistic target, and your alternatives if the deal fails. Try to figure out the same of your negotiating counterpart. The more prepared you are, the more flexibility you have in negotiating strategies. In the end, don't settle for just any deal. Work to get a good deal-or it's no deal.

    DVD / 2010 / 54 minutes

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    This DVD covers persuading, influencing and negotiating skills comprehensively enough to be used on training courses covering just one of these core skills, or on a more general communication skills course. It will equip any employee with the skills needed to get the best possible result out of any situation, and can be applied inside and outside of the workplace.

    Scripted by a subject expert and trainer, this innovative training DVD is comprised of short clips which allow the trainer complete flexibility and control to intervene at any point and jump around to relevant scenes. Scenes demonstrate good practice and bad practice and cover the following areas:

  • introduction
  • persuading
  • influencing
  • negotiating
  • meetings.

    DVD (Region 2, With Trainer's Guide) / 2009

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    Businesses need to negotiate more effectively with suppliers, not just on price. Pshchologist Eve Ash reminds us to be factual, clear, fast and persistent and avoid common mistakes. She offers practical tips and five steps to negotiate with new and existing suppliers.

    Training Points
  • Step 1 - Establish the Proposed Deal
  • Step 2 - Research the Options
  • Step 3 - Know the Supplier
  • Step 4 - Document the Agreement
  • Learn the Common Mistakes

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2009 / 15 minutes

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    Featuring: Steve Steinhilber

    Program Highlights
  • How to choose your strategy. (Should you build, outsource, or partner?)
  • How to partner and compete at the same time.
  • Proactive and reactive models for partner selection.

    Whether to beat stiff competition in your market, grow customer satisfaction, or pare your bottom line, strategic alliances are increasingly vital to your organization's success. Yet as many as two-thirds of new alliances fail to live up to expectations.

    Cisco Systems, widely recognized as a global leader in alliance value creation, has developed an effective framework to identify promising new alliances and then structure alliance relationships to optimize their outcome. Mr. Steinhilber explains the many factors that come into play when deciding whether to proceed with a strategic alliance: the investment required, the competitive landscape, market timing, your organization's own product lines and skill set. And once you've decided to strike the deal, Steinhilber describes the formal and informal mechanisms you need to put in place-to persuade your partner to act for mutual benefit, how to overcome the inevitable rough patches in the relationship, and how to ensure your alliances stay focused on what matters.

    Mr. Steinhilber is Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Corporate Consulting Engineering at Cisco Systems. Under Steinhilber's leadership, Cisco's strategic alliances accounted for over 10% of total Cisco revenues in the previous fiscal year. Steinhilber holds a BA from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    DVD / 2007 / 58 minutes

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  • Interviewer Peter Quarry

    This program outlines four aspects of the negotiation process, common mistakes, the role of creativity and gender differences.

    With Stephen Kozicki, Australia.

    Stephen Kozicki is the bestselling author of 'The Creative Negotiator' and a leading business educator. He studied Advanced Negotiating Skills at Harvard University, Boston, USA.

    Stephen Kozicki is Australia's leading specialist in 'breakthrough business strategies'. Stephen is a highly sought after presenter on a range of business development topics. Areas of specialisation include Negotiating with Style, Strategic Account Management, Effective Presentation Skills and Dealing with Cross-functional Teams.

    DVD / 2006 / 13 minutes

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    Featuring: Patrick Cleary

    Program Highlights:
  • Nine rules for getting the best deal.
  • How espionage and empathy get you prepared.
  • How to gain credibility-and the most common way to lose it.

    As a former federal mediator, Pat Cleary has been involved with just about every kind of negotiation. In this entertaining presentation, he shares gems of wisdom from his nearly 20 years of hands-on dispute resolution. Pat describes common negotiation mistakes that unnecessarily complicate solutions and can prevent you from getting what you want. He then provides practical, effective methods that you can use to sidestep the pitfalls and stay focused on getting the best deal possible. He explains how to test stakeholder commitment on the issues, what you should always take off the table, and when to recognize that "no" doesn't mean "no," and "final" doesn't mean "final."

    DVD / 2006 / 46 minutes

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    Featuring: Margaret Neale

    Program Highlights
  • What NOT to learn from experience.
  • Where your greatest source of power dwells.
  • Why you might knowingly and voluntarily take a bad deal.

    Negotiations have two dimensions: the creation of value, and the claiming of that value. Negotiators often focus on the value-claiming side, destroying value-creation opportunities in the process. Professor Neale describes the disastrous outcomes that result when negotiators' antagonism and pride obscure their own best interests. She explains how to focus instead on three critical data points: your reservation price, your aspiration price, and your best alternatives to an agreement. You can get a great deal-or you can walk away. Either way, you win.

    Margaret Neale is the Director of the Negotiation and Influence Strategies Executive Program at Stanford. She is known worldwide for her dynamic coaching on both the MBA and executive levels. Dr. Neale is the co-author of three books, including "Negotiating Rationally," and is featured in the award-winning Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating, also available from Kantola Productions.

    DVD / 2002 / 53 minutes

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    To prosper in today's increasingly global business environment, you need to understand cultural influences on selling and negotiating. It's up to you to provide the training necessary for success. International Negotiating: Successful Deal-Making in Global Business unveils all the secrets of doing deals effectively with other cultures.

    DVD / 1999 / 45 minutes

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    By Margaret Neale

    Learn how to make the right business deal with this negotation program.

    The true-to-life drama in this negotiation program teaches specific skills that can give you the upper hand in any negotiation, while at the same time maintaining a positive working relationship with the other parties.

    Learn about:
  • Why "anchors" control the range of negotiation, and how to make them work for you, not against you.
  • Bidding strategies, and the hidden meanings behind bids and offers.
  • When NOT to make the first offer, and how to make the right offer when you do.
  • Escalation of commitment, and when you have to be willing to walk away.

    Stanford Graduate Business School Professor Margaret Neale narrates, analyzes, and instructs as you get an inside look at the negotiations that decide the fate of Curry Field and the Sluggers. Will Ted and Billy Curry stop their financial losses? Will Al Griggs get the ballpark he needs to field a winning team? Or will real estate developer Barbara Meyers prove too tough?

    DVD / 1999 / 59 minutes

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    Based on research into effective negotiation techniques, this drama-based programme features a typical negotiation, taking a two-phase approach: preparation and bargaining. It clearly demonstrates how effective preparation and bargaining will give you the required result, leaving both parties feeling that they have got a good deal.

    Each phase is broken down into easily managed modules, providing a framework that you can apply to every negotiation. You can also use it to train your staff to take negotiations from the initial planning stages through to a successful win-win outcome.

    DVD / 1998 / 28 minutes

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    Featuring Dawn French, Neil Flynn and Trevor Phillips.

    Wherever two people get together to do a deal, there's the possibility that at least one will end up feeling cheated, angry or resentful, even though both set out believing that they could achieve a mutually beneficial solution.

    The programme defines and illustrates the three main stages of a negotiation, using the analogy of the developing relationship between two people. These easy-to-understand and well-demonstrated training points are invaluable for everyone, especially anyone in regular contact with customers and suppliers.

    DVD / 1995 / 31 minutes

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    To give managers the skills of persuasion, vital for running meetings or trying to influence others.

    Persuasion is an art that must be learned if the road to agreement is not to be strewn with acrimony or conflict. It's not about being domineering or dismissive, but following a structured approach that accounts for everybody's needs. By listening actively to others, explaining your own feelings, and inviting other ideas and building on them, agreement will follow naturally.

    This humorous drama provides a clear, three-stage structure that's memorable and simple to put into practice. It demonstrates a vital skill íV especially for managers conducting meetings or negotiations íV and will comfortably support existing courses on management and leadership skills.

    The key outcomes
  • Learn to express opinions or goals in a way that is sensitive, respectful and ultimately persuasive
  • Run more productive meetings and achieve more successful negotiations

    DVD / 1988 / 27 minutes

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    Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems will increase not only your comfort level with negotiations but it will also increase your overall effectiveness as a negotiator.

    Much has been written about the art and science of negotiation over the years but little has focused on overcoming the tough problems people face during their negotiations. Whatever your industry or product, the concepts in this program, Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems, will increase not only your comfort level with negotiations but it will also increase your overall effectiveness as a negotiator.

    Effective negotiation skills are a rare and very valuable ability to have, learning to overcome the problems most negotiators face will put you a step or two ahead of your competition. Knowing how to handle these sometimes awkward and difficult situations also puts you in a position to build rapport, develop lasting relationships and develop mutual trust with the other party.

    By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Identify some of the toughest problems negotiators face.
  • Determine specific steps to overcome even the toughest negotiation problems.
  • Discover the mindset of an effective negotiator.

    DVD / 18 minutes

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    With Gerald R. Williams

    Gerald Williams's time-tested model for negotiation will become the framework for a host of new skills that will enhance your success.

    DVD (With Course Manual) / 6 hours

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    By Dr. Roger Fisher and William Ury

    A pragmatic and systematic approach to implementing interest-based negotiation, a powerful strategy for effectively pursuing your interests while simultaneously building long-term relationships.

    DVD / 120 minutes

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    Negotiation takes place all the time. It plays a vital role in your everyday business and personal life.

    Yet, many people view negotiation as an onerous exercise to be tolerated rather than enjoyed. By viewing the video training program "Negotiation for Business Results" you'll develop the skills necessary to help you become a successful negotiator, and at the same time, learn to enjoy the process along the way.

    You'll learn:

  • The fundamental elements of negotiations
  • How to prepare for nearly any kind of negotiation
  • How to outline your negotiating goals
  • How to anticipate what the other side will do and how to react
  • Highly effective negotiation techniques You'll learn to negotiate like a pro!

    DVD (With Audio CD, Publication) / 39 minutes

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    Savvy-minded communication and negotiation expert and author Ed Brodow lets you in on a convincing three-step formula for negotiating what you want in a way that's fair to both you and the other party involved. It's called win-win negotiating. In this DVD, Ed explains how to separate people's actual needs from the position of need that they are creating - for honest negotiation. He also explains how to explore options for mutual satisfaction and finally how to create solutions based on areas of agreement.

    DVD / 29 minutes

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