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Customer Service

Customer Service


"Customer Service Gone Viral" video program shows how to avoid customer service problems that lead to negative feedback. The video's host guides viewers through a variety of customer service problems presented as viral videos, recorded phone conversations, music videos, rants and blogs. Each problem in the video is followed by a practical, real world solution.

This program not only shows you how to avoid becoming an embarrassing internet sensation--it also demonstrates how to provide excellent service that will lead to rave reviews.

DVD / 16 minutes

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Many customers these days are not happy with the service they're receiving. They're angry, frustrated and headed for the door. So what do they want? First, they want service that's efficient and painless. Most of all, they don't want to do the work, so you need to. And that will make customer service easy. This video training program will help you deliver just that.

"Customer Service: Make It Easy!" emphasizes 4 basic customer service concepts: Acknowledge, Observe, Listen and Act. First, you'll see how frustrating it is for customers when these concepts are forgotten. Then you'll see how to make the customer experience easier.

Throughout the program, you will consider, "Am I making it easier-or harder-for my customers?" If you remember to use the concepts demonstrated in this program, you will make it easier.

DVD / 18 minutes

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By Richard Mulvey

Attracting your new customers is only half the battle, for your business to grow this year you need them to come back over and over again. By developing high levels of customer service you will encourage your casual customers to become regulars but having satisfied customers is just not enough and in this work Richard explores the techniques needed to generate "Raving Fans".

  • Turn your satisfied customers into "Raving Fans"
  • Convert "Just Looking" to "Just Buying"
  • Find out how to create just the right "First Impression"
  • Discover how complaints can be positive if managed professionally
  • Make sure your customers always come back for more
  • Help your team develop a passion for your customers

  • How many customers do you lose to bad service each year? Ten? One hundred? One thousand? You will probably never know but every customer lost will cost you hundreds or even thousands of rand in their "life time value". It is never too late to offer exceptional customer service and in this work Richard outlines a step by step process that will help your team keep your customers for ever.

    DVD / 65 minutes

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    By Richard Mulvey

    If you are going to grow your business this year you will need to be more creative in the way you attract new customers. In this work we discuss the traditional methods of attracting new customers and explore some more creative ways to dramatically grow your business. Once you have attracted customers to your business it is important to keep them and in this work we also explore simple but effective ways to hang on to your customers and keep them coming back over and over again.

  • Understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works
  • Find new customers before your competitors do
  • Discover new ways to attract Customers to your business
  • Turn cold calling into warm calling
  • Double your potential customers in one month
  • Convert casual customers into permanent customers

  • In today's economic climate successful companies know the importance of a successful sales team. Customers are fewer and harder to find and while your competitors are snapping at their heels trying to take them away from you, using the same old techniques will not be enough to stem the tide. There are no shortage of opportunities however and in this work we explore some new ideas that will help you develop your customer base and keep them for ever.

    DVD / 77 minutes

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    With Michael Kerr

    How to Boost Engagement, Attract Customers and Increase the Bottom Line

    A positive environment is key to driving your company to success. However, creating the right atmosphere doesn't happen by accident - you have to be intentional when it comes to building a great workplace. In this seminar you'll discover how organizations are leveraging their humor resources to foster a healthier, more engaged, more innovative, and ultimately more service-driven culture. This kind of work place attracts talented, committed employees who are engaged and energized on a continuous basis. When your staff members are practicing these principles, you gain more referrals, attract more customers, and keep them coming back for more.

    DVD / 75 minutes

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    Inc. Business Advisor provides "best practice" management information for entrepreneurs to help create and build their business. Inc. draws upon more than thirty years of experience with the most successful, innovative entrepreneurs in the world. More than thirty in depth tutorials on writing a business plan, creating a marketing strategy, managing people, and more provide actionable solutions.

    Serving Your Customer
  • Providing The Best Customer Experience
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Loyalty

  • DVD / (Senior High or Above) / 30 minutes

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    With Shep Hyken

    How to Create Moments of Magic that Turn Ordinary Interactions into Memorable Experiences

    In today's highly competitive marketplace, ordinary interactions will only get you so far. In order to create long-term, secure relationships with your clients and customers, you need to amaze them. In this thoroughly engaging, high content seminar, you'll learn how to make a great first impression, build rapport, communicate more effectively, exceed expectations, avoid moments of misery, and much more. While you're learning these practical strategies, you'll be totally entertained with Shep Hyken's astonishing magic. His philosophy is, "moments of magic don't just happen, they're created by people who know the formula."

    DVD / 80 minutes

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    "You've Got Customers!" follows the trials of a young customer service provider in his first job. There he receives an education from a most unlikely team of teachers - a bowling team. From them, he learns six key customer service techniques which could be used in any business, anywhere.

    By the end of this engaging story, viewers will understand that... "Good service isn't about flowery words and pleasant smiles. It's about actions!

    DVD / 20 minutes

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    Meet the Barkles... our new canine companions who will get your team howling with laughter. You'll love the fun and humor as they motivate your team to higher levels of success.

    Some customers are difficult to please... but in this funny meeting opener, Ollie will show you how to deal with a difficult customer and deliver truly terrific customer service.

    Nogs will introduce and explains the five key strategies for great service:
  • Always greet the customer
  • Offer your assistance
  • Ask engaging questions
  • Find out what they are looking for
  • Thank them and ask them back

  • The Truly FURRific Customer Service training program is a great way to remind and motivate your team to always be focused on customer service.

    DVD / 2013 / 6 minutes

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    Produced specifically for front-line public employees, this practical training demonstrates how to turn a citizen/customer's frustration or complaint into understanding. In the heat of the moment, this program will empower your staff with a clear and memorable checklist of service recovery tools and techniques. From showing empathy and truly listening, to exploring with permission phrases and presenting options, employees will learn how to match the signals they send to the words they say. A wide variety of realistic public sector scenes, demonstrate the use of the Right Words at the Right Time, to over-come almost any service recovery challenge.

    DVD (With Traditional Chinese Subtitles) / 2012 / 14 minutes

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    With James Lloyd

    How to Genuinely Serve Others at the Highest Level Possible

    How would your customers grade their experience with your company? Are you getting an A+ from every customer in each of the critical service areas? If not, what can you do to raise their grade? In this entertaining and practical customer service seminar, veteran speaker James Lloyd explores all of these questions, and many more. Several key ideas are discussed, including the importance of genuine caring, how to retain your customers by avoiding the big mistake many companies make, why internal customer service is critical, the importance of powerful apologies, dealing with irate customers, projecting more enthusiasm, and much more. When you genuinely care about your customers in the way that James teaches, you can take your business to a whole new level.

    DVD / 2011 / 80 minutes

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    With Lisa Ford

    How to Create More Loyalty in a Dynamic Competitive Marketplace

    Your employees and their customer service skills may be the only thing that differentiates you from the competition. And customers are more sophisticated and educated than ever before. That's why it's critically important to make sure employee skills are constantly updated to meet ever-rising customer expectations. In this content-rich seminar, your front-line team members will learn practical skills and proven systems for improving customer service at every touchpoint, all along the cycle. They'll gain numerous hands-on techniques including - how to listen attentively, uncover customer needs, calm down angry customers, win back disgruntled customers, handle conflict, and keep an attitude of "customers first" all day. Any organization putting these principles into action will quickly be out-servicing the competition.

    DVD / 2011 / 120 minutes

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    With Scott McKain

    How to Put More "Show Business" in Your Business

    It's not enough anymore to just serve customers. Every professional and each organization must develop the kind of connection with its customers that a blockbuster film or compelling television series creates with its audience! We have become a culture that expects an "experience" to be an integral part of doing business. An equitable transaction is no longer enough to keep people coming back. Therefore, those organizations that understand how to execute the strategies necessary for creating compelling relationships thorough the customer and employee experience will find themselves leading the pack. This program is highly recommended for all entrepreneurs, sales representatives, managers, and customer service professionals.

    DVD / 2011 / 105 minutes

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    The modern retail environment is extremely competitive. With the expanding capabilities of electronic trading, the personal shopper is becoming more discerning and the retailer can no longer just meet customer needs. Today it's vital that they anticipate and exceed their customer's expectations. Indeed going beyond expectations of standard customer service has become the key point of difference in the retailer's quest to survive and grow. This exciting program examines how several award-winning retailers achieve customer service excellence. It examines who customers are, defines products, facilities and services, explores the vital role that good communication plays, looks at the most effective ways to handle complaints and examines how best to serve customers with special needs. This is a practical and informative look at modern customer service excellence in the retail industry.

    DVD / 2009 / (Junior Secondary - Professional) / 32 minutes

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    With Tom Peters

    The Little BIG Things: Service DVD in the new Tom Peters training program will help you and your teams organizationally attack, dismantle, and rebuild how you view the service you provide to your customers. How? Through Tom's decades of experience with companies in all industries!

    Do you know that even your landscape company thinks about how quickly the debris is picked up as part of their "brand"? Do you think it's a great idea to trash your competitors? Do your employees think that they are a representative of your company with each and every interaction? The topics covered in these twelve clips are essential to your business and should be viewed by every employee - from the CEO to the front-line cashier.

    This is how you succeed in business - your business - any business and this is how you survive when your competitors fall.

    DVD / 2009 / 28 minutes

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    With Sam Glenn

    Imagine going to your job every day with a big smile on your face and being excited to be there! Well, the Lizard Philosophy will help make that positive attitude happen! More importantly it will improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

    Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna? began as a practical joke with a small plastic lizard several years ago and is now a philosophy that guides Sam through his life.

    The Lizard Philosophy is all about bringing your best to every interaction you have with customers and coworkers. We promise you will laugh at Sam's stories as his message helps you improve employee attitude and customer service.

    Businesses across the world are embracing and personalizing Sam's lizard concept and are watching results soar! You can't afford to miss this wave! The Lizard is a philosophy that can be used to motivate and inspire every employee.

  • Be Creative
  • Remember What's Important.
  • Go Above and Beyond
  • Have Fun!

  • DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2009 / 22 minutes

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    When Wilfred Jameson's parachute fails to open, he's in trouble. But customer service representative Henry Hawks knows just what to do - at least after a funny interaction on the phone.

    This is the perfect video to celebrate and thank all your employees who deliver great customer service.

    You'll be falling down laughing as the scene unfolds - and as the tension builds.

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2007 / 5 minutes

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    With John O'Hurley

    Hollywood celebrity John O'Hurley explains four essential steps to great service.

    Program 1: Love Your Customers

    Love Your Customers demonstrates that in whatever line of work, customer service is a direct extension of the way both you and your company are viewed by the customer.

    Love Your Customers reminds us that there are no small parts only small choices we make about how to treat our customers. In the end, the role we play is always our choice. It's a funny and memorable program with a simple and a universal message. So open up your heart and help your company start "Feeling the Love".

    Program 2: Love Your Difficult Customers

    John O'Hurley has certainly seen unhappy customers (and has been one from time to time). More importantly, an unhappy customer may interface with you or your company.

    Trying to satisfy an unhappy customer can be frustrating and difficult for even the most skilled service person. But all problems are solvable. Not only can you satisfy an angry customer, but also, if handled correctly, you can turn an angry customer into a loyal champion for your company!

    DVD (Closed Captioned) / 2007 / 28 minutes

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    With Michael Wickett

    Innovative Ideas for Boosting Sales and Outsmarting the Competition

    Customer retention is critical for most businesses. Experts have proven that it costs a whole lot more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Yet many companies do not have a specific customer retention plan in place. In this exciting and idea loaded sales training video, you'll discover powerful customer retention strategies for immediately boosting sales. Highly acclaimed speaker Michael Wickett delivers practical and unique ideas for connecting with customers at a deeper level through questions, listening, and communication excellence. He shares clever tactics for boosting customer loyalty, plus he shows you how to get more referrals than ever before. He'll also show you a method and order in which to ask questions that will have a direct relation on how much the customer likes you. Finally, Michael Wickett shares creative and impactful ideas for winning your customers' trust and keeping it for life! You will thoroughly enjoy and benefit from this outstanding sales training video for increasing customer retention.

    DVD / 2006 / 90 minutes

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    Get ready for a content-loaded seminar that will give you specific ideas on how to use the phone to your greatest advantage. Whether you're a telemarketer, sales professional, or collections agent, you'll learn and quickly benefit from these proven, practical ideas for getting through to the most important people on your list.

    DVD / 2005 / 80 minutes

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    A values-based approach to serving diverse populations.

    Customer service interactions can be complex under the best of conditions. Add issues of language, race, gender, religion, age or disability into the mix, and we often find otherwise competent employees acting in ways ranging from mildly inappropriate to inexcusably rude.

    The customer demographics for most organizations are changing in such a way as to increase the diversity of the populations we serve. This makes it imperative that we improve our customer service training so as to prepare employees to meet the challenges this diversity can present. Simple platitudes about the customer being "number one" or providing "first class service" are not enough. We must work on the values and skills employees need to meet or exceed the expectations of ALL their customers.

    The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service presents a values-based training approach to meeting this challenge. The video component, when taken together with the exercises and activities in the facilitation guide, offers a comprehensive approach to developing customer service relationships built on a foundation of respect.

    DVD (With Facilitator's Guide) / 1999 / 24 minutes

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